muffy crosswire

Watching some of the new episodes of PBS’ Arthur, and I forgot just how GOOD this show is. Like it doesn’t just have great characters, but it has RELATABLE characters. It deals with REAL LIFE issues and it does it with CARE and RESPECT. Bullying, racism, anxiety and shyness, autism, PTSD, children with disabilities, feminism. I just watched an episode with “A Word from Us Kids” segment about a girl in a wheelchair who had more strength and self-esteem than most adults and it made me cry. Now Francine and Muffy are complaining about the lack of good female characters in movies.

They deal with REAL issues on this show, and they do it with great respect for the people who have to deal with these issues. And because it’s geared toward children they do it in a way that’s simple to understand. There’s a character for you to relate to on this show, maybe more than one. This show is GENIUS and I really wish more adults watched it, because a few people could stand to learn a few things.