Once we have the timeline straight between the werewolf incident and Snape’s Worst Memory, there’s one thing that jumps off the page:  the creation of Sectumsempra.

And boy, is it a nasty spell.  

Unlike the other creations littered through the Prince’s Potions book, this one is clearly labelled:  For enemies.  

Sectumsempra is akin to an invisible sword.  Wielded correctly, it’s a hex that can slice, dice and ultimately, kill.  Lupin commented years later that it was Snape’s specialty, so he clearly practiced and honed his skill.  

Sectumsempra is a huge departure from the other created spells found in the Prince’s Potions book, which are either useful (Langlock; Muffliato) or arguably jocular in intent (toe-nail growing hex; Levicorpus).  In contrast, there’s no jokey element to Sectumsempra; the intent is to cause great harm.

Langlock is the first spell that really intrigues me; it has a very deliberate outcome - and why would you want to stop someone from talking?  Well, in your early years at Hogwarts, it’s how you prevent someone from spell casting, because younger students aren’t skilled in non-verbal casting.  

So I think that points to Snape trying to defend himself when being attacked four-on-one; but it’s curious that none of his early spells are particularly nasty or vicious, and that Sectumsempra is such an elevation in horror.  

So what changes?

Enter:  the werewolf incident.  

I think this broke Snape.  

I think he’d handled the four-on-one bullying for as long as he could, and Sirius had unwittingly changed the rules of the game.  It wasn’t “just” bullying; it wasn’t just harassing and irritating and picking on him.  It wasn’t just calling him names, and flicking some hexes down the corridor.

This time, they tried to kill him.

And when we look at the timeline, we can see that they didn’t have the decency to leave him alone after that…which implies that they can’t have been severely punished for their actions, because they show little remorse.

That in turn suggests that Snape probably felt isolated.  We already know that Lily had sided with James Potter’s version of events, and if the Marauders weren’t punished harshly by the teachers, then he probably felt as if they wouldn’t defend him in the future.  

So Snape created Sectumsempra.  It’s the magical equivalent of a bullied kid taking a penknife to school to defend himself.  He created a knife, and having learnt his lesson from Levicorpus, he unleashed it nonverbally, ensuring that nobody would be able to use it against him in retaliation.

Loki X Reader “Cat Got Your Tongue” Part 2

[Warning: Smutty goodness]

You close your door with a sigh and then proceed to wave your hand over the door. “Colloportus” A distinct lock is heard. “Muffliato,” you whisper before walking further into the room and ungracefully flopping down on your bed. “ You’re going to cause quite an uproar when you finally let them know your choice, you know.” You roll over and look up to the cat perched on top of the wardrobe. “You’ve mentioned that,” you say sitting up. “What would you suggest I do, ‘oh great one’?” “You could drop the sarcasm for one, and two, don’t ask me, I’m a cat.” With this, Draco raised his leg and proceeded to lick himself.

“Psh.” You throw a pillow in the general direction of Draco. “Could you not lick your crotch while we’re having a conversation?” Draco looks up and glares at you. “Just tell them both how you feel (Y/N). Rip off the band aid quick.” He jumps down from the wardrobe and walks towards the open balcony. “Did you go into Loki’s room again? It smells strongly like the mischievous Prince in here.” You look up quizzically. “Not today, no.” A slow smile crosses your face, “maybe he came in my room today.” “Oi. You’re hopeless, I hope you know that. If you need me, I’ll be scouting the grounds.” Draco jumped from the balcony onto the lower roof and then out of sight.

You sniffed the air a bit. “Mmm, it does smell like Loki in here.” You remove your shoes and stockings before leaning back against your pillows and closing your eyes. You take a deep breath and move your hands up your body to cup your breasts gently.


The cat just talked. Loki was reeling. He had seen the cat many times and even felt brave enough to pet the animal once or twice, but it had never spoke in his presence. No one else in the palace could have possibly known about that either or else the animal would have been secluded to (Y/N)’s chambers. This was good information to have. Really good. “Did you go into Loki’s room again? It smells strongly like the mischievous Prince in here.” Loki looked up sharply. Draco was looking right at him. Staring him down, actually. (Y/N) did not appear to notice. “Not today, no.” A smile graced her face and Loki felt his heart rate increase. “Maybe he came in my room today.” Loki turned back to the cat wondering what he would do. Draco gave a short nod in Loki’s direction before speaking. “Oi. You’re hopeless, I hope you know that. If you need me, I’ll be scouting the grounds.” He appeared to wink at Loki before jumping out of sight.

Loki’s attention was drawn back to (Y/N) as she spoke softly, “Mmm, it does smell like Loki in here.” She removed her shoes and stockings haphazardly before laying back down on the bed and closing her eyes. Loki chose this moment to inch closer to the bed so he could get a better view of (Y/N). She was the most beautiful creature he’d ever had the pleasure of seeing. There were so many things he wanted to do to her. His thoughts were halted when her hands reached up and delicately squeezed her breasts. She let out a little moan accompanied with a whispered “Loki.”

He took an involuntary step forward, forgetting himself for a moment. He was entranced. One of her hands slowly slinked down her body and gently lifted her dress. Loki felt himself harden painfully. She was looking so delectable. He had never witnessed a woman in this state. Her dress rose up to her hips and exposed her womanhood. Loki felt his mouth water as he watched (Y/N) circle her fingers across her bare skin. He was doing everything in his power to maintain control over himself, but when (Y/N) slipped a finger into herself with a moan Loki grabbed his erection hard. Her hand moved slowly at first, but increased with her breaths. Loki pumped himself in time with (Y/N)’s hand. Her breathing became more erratic and she began to say “Loki…oh Loki” with fervor. He was going to cum. He was going to cum harder than he ever had before, and he had to be quiet about it. (Y/N)’s body arched off the bed as she came, moaning Loki’d name over and over. He spilled his seed into his hand with a grunt as he finished at the same time.  Loki had to take a step back to lean against the wall while he slowed his breathing.

He had to have this woman. There was no doubt in his mind. He would marry her and make love to her. He wanted to pleasure her every day and every night if only to hear her say his name with such passion again, but he was left with a predicament. Her room was locked, he was invisible, and he was covered with evidence of his mischief. How could he get out without her knowing he watched her?


[How will our bad boy get out of this mess? Shall I continue? Read and review please! Much love and respect to your butts!]

Harry was always awake first. Maybe it was the Dursley’s demand for him to make breakfast or the grueling past schedule from being an auror, or possibly because Draco couldn’t care less about that morning’s were the most pleasant time of day. He couldn’t know that, he always slept through them (“you’re right Potter, mornings are the best time of day, TO SLEEP!! Now get the fuck out.”)

Today, though, Draco was out of bed. Harry rolled over to look at Draco and his sleep-softened features, but he was gone.

Perhaps working as an auror for a few years taught him a few things, because he was up and whispering homonium revelio in less than a second.

Someone was in the kitchen. Draco was never in the kitchen (“that’s why there are houses, Potter”) so Harry gripped his wand tighter.

He did a muffliato on himself so that the creaky stairs wouldn’t reveal him and descended on the kidnapper.

It was not unreasonable that someone would take him, Draco and Harry had death threats sent to them every day about Draco’s demise. Something about the hero of the wizarding world dating a former death eater was very upsetting to the wizarding world.

Finally reaching the bottom he quickly tip-toed to the kitchen and heard a very angry string of expletives.

And he stepped into the kitchen with his wand raised to find-

Draco. Draco covered in flour and strawberries?

Harry burst out laughing.

Draco’s head shot up and he dropped the bowl of -was that water?- on the ground.

“Oh Merlin, I’ve ruined everything” Draco’s shoulders slumped and he slunk to a stool nearby.

“Draco, babe, what are you doing?” Harry asked with tears of laughter. It was too precious for him to handle. Harry walked up to Draco and laced their hands together.

“I was trying to.. be romantic?” Draco looked nervous, as if Harry would shout about the mess.

Harry picked a strawberry off Draco’s shoulder and popped it in his mouth. Unfortunately, strawberry’s covered in flour is truly awful and his reassuring smile quickly turned into a grimace.

“I’m so sorry, I was planning a nice breakfast and a trip to take Teddy to the mountains..” Draco was hanging his head.

Harry reached out and pulled Draco’s face toward his, “the day’s not ruined just yet, let me just finish where you left off..” Harry looked around at the exploded flour and broken mixing bowl, “or maybe we can start over together.”

“That is exactly what I was thinking,” Draco was reaching into the drawer next to him. “Harry Potter, will you marry me?”

Lights Out // Draco Malfoy

Summary: No Voldy AU. You were out and about in the room of requirement to spice up things with your enemy.


You and a few of your friends decided to take a little sneaking out to play Truth of Dare. It was late past curfew but who cares really, its your last year at Hogwarts so you got nothing to lose. “Y/N!” Someone half whispered, half yelled, it was Ron. You were still hiding from places to places to get to the seventh floor without getting caught.

He signaled you with his hands so that you can start moving. You cast Muffliato so that nobody would hear you. You walked quickly to him. “Are we there yet?” You said , breathing rapidly because of the thought of getting caught. He nodded and placed his fingers on his lips, telling you to be quiet.

“Nobody can hear us Ron” You said loudly and his eyes widened. “Shut. Up.” He said and you rolled your eyes. You were supposed to be there slightly earlier but since Peeves passed you and nearly saw you, the both of you were delayed, and most probably, you’re the only ones left. After a few more ninja skills, you finally reached the seventh floor, where the Room of Requirement was supposedly to be.

“Here we go.” Ron muttered “Uh.. Where are friends probably are?” He said. And a door started forming and both of you went in. “Where have you been?” Hermione said coming out from nowhere. “You two are late. Ugh let’s start” said Pansy. To your surprise, some Slytherins were there too. Unfortunately, Malfoy was there too.

You hated each other so much, it was a surprise that either of you started an argument since you’re both in the same room. “Okay. So I’m sure you all know the rules, we’re playing 7 minutes in heaven” Fred announced. Your eyes widened and you blurted. “I thought it was truth or dare?”

“I guess it was typo of some sort” George said and shrugged. He got a small bag and said, “Ready?” You said nothing to put in it so you just got a small necklace around your neck from your mom. You wrapped your hands around it and placed it in the back so no one can see that you dropped a necklace. Fred started shaking the bag to mess up the things inside.

“Who wants to spin the bottle?” George asked. Harry raised his hand and he spun the bottle. You were watching it carefully and it hit Ginny. Neville passed the small bag to her and she started picking something in it. She got a coin when Ron said. “Bloody hell guys! She’s my sister” a few laughed and Pansy said “Well go on, thats the game right?”

Disgust was on both of their faces. “Bail out. I’m not kissing him, its just incest!” Ginny complained. “Fine. Find something else” George said. She sighed in relief and started going through the bag again. She got a pendant. “Oh” Luna said. “This is bloody awesome” Dean remarked and Ginny just glared at him to shut up.

“Better than Ron though” she said with a shrugged a Luna stood up and went with her to a cabinet. It was pretty big. It had two doors and kinda like a cabinet to Narnia. “Well, it starts now.” Fred said, and with that, closed the door.

A few of your friends probably ended up with their crushes and open the doors to find them snogging each others faces off, its almost disturbing. So far you haven’t been picking yet, and you were relieved. Ron spun the bottle and it hit Malfoy. He arched his eyebrow and placed his hand in the bag. He was going through it for a while. He got something with a chain and you saw, well, your necklace.

“Fuck” You muttered and everyone looked at you. “No way” Malfoy let out. You were both glaring at each other when Seamus whistled and said “Oohh… Cat and Dog fight. Fiesty” Both of you ended up glaring at him but a smirk was on his face. “Go. Both of you are wasting time” Fred said impatiently and both of you stood up and the same time. “Good luck” Hermione said, mostly to you.

You were tensed, really, freaking tensed. Deep inside, you blamed him for getting your bloody necklace. “Fuck you Malfoy” You said, but only he heard it. “Not my fault I got your necklace” He spat. It has begun.

“If I were to pick between you and hell, Hell is probably way better” You said with venom dripping from your voice.

“Honestly though, when will you ever learn to shut up Y/L/N. I’d probably cut your throat out by now—”

“Can both of you shut up and just argue in the closet” George said cutting Malfoy off. He gave George a death glare, but George didn’t mind. Both of you stepped in the closet, and when George closed the door, lips slammed on yours angrily. Draco was kissing you roughly but you had no idea why you kissed back.

You tried to pull away but he wrapped him arms around your waist and pulled you closer. Moans escaped your lips and he started kissing your neck. “Annoying bitch” He said in between kisses and started sucking on your sweet spot. More moans escaped your lips. You hated him so much but you ended up begging for more.

He stopped kissing your neck and went back to your lips. But you practically pushed him to the end of the closet and kissed him harder. “Arsehole” You breathed out. He groaned and you felt something hard on your wait. Yep, he was after an erection from someone he hates the most. You were still kissing him and you smirked in the kiss.

“Need help?” You said and he just groaned. You tugged his shirt so that he could take it off. It was really dark so you had no idea where it went, and actually you didnt really care. You worked your way through his belt, then trousers. You pulled it down together with his boxers, you knew it was down when you heard a clink.

Your hands travelled down until you felt him. You went down and started teasing him by licking him lightly on his head. “Fuck Y/N, Just-Ugh” He groaned loudly. You just smirked but didn’t do much. You stroked him lightly when he said. “I’m gonna c-come” He moaned out. Little did he know, you were already stripping down your clothes. You went back up to him and kissed him hard.

His hands roam on your waist and grabbed you butt. You stifled a moan and you jump and wrapped your legs around his waist. You were grinding on him violently. Before you knew it he slammed himself inside and you just in pain but he silenced you with another rough kiss. He was thrusting himself in you. He was hitting you g-spot so good you couldn’t help but moan out “DRACO! UGH, FUCK-ARGH” You knew the others could hear you but you didn’t care.

“Y/N, you’re so tight” He said in between breaths. You were so close your climax when he pulled out. “W-What?” You were baffled but this time, he turned you around and it was your turn to be slammed on the wall of the cabinet. You jumped again and you were bouncing on him already. “S-Shit” He groaned, and there it was, you were brimming and you both came. He filled you up with warm semen it felt so good.

You were panting so much. You felt his forehead on yours, it was dark so you couldn’t see his eyes. “As much as I hate you. I actually kinda have a crush on you Y/N” He said. He gave you a small peck on you lips when he said “Lumos” And that was when you two could finally see each other. He scanned your body and you immediately felt conscious. “Beautiful” He muttered and you smiled. You went and find your clothes when you heard someone say.

“Done yet?” It was Ron.

“Almost!” You said back. When you were both dressed, you knocked on the cabinet door and Ron said. “Honestly, You two were so loud! Ugh my virgin ears!”

  • Remus: *is walking down the hallway with his nose in a book*
  • Broom closet nearby: *a quiet moan*
  • Remus: *sighs and opens door*
  • Remus: *finds James and Lily in a rather obscene position*
  • Lily: I- uh Remus we umm-
  • James: Moony, would you please we weren't done.
  • Lily: JAMES!
  • Remus: *shuts door and pulls out wand*
  • Remus: Muffliato.
  • Remus: *continues down the hallway with his nose in a book*
Slytherin Headcanon #002
  • There’s a room similar to the room of requirement that allows peace and privacy for those who are religious and need to pray to their deity/dieties.
  • Unlike the room of requirement, this enchanted space opens up to a hallway with many doors if more than one student enters the space.
  • Muffliato charms are places near each door for maximum privacy. 
  • The room will produce anything (with the exception of food per Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration) to fit the student’s needs such as pillows, candles, altars, statues etc.
  • It will close off access to anyone who would vandalize or destroy any religious space.
The Signs as spells from Harry Potter
  • *requested by Anon
  • Aries: Relashio (forces release of something being held by shooting fiery sparks out or, underwater, shooting hot bursts of water.)
  • Taurus: Reparo (repairs a broken or damaged object)
  • Gemini: Geminio (creates a duplicate of an item- duplicates are useless though)
  • Cancer: Episkey (heals minor injuries)
  • Leo: Sonorus (amplifies voice of castor- like a magical microphone)
  • Virgo: Expelliarmus (when cast, disarms another wizard by causing their wand to fly away from them)
  • Libra: Lumos (lights up- like a torch)
  • Scorpio: Muffliato (prevents nearby people or whoever the wand is directed to from hearing conversations within their range)
  • Sagittarius: Portus (used to create porkeys to use for teleportation)
  • Capricorn: Defodio (can carve or dig out items, such as steel and stone)
  • Aquarius: Riddikulus (used on Boggarts- changes their appearance into something the caster is concentrating on)
  • Pisces: Expecto Patronum (creates a Patronus based on the caster's positive feelings within themselves)
She Watched Part 6

Part 6:

“Malfoy” he said as soon as he looked up and laid eyes on whoever had entered his office.

“Potter.” Malfoy replied back.

“What can I help you with?” Harry asked. He was now the Junior head of the department of magical law enforcement and so he had his own office. Draco on the other hand followed his father’s footsteps and entered the family business.

Harry watched as Malfoy closed the door of his office and cast a muffliato charm. This piqued his interest further at why Malfoy of all people was in his office.

“I don’t want to further waste our time with this conversation and I advise you to do the same so I’m going straight to the point here Potter, where is Hermione?” Malfoy asked as he walked over and stood in front of Harry.

For a moment, Harry could not speak. Why was Malfoy suddenly looking for Hermione after four years? Of course he didn’t know what happened between Hermione and Malfoy until she told him about her pregnancy but that didn’t mean his wife hadn’t filled him in on the whole story. He also knew that if Malfoy was looking for Hermione then he might have found out about Jasmine, and he knew that the main reason for Hermione leaving the wizarding world is because of what could happen to her daughter once the Malfoys found out.

“What do you need her for?” Harry asked.

Malfoy sighed, “I know you know Potter.” he said as he took a sit at the seat Harry gestured for him to sit down on.

“No. I don’t.” Harry said, “tell me what you want with her.”

“I know she has my child.” Malfoy said. He watched Potter’s expression and for the first time, he could not read any expression on his face.

“And why would you say that?” Harry said, he knew of course, that Malfoy didn’t know about Jasmine, so how on earth did he find out now?

“Oh come off it Potter. You live at Grimmauld Place, You know that Pureblood families have magical tapestries to keep a list of their family members!” Malfoy said.

Harry looked at him, a cold expression on his face, “If I’m not mistaken Malfoy, your family tapestries only list the ones that are pureblood. If Hermione does indeed have your child, then the child would not even appear on the tree.”

“You’re right. But my father’s mother’s family tree allows it. Granger’s name isn’t listed on it but my daughter’s name is.” Malfoy said.

“Okay, but then how sure are you that Hermione is the mother of your supposed child?” Harry asked, “And if that is the case, why are you only just looking for her now?”

“I don’t have to explain myself to you, Potter. I need to know where she is! I need to talk to her.” Malfoy said.

“Sorry Malfoy. But I know your pureblood traditions of keeping the line clean. Hermione knows it as well. It’s why she left.” Harry said, he loved Hermione like a sister and he trusts her judgment. He wasn’t going to risk her and Jasmine’s life just because Malfoy wanted to talk to her.

“I’m not going to harm her. I just.. Look Potter, I know you’ve read about me and Astoria in the papers.” Malfoy said, he didn’t need to speak it out loud, he knew the whole wizarding world knew of their struggle to have a child for years and then the finalization of their divorce a few months ago. “I just want to talk to her and to meet my daughter.”

Harry was silent for a while. He had heard of the struggle Malfoy and Astoria had been going through and he felt sorry for the man for having to go through burying his children before he could ever even meet them, he’d be devastated if James or Albus passed away before they even got a chance to live.

“Sorry Malfoy. I can’t tell you where Hermione is. I can’t help you with that.” Harry said, he truly felt sorry for Malfoy especially when he saw the crestfallen look on his face; it was a rare one and a brief one but he had seen it.

“I see.” Malfoy said as he stood back up and regained his cool, stony composure, “I’ll see myself out then.”

As Malfoy neared the door, Harry called out to him.

“Malfoy, I’m sorry about your children, no one should ever have to go through that and in terms of Hermione, even if I wanted to tell you where she is, I wouldn’t be able to because we haven’t heard from her for three years.” Harry said. Deciding to throw Malfoy a bone, he added, “All we know is that she no longer uses magic.”

Draco stood frozen in front of the unopened door as he waited for Potter to speak. When he was done, he nodded his head once and left Potter’s office.

Hermione woke up completely sore all over. Her back hurt, her head hurt and most of all, that place between her thighs were sore.

As her consciousness slowly returned, Hermione realized that she had fallen into Donna’s plan: They’d ended up parting at that new bar in the city and she found herself a man who in a long time had made her feel a need for something…. Physical.

And so here she was, waking up with a massive hangover and an arm wrapped firmly around her waist.

She’d gone and had sex with another man!

She had actually done it!

Hermione didn’t know what to think or feel about it because once she glanced at the clock on the wall, she nearly jumped out of the bed and hurriedly gathered her clothes, she didn’t care she’d woken up the man who was sleeping beside her.

“Hey.” the man said as he remained lying down but watching her walk around his bedroom floor, collecting pieces of her garments.

“Hey. Sorry to wake you up but i need to go.” she said not bothering to look up from her search. “She was also trying to remember his name, why couldn’t she remember his name? Had she gone and slept with someone and not even asked who he was?!

“What’s the rush?” he asked, “And if you’re looking for your underwear, I think I may have dropped it somewhere in the hallway.” he said as he watched her think of what else she was missing, he could see she had all of her things in her arms except for her underwear and he knew she wasn’t wearing one because they both fell asleep naked.

Finally Hermione stopped what she was doing and looked at the man she was with for the first time, not being drunk. He was a very handsome man, especially now that she’s taken in his disheveled appearance, he had sandy blond hair, a rather slim and pointy nose, long face and a really great body. “I’m sorry, I.. I need to be somewhere this morning and I am getting rather late.” Hermione said as she placed her clothes on top of the bed.

“No, I understand.” the man said, half smirking half smiling.

The silence was palpable between the two until the man rose from the bed, wrapped the blanket around his waist and walked toward her. “I’m Jacob by the way, Jacob Palmer. I figured we must have forgotten to introduce ourselves last night or we were too drunk to remember.” he said giving her a warm smile and a hand.

Hermione blushed as she watched him stand up and was thankful that he had the decency to cover his bits up, she was sure that if she was crunk right now she wouldn’t have mind him in all his glory, but she had a headache, a child to pick up and she also had to pick up her parents from the airport so she’d rather not add embarrassment into the list of emotions she was feeling right now. “Jean, Jean Ross.” she said as she took his hand and shook it and gave him a warm smile too.

“Shower’s over there” Jacob said as he pointed to his bathroom, “Towels under the sink and shout if you need anything else.” he added.

“Um.. Thanks.” Hermione said as she picked up her clothes and remembered her underwear, “I just.. I need to get something from the hallway” she murmured as she walked into the hallway and saw her underwear hanging from a door knob right next to the room she was in.

When she got out of the shower, she noticed her purse and her jacket was placed neatly on the bed and that the bed itself had been made. She picked up her jacket and placed the strap of her purse on her shoulders, she made her way out of the room she’d spent the night in.

When she got to the hallway, she saw him in the kitchen sipping a cup of what seemed to be coffee.

“Hey, thanks for letting me use the shower, I feel a bit better now.” Hermione said as she walked over to him, her embarrassment gone and leaving her feeling refreshed and her normal self.

“No problem, here. I made some coffee” he said as he walked-more like strutted- over to her. Hermione had to wonder how he could make walking look so sexy and confident and not arrogant at the same time?

“Oh, thanks, but I really need to go.” she said. On one hand, the coffee smelled so good and tempting but on the other, she really couldn’t stay.

“Don’t worry, I figured as much that’s why I placed yours in a take out cup.”

“Hi mummy!” Jasmine said as she remained sitting on the chair Harvey had her on while she ate her breakfast, choco pops cereal just like what Harvey was having. It was clear to Hermione why her daughter loved to spend time with Harvey, he always lets her eat anything she wants and lets her get away with almost anything.

“Hi darling!” Hermione said as she approached her daughter and kissed her head as well as inhale her daughter’s scent. “How was your night? Were you good to Harvey?” she asked as she sat down beside her daughter.

“I’m always good mum. Right Harvey?” she said as she looked at Harvey who was pouring coffee for Hermione.

“Right you are, Ms. Ross.” Harvey said as he slid a cup of coffee in front of Hermione.

“Thanks” Hermione said as she accepted the cup of coffee. It didn’t matter that she’d had a cup on the way over, she was still slightly hungover anyway.

When her daughter finished eating her breakfast, the mother and daughter left Harvey and headed to the airport to pick up her parents.

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AN: Sorry for the late update! I wasn’t feeling up to writing but here’s a new part! :) Hermione finally tries to move on however, Draco is now searching for her. Do you think they’ll both be successful in their plans?