muffled fangirl screams

So you’re in McHanzo Hell and want Fanfic

McHanzo Hell: It’s fast, dangerous, and by the time you realize you’re infected you already have a new fetish for pony tails AND hats. But don’t worry, you’re not alone when it comes to really really REALLY wanting to see McCree and Hanzo smooch. There are plenty of fanfics of the pair out there, and Auntie Arachne is here to share some of her favorites!

Beware, most of these aren’t finished yet! But I know you’re strong enough to handle waiting

Hang the Fool - Read this fic. Do it. Put away whatever you’re doing and read this fanfic. Good Lord this is THE McHanzo Fanfic to read! A very canon take on McCree and Hanzo meeting, falling in love, and a whole bunch of stuff getting in the way. This story is so good it made me re-edit romance scenes in my own writing to make them better. That’s right this fic made me want to WRITE AND EDIT oh my god it’s so good

Oh Simple Thing - DID SOMEONE SAY ANGST AND H/C BECAUSE BOY I GOT THE FIC FOR YOU it’s years after Overwatch and McCree and Hanzo meet as old, broken men. There’s a lot of angst and pain but good lord the ending had me muffling my fangirl screams of joy

A Losing Combination - Over in AU land we have one where Hanzo and McCree never left their life of crime. But don’t worry, they make it work anyway. With some added in Reaper76 because in for a penny in for a pound. (Heyooooo)

An American Werewolf in London - McCree is a Werewolf! Hanzo loves him anyway! There’s werewolf sex! Tada!

it’s like an episode of friends but only with more robots - a cute short fluff about when Hanzo and McCree kiss in front of the group for the first time

Dragon Heart String - Look, if there’s one thing you need to know about me it’s that I am absolute ‘soulmate/mating/bonding au’ trash. So here’s one now! McCree learns to meditate, not knowing that it has some side effects.

Like the River - McCree sees Hanzo’s dragons and is like a moth to the flame. The question is, will they hurt them as bad as Genji said they would?

12:00 AM - McCree and Hanzo are suffering from insomnia and decide to pass the time together.

Tips for Expanding Your Business on an International Scale - Man, I’ve been really slipping with these descriptions. Let me try to get my head back in the game. This takes place long ago pre-Overwatch when Hanzo is still with the Shimada Clan and McCree is has been sent to Japan by The Deadlock Gang to work out a business deal with said clan.

Now Streaming: McHanzo - My own personal trash! Six months ago D.Va noticed a spark between McCree and Hanzo. Now she’s determined to catch their first kiss live while streaming on her Twitch TV channel. Because it turns out everyone in the world of Overwatch are McHanzo shippers, too

Okay! I think that’s a good list! There’s lots more good fics out there but I need to cut this thing off at some point. Enjoy!


*muffled fangirl screams*