legionnaire-chan  asked:

What is the czech republic like? my brother's family is from there.

Oooh that’s exiciting!

Czech republic is a really great place and I’d never want to move to different coutry. Sure, it has huge problems (homeless people, underage drinking and smoking, drinking in general, racial problems and so on), but it also have great benefits :D Like democraty, universal health care, the country is pretty safe compared to big countries, the people are pretty liberal (or just don’t care :D)

I live in Prague, which is pretty much the MOST beautiful city in the universe, just look at some of the places

It has amazing and long history (although we got pushed around a lot, given the place. It’s kind of a wonder that the country still exists) and people are very friendly too. Also, given our educational system, they are also very “educated” and pretty much everyone speaks english

So I’d say it’s a pretty great place here :D