“Very well. You leave me no choice. I hereby invoke the Right of Conscription.”


“And I witness and acknowledge your invocation, Duncan of the Grey Wardens.”


“I will drag you kicking and screaming to Ostagar if I must. Would you rather die here, and sicken your own people?”


“Come then, da'len. Before the Creators guide you from us, let your clan embrace you one last time.”


On that topic, two things I wanna talk about!

  • I want to try out ey/em pronouns. It’s basically the they/them set with the th chopped off, but I like it better. They/them is still perfectly fine and acceptable but I’d prefer ey/em, at least for now :3
  • for all of my norwegian followers (and swedish I suppose), please try using “hen”? like idk if any of you talk about me much, if ever, and I mean you’re not gonna use my pronouns while talking to me probably but I’m mentioning it just in case. When I kinda go over things in my head I really like it and it feels right but I won’t really figure it out until other people use it as well so yes

thank you friends <3

I want everyone to know that chapter nineteen of The Saga of Darren Shan Book 9: Killers of the Dawn is the absolute worst thing that’s ever been written and I’m crying and I want my money back I never asked to be hurt this way.