muffin of chaos


OK so the first thing i envisioned when Amy said she saw Shadow flying was him in a hot air balloon. Then SEGA decides to release a new trailer, AND SINCE I CANNOT ACCEPT THAT MY SON HAD BECOME EVIL, this is the explanation that my sleep deprived self comes up with.


About a year ago, I was playing Sonic Adventure DX instead of SA2B, and I was raising some delightful little Chao. Unfortunately, I hadn’t thought to transfer them over to SA2B until now, since I all but abandoned the game once I got into this new Chao Garden - so we now have six more Chao in our family! Unfortunately, they lost their original animal parts in the move, but I’ll find some more for them.

From top to bottom;
Goldie, Silver, Myc, Jekyll, and Lucy.

(The last Chao, Muffins, is a Neutral/Fly Chao - Tumblr just won’t let me post more than 10 images.)

Welcome to the Chao Garden of SA2B!