muffin jack

if twaimz isn’t you then i don’t know what is

Poe junkie

The cold of London is forgotten in the glow of a lighter,
It is all you do to kill the grey,
Numb at the tips and you flick it right up,
And a dead man they say,
as you get High another day,
Just a drag to a smile, its chocolate.

Just a dab you use it,
Get high to get calm,
Paranoia but you do it,
Sweet lies its all like chocolate

You and your friends call it chocolate,
The lyrics of the song called it fate,
Roll up and strum the strings, chocolate to forget,
Dead inside and sad soaked futile hate,
You bite her lips, taste like wine and chocolate,
You call it chocolate, just a lie; you dead?

Your lungs they take it in like a friend,
Your heart breaks again, remember why you like it?
She broke your heart so you broke your head,
Bent with drags of chocolate, loved her but she didn’t know,
Bite your lips, light it up and inhale your fate

Inspired by the 1975 chocolate and my own addiction and self destruction
  • Jack: I told George about us and she was really supportive. I knew I could always count on her and it's good to have another person on our side for this, it's all going really well. :)
  • Bitty: Oh, honey! I'm so happy and so glad it worked out! Now tell me *brings out a list* does she like pies? muffins? cookies?
  • Jack: Well, I know she likes your pies but-
  • Bitty: Wonderful but she's going to get GIFT BASKETS worth of baked treats BECAUSE I NEED TO SHOW MY APPRECIATION BECAUSE I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW-

Here’s another animation test I’ve done on that cute yummy little face of Jack !
We wanted to see how far we could push the facial expressions and also show how better and funnier was the new round shape.
This one required a lot of blood, sweat and tears…

i’m at my internship and my hand slipped. i fell flat on my face. it’s really cold outside. there are dry muffins in front of me. i love my internship. have some much delayed pathetic fluff.

i’d punch him in the throat if i were Rhys. my neck is so ticklish. it’s my insecurity. but no, really.. it’s really cold outside. stay warm guys who are in the cold parts of where you are <3

Rhys and Jack©Borderlands
-unoriginal as fuck-©me

keep the comments on like your clothes


More from Muffin Jack ! An animation test I did after we changed the design.
The goal was to try to push the animation further, and try more 2d animation tricks and to start to set down some animation rules for the serie.


the world has to know. the truth is out there.

Shawn Mendes Imagine

It was about 1:00 A.M. You couldn’t sleep due to the movie you and Shawn had watched earlier with the guys. You didn’t want to be a wimp and back out of the movie so you stayed.

Shawn had also asked if you were fine and or wanted to go upstairs. You replied no, because you wanted him to have a good time you also felt a bit selfish if you would have said yes.

So here you are now at 1:09, scared out of your mind with your sleeping boyfriend beside you. You heard him snore lightly. You wanted to wake him up, because you were sure he could get you to sleep, but you were embarrassed.

You eventually decided to “risk it for the biscuit.”

“Shawn,” You whispered shaking him lightly. He began to stir as you shook him.

“Hm? What time is it,” He says in a tired yet cute voice.

“It’s 1:26, but I can’t sleep,” You mumble.

He gives you a tired smile and cuddles against you.

“Was it the movie?” He asks turning on the lamp.

You blushed and nodded. He gave a small smirk.

“I told you we could have left,” He mumbles.

“I was embarrassed,” You admit cuddling into you chest.

He chuckled and began stroking you hair while humming a song you couldn’t quite remember. Soon enough, like you thought, he got you to sleep.