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I know she isn’t much, but I made an OC for the @thebbros universe hehe

This is Marnie the munchkin cat! (jumping on the bandwagon of short ocs pfft) She’s a little sweetheart who runs her own little B&B full time, just wanting to help give people a place to stay when they need it. Marnie’s a little too kind for her own good, though, always putting her guests first and making them happy, even it means staying up all night to cater to them all, or letting people stay for free if they can’t afford it (often getting taken advantage of). she doesn’t really make much of a profit, but that’s not too important to her.

Little facts!

* she rarely gets angry/really stressed, but when she does, it’s bad

*she also loves baking and enjoys giving guests complimentary muffin baskets

*when she feels nervous/awkward, she touches and re-adjusts her glasses a lot

*marnie is extremely caring and tends to ‘smother’ the guests, annoying them with how much she checks on them

*she loves old musicals/shows c:

In Sickness and Health

kat on AO3 asked: “could you maybe write one where derek travels for business, and stiles is home with the kids. when he gets really sick and the oldest calls derek to come home?”

Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: G, Word Count: 1449
Human AU, Sick Stiles, Writer Derek, Fluff, Established Relationship, Hurt/Comfort, POV Derek

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There’s only one person in line in front of him when Derek’s phone buzzes in his pocket. It’s probably Stiles, calling him on the way to TJ and Carter’s school. The person in front of him steps through, to the airplane. Derek grabs his phone from his pocket, and looks apologetically at the flight attendant checking everyone’s tickets. He looks at his phone. A sense of foreboding creeps up his spine. A picture of Stiles and their kids in front of their house is on his screen. Someone’s calling him from their home number. Why would he be getting a call from home? There shouldn’t be anyone there.

Oh God. Something’s happened.

Trying not to let his panic show on his face, he steps out of the line.


Daddy’s dying, TJ whispers.

TJ’s just being dramatic, Derek tells himself. Stiles probably just bumped into something, or cut his finger, maybe he overslept, lost track of TJ in the rush to get their kids to school, and now she’s messing with the phone.

‘Why would you say that, little whelp?’ he asks, swallowing down his heart that somehow lodged itself in his throat.

He looks gross,’ is TJ’s unhelpful answer.

Derek can’t really blame her, she’s only four.

Give me the phone! You’re explaining it all wrong!

‘Give it back!


Derek gnashes his teeth as he listens to his children struggle for the phone, feeling helpless, until finally Carter comes on.

‘Daddy’s sick. He’s coughing and breathing funny. And there’s a giant pile of snotty tissues by the bed,’ Carter explains. The six year-old is trying to sound firm and grown-up, but Derek knows his child, and can hear the tremble underneath the bravado. ‘And he’s moving around all slow, and keeps bumping into things like he’s drunk or blind or something.

That doesn’t sound like Stiles is dying, more like he’s got a really bad cold or, god forbid, the flu. Derek thought Stiles’ voice sounded funny on the phone last night, but assumed it was a bad connection. Not that Stiles would’ve admitted anything was wrong if he had asked.

‘Alright, little cub. Can you give me daddy?’

Sure. Carter sounds a little sullen that they don’t get to report further on one of their fathers’ imminent demise.

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The Witching Hour [2]

Summary: You and your husband Bucky move into your dream home, a few weeks after your marriage. You had no idea what you’d be in for.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Warnings: Scary and/or unsettling/disturbing content; aspects of a haunting; will contain angst and fluff

Word Count: 945

A/N: I know I’m not exactly following my set schedule, and I wasn’t going to post this until I wrote the next part, but I am so exhausted from work this week that I have no real energy to write. I also didn’t want to forget to post (I may get incredibly bad news on Friday..) Again, please please hang in there with me, I promise this will get better!! 

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anonymous asked:


Author’s note: listen I know this isn’t a request and I KNOW it’s literally just the word muffin but I DID THIS it’s 4 in the morning okay


  • “Yup… uh-huh…interesting,” you glanced over the very chatty party guest’s shoulder
  • Your eyes followed as a stressed out Jaehee rushed out of the kitchen
  • Was she holding a plate of…?
  • “U-Um, if you’ll excuse me for a moment, I need to check on something.”
  • You gave the party guest an apologetic smile and slipped away
  •  Finally… now where the hell did Jaehee go with that tray of muffins?
  • As you wandered around the room, you noticed a certain someone staring at you
  • “Yo,” you walked up to the person, “have you seen the muffin man tray??”
  • Jumin pushed himself off the wall
  • “Is that why you’ve been dashing all across the room?”
  • “Yeah, you wanna help me find it?”
  • Jumin looked up at the crowd and then back down to you
  • “Well-“
  • Seven loudly cleared his throat and held a megaphone up to his lips
  • “Everybody, listen up! I, Agent 707, defender of the earth, am going to be doing a couple of magic tricks with my lovely assistant,” he gestured to a familiar blonde who was wearing a VERY sparkly dress
  • …Why is Yoosung wearing a dress?
  • “-Let’s go. Now.”
  • Jumin grabbed your hand and pulled you away
  • “Wait, I wanna see this!!”
  • Unfortunely, you were already being dragged into the kitchen against your will
  • As the two of you walked through the doors, something silver caught your eye
  • “Is that-was that- the muffins?”
  • The empty tray gleamed under the bright kitchen lights
  • You picked up the tray and ran a finger across the top
  • “Please don’t-”
  • You licked your finger
  • “-Put that in your mouth.”
  • You looked over at Jumin
  • “Yup,” your eyes narrowed, “those are muffin crumbs.”
  • He sighed and leaned up against the wall
  • “What do you suppose we do? Shall I ask the chef to make more?”
  • “…You mean Jaehee?”
  • “Of course,” he looked at the empty tray, “chef, Jaehee, it’s all the same.”
  • You set the tray down and walked over to him
  • “MC?”
  • You smiled before smacking him on the side of the head
  • “Do NOT over work her, Jumin!!”
  • He scowled at you, rubbing the sore spot on his head
  • “You could have just used your words.”
  • “But what’s the fun in that?”
  • He crossed his arms and sighed
  • “So, what do you want to do about the muffins?”
  • Your shoulders drooped as you looked around the vacant kitchen 
  • “…Nothing.”
  • Jumin raised an eyebrow
  • “You’re giving up?”
  • You gave him a defeated nod and trudged out of the kitchen
  • So much for that great idea…
  • Muffin-less and heart broken, you rejoined the party 
  • It wasn’t until the next morning when you woke up and saw the muffin basket on your door step that your muffin craving was satisfied
  • You picked up the handwritten note that had been carefully balanced on top and unfolded it
  • “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure to eat at least two of these before coming into work. Drive safe. -Jumin”
  • You shook your head and shoved the note into your pocket
  • I love you too, dummy.

*singing* In which Tony is me again!!!!

Mrs. Murphy was old. She walked with a cane (a walker on the really bad days, sometimes) and it sometimes took her five minutes just to cross the street to the mailboxes. Steve and Bucky took to bringing her garbage and recycle barrels up her driveway every Tuesday on their way back from their runs that morning. Mrs. Murphy would usually arrive back from her morning swim classes by that time and invite them inside for lemonade and cookies. She made the best lemonade and cookies.

So Steve and Bucky were quite confused when they arrived to bring her trash up the fifth Tuesday in a row and it was already brought up, with a bouquet of daisies sitting innocently on her doorstep. Mrs. Murphy still gave them lemonade and cookies because she liked chatting with them, but it was somewhat irksome, knowing that people couldn’t be bothered to bring Mrs. Murphy’s cans up before they moved in and suddenly, after Steve and Bucky doing it for several months, someone apparently felt guilty enough to do it instead.

This went on for a few more weeks until one day Steve fell ill, and Bucky decided not to go on his run, instead choosing to stay and watch his dumb ass (and insist that it wasn’t because he hated running alone). “I’ll just go bring up Mrs. Murphy’s trash bins,” he said, and Steve clutched at his shoulders.


“You dramatic piece of garbage get off me!”

But it was a good idea, so they waited at the window, peering outside like nosy neighbors because that was exactly what they were in that moment.

At eight o’clock, around the time they’d have been only halfway through their run and about fifteen minutes after Mrs. Murphy had left for her swim class, a man maybe a few years younger than they were came scuttling out of Peggy Carter’s house. He moved as if he was guilty of something. He pulled Mrs. Murphy’s bins up to her house, skulked around awkwardly for a few seconds, then dropped a bouquet of daisies on her doorstep and scuttled back into Peggy’s house.

“What the fuck,” Bucky said, and Steve heartily agreed.

Whenever they talked to Peggy, a lady only a few years younger than Mrs. Murphy but with much more aggression, she never mentioned someone living with her except her niece Sharon, who only moved in because her own parents worried about Peggy living alone. So they struck up a conversation with Peggy over muffins Steve had baked and casually asked if anyone else had moved in with her.

“Mind your own business,” she answered and took the basket of muffins. She closed the door in their faces.

“Whatthefuck I thought she liked me!” Steve exclaimed, hurt.

Bucky thought about it for a moment before nodding slightly. “I think if she didn’t like you, she would have just shot you instead of telling you to mind your own business.”

“…Yeah that sounds about right actually.”

So they waited for Sharon to get home with Bucky’s cabbage rolls that she couldn’t get enough of. “Who’s the guy that lives here?”

Sharon snatched the platter of cabbage rolls. “My cousin. Fuck off.”

“I want my platter back!” Bucky exclaimed over the slamming of the door.

“Whatthefuck I thought she liked me!” Steve exclaimed again.

“My platter, Sharon!”

Then one day they saw their friend Natasha coming out of the Carters’ home and made sure to show how betrayed they felt by inviting her to dinner and yelling at her.

“What the fuck,” she said after a moment, still chewing on a bite of cake. “Sharon and I are coworkers. It’s not my fault you’ve never seen me at her house. And Peggy likes me coming around so that Tony has someone to talk to.”

“A-HA!” Steve shouted, pointing in her face. “And just who the hell is Tony?!”

“…Peggy’s nephew?” Natasha said after a moment, unimpressed. “If I hear you haven’t been nice to him I’m going to strangle you with your own intestines.”

“Okay but we literally didn’t even know he existed,” Bucky pointed out. “Up until you said his name I was somewhat sure he was a cryptid.”

“He kind of is. He’s agoraphobic and has been living with Peggy and Sharon ever since his parents died. I only see him one out of four times I visit.”

Steve frowned. “He brings up Mrs. Murphy’s trash bins and leaves her daisies.”

“Ah,” Natasha said, tilting her head. “That’s where they go. I bring him flowers every week because he likes them, but Sharon claims she never sees them after Tuesday. He’s such a sweetheart I want to pinch his cheeks.”

“So can we meet him?” Steve asked after a moment.

Natasha kind of shrugged and made a ‘meh’ sound. “The planets would really have to align for me to give you a straight yes. Some days are better than others for him.”

“So are you saying no?” Bucky asked.

“I’m saying you’re going to have to be ready to be told and accept a ‘no’ until he’s in a position where he feels comfortable enough to say yes,” Natasha replied, rolling her eyes, and shoved another bite of cake into her mouth.

“Will Peggy shoot us if we knock on her door asking about him,” Steve asked her seriously.

Natasha choked on her cake again.

Unknown territory

Originally posted by theshapeshifterss

Fandom: Twillght
Pairing: Paul Lahote x Reader
Word Count: 2.421

Requested by Anon:  On the Paul imagine I have an idea where he of course imprints on the reader but he’s scared to tell her but she makes him made by saying she like one of the others so he admits it. Is that OK?

A/N: Hey sweety! Here is your Paul Imagine. I tried to write it  a little different so …. I hope it came out alright :) Enjoy!. 

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anonymous asked:

What gift do the ChoiMatos want the most and how would they hint that they want them? And to top it off, what gifts would the others give them and how would they react to them? Idk if this counts as a choimato birthday bash since it includes the rfa too but I think it'd be cute!

Countdown to the Cake: 3

What RFA gets for the twins:


  • I see him as the type of person who gives what he would like to have
  • Since he likes his bike as much as Saeyoung likes his cars, probably something related to that (don’t ask me what, I know shit about cars and bikes, let alone cool gifts related to that)
  • For Saeran, a very cool jacket with the finest leather and maybe some spikes. (hey, just because he’s a changed man, doesn’t mean he has to dress like a square)


  • He has a very limited budget, so it’s nothing too over the top, but it’s from the bottom of this heart, he makes sure to point that out in a very sweet card along with the gift
  • I said in that fic for Saeyoung because I truly believe he would get him some comics, maybe some shojo mangas to educate Saeyoung a little
  • He’s so scared of asking Saeran what he wants, so he goes for something related to electronics, maybe a vintage game? (lowkey he wants a partner to game with, take the hint Saeran)


  • The most thoughtful gifts you can think of, even for someone she’s not that close like the twins
  • For Saeyoung, a basket of muffins and cupcakes, some of them are light (boy needs to eat something besides HBC at least this day of the year)
  • And for Saeran, headphones. She knows how he really needs a break from everything sometimes and some music maybe will help. She even has suggestions of nice songs, if he wants. (Spoiler: they are all from Zen’s musicals)


  • You may think he asked Jaehee to choose something and he would just pay, but he actually picked the gifts himself
  • For Saeyoung, the first exemplary of the upcoming collection of Elizabeth the 3rd dolls
  • For Saeran… honestly, it doesn’t matter, what really moved Saeran was the note aside the gift. “The past is in the past, now. Welcome to the family.”

What the twins want and how do they ask for it:


  • He doesn’t know how to be subtle.
  • Lemme just drop some hints I want a new cool stereo for my baby.
  • “Guys, don’t you think we should go on a road trip? It would be nice driving long hours non stop with some good music on. Oh yeah, we can’t because my favorite baby doesn’t have a cool stereo, it would be nice to have a cool stereo. By the way, do you know my birthday is coming?”
  • As for MC, he would say “ahh you don’t have to, come on… What did you get me?”
  • He would enjoy literally anything you’d give him.
  • But if it’s a cat, he would explode with happiness.


  • He doesn’t bother dropping hints.
  • If you really wanna know what he wants, just ask him.
  • “I want at least one day of peace and silence in this house.” “Okay, can I get you new boots too?” “Please.”
  • From MC, he’s too embarrassed to actually say what he wants, so he just asks a little quality time to get some ice cream in the park.
  • And when they’re alone and he’s feeling more relaxed, he’ll ask for his gift.
  • “I want a picture of you. Or maybe of us.”

You can see the other days here!

How the Wheel Goes 'Round

Summary:  Jack and Coach bond over the most unexpected thing. A tiny little something for @disraeligearsgoestumblin​ who loves Eric Clapton. Featuring the song Badge by Cream.

It had been a little awkward the first time Jack and Bitty returned to Madison after they came out to Bitty’s parents, and Jack was slowly working his way toward a good relationship with Coach. Bitty sat at the edge of the bed watching, as Jack unpacked his suitcase in the guest room.

“Honey, he’ll love you like a son soon enough,” Bitty said.

“I don’t know about that. Liking me is more than enough for now, Bits,” Jack said as he put his t-shirts in the dresser.

“It’ll be fine. Don’t worry,” Bitty said as he stood up and pressed a kiss onto Jack’s cheek.

It wasn’t that Coach didn’t approve of Jack – or his relationship with his Bitty – it was just that Coach wasn’t exactly the most gregarious person. And Jack’s conversational skills weren’t Grade A either. It took both of them a million years to warm up to people. So Coach and Jack more often than not found themselves surrounded by uncomfortable silences and weird pauses.

One morning, while Bitty still slept and Suzanne was in the shower, Jack went downstairs and realized he was alone in the kitchen with Coach. He nodded at Jack, as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

“Help yourself,” Coach said as he motioned to the coffee pot, and then walked over to turn on the radio.

“Thank you,” Jack said and poured himself a cup, thankful for the radio cutting through the would-be painful silence. He looked at the mug as he brought it to his lips. World’s Best Mom it read. Jack smirked.

“Junior got that mug for Suze when he was nine. He paid for it with his dog walking money. That boy was so proud.”

Jack smiled picturing a tiny Bitty confidently walking a giant St. Bernard or German Shepherd through his neighborhood.

“He’s always been hardworking, eh?”

“That he has. That he has.”

The two sat not knowing what to say next.

Coach looked at the man sitting across from him. He had said he loved Junior. Love. This millionaire athlete who could probably have anyone he wanted, wanted his Junior. Was in love with Junior. And Junior loved him. So Coach knew he had to make an effort, for it was clear Jack Zimmermann was here to stay.

Still… what the hell could he talk to this boy about? Football? No, not really? Movies? Who knew what kind of movies Jack Zimmermann would be into. Coach scrubbed his face, and grunted in agreement when Jack complimented the coffee.

“Dark roast?” he asked.

“It’s from Costa Rica,” Coach replied.

“They make good coffee.”

“Yep… they sure do.”

Jack sighed and bit his lower lip, trying to subtly glance at the clock on the wall hoping Bitty would wake soon.

Just then some familiar opening chords came through the radio.

“This is a good song,” Jack said.

“You like this song?” Coach asked.

Jack laughed. “I’m surprised Bitty hasn’t complained about my musical taste yet. Everyone at the Haus made fun of my Dad Rock.”

Coach smiled. “Dad Rock? Hell, Cream is one of the greatest bands ever.”

Jack smiled, “One of the best!”

“Gotta love Clapton,” Coach said as he got up and pulled two plates from the cupboard, then placed a basket of muffins in front of Jack.

Jack took one and began to sing softly, “Thinkin’ ‘bout the times you drove in my car. Thinkin’ that I might have drove you too far…”

Coach nodded and joined in.

“And I’m thinkin’ 'bout the love that you laid on my table.”

“I told you not to wander 'round in the dark. I told you 'bout the swans, that they live in the park.”

Bitty walked down the stairs, and as he approached the kitchen, he wasn’t sure exactly that he was hearing what he was hearing. Jack and his father were… singing? He paused at the bottom of the stairs.

“Then I told you 'bout our kid now he’s married to Mabel,” Coach sang.

Jack laughed, “Mabel, huh? That line always cracks me up.”

Coach smirked and gently swayed his head as the two listened to the song quietly.

Bitty then stumbled into the kitchen just as they in the middle of a chorus of, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

“What’s going on here?” Bitty asked as he stood in the kitchen doorway, hands playfully placed on his hips.

Coach got up and slapped Jack on the back.

“Just spending time with your boy, Junior. Turns out, he’s a Clapton man.”

“Huh?” Bitty asked.

Jack rose from the table, handed Bitty his coffee mug, and kissed his forehead.

“Morning, Bits.”

Bitty took the mug, and stared at his boyfriend and his father for a moment, then asked, “Are you two punking me?”

“Junior, settle down. Have a seat son, and drink your coffee.”

Bitty sat at the table, as Coach slid the basket of muffins over.

“Do you know where the title for the song came from?” Jack asked.

“No, tell me.”

Bitty watched as the two men he loved most in the entire world began connecting over music, of all things. He smiled as he ate his muffin quietly, and thanked whatever rock gods happened to be watching over them that morning.

Coach and Suzanne, Part Two

Part 1

A note: Rough, un-beta-ed, and yes there’s a tense change (it’s intentional even if it seems like I just forgot XD)

The years leading up to Dickey’s departure for Samwell weren’t easy. Dickey in a cold utility closet for almost ten hours overnight. Guilt. Suzanne blaming Coach. Coach blaming Coach. Coach going in to work the next day and scanning the faces of the boys on his team and asking himself which one of them could’ve done it. A move to a new town. A new school for Coach and Dickey both. The end of figure skating. A moody, displaced teenager who just couldn’t settle til they found him a coed hockey league–no touch, since he was even more averse since the incident. There were a lot of bills involved. The new house was a mess. There was something to do with sabotage at the county fair Dickey’s senior year of high school.

There were terrible moments. Suzanne threatened to take Dickey and live with her mother when Coach hesitated at the idea of moving. He relented immediately at that, though he would have anyway. He was a mess, really, over the whole thing. Layers of fear and suspicion stacked over and over, and Coach knew they had to go, even if he wasn’t sure anywhere in the entire state of Georgia would be safe for their son. At one point, Dickey just stopped talking and started baking, furious and powerless, in the kitchen of the old house, and only stopped when the last pan and mixing bowl were packed away. Suzanne clucked and fretted over him, murmured reassurances that things would be better, they would, she promised.

They moved, there was hockey, and Dickey seemed to do alright. Things settled. Coach grew to appreciate hockey. It wasn’t a green football field lit up at night, but his kid taking the ice and slamming a puck into the net was just as gratifying as any field goal would’ve been. Coach was proud. Suzanne missed the other skate moms she had befriended during the figure skating days, but her relief at Dickey’s relative safety and the flush in his cheeks when he came off a good game were enough. She started bringing muffin baskets to the games and had a new circle of friends in no time at all.

And then, in what felt like the blink of an eye, it was time for Dickey to go.


Dickey goes off to college on a hockey scholarship, and Coach is quietly proud and relieved. Suzanne is frantic with excitement and tries to hide how much the idea of their nest becoming an empty one bothers her.

Dickey leaves. It’s…

Neither of them could describe it, if asked.

Coach tracks every stat, and starts catching NCAA games when he can. He watches the Falcons play and texts his son who can only half-follow football in between his own games and school. The dorm televisions have basic cable and he can only catch Pats games, but Dickey apparently gets updates on his phone and keeps up well enough. Coach asks him to call him sometimes before or after his own games, and Dickey seems surprised but does it regardless. Coach spends those hours, carefully highlighted on a calendar in his office, anxiously awaiting the ring of his phone to hear how Dickey’s doing.

Suzanne adds to the shared Pinterest board every single day.  She likes to screen what she shares with Dickey, testing recipes first so she can add her own notes. She goes up for family weekend and returns with tales of this frat house that seems to have adopted their kid as a mascot or something. “But they love him,” she tells Coach. “They’re looking after him.”

She shows Coach a photo of Dickey–”they call him Bitty, can you imagine?”–in between two giants in hockey pads. Coach smiles and thinks, he’s not afraid of them.

Coach can’t believe how strong Dickey looks when he comes home that first summer.

Suzanne is startled by the haircut.

The second summer, Coach has… a feeling. He can’t quite put his finger on what it is until Jack Zimmermann shows up. That’s when he starts to wonder if, maybe, Dickey has a crush on this guy. He resolves not to say a word about it, since he has no idea what he would even say– to Dickey himself or to Suzanne once they’re in bed later that night. He tries to push it away entirely, a tactic that has served him well so far, but… it’s getting harder.

Suzanne is horrendously distracted by how much Jack looks like Bad Bob, but he’s such a nice boy, and clearly Dickey’s best friend, so, she makes an effort not to let it show. When Jack has left and Dickey has retreated to his room for the night, she tells Coach she thinks that kind of friendship will be good for Dickey.

“He’s a real adult, that Jack,” she says. “Maybe some of that work ethic will rub off on Dickey, huh?”

Coach shrugs. “I… I suppose?” he manages, and then makes his own hasty retreat to the den.

Dickey doesn’t come home for Christmas that year. Suzanne takes it hard. Coach can’t argue with the decision to stay and prepare for a string of games close to the holiday, and makes sure to tell Dickey how impressed he is with his improved work ethic, though he feels vaguely uneasy.

Suzanne clucks her tongue and shakes her head when Dickey says he doesn’t have a Valentine for the third year in a row.

“It’s his junior year,” she mutters to Coach while she’s layering a dip for the Super Bowl party they’re throwing. “You and I had met by the end of my first semester! What is that boy waiting for?”

Coach shrugs and tries to steal a scoop of dip, getting a whack on the knuckles for his trouble.

It’s almost the end of Dickey’s Junior year, and it has all just flown by faster and faster. Coach can’t seem to get a grip on time these days, can’t seem to make it pass normally or make himself pay better attention. Suzanne starts making noises about the kinds of jobs Dickey might be able to find nearby once he’s done with school. She’s anticipating the end of this pause, the start of the next chapter. One where she’ll have her best friend back within arm’s reach.

“It’s just as well,” she says once, “if he meets someone down here I don’t have to worry about planning an out of town wedding, now do I?”

Coach changes the subject before she starts mentioning grandbabies. He doesn’t want to feel that old just yet.

thinking ‘bout you | l.h.

inspired by dua lipa’s song, thinking ‘bout you.

lyrics are not mine, they’re hers.

summary: your constant thoughts of your cute Australian neighbour interrupted your sleep. You decided to write down all your feelings and put it into a song. He’d been listening to you while you were singing on your apartments balcony.

word count: 776

“Hey y/n.” your neighbour Luke said, unlocking the door to his apartment. “Hey Luke, how are ya?” you responded, cheeks slightly red. “I’m pretty good. Hope you are too.” he smiled before walking into his apartment. You’ve only talked to Luke briefly two or three times, you wanted to get to know him, but you were too scared to ask him to hang out. He was surely attractive and that Australian accent! Wow. Luke popped into your mind every now and then, giving you these feelings you couldn’t explain. You walked in to your apartment, setting your stuff down on the beige carpet. You took a seat on the sofa, grabbing a sandwich out of your bag. For some reason you Luke popped into your mind. It was 9 o'clock at night, you were exhausted from work. Maybe I’m just tired you thought. You slowly made your way to your room, dragging your feet across the ground. You changed into your pyjamas, removed your makeup and threw yourself on your bed. Suddenly Luke popped into your mind. Again. “Ugh why can’t I stop thinking ‘bout you!” you yelled into your pillow.

You weren’t able to sleep because you couldn’t stop thinking about Luke. You had to do something about it. You got off your bed, grabbing your guitar off the wall and your notebook and pen off the table, then taking a seat on the small love seat in your room. You had to write your feelings out. You could sing and play the guitar, but you’ve never written anything before. You glanced up at the clock. 3 a.m, the clock read. You started playing random chords until you found the notes you liked. Sighing, you wrote down your first few lines.

“3 a.m and my neighbours hate me

Music blasting shaking these walls.

This time Mary Jane won’t save me.”

Almost 4 hours later, you finished writing your first song. Yawning you slid the door to your balcony open. You took a seat on the chair outside and slowly started strumming to the song you titled “Thinking ‘Bout You”, obviously inspired by Luke. You didn’t want to wake your neighbours, but you also really didn’t give a shit at this point.

“I can’t stop thinking ‘bout you,

I can’t stop thinking ‘bout you,

I can’t get high, I can’t get by,

I can’t get through,

I can’t stop thinking ‘bout you.” you strummed the last chord, sighing and smiling in relief.

“That was a great song. Did you write that?” you heard a voice speak to you. You looked up quickly to see that it was Luke, standing by the hip-high divider between our apartments with a mug in his hand. “Uhh yeah,” you chuckled. “I was up all night writing it.”

“May I ask who that’s about? I mean, you clearly can’t stop thinking about them.” he said, laughing.

“It’s just about a friend,” you whispered, staring down at your feet. “He’s such a sweet guy. I don’t know much about him but I really wanna get to know him. I’ve always been too much of a wimp to ask him to hang out. He has really pretty blue eyes, a lip ring, and an Australian accent. But I doubt he’s going to wanna hang out with me so I won’t bother try-”

“I want to get to know you too y/n,” Luke said quietly, looking into your eyes. You smiled sweetly at Luke. He bit down on his lip, smirking. “You know, I always knew you were into me,” he began. “Ever since you brought me that basket of muffins when I first moved in.” Redness rose onto your cheeks. You smiled to yourself thinking about that day. “Hey, come to my place I want to ask you something.” Luke said before walking back into his apartment. You got off of your seat, walking back into your apartment, setting your guitar back on the wall, and then walking out of the front door to Luke’s front door. You knocked on the door 2 times, Luke opened the door before your third knock. “Can I kiss you?” he questioned you nonchalantly. “What?” you asked confused. He didn’t say anything else. Instead he placed his lips onto yours. Luke was kissing you; something you thought would never happen. You wrapped your arms around Luke’s neck, deepening the kiss. Luke pulled away breathless resting your his forehead on yours. “We should hang out soon.” he suggested winking. “Definitely.” you said before placing your lips on his once again, this time closing the door behind you.

a/n: was this even good?

I’m going to buy Priscilla Page a muffin basket. What should of been a happy and exciting time for me, when they revealed the cast of the new FB film. Ended in disgust and despair. Really??? Johnny Depp, a -fucking-gain!? I am so uberly pissed they are totally discontinuing Percival Graves. I mean, fuck! We don’t even know what happened to the man??? And are they seriously heteronormalizing Credence Barebone?? Fuck, y’all… I’m depressed. And I wish I could say that I’m over reacting, but…… I’m not. This is worse than sinking my damn ship. It’s like they rocked my world. And not in a good way either. I’m really going to need the Gradence fandom to be vocal about this. So not happy…

Winter Interrupted (Part 6/?) (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Part 5

Natasha had been feeling particularly bored on the day when things went to hell.  Her morning consisted of the usual; a quick workout, a run that left her legs shaking because she always went a mile or more too long, and a quick shower before the daily team meeting.  All before 6am.  Today, she strolled casually into the kitchen to grab breakfast when she realized that she had forgotten all about it, though it wasn’t necessarily unusual for her to do. She paused, looking around the room behind her, and taking a glance out the door into the hallway, trying her best to not look suspicious as she snatched the last chocolate chip muffin from the basket at the center of the table.  She hummed to herself in contentment, the first bite always the best, and it was a treat that she rarely allowed herself.

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lushatrocity  asked:

I love your Halloween series!! How about getting lost in a corn maze (deliberately or not - cue brow waggle lol)?

A|N: I have no idea why my first thought whenever says ‘corn maze’ is that parks and recreation episode where they lose lil’ sebastian in one but… here we are, I guess! 


Look, as the deputy director of the Parks and Recreation department, Bellamy is not opposed to getting his hands dirty from time to time, okay? He’s the one-man task force behind the Arkadia River cleanup initiative, for one, and he’s also pretty much the only person who makes it a point to spray ammonia all over the various parks trash cans regularly to keep the raccoons out. It’s troublesome, sure, but it’s hard to mind when it’s all for the good of the community.

Still, he’ll admit: it’s difficult to think of the greater good of it all when he’s been stuck in this corn maze for the past two hours.

“The next time Kane insists we test-run every single one of the Harvest Festival’s attractions,” he pants, swatting at the stray stalk of corn threatening to snap right into half, “I’m going to stick him in this corn maze and let the Karpoi have him.”

Clarke, thankfully, seems to be handling this with a lot more grace than he is. “Karpoi?” she asks, confusion knitting at her brow. “As in, the grain spirits that look like fat babies?”

“Yeah,” he manages, pausing to take a swig from his bottle. “They’re known to be pretty vicious assholes, though. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m really pissed at Kane.”

“I figured,” she says, wry. “I mean, if you’re looking at more reasons to get mad at him, he did send you out here with the one person who was essentially trying to cut your department and budget just two months ago.”

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An Episode I didn't Hate {TVD 8x13 Review}

You guys know the drill, I write everything in real time so if there’s something I got mistaken it will probably be made up for later on in the post. This will have anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Steroline, anti-Bamon, anti-Bonenzo sentiments and may include mentions of misogynoir and other TV shows. If you do not like, you do not have to read. This was done on my phone so bear with me. You ready? OK. Let’s go.

1. Y’all are so mean. I titled my last review 8x13 review and tonight’s episode was the 13th episode and none of you told me. Petty.

2. The show was smart starting with Kai because I have such a huge ass grin on my face. I swear only Kai could make getting out of hell comedic. “No no, two beers, three burgers” I mean, does the show know that I have a thing for burgers? Like I literally go around my city trying to find the best cheeseburgers and that little tidbit is something I always put on dating profiles if I choose to go on tinder or something so like I’m not saying me and Kai belong together, I’m just saying there are certain compatibilities.

3. Also Matt’s hair in that bell scene was stupid af.

4. Those rings on Kai’s fingers though … omg I missed him.

5. I mean I would freak out if I couldn’t taste food either and probably kill the waiter too. But this just reminds me of The Black Pearl.

6. Alaric is actually pretty calm coming face to face with his fiancee’s murderer.

7. “I think I’m on the waitlist to heaven but they’re not returning my calls” aww, something funny for once.

8. I don’t know why Caroline couldn’t say this to Bonnie face to face? Like why does no one just GO to her. Leave a fucking casserole or basket of muffins on the doorstep, a letter, something.

9. So when a vampire turns human then their compulsion wears off of their victims? I mean I guess.

10. I don’t understand how Bonnie opened a door to hell but she has no magic.

11. OMG. Bonnie on the phone with Damon and Kai in the backseat mouthing “Let me say ‘hi’, let me say ‘hi’!” YAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I mean obviously it’s fanbaiting but I don’t give a shit, that was hilarious and adorable and so very Kai.

12. AND he drew a heart on a fogged up window. If I had access to gifs right now, tho.

13. But seriously, Damon legitimately called Bonnie because he needed something from her. Honestly, that’s like 80% of their relationship. And if I felt like he was lying about Kai so as to not worry her and let her grieve then I’d be like I guess but this just Damon being Damon.

14. Bonnie sensing Kai is awesome.

15. I like how we focus on the fallout of Stefan’s victims but with Damon, we focus on him being Damon and everything Dorian tells Stefan is fair but Damon never gets anyone to tell him that. Whatever.

16. “Better question, why are you still following him?” “DAMON!” LOL, this episode is ACTUALLY funny at times. Who wrote this? “Oh good, you roped Bonnie into this, I was HOPING you would maximize the collateral damage.”

17. I find it ironic that Damon is going after a sexual predator.

18. New to the gift? WHAT?

19. So Bonnie is learning from the devil.

20. Gorgeous close-up of Kat.

21. I just don’t believe BE enough for it to warrant her learning from the devil on how to contact him. Also please note every time I say devil it’s in quotations.

22. Cade is such a petty devil. It’s one soul. You have no other workers?

23. Why can’t Caroline compel Dorian to leave, call an ambulance and get them to where he is?

24. Oh look, it happened.

25. Good.

26. I feel like I should be moved by that SC scene. I mean I guess.

27. Seriously Chris looks really hot.

28. “I hate this already.” Lol Kai.

29. Damon your forgiveness means shit, get the fuck out of here.

30. Lol I love Stefan but this whole Dorian can either lock Stefan up in prison or work on building a better future aren’t mutually exclusive. He can do both.

31. Why are they acting like Caroline hasn’t killed a whole bunch of people? She killed 12 people ina single episode.

32. I actually liked the SC scene in the hospital because Candice actually showed emotion. They’ve become DE where I only believe them when they’re confronting the issues in their relationship.

33. I really can’t get into Bonenzo, like I can’t, I want to feel for them in this scene with the candles and the kissing and the reunion but it’s SO muted.

34. “I missed you girls so much” did you though?

35. That Calaric stare has so much chemistry compared to Steroline.

36. LOL this twin was literally going to set her sister on fire for hurting Caroline. Is it wrong that I find it hilarious?

37. I love it when Damon gets tricked because he always thinks he’s got the upper hand and he NEVER DOES.

This was literally the best episode in two seasons. Because of Kai. And the writers clearly like writing for him because there were actual funny moments this episode and there was energy and a pace and things were more cohesive although the mythology around Bonnie and Cade still doesn’t make sense to me, I think that Stefan’s punishment and his inability to figure out who he is and what to do and meeting his ghosts and pasts was well done but it’s still irksome that Damon never really has to face any of that and Damon’s “let’s get Elena back” is like, I guess, sure, it’s only entertaining because it involves Kai.