Waterboyy Movie Review

Since it’s the most recent BL movie I’ve seen, I figured Waterboyy would be the best choice for my first review. Starring Ngern Anupart, as Nam, your usual porn obsessed teenager whose father coaches his school’s swim team, and  Beam Prapangkorn, as Muek, a boy who came to train with the swim team and ends up having to room with Nam.

Without giving away too much, I’d say, for anyone who has seen Love Sick the Series, this is a must see. (Anupart isn’t the only familiar face… expect a few surprise cameos) For anyone else, the movie may be a little slow and disjointed. It focuses mainly on Nam and Muek’s relationship, as well as Nam’s relationship with his father. For a movie about swimmers, there isn’t as much swimming as you’d think there would be. It feel more like an excuse for shirtless guys lmao.

Pros and Cons that may dictate whether you watch this movie or not:


  • Unlike most Thai BL movies/dramas, there is real kissing. I know what you may be thinking: “REAL KISSING? IMPOSSIBLE!” but it’s true (it’s only one scene, unfortunately, but oh my god I was dying) As for sexual content, there really isn’t any. Most is implied, or it gets close but then cops out.


  • It’s established early on in the film that Nam’s dad is in an intimate relationship with a significantly younger man (old enough to be legal, but the age difference is big enough to give me the heebie-jeebies)
  • there’s a girlfriend :/
  • like most BL movies/drama, there is the added conflict of a girlfriend. and, like most BL movies, she interferes at first, but accepts it by the end and pushes them together. just a little bit.

Overall, I give Waterboyy one thumbs up for REAL KISSING (no matter how short the scene may be) and a couple uncomfortable wtf-is-with-his-dad faces for creeping me out a little.

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