~dhyana mudra~

dhyana mudra (one or both hands in the lap), symbolizes wisdom, the gestures of absolute balance. in this pose, the person meditating is completely unmoved by the surroundings, immersed in infinite space.

this mudra of meditation is for concentration on the good law and for the attainment of spiritual perfection. according to tradition, this mudra is derived from the position assumed by buddha when meditating for six long years under the bodhi tree before his enlightenment.

this gesture was also adopted since time immemorial, by yogis during their meditation and concentration exercises. it indicates the perfect balance of thought, balance of the senses, and tranquiliy.

Mindful Education

Okay, so when Garnet and Stevonnie enter their dream-scape, (which I think they entered through either fusing or Steven’s astral projection ability) they both make this pose.

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What Stevonnie and Garnet are making with their hands is very similar to a meditative mudra, specifically one for the throat chakra.

According to this chart, the open throat chakra releases miscommunication and allows clear communication in a relationship. The symbol is also often depicted as blue. (The symbols go ROYGBIV order.)

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Just a thought.