((MOD: Finally made a good reference for Mudpie! I didn’t write a blurb for hers like I did with Ickle’s, but I figure this is good enough for now. I’m gonna need this reference for the next storyarc: we’re going to start following Mudpie’s life at Harmony Academy!))

theamishpirate asked:

Another headcanon: When Mudpie was just born, Ickle insisted on carrying her new baby sister around the house to show her all manner of fascinating things. However, as Mudpie rapidly grew bigger than her, many of these trips turned into Mudpie sitting on poor Ickle. Undeterred, she still excitedly recounted all the interesting things she'd learned and seen to her younger sister. Mudpie will still playfully squash her big sis to this day.

Oh my gosh that’s such a cute headcanon! I LOVE IT

I can also imagine Ickle continuing to carry Mudpie on her back as they got older, which would help explain why she’s such a strong pony! (as we’ve seen in her pulling the cart to her parents’ house and to Ayasha’s house

Things for Mudpie to do before Graduation #37

Dress everyone in the geology department up as sheep and have them flood the halls of Harmony Academy bleating all the way. Is it racist? Possibly. Is it hilariously weird? Absolutely.