mudkip doll

Whew! This one took a while. Here’s gen 3: Hoenn! I can’t believe I’ve done almost 400 of these things. x_x Next up is Sinnoh…

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“What has been the most interesting part of your journey so far?”

“Visiting Secret Bases I come across in routes. Some trainers are private and don’t want visitors, but the ones who do are the nicest and most interesting people you’ll ever meet. You learn so much about them, and they’re real talkers since they’re in a space they’re comfortable with.”

“Which of the trainers you visited was the most memorable?”

“There was this one trainer, a Black Belt, who had a Secret Base in Route 111, in a hill north of the desert. He was a tough guy, looking like he jogs the perimeter of the desert every day. But when I entered his Secret Base, it was filled to the brim with Poké Dolls. And it wasn’t just ones of tough-looking Pokémon like Rhydon or Charizard—I think I saw more variety of Poké Dolls in that Secret Base than in the clearance sales in the Lilycove Department Store.

"He talked very proudly about a lot of the dolls and told me where and when he got them, what it means to them, and what nickname he’s given to them. When I asked him which one his favorite was, it took him a good two minutes to finally pick a Mudkip doll placed in the middle of one of his shelves. He said that he got the Mudkip doll from a lady in the Mauville Game Corner, which was what started his whole collection, and he went to lengths to tell me how cute and adorable it looked.

"As much as everyone’s first instinct would be to make fun of this dude for his quirky collection, you won’t have the willpower to after you hear him talk about it. He describes each doll so passionately that you feel moved by his love for them. He’s the main reason why I keep visiting Secret Bases I happen to pass by—not only do I get to meet new friends, but I also learn how to appreciate other people so much more.”