muder mask

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This is what happens when I talk way too much with @queerafkylo and this is also the result of this bitch meeting this cutie: @i-look-so-good-in-blue who wrote this beautiful fanfic with the general idea of this. 

  • Ben Solo has always been insecure about his looks and he despise his moles and freckles, he does even more now that he is Kylo Ren. He covers the shit out of them with make up and so until he starts wearing the black muder mask™.
  • And there is also one Poe Dameron who adores those moles and freckles. He likes to trace them with his fingers to form constellations and to create some more, it’s embarrassing.
  • The point is, Poe worshiping the shit out of Ben’s freckles and moles embarrass the taller man to no end, thank you very much.
  • But he also loves it, he likes the sensation of fingers on his skin and he loves the way Poe looks at his own actions and how he smiles when Ben gets goosebumps and how he leans down to kiss the eternity of those freckles and to suck over those moles to then make a way between them with his kisses and tongue.
  • Slowly, that insecurity about Ben’s freckles/moles starts disappearing without even him noticing. Poe does, but he says nothing. Then, one random day, Ben realizes he didn’t put on anything to hide them and just smiles, and keeps going.
  • Also, Poe likes to call them ‘stars’. Other variations: ‘stardust’, ‘constellations’ and so on. 
  • Poe loves what he sees when he is flying, and he loves like he flies: devoted and passionate, and good at it. Poe is just so happy to have something he loves so much like the stars, on the body he loves more than flying, that’s what he says when Ben asks him why he calls them like that.
  • Poe’s favorite #aesthetic real life image/moment are the nights he has wake up to find the moon(s) illuminating Ben’s naked back, his freckles and moles being the stars to the x-wing he forms with his hands on the light, the shadow of them flying on Ben’s back trough the stars he loves. Ben doesn’t know this.
  • Just… Poe worshiping Ben’s freckles and moles.