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Tu sei diversa adesso, con me.
Sei distante, fredda, non lo so che cosa ti ho fatto ma ti lascerò in pace da oggi, se è quello che vuoi.
è questo quello che vuoi? E lo sai perché ti lascerò in pace? Perché tengo molto più a te che a me stesso.
Io ti amo. Ecco, te l'ho detto, non l'ho scritto sui muri come gli altri.
Non permetterò mai che qualcuno o qualcosa ti faccia del male.
Dating Tate Langdon Would Include...

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~ Sneaking into your room at night

~ Cuddling

~ More cuddling

~ Makeout sessions CONSTANTLY

~ Dominant sex

~ He’ll let you top every once in awhile

~ He loves doing things for you

~ “Let me massage you. You deserve it.”

~ He has a latex kink ;) ;) ;)

~ Would totally be down to try BDSM

~ He likes to treat you

~ He’s the type of guy that you 100% buy the entire Sephora store just to make sure you were happy

~ Watching tv shows and cuddling

~ Netflix and Chill

~ Endless 1am talks


Who and What I can write

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I Wanna Be Yours [Tate Langdon x Reader]

Requests: “I’m actually not into fluff (give me all the smut), but you write some about Tate drawing reader (or the other way around)? I think of him, even though he is popular for his music taste, more as a painter than musician. Love your writings xoxo” - Anon 

“Can you do a kinky Tate imagine ;)” - Anon

“Can you do a post-death Tate Langdon smut please? I love your imagines btw! 😊” - Anon

“girl reader smuts pls. idrc who with:)” - Anon

“Hey! Love your blog by the way! Do you think you can do another Tate Langdon smut fic? I would love that 💕💕” - @gabygarcia5

Warnings: SIN, NOT PROOFREAD (at all), SMUT, FEM!READER, not proofread, blowjob, swallowing cum, spanking, dirty talk, rough sex, slight daddy kink, begging kink, unprotected sex (again), sorta OOC Tate, Reader is aware Tate is dead, tbh probably more

Word Count: 1.2k 

A/N: I’m going to hell. It’s fine, though, because you’re all going to be there with me. 

(This gets weird towards the end, I know. I stayed up until like 5am last night to finish this so I could post it today. Don’t judge me. This whole thing is just a mess though tbh. & it’s not proofread like I barely read the damn thing when I wrote it, so let me know about any errors.)

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