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Shance idea
Shapeshifter AU

Big, strong shapeshifters are idolized while shifters that are small animals are often mocked and put down. You basically shift into the animal that best fits your personality and character, and most people get big and powerful animals like bears or panthers or even bulls.

Lance comes from a family of big feline shifters, but when he shifts for the first time, he isn’t a big predatory cat like his parents or siblings; he’s a small tabby kitten. Word gets out that Lance McClain is a tiny (a shifter with a small animal side) and is subsequently bullied and mocked for it at school.

The bullying gets to the point where Lance’s family has to pack up and move out of the country since they’re terrified of Lance getting hurt or worse, accidentally eaten alive by an out of control classmate. Which is an actual problem where they live, so they move to America but keep Lance’s shifter status secret.

Lance goes through life and meets Hunk, who is a bear shifter (and a damn big one too) and also the only one to know that Lance is a cat. (He often takes cat form and sleeps in Hunk’s lap while he’s studying, after all.)

Then the Garrison happens, and they meet Keith and Shiro again and finally end up in Blue’s cave. Lance feels a kinship with Blue because the second she realized what he was, she accepted him with open arms. So he’s perfectly happy to take her for a run, and they eventually end up in the Castle of Lions.

This is where a bit of the canon deviates. Allura asks what they are and both Lance and Pidge dodge the question on their shifter forms. Lance merely says he’s a feline, and Pidge mutters something about falcons. This raises suspicions, but nobody presses.

After the fight with Sendak and after Lance falls from the healing pod and he eats a bit, he finds the others in their shifted forms having a small break. Shiro is a huge wolf, Keith is some sort of fox, Hunk is in his usual bear form and Pidge is in her owl form. (A tiny owl, but still deadly.)

Lance is still apprehensive about shifting, so he claims he wants to go wash Blue for a bit. Nobody questions him.

Lance does shift, but only in Blue’s hangar or in the pilot seat. He doesn’t want to be ridiculed for his small size, because he’s a man and men are supposed to be big and powerful shifters, like Shiro or Hunk. But Lance? He’s a skinny little cat with blue eyes and short but soft brown tabby fur. He’s not special, he doesn’t have a thing.

Coran eventually finds out and Lance begs for him not to say anything. Coran asks to see the cat form a little more, and marvels at Lance’s lithe form.

He talks, and says that Lance’s paws are a bit big, but he moves with more grace than Pidge when she flies or Keith when he leaps. His fur is like the sky of Altea when it used to hail tiny glass crystals, the clouds swirling together like a whirlpool.

Lance is comforted for a while.

And then there’s a mission that goes wrong. It’s Lance and Shiro, and Shiro has gone wild from a panic attack and has lodged himself into a miner’s cave. It’s too small for anyone else to get through, since part of the cave collapsed from Shiro’s crashing into the stabilizers. Except for Lance. He’s thin enough and small enough to fit through.

So he tells the others over the comms that he can handle this, and shifts.

It’s dark, cold and dirty, and Lance can feel the mud slicking down his fur as he wriggles through the rubble. He can see perfectly fine in the darkness, though he’s going to need one hell of a bath after this.

The tunnel widens into an air pocket, and he can hear Shiro’s panicked howling. Worried, he moves faster until he finds where the trapped wolf is hiding. He’s in a ravine, deeper into the mine than Lance first thought. He jumps down from the ledge and slowly approaches Shiro, purring soothingly.

He barely dodges the activated Galra arm, now resembling a dog leg, and hisses warningly. At this point he’s tired, muddy, filthy and in no mood for Shiro’s aggression, but he knows it’s not his fault and that he’s just scared, so he presses onward.

It takes a while but eventually Shiro is calm enough to listen to Lance’s purring. At first, he’s startled. Was this really Lance? A cat? But those blue eyes are unmistakable, even in such dim lighting. So he follows the cat as they make their way through the caves to another exit, and gets back into Blue while Black follows behind.

Shiro doesn’t shift back for a few days, but allows Lance to give him a bath and a good rubdown.

After that, Lance is often found in cat form usually napping somewhere or in someone’s lap, usually Shiro’s. Whenever Shiro shifts, Lance comes out of nowhere and hops up on the wolf’s back like a mini heater or blanket, purring up a storm.

It only takes a month for confessions to happen ;3

The hawk’s wings hunch and his talons dig into her shoulder. She crouches low, because Louis’ warnings have saved her life on more than one occasion. Something happened two nights ago. Hawthorne smelled burning on the wind and a sound like thunder from the east, toward the City. 

Suddenly Louis looks to the left and clicks his beak. ‘I hear it, too,’ she says softly. Footsteps on leaf litter. Fallen? She hurries silently through the trees and sees them. A dozen or more, heavily armed and armoured, but tired and muddy. When Hawthorne steps into their path they stop and eye her warily. 

‘You’re Guardians,’ Hawthorne says.

A large man in white and orange armour pulls a one-horned helmet off his head. ‘We heard there are civilians who know these woods. Out here we don’t know how to survive. We’re vulnerable.’

‘You’ve got your Light.’

He shakes his head. ‘Our Light’s gone. Our City’s gone. The Vanguard has pulled back to other parts of the system but we’ve stayed to protect these refugees.’ He points over his shoulder at dozens of civilians, pinched and fearful. ‘We need a place to regroup and for them to rest. We need your help.’

She looks into his eyes, and they’re hollow but determined. This is the life she chose, a life of hardship and peril, and she and her friends like it better than a Walled existence. But if it chose you against your will it could become a life of suffering. These people would start to die if they wandered much longer. 

But if she helped them, would enemies follow in their wake and threaten her people? The man’s hard mask slips for a second and she sees his desperation. 


They’re armed. If they don’t know how to fight without their Light I’ll show them myself. She turns and beckons them. ‘I know a farm. Follow me.’

For the @destinyweek NPC prompt. Inspired by Shaxx protecting the refugees in the beta and the little we know about Hawthorne. Pure speculation. Thank you for reading!


@squatch31 surprised me and took me on a picnic and an all day hike at Old Man’s Cave!

We are two tired, muddy, sore, and very happy boys!

I had such a great time climbing and hiking and taking pictures! It was really awesome to get away, no cell service, breathing all the fresh air.

I love you, my sweet boy!!!



The first ever Flatts Lane Parkrun.
To put it bluntly, this was muddy, tiring, and downright awful. The first ¾ of a mile is flat mud paths, then you come to a quarter of a miles worth of steep climbing (I didn’t see anybody run the whole thing and on the second lap I think everyone just gave up and walked), then another half a mile of downhill mud that may or may not send you sky high with some dodgy foot placement. Naturally I ran/walked the entire thing without incident until I crossed the finish line, where I not so gracefully collapsed into a pile of mud, takin the skin off my ankle, spraining my wrist and getting everything own covering in mud.
That’s a hard run, really hard, but for all the embarrassment and the hills, I really enjoyed it. Super scenic and really pretty, it’ll be lovely in the summer.
16th September 2017


Characters: Castiel x reader 

Words: 1,765

Request: Can u do one where u broke up with cas cause he kissed Meg then months later ur dating Gabriel and cas gets jealous

Warnings: none

A/N: So I think I’m going to write all my requests and then post them after I’m done with all of them. It’s going to be a very long haitus and I’m super sorry you guys, but in the mean time here’s my Masterlist :)

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You leaned against the impala and stared into Castiel’s star blue eyes. “Do we have to go?” you whispered to him, and his eyes flickered down to your lips. “Sam and Dean need us.” he reasoned. You rolled your eyes and placed your arms around his neck. “Ya, but they can wait for a little bit.” you chuckled and leaned up to kiss him. Your lips met with his, and after countless times fireworks still exploded in your stomach, making you hazy with endorphins. Castiel’s lips were warm and rough against yours, but that was exactly how you liked them. 

You broke apart and smiled against him. “Y/n, Cas, lets go!” Dean yelled after the two of you. Cas chuckled. “I guess they couldn’t wait for a little bit.” you giggled and separated yourself from him. “Go on ahead, I have to go get something from my car.” you explained and shooed Cas of with your hands. 

Your hands gripped the steering wheel and your foot didn’t touch the brake as you sped dangerously down the highway. Tears blurred your vision and anger coursed through your veins. How could he do that to you, after everything you’ve been through together?

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This is Forbidden Island. Now, I stayed up top at the lookout, but my crazy friend decided that she wanted to take the trail down.

I told her that it was called Forbidden Island for a reason.

I told her that the sign said treacherous trail, dangerous ocean, steep cliffs, slippery rocks, people drown here!

She smiled and said that she wasn’t going to swim just wade a little and look around. She would be fine.

I told her that I would write her a beautiful eulogy.

Thankfully, I do not need to write a beautiful eulogy. My friend returned hot, sweaty, tired, and muddy, but she took some beautiful pictures.