muddy marry

Blue and Black

Warmth. Books. Hot chocolate.
Harmonious melody of a relative silence in the city.
Bright blue. Cosy apartment. Smell of fresh backery.
Filled with lights and stories,
Pets, and friends, and trips, and studies.
Being alone was like being wrapped in an old blanket,
Safe and comfortable.
Relatives. People. Questions about your private life.
Pieces of advice about having children and getting married.
Muddy grey. Their words become stuck in your
Gossips. Cliche. Chit-chats.
Crazy old cat lady - neighbors say.
Noticing for the first time that when you’re alone everything’s
Little tight knot in the chest.
Doubts. Lots of doubts in every idea and move.
Confidence evaporated, leaving you to burn in your
Being lonely. Funny words. Sadness.
Understanding that you can be lonely even when you aren’t alone.
Black. No air. Dispair. Nervous breakdown. Crying and
Dark thoughts.
Bright blue. Muddy grey. Ultimate black. Just a change of colours.
Devolution from being an artist into being a used dirty palette.
Devolution from being alone to being extremely

© illirein 2017

Dreams Amongst Gunfire

For the Beauty and the Beast Fanfiction/Fanart Celebration challenge hosted by @thestanfoubrew and @remuslupinsmiled to commemorate the release of Beauty and the Beast on DVD on June 6th.

The challenge is to write 30 fics during the month of June, about any BATB ship.

So, here is my twelfth Gafou fic for June 12th, based on the twelfth prompt:


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