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New from Muddle Designs!

Puppies!  Yes, you read that right.  We’ve had a litter of puppies appear in the Muddle studios!  And they’re looking for great homes.

Sadie adores playing fetch. The stick is thrown, she chases after it, brings it back, and it’s thrown again! What could be better! She is soft and cuddly, warm and welcoming! Ready for hours of play!

Dak loves to rough house. Jump, run, pounce, and play, he seems to never run out of energy, and is already ready to get dirty and dusty! He is soft and cuddly, warm and welcoming! Hope you can keep up!

Find them, and all their friends, on the Muddle Designs Etsy page!


Cute love bunnies just in time for Valentine’s Day! Soft and squeezable, ready for hugs from your loved one!

These bunnies stand at ten inches tall, are made from cotton fabric, and have sweet little smiles waiting for you!  They are filled with soft sand in their feet, and poly-fill, making them machine washable and dry-able in cold water, with mild detergent, on delicate.

I would, however, suggest hand washing to increase the life of your bunny.

They are soft and cuddly, warm and welcoming!  What perfect company on the day of love!  And we’re trying something new!  Two this time!  Two similar bunnies, so more people have the chance to nab them up.

Available here, on Muddle Designs!


New items from Muddle Designs!

Speckles is the oldest of the Halloween triplets, and he likes to make it known. Very proud of himself, he thinks it’s his duty to protect his little brother and sister. And he’ll do the same for you! Don’t be afraid of ghosts and spooks, no need to fear, Speckles is here!

Just because she’s the youngest doesn’t mean she’s timid. Checkers is the sassiest of the triplets, and she wants the world to know she won’t take any guff! A high sense of fashion, she prefers to spend her Halloween Night in a classy ballgown and attend a masque instead of running around the streets. But that doesn’t make her any less loving of her friends and family.

* No one is more ready for Halloween than Spookers! He and his siblings just LOVE to dress up and go door to door trick-or-treating. He’s so excited, he already has his costume on! The fun loving one of the group, he’s always ready to go on an adventure. So long as it gets him candy in the end!

Peaches is the oldest of the the siblings. She takes care of her younger brother Cream, and is extremely responsible. You never have to worry, she won’t forget a task that’s important!

Cream is Peach’s little brother, and he is a total punk! He likes to show people you don’t have to be normal to be loved, and you don’t have to be normal to rock a green ‘hawk.

And if none of that catches your fancy, we have a brand new item in the shop!  The tea wallet!  A Halloween themed tea wallet featuring “Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble” all over the fabric.  The perfect pun for brewing your favorite tea!

And don’t forget, we have fall themed aprons with owls and scarecrows in stock!  Take advantage before these one of a kind party hosting eye-catchers are sold out!

New and fun creations this autumn season from Muddle Designs!

* Spookers sold at time of posting.


Heirloom animals.  Have a relative that passed away recently, and you want to keep a part of them with you?  But their clothes and possessions are just too bulky, and are gathering dust in a closet?  Or a baby that has outgrown their blankets, but you just don’t want to throw them out?

Heirloom animals here at Muddle Designs are perfect for you.  We turn your favorite pieces of fabric into cuddly and friendly animals that you can display proudly on your sofa, or snuggle with at night.  Forever remember your loved one, or capture a moment in time as your child grows up.

The process is simple.  Send me an email at “” with the title of “Heirloom animals” expressing your interest in a special one of a kind, very personal stuffed animal.

Once contact has been made, a payment of $30 is made, and you send me two fabrics that you wish to be made into stuffed animals.  Two shirts, two blankets, two sheets, almost any fabric type is usable.  I will then create your special animal.  Photograph it.  And send it, and the left over fabric, back to you free of charge.

You get to decide on the animal species, the fabric choice, and even which colors are used where.  Say you have a favorite shirt and a jacket.  You can choose to have the jacket as the main color, and shirt as the secondary.  It’s all up to you.

Here are four examples of such heirloom animals, created from baby blankets and swaddle cloths.  They are the giraffes, and elephants.  At this time we have four patterns to choose from: giraffe, elephant, bunny, and owl.  An example of the bunny and owl are also displayed above.

Please feel free to send an email to “” if you are interested in this product*.  Thank you.

*Elephants and giraffes pictured above are not for sale.


Matilda the Deer!

Matilda is a cold-weather deer. She always knows Winter is just around the corner, even when it’s July!

Matilda stands at ten inches tall, is made from cotton fabric, and has a sweet little smile waiting for you! She is filled with soft sand in her feet, and poly-fill, making her machine washable and dry-able in cold water, with mild detergent, on delicate.

I would, however, suggest hand washing to increase the life of your deer.

She is soft and cuddly, warm and welcoming! She’ll be happy too keep you company on those long winter nights!

Find her on Muddle Designs!


“Little Me” fox doll now for sale on Etsy! (If you do not wish to use Etsy, please contact us via email, at the bottom of the post.)

Fully jointed and posable, this twenty seven (27) inch doll comes with thirteen movable joints (One in each the shoulders, elbows, wrist, hips, knees, and ankles, as well as one in the neck), as well as a posing plastic “spine.”

Toy plays “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in the right hand.  Sound bite is accessible via a small zipper in the side of the hand, so it can be removed or replaced as needed.

See the doll in action here:

Commission slots are open!  Would you like a custom “Little Me” doll for yourself?  A custom animal, maybe an imaginary friend for your child brought to life, or even their new best friend? Please contact us at “” for information.


Peaches ‘N’ Cream are still up for sale!  These sweet and loving giraffes are waiting for a good home. 

Also featured, just in time for Halloween.  A tea wallet! Carry twelve bags of your favorite tea with you wherever you go!  Adorable Halloween themed pun fabric, perfect for the tea lover in your life!

YouTube URL!

So, unfortunately, the YouTube URL “muddledesigns” was taken…

By me.  I took that years ago when I was young and dumb and didn’t realize that this would become my job.  So we had to throw in an S for the official YouTube.

It is not “Muddle’s Designs."  We’re not changing our name, no.  Just the YouTube name, because things happen.

Why is this important?  Because starting sometime this week (weather permitting) we’ll be uploading weekly to semi-weekly videos about crafting and projects!


Aprons for sale on Muddle Designs Etsy!

First up we have a reversible owl-print “Halloween” and “Thanksgiving” full sized apron!  This adorable, and useful, article of clothing pulls double duty.  Use it all October while getting ready for those Halloween parties to keep your costume nice and clean.  And once the spooks are all put away, entertain your family and friends, and look good doing it, during the Thanksgiving weekend.

For those that have a love of Día de Muertos we have a half apron that is perfect for cooking, or crafting!  Three pockets will keep your kitchen and your craft table at your fingertips no matter where you wander off. 

Come celebrate a spooky Halloween with us at Muddle Designs! 

Due to a suggestion, I have added more donation options to the donation button on the side bar of this blog.

If you have donated, don’t forget to continue through to the link, which takes you to a discount code for our Etsy account!

If you have donated, and it did not give you the code, please email me at “” and I will be more than happy to send you one!

Thank you to all of you that have donated so far.  Every dollar helps Muddle Designs become a real company that can sell at conventions, art and craft shows, and markets.  I hope to see you soon at a convention near you!

Thank you again!

Muddle Designs needs to get off the ground somehow.

I am not comfortable, however, in taking money donations.

So I’m going to take donations in another way.

If you are interested in helping Muddle Designs, you can donate fabric!

  • Send two yards of fabric (one yard each of two different kinds of cotton print) and you will get the first animal to be cut and sewn from the fabric you donate.

It could be a giraffe, an elephant, maybe even a new animal not yet seen by anyone else!  Meaning you get the first one ever!  (Unless you have a specific animal you want that’s in my pattern library, which you just have to tell me.)

Why one yard each of two different cotton prints?  Because each stuffed animal takes two colors.  So to make you the first animal, I would need two types of fabric.  So choose two that you like together.

If fabric isn’t your choice, or you want an animal that isn’t yet patterned out, you can do a different kind of donation. 

  • Send me Poly-Fil stuffing (or generic non-name brand polyester stuffing,) and I’ll give you a discount code to use in our store.  The larger the amount, the larger the discount.  Just tell me if there’s a type of animal you’d like to see that isn’t there yet, and I’ll work on that pattern.

If you are interested in either of these two donations, please send an email to, and we’ll start the process!

Much thanks!