I think this needs to be said, because I think a lot of the white women in this fandom (and I am being very specific for a reason-because this is in particular a white issue),have got to start remembering that art does not exist in a vacuum. 

You all have to realize that when POC (or other minorities) take issue with racial or other minority issues that’s not our interpretation and our voices should be prioritized and read as right, regardless of what the creators of that content intended.

Good pieces of art do not seek to tell stories about people they don’t understand or experiences they have never lived (i.e. an all white writer’s room-which is what The 100′s writer’s room looks like) but instead stick to what they do know so as not to offend or hurt people who have actually lived through or with these experiences. Good pieces of art do not seek to co-opt the culture and pain of others for the enjoyment of a (mostly white) audience. 

It’s not good content creation to create an entire culture based on, in JRoth’s own words “Hinduism and Minions”. This is harmful behavior. 

It’s not good content creation to create an entire language heavily influenced by AAVE and other “ethnic” languages. This is harmful behavior. 

It’s not good content creation for a lesbian to be shot in the stomach right after having sex with the woman she loves. This is harmful behavior. 

It’s not good content creation to show, in graphic detail, twice, a black man, chained, on his knees, in the mud, shot in the head, by an authority figure. This is harmful behavior. 

It’s not good content creation to show a white woman’s story line consistently being furthered by violence against POC (and yes, this is about Octankin). This is harmful behavior.

It’s not good content creation to create a story about an indigenous people (which the Grounders are intended to be) who are dependent on a white person’s (Clarke) decisions and abilities to survive. This is harmful behavior. 

The very nature of art (of any media) is to be political (this is something JRoth has admitted about The 100, btw), to push boundaries and to broadcast ideas. The challenge is to do so in a way that is still entertaining. 

Because of intersectional social justice, race, gender and class are all things that should affect us globally. But their are deeper intricacies involved in intersecitionality (things like tribalism, colorism, sexuality) that come into play when you enter a different geographical location or even just a different character’s story. As content creators, it is crucial that they should be able to raise awareness about these issues at home. 

When someone who does not have to deal with issues like race/police brutality/lgbtqa related phobia/etc writes about these issues, they often miss subtle nuisances that make the issues relevant to someone who is currently going through it. 

It’s not that POC don’t understand the story that we’re being shown. It’s not that we can’t understand the “intricate plot lines” that they are showing us. It’s that we are capable of understanding the real world implications of what we are watching on our screens. We aren’t experiencing these images, story lines, whatever you want to call them, as just entertainment. We are having a visceral reaction to what is a part of our daily lives and that is not wrong. That does not make our “interpretations” any less valid. 

When you say that we don’t know how to “read” the story you are contributing to the silencing of voices that need to be heard in order to ensure that minorities receive better treatment in the media we all consume. 

I’m not trying to be mean here, by the way. I really think the majority of white fandom absolutely has good intentions, but good intentions can only go so far and sometimes y’all need to stop just thinking about the media you consume as entertainment and realize it has real world value that actually affects real human beings, including many of the individuals you interact with on this website. 

Boris in: Dancing with the Devil Pg1

                             A sunny day it was in a little happy town, Boris the wolf was playing his music on his clarinet for the sheep. He was sitting by a tree at the top of a hill by his farm watching the sheep in the field. He stopped and looked at his watch.

Boris:“Hm…think it’s about time I run into town for a little while. Maybe buy a snack and say ‘hello’ to some good friends.” He said to himself and he stood up to stretch. He walked down the hill and got into his truck. He drove down a dirt path into town.He stuck his head out the window and waved to those he recognized, and that’s just about everyone. He said 'Good Morning!’ and
'Howdy’ to everyone who walked by and they smiled and waved, some  said 'Good Morning’. He parked outside Mr. Ched’s store.The rat who never seemed too happy about anything. Unless it’s money. Boris walked in with his usual bright smile on his face.“G’ morning Mr. Ched!” He said. He was standing by the cash register looking angrily at Boris.

Ched:“Good?! What’s so 'Good’ about it?!” Boris frowned.“I haven’t been getting any customers since this morning!” He took out a cigar and lit it. Boris smiled.

Boris:“No worries there Mr. Ched, I’ve been needing to buy some snacks!” Hearing that made the rat smile.

Ched:“Well then, why didn’t you just say so?” He chuckled.“Have a look around!” Boris did as he was told and looked at the dog bone cookies. He licked his lips and was about to take a few but stopped when he noticed the price.

Boris:“ $20.00 for one bone cookie?”

Ched:“Each!” He laughed. Boris, frowning, took out his wallet and looked to see how much he had. Not enough to buy a cookie. He looked at Ched.

Boris:“Well Mr. Ched I don’t think I can afford to buy any of this if they’re going to cost so much.” Ched glared at him and slammed his hands down on the counter.

Ched:“Then why are ya still here?! Go on GIT OUTTA HERE!” He yelled and Boris took off running back to his truck. He quickly drove off and sighed.

Boris:“Aw well.” He said. The wolf wasn’t much of a fighter unless he needed to be. Unlike most people around the town he was a sweetheart. He was the only wolf in this town that was kind hearted, and the only wolf who lived here. He parked outside of Mrs. Mo’s store and went inside.The old cow was watering some flowers by her window. She looked over at Boris and smiled.

Mo:“Why hello dearie!” She said sweetly. Boris smiled brightly to her.

Boris:“Hello! How’s everything going Mrs. Mo?”

Mo:“Just fine dearie. Do you need anythin’?” She asked.

Boris:“Would you by any chance got any bone cookies?” He asked with a hopeful look. She shook her head.

Mo:“Oh sorry dear, I’m all sold out.” He frowned.“Mr. Ched bought them all.” His ears lowered.

Boris:“Aww.” He said.

Meanwhile somewhere out of town there was a small crack by the dirt road. It began to grow bigger. And bigger. It grew until black ink liquid poured out and a clawed hand was formed. It dug it’s claws in the ground and pulled out a grinning creature. He stood on his hooves and pulled his tail out of the ground. He looked around and in front of him was a large sign. He squinted and frowned.

???:“Little….Happy….Town?” He smirked and began to laugh.“What a dumb name!” He took in a deep breath and spat black ink on it covering the sign completely in ink. He giggled and walked down the dirt road towards the town.
“Now…time to cause some good old mischief.” He said to himself. Just then a car drove by and he held out his thumb.The old chicken saw him and he stopped. The creature walked up to him.“Hey Mister! I’m Bendy, I need-”

???:“What?” The old chicken said as he fixed his glasses and looked closer at him.“Speak up sunny! I can’t-OH!” He jumped back startled when he saw the little creature.“DEMOOOON!!” He drove off and made Bendy fall flat on his stomach in mud. He quickly stood up and spat out mud and rocks. He shook the mud off and shot a glare at the car.

Bendy:“WATCH IT YA JERK!” He yelled. He noticed some of his things fell out of the car. He looked through the suitcases and found some gloves and a bow tie. He frowned at them. He looked up and saw another sign. 'Happy friendly people!’ It read, and showed a family wearing gloves and the father wearing a bow tie. Bendy thought about whether or not he was going to wear them. He shrugged.“Ah, what the heck.” He said and put them on. He also noticed they were wearing shoes. Seeing that there were no shoes lying around he formed his hooves to look like shoes. He smiled.“Not bad I guess.” He said to himself. He took off running towards town.

Boris drove through town heading back home. He bought some flowers from Mrs. Mo’s store and some noodles for dinner. He drove past his farm and parked near his house. He got out of his truck and brought in his stuff. He cooked up his noodles and ate before going to bed.  He stared at the ceiling lost in thought.

Boris:“Well, good night Boris.” He said with a smile.“Tomorrow’s always a new day.” He said but slowly frowned and his ears lowered. He sighed.

It was dark out when Bendy arrived into town. He grinned brightly and chuckled. Some cars drove by him and he managed to hop onto one of them. He looked around and saw that one store was still open. He hopped off the vehicle and ran inside. He sniffed the air and licked his lips. He saw Mr. Ched changing the prices to being much higher. He chuckled to himself while doing so. Bendy rolled his eyes and saw some snacks up front. He walked over and took a candy bar. He opened it and began to eat.

Bendy:“Mm! Not bad.” He ate it all and took another.

“Ahem.”  Bendy looked up and saw the rat looking down on him with a smile.

Ched:“Excuse me sir, do you plan on buying those?” He asked.

Bendy:“Well let’s see.” He looked at the price.“Ohhh $15.00 huh? Oooohh, yeah, I don’t think so, but uh, can you afford a new shirt?” He asked before he spat ink all over the tall rat. He stumbled backwards and fell on his food knocking over some shells on his head. The little demon began to laugh. He took a few more candy bars and ran out the door.  Ched stood up nearly tripping over his own feet trying to wipe the ink off his face. He went outside and shook his fist.

Ched:“COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE THIEF!” He yelled angrily. Bendy continued to run until he found another store. One belonging to Mrs. Mo. He  slid under the door and looked around. He saw some flowers and sniffed them.

Bendy:“Mmm…” He said and looked around for more sweets. He saw some cakes in the glass at the front. He licked his lips and picked out a vanilla and chocolate cake. He took a bites from it before his head was smacked into the cake by a broom. Mrs. Mo stood over him with a fearful look in her eyes.

Mo:“Go on now git! Ya hear? Get out!” She swung the broom around and he dodged her attacks. He was about to leave but she smacked his head off his shoulders and it bounced around the store. He screamed as his head bounced around until it landed in one of the other cakes. His eyes spun around. Mrs. Mo gave one look at him and she fainted. His body searched around for his head. He whistled.

Bendy:“Hey stupid! Over here!” He called out. His body walked towards him.“That’s right, keep going this way. Warmer…..warmer.” His hands
touched his face and picked up his head placing it back on his body.“There!” He looked at Mrs. Mo and smirked. He drew a mustache and glasses on her face. He giggled and left the store. He ran through the town causing more mischief and leaving ink where ever he went.

LISTEN!! theres a huge difference between bisexuals and pansexuals no one’s understanding.

bisexuals attract mates with large piles of pebbles. the bigger the pile the better.

pansexuals attract mates with a single rock, basing the eligibility on texture, luster, and color.


New Zealand artillery in the mud on October 12.

October 12 1917, Passchendaele–Only three days after the disastrous attack on Poelcappelle, Haig and Plumer were determined to go forward with their next planned attack, towards the ridge around Passchendaele.  The atrocious conditions had not changed in the last three days, and had in fact grown worse, with hurricane-strength winds being recorded on the night of the 11th.  Major FJ Rice, an artillery officer in II ANZAC Corps, recalled:

Infantry officers told us more than once that they doubted if they could have dragged their way to their objectives even if there had been no enemy, the mud was so deep, and one heard stories of men, wounded and unwounded, being stuck in waterlogged shell holes for more than a day.

The British artillery was still crippled by mud, and was operating at half strength and with much-diminished effectiveness. B.O. Stokes, a gunner from New Zealand, recalled:

Every time we fired a shot the trail would dig deep into the mud, so with every shot we had to try to lift it back and re-lay the gun before we could fire again.  It was a nightmare.

The extremely muddy ground also meant the fired artillery shells were often just absorbed by the mud, not inflicting the damage it was supposed to, leaving belts of uncut wire.  This problem was most serious for the New Zealand Division, which had the critical task of capturing the Bellevue Ridge.  The night before, Private W. Smith recalled,

We dug in as best we could at the bottom of the Bellevue Ridge – but the idea of ‘digging in’ was ridiculous.  You can’t dig water!  My section managed to throw up a kind of ridge of slush, but the water from the shell-holes around just poured into it. You couldn’t squat down, we just stood there in the rain and wind waiting for our guns to open up with the barrage.

The New Zealanders, tasked with making an advance of 2500 yards in places (the plans having assumed that the attack on the 9th succeeded), were cut down.  Wire remained uncut, and German machine-gun fire was hardly affected by the mud and the artillery barrage.  The official report of the opposing Germans read in part:

The day was a particularly great day for the machine guns.  As sufficient ammunition was available, and delivered efficiently all day–during the course of this day alone, more than 130,000 rounds of machine gun ammunition were delivered – all targets that presented themselves could be taken under continuous machine gun fire….As the field of fire was often very wide, and as the English presented the most worthwhile mass targets all day long, the effect of the machine guns was truly devastating for the enemy.

The Australians on their right had slightly more success, in some cases reaching their second objective at a distance of over 1700 yards. However, they faced enfilade fire from the positions the New Zealanders were supposed to have taken, communications and reinforcements were impossible, and the British artillery did little to deter German counterattacks, most of the gains were lost by the end of the day.

Today in 1916: Prussian War Ministry Begins Jewish Census
Today in 1915: Edith Cavell and Philippe Baucq Executed
Today in 1914: Martial Law Declared in South Africa

Sources include: Lyn Macdonald, They Called it Passchendaele; Nick Lloyd, Passchendaele

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Can I get some Dramione fics that take place on their wedding day?

Hi, here:

The Visitor by cleotheo - M, one shot -
The morning of her wedding, Hermione receives a surprise visitor as she’s preparing to walk down the aisle. Saucy Dramione One-Shot.

Something Old by Rizzle - K, one shot -
He called her Granger, just to be contrary. On the eve of a wedding, a groom escapes from his bachelor party and visits his bride-to-be for one last, pre-nuptial interlude.

I said, ‘I do’ first by GirlWithin - T, one shot -
Mud slinging with Malfoy on her wedding day? Whatever will Hermione’s soon to be husband think? Oneshot

Somewhere In My Memory by 2OwlsATweeting - T, 3 chapters -
“I fell in love with him the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” Hermione contemplates significant memories from their Sixth, Seven, and Eighth Year as she walks down the aisle, towards him, on their wedding day.

The Elevator Elopement by immadragon - K, one shot -
How did Draco and Hermione get stuck in an elevator on their wedding day and miss their own ceremony? It’s New Year’s Eve, exactly two years after their romantic encounter in the elevator at the Ministry of Magic, where they fell in love. Based on “Out of Order” by worksofstone.

Homecoming Surprise by cleotheo - T, one shot -
After four years travelling the globe Harry and Ron are finally coming home. Upon their return the boys are in for a surprise as they accidentally gatecrash a special event. Fluffy one shot. Dramione.


I just watched Cars 3. I loved how it had a nice definitive ending (and that it completely ignored Cars 2), yet had that slight open edge to let them continue the franchise just like Toy Story 3. It was very satisfying to see how the story played out. 

Though I feel a little too much of it felt like a tech demo, or at least a showreel for their effects. A lot of lingering shots on mud, smoke, environments and other things that looked very neat but still stuck out. It felt like watching a 3D movie without 3D glasses sometimes. (unless it was made for 3D, but I thought that fad was over)

This Got Long

It bothers me very much that so much care and focus has been taken to not offend the “minority” fans of The 100 since “Thirteen” aired and the backlash began to surge. 

You know why it bothers me?

Because this group of still “outraged fans” (who quit the show, actively boycotted, have been trying to get the show cancelled for months now are not fans) do not represent every minority fan of the show. They don’t even represent all of the LGBTQA fans of the show.

Because POC fans of the show have been speaking out about the shows issues since Season 1, have we been addressed? Are those fans less important?

Because the outrage over L/xa doesn’t accurately reflect the feelings of the majority of the LGBTQA fans of the show.  Why are we acting as if those fans who are still actively being childish (i.e. booing a teenage fan, sending anonymous hate, calling everyone who breathes wrong homophobic, sending racists anons to both fans of the show and the cast), are a real representation of all of the LGBTQA fans?

Because there was literally no real public outrage over JRoth’s treatment of Ricky Whittle. Where was JRoth’s open apology letter to Ricky (his “The Life and Death of L/xa is still his latest tweet, and that was before Ricky spoke out)? Why does a fictional character deserve a public apology for her death, but an actual human being who he actually hurt, not? Why have no media outlets been writing letters and compiling lists of “All of the POC who have been bullied off of shows”, because Ricky Whittle is not the first? Why has there been no “Ricky Pledge” or “Lincoln Pledge” to ensure that no other POC actor will be treated the way Ricky was, to ensure that no other POC character will die the way Lincoln did?

Because there was no public outrage about Lincoln’s hugely problematic death. Chained, on his knees, in the mud, shot in the head by another black man, the spiral out so we get to see his blood pooling in the mud. There were no articles about his death. There were no lists about all of the problematic deaths issued to POC characters. I suppose that’s because the images that POC see of themselves on the screen can’t possibly have any negative effects, especially not when it reflects the very real reality of thousands of black Americans who live with a very real fear of people in positions of power, because they keep shooting us.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Because there has yet to be actual outrage over the fact that Octavia’s story line is hugely culturally appropriative, and has been since the middle to end of Season 2. How is it that a girl who crash landed on earth can have one public fight with a Grounder and suddenly become the Second of one of the higher Grounder officials? (Indra worked very closely with L/xa and was in charge of TonD.C.). How is it that that same girl is the one leading the charge to help rescue people after the TonD.C. bombing with Grounders following after her as if they are scared of battle? (They are literally raised to fight.) How is it that a girl who has only been exposed to a culture for a grand total of 6 months can tell numerous grounders that they aren’t “Grounder” enough? How is it that she is allowed to make snippy comments about Lincoln still knowing the language, when it is his first language and he taught it to her? But that’s fine because she’s so “badass” and secretly represents a lot of white feminist dreams (you know, being able to join a culture just because you want to, because you don’t think you “fit in to” the culture you were born into. Rachel Dozeal anyone?)

Because in catering to the feelings of this one group (however important and valid those feelings may be), you are ignoring the very real feelings of fans who are still here. Who still care about this show. 

I’m so, so tired. 


If there’s one thing I’m certain of about myself, it’s that I am obsessed with Pokemon types. So, for the past three days. I decided to do some math. Specifically, I calculated the average power, accuracy, and more of every single Pokemon type, by taking the sum of these values for each and every single known move of the type and dividing by the number of used moves. 

The categories were average base power, accuracy, and chance to have a secondary effect (for example, a chance to Poison or flinch), % of total moves that were attacks, % of total moves that were status moves, % of status moves that hindered the opponent (i.e., Leer, Spikes, etc.), and % of status moves that benefited the user’s team (i.e., Harden, Safeguard, Reflect). 

So, if you’re curious to learn things you never knew about Pokemon types, check this out. I personally found it fun to guess which type would be the best and worst for all of these before doing the research, so you should give it a try too. I’ll give my guesses after each graph to avoid influencing you. 

Also, it’s a good thing I have no friends and my GPA is beyond saving, or I’d never have the time to do anything like this.

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Okay, you may be thinking to yourself “Alter, what the hell happened to your team?” Well I’ll tell you, the story about how My Zubat proved himself MVP in my Ruby adventure.

So I decided to play Pokemon Ruby on my trip to New York just to get excited for the remakes later this year. You may be asking yourself “What the hell happened to your team?” One word. May. I was heading up the route under cycling road up to mauville. I knew the rival fight was upcoming. Thinking i was well prepared, I ran right up to her, skipped all the text, and started the battle. First up, a shroomish. Simple enough right? I used my combusken’s peck to take it out just to conserve pp, and shroomish decided to be a jerk and activate effect spore. Combusken fell asleep. “May is about to send in marshtomp.” Well shit. I switched out to whismur, thinking uproar could do a decent amount of damage. It doesn’t. It hardly does any damage after I barely survive a mud shot. Whismur faints and I go into ralts. I know its cheap, but its my only option. I used double team to give myself a better chance of lasting longer. Marshtomp misses mud shot. Booyah, time to attack. Confusion does about as much damage as uproar. Ralts fails to dodge any more attacks and faints. I send in combusken, hoping to wake up first turn and double kick, which didnt happen. Zubat comes in, barely does anything, and faints to a water gun crit.

I wiped, leveled up my team to about 18-19 and challenged her again. Nothing special, all that changed was that I realized combusken’s double kick barely did any damage either. Then I realized something. Ralts and whismur both evolve at level 20. I grinded whismur and used a rare candy on ralts. Their stats looking much better this time around, I healed up, made sure combusken was leading, and started the battle. The first part was simple enough, I used ember on shroomish, making sure not to touch it, doing a fair amount. I think may realized I knew not to touch it this time and had shroomish use stun spore. Knowing she wouldn’t use stun spore twice in a row, I used a paralyze heal, even dodged a tackle, and took out shroomish with full health, so at least combusken could stay healthy in case I needed him. Marshtomp time. I sent in loudred, now with much better stats, used uproar, and got a nice chunk of damage out of it with a few uproars before fainting. Kirlia’s turn. I sent her in and used double team, hoping to get lucky. However, marshtomp promptly ignored that and hit kirlia with water gun for more than half and knocked out kirlia with mud shot. Combusken came in, and outsped it using double kick bringing marshtomp to 1HP. UGH. Combusken lived a mud shot by barely anything, got the speed drop again, and died to a water gun.

Well this is great, huh? Marshtomp got his torrent ability activated and water gun is the only thing that can hit zubat, my weakest team member. I was sure that my loss was secured. I reluctantly sent out zubat. Ready to lose, I just clicked astonish and waited for the worst to come. Zubat actually LIVED THE WATER GUN with 5 fucking hp to spare. Astonish took down marshtomp. After freaking out for a few minutes and recovering from slight shock/excitement, I finally pressed a and saw that zubat gained a bit over 900 exp and leveled up to 19. The only reason I didn’t level up zubat for this fight was because i didn’t think i’d be using him in this fight, but look where I am now.

Then, I felt a dreadful feeling as I realized that May still had one pokemon left. Numel. First thing I did was use a super potion on zubat, hoping i’d be able to take an attack well enough to be able to stand a chance, which i do. Ember does well under half allowing me to use bite. My strongest move, despite being special based, does a fair amount of damage. I figured I could rinse and repeat biting and healing until i won, which did seem cheap, but it was my only hope of not wiping out for the third time. I used bite and what do you know? Numel flinched! The tables had turned, this was my chance! I managed to flinch it 3 times in a row, getting it to red hp. The flinch streak broke and it hit zubat with another ember bringing me to 10 hp. My heart skipped a beat when I noticed something, ember burned zubat. I prayed to Arceus not to die from the burn damage. The burn takes zubat down to 5 hp once again. And in that moment it dawned on me. I’m faster than numel. I wouldn’t take burn damage next turn if I killed numel. I joyously hit bite, knowing it would kill, and watched numel fall. And as the victory theme played on the last turn, zubat finished the battle burned with 5 hp and all his other teammates knocked out. And that is how zubat kicked ass, took hits, proved his worth, and won the fight for me. I am definitely using Zubat in Omega Ruby when it comes out.  tl;dr My Zubat is the best one throughout all of Hoenn.

I don’t even know how to start this (I’m literally just like shocked??) so I’m going to just dive right in. 

As we all know, last weeks episode of The 100 was brutal, unnecessary, and degrading in hundreds of ways. I was conflicted about watching this weeks episode, thinking of taking a small break from the show, but still uncertain. I wanted to see how the rest of things played out *read: how much more Jason Rothenberg can possibly fuck up this entire show* 

And then the spoilers came.

It’s a quick clip, maybe around three to five seconds. We see Ontari who looks, arguably, naked. Her hands travel up a length of chain before it cuts to a wider shot of Murphy who seems to be wearing some sort of dog-like collar attached to said chain. She has him on a leash. Like an animal.

Ontari is pulling on the leash, dragging him forward, and he’s hesitantly stepping toward her. 

“The things I’ve had to do to survive,” Murphy says, and then the clip ends. 

The episode upped its standard rating so something definitely is going to happen. And not just two character sleeping together. We’ve seen that plenty times, and let’s be honest, everyones love interests are dead anyways. 

That really only leaves one option. 

They’re going to have Ontari rape Murphy. 

“Oh no no no. No, it’s not like that. She just says Murphy can either have sex with her or she’ll kill him. He consents to it.”

That is NOT consent, people. That is straight up rape. Giving the person the option of either having sex or dying isn’t a choice. It’s taking away their freedom, their power. 

And it makes me ill. Honestly, I seriously could barely even watch the clip I was so disturbed by it. 

This season they have:

Massacred a village of hundreds of innocent people.

Further crippled and mentally/physically abused another poc.

Beheaded a group of children as they slept.

Forced a man to his knees in the mud to be shot point blank in the head. Killed him in the most disgusting and racist way possible, only to leave his body to rot in a filthy puddle.

And now they’re going to rape one of Delinquents.

Guys, murphy can’t be any older then 17-18. Any age at all for this to happen is horrific, but it’s especially disturbing to see a young teenager be raped on television. 

And what for? 

To be edgy?

To be like your precious Game of Thrones you so aspire to be?

This is disgusting and vile and…. and I don’t even know anymore. It goes beyond words of how wrong it is. 

Repeat after me, Jason:

Rape is not a plot devise.

Rape is not something you use for ratings. 

Rape is not for shock value.

Rape is not something to play around with. 

Rape. Is. Not. A. Joke. 

life is shorter than the way concerts feel

or at least the concerts where someone else is gripping you by the hand and never letting go

(in which michael makes a grave mistake but finds his way in the end)

He can guarantee that he’s never felt this way before. On top of the world, some may say, but the feeling he has circulating around his body can only be described as enough for him to wildly scream and chant along with everyone else in the crowd. 

He is blissfully unaware as to losing you an hour ago, as the alcohol mixed with the buzz of the crowd and the adrenaline that pumped through his veins caused him to forget any reason for being other than to be right there in the moment,  focusing on the beat of the drums and the depth of the bass and the passion and the sweat and the tears that the lead singer was currently screaming out from the top of their lungs and the bottom of their heart as the hundreds of others who faced the 4 piece band, followed their own pathway from this very night, daring to never look back in the past and finding a way to keep fighting their demons through this very moment.

This night was the start of new beginnings.

But for you and Michael it was the beginning of the end.

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