mud treatment

As promise I picked up on of the new glamglow mud to foam cleanser and I’m soo happy I did!! Just used this baby and it’s love!! So it starts out as this dark blue clay and then when you add water it foams up, and we are talking foaming enough to use my clairisonic with! It has a minty almost licorice scent and tingles when you use it. It left my face feeling refreshed, tight and bright! My pores have been concurred!!!

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      — don’t. i’d prefer not being called ‘ your highness ‘. let’s just keep it casual, ‘kay? call me daisy. 

a twinge of annoyance was clear in her voice, and she shifted her feet. if there was one thing daisy hated, it was being referred to as ‘ your majesty ‘ or ‘ your highness ‘. it reminded her too much of her status; people outside of her kingdom treating her differently because of her status as ‘ princess ‘. it meant people expected her to act a certain way that she didn’t want to act.

an uncomfortable air circulated in the salon, her nails scratching against the surface of her skin. an attempt to dispell the silence was made, forcing a smile and putting on her cheerful tone.

   “ … so, uhm! yeah, i’d like getting a spa treatment. a mud bath would be totally killer!