mud stuffing

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Hi. About the kid, Mud, the OB site mentions her as "Cosima's one true friend on the island", and a previous press release said she would have a "soft spot" for someone. So my guess is that she gets assigned to keep an eye on Cosima but ends up becoming an ally. I hope she's not a love interest, that kid is way too young. I'll get it if she kind of crushes on Cosima 'cause who wouldn't?, but if anything happened it would be too weird, very creepy.

Hey, Anon.  

Thanks, I hadn’t seen the backgorund on “mud.”  And, yeah, I agree it would be creepy, but I was really just being facetious.  

Ya see, back when Delphine had to go all Boss Ass Bitch in S03, the OB folks said Cosima was getting a new “friend” named Shay, but it turned out that Shay was the new love interest.  A number of people, including me, got annoyed that the publicity team for OB tried to push the romance with Shay as if was a good replacement for Cophine.  I have nothing against Ksenia Solo and I think she did a really good job with a character that was sort of awkwardly inserted into the plot.  I admit to being an enthusiastic Cophine shipper, but the main frustration was with one established person Cosima was supposed to be in love with being immediately switched out with another character, as if any representation of wlw characters or romance was interchangeable and the LGBTQIA fans should just be happy with whatever we got.  It would have been less of an issue if the growth of the relationship between Shay and Cosima and what happened with Delphine had been better scripted, I think.  Fortunately, the fandom has some excellent fic writers who fill out all three characters and different permutations of relationships between them very well.  

So, that long-ass explanation is the background for my aside that maybe Mud was an even younger, new blonde love interest for Cosima.  Ha ha?