mud sport

Probably A Storm Spirit

It was raining as I rode the bus to work the other day. At a stoplight I looked out the window and what did I see? A beautiful woman, barefoot and spattered head to toe with mud, wearing only a sports bra and underwear, walking down the middle of the pretty busy road applying chap stick and ignoring the cars that didn’t even seem to notice her.

As she passed the wind went wild and the rain fell harder. Soon after she was out of sight the storm calmed down to about where it had been before the sighting.

Fuck the idea of being “girly.” Wear skirts and flowers in your hair and bright colors and if you’re a girl, then you’re being girly. Roll around in mud and play sports from dusk to dawn and walk around with sweats and an extra large T-shirt, and if you’re a girl, then you’re being girly.
Destroy the notion that being born with a uterus makes you weak. Destroy the notion that to be feminine is to be fragile. Destroy the notion that women are in any way inferior to their counterparts. Destroy the notion that you are automatically worth less from the moment you are born. Destroy it, burn it to the ground with the fire you were born with, and plant seeds of your own growth in its ruins and when have you become a beautiful forest, remember the battle you fought to overcome and remember the war you have won, remember the path you have paved for the future and the destructive past you have rid the world of. Remember you are a warrior, not a victim.