mud scamps

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i know you ssaid siren!marco but consider: Hotsprings/hot water mermaid!tom. maybe he even lives in/near the geyser marco wanted to show star so badly. marco one day goes a bit early to see the erruption and notices tom swimming about in the geyser, probably a bit bored cause he rarely has anyone to talk to. the geyser errupts and tom accidently is swept up in it, spewed out of his home. so marco helps him back into the geyser, getting to know him as he does so

Yes I can! This was such a cool idea! I really enjoyed writing it and I hope it came out as good as I wanted! Enjoy!

Marco made his way down to the geyser and smiled when he saw the steam float up in the early morning. It was always so pretty, and he liked to look down and see the hot boiling water slosh around. Marco leaned over and looked at the water. He knew it was a bad idea to lean forward, in case he fell in, but he saw something dark swimming around. “Is that a… fish?” He asked, leaning closer. “Fish can’t live in boiling water?” Marco leaned closer still.

“Better not do that, you’ll fall in.” Marco screamed when a head poked up out of the boiling water. “You’ll die if you fall in, at least get burned real bad. And there’s no way out until the geyser erupts.” He added. The creature had purple scales on his cheeks and fins where human ears would be, like a mermaid.

“What are you!?” Marco exclaimed. The creature giggled and lifted his feet up out of the water. He had webbed fingers and toes, and fins on the sides of his legs.

“I’m a mud-scamp.” He told him. “We’re like mermaids but… very tropical, warm water. The hotter the better actually. And we don’t have tailfins, I can walk just as good as you!” He bragged.

“What the hell are you?” Marco repeated. His face was mortified. The creature rolled his eyes.

“A mud-scamp. I just told you.” He reminded. “I’m Tom!” The creature pulled himself up so he could hold his webbed hand out to Marco. Marco cleared his throat and shook it meekly. “What’s your name?” Tom asked.

“M-Marco.” The human forced out. “Wait… you live in the geyser?” He asked. Tom nodded.

“We like hot water, I already said. And this is really nice.” Tom giggled. “I miss the muddy pond sometimes, but I actually like it better here.” Tom explained.

“You lived somewhere else before?” He asked. Tom fell back a little and dove under the water. “Wait! Come back!” Marco cried. Tom poked his head out so just his eyes were peering out. “Did I say something wrong?” He asked. Tom made a move to swim away, but then the ground started rumbling. “Oh no.” Marco backed away and the geyser erupted. Marco bit his lip as he heard the mud-scamp scream as he was hurled into the air, and fell somewhere amongst the trees. “Tom!” Marco cried, and ran to find his new acquaintance.

Marco pushed through the trees and saw the sea creature, trying to make his way to his feet. But every time Tom would get up, his knees would buckle and he would fall over. He lifted himself off the ground strangely and tried to get up again, but his legs gave out. “What happened to you being able to walk just as well as me?” Marco asked, with a smug smile. Tom blushed deeply when he saw Marco was watching.

“Marco! I uhm… I just…” Tom tried to stand again but fell over. “Land is stupid! I don’t wanna walk anyway!” Tom yelled.

“I can help you back to the hot spring.” Marco offered. Tom blushed deeper and looked away.

“I don’t need your help.” He mumbled. “I’ll make it home.” He assured. Marco laughed lightly and sat down on a rock, next to the creature.

“Okay then, I’ll just… wait.” Marco agreed. Tom huffed and crossed his arms. And then they waited. Marco kept looking over at the mud-scamp, who would try and fail to stand up. Finally after a while Marco noticed he was shivering. “Come on, you need to get back to the hot spring.” He told the fish. Tom pressed his lips together and nodded.

“Fine… I guess I could use some help.” He mumbled. Marco laughed and walked over, he picked the fish-boy up bridal style and began carrying him off. Tom blushed deeply as the position they were in. “Woah. You’re a lot stronger than you look.” Tom told the human, offering a little embarrassed smile.

“I take karate.” Marco told him. “I guess you’re bound to build up some strength. My record is chopping through two wood boards with bare hands, and three with my glove.” Marco boasted. Tom smiled.

“That sounds cool, maybe you can help me.” Tom asked. “A little piece of driftwood made it’s way in the tunnels. Those are the ones underground that lead the hotsprings to other bodies of water. The suction makes it so the water doesn’t mix and get cold. But I can’t get past the wood that lodged itself in there.” He explained.

“Is that why you aren’t at the lake you talked about?” Marco asked. “Did you get separated?” He continued. Tom looked away and Marco stopped. “I’m sorry.” He whispered. Tom shook his head.

“No, it’s okay. But that’s not what happened.” He continued. “I can get around the wood, it’s just a bit of a chore.” Tom explained. “If you really want to know… I ran away from the mud ponds.” Tom told him with a smug tone.

“Good for you.” Marco told him. This response surprised Tom and he jumped a bit. Marco giggled at this reaction and Tom rubbed the back of his head.

“You don’t think it was… childish to run away from home?” He asked. Marco shook his head.

“You don’t need to explain why you did to me. I mean… we hardly know each other. But if you felt like leaving was the right thing to do then it was.” Marco assured. Tom blushed a little and looked away. It was quiet for a while longer until Marco noticed Tom’s shivering was getting worse. “Here, hang on.” Marco set Tom down on a rock and wrapped his hoodie around the mud-scamp. Tom looked up surprised and Marco scooped him back up.

“Thank you.” Tom murmured. The hoodie was warm, and it felt nice. Marco made his way to the geyser and let Tom slide in. The mud-scamp went underwater for a moment, until he resurfaced with Marco’s– now soaking wet– hoodie.

“Thanks for loaning it to me.” Tom smiled. Marco laughed at the wet garment.

“Uh… keep it.” He assured. “I have like… twenty. You might get cold again.” He joked. Tom’s face lit up and he held the cloth close, grinning.

“Thanks!” He beamed. Tom then blushed and moved down a bit. “And uh… thanks for getting me home… I can’t walk as good as you… or at all.” Tom admitted.

“I got that.” Marco teased.

“It’s just been so long since I ever used my legs… and they’re better for swimming. I’d trip over my webbed feet anyway.” Tom joked. Marco smiled, but the moment was interrupted when he noticed how bright it was getting as the day carried on.

“Shoot, what time is it? I need to get back before my parents wake up and worry.” Marco told him. Tom nodded, but before Marco could run off he called again.

“Hey! W-will you come back?” Tom asked, shyly. Marco smiled and nodded, giving a thumbs-up at the creature and running back to camp.