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Numinous [Stop 1]

Summary: (Roadtrip!Au) In which you and the one person you hate get stuck together while venturing across the country in search of change.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearing, angst!


  1. Every chapter has a different P.O.V., switching from the reader to Bucky and back
  2. @aya-fay has the key to my heart, thank you for beta-ing this 3 times after I made minor changes every 2 seconds. I adore you.

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Bucky’s P.O.V.

“What?” I could hardly believe my ears, my jaw dropping open instead.

“Get in. Don’t make me repeat it again, or else I swear-” she sounded tired, exasperated, but Lord I missed her voice.

Before she finished her threat, I scrambled to the passenger’s side door and nearly ripped it open, flinging myself into the car with my still heart racing.

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Endless list of favourite female characters: Meera Reed (A Song of Ice and Fire)

“The gods give many gifts, Bran. My sister is a hunter. It is given to her to run swiftly, and stand so still she seems to vanish. She has sharp ears, keen eyes, a steady hand with net and spear. She can breathe mud and fly through trees.” ― Bran I, A Storm of Swords.


jojen appreciation week: day 1 - favourite quote(s)
“You’re a greenseer.” “No,” said Jojen, “only a boy who dreams. The greenseers were more than that. They were wargs as well, as you are, and the greatest of them could wear the skins of any beast that flies or swims or crawls, and could look through the eyes of the weirwoods as well, and see the truth that lies beneath the world. The gods give many gifts, Bran. My sister is a hunter. It is given to her to run swiftly, and stand so still she seems to vanish. She has sharp ears, keen eyes, a steady hand with net and spear. She can breathe mud and fly through trees. I could not do these things, no more than you could. To me the gods gave the green dreams, and to you… you could be more than me, Bran. You are the winged wolf, and there is no saying how far and high you might fly… if you had someone to teach you. How can I help you master a gift I do not understand? We remember the First Men in the Neck, and the children of the forest who were their friends… but so much is forgotten, and so much we never knew.”


Favourite character per member: qveenofwinter + Meera Reed

“The gods give many gifts, Bran. My sister is a hunter. It is given to her to run swiftly, and stand so still she seems to vanish. She has sharp ears, keen eyes, a steady hand with net and spear. She can breathe mud and fly through trees. I could not do these things, no more than you could. To me the gods gave the green dreams, and to you… you could be more than me, Bran.” ― Bran I, A Storm of Swords.

“You’re an angel?” (Pt 1 ????)

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Warnings: Violence??

Fandom: Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Justice League??

You are a superhero who has recently gotten her powers and has finally gotten a chance to use them. You run into Flash, Supergirl, and the Green Arrow. This prompts them to try and recruit you into the Legion of Superheros. What happens next can’t be summed up in a paragraph.

I might make this a series??? Tell me if you guys like it!

            You scampered frantically across an abandoned rooftop, mind racing at a million miles an hour.

Today was the day.

Or- maybe it was the night- if you wanted to be technical.

Finally after months of bothering and pestering your adopted father- he was letting you do what you wanted.

You wanted to help people.

And now at this very moment- the people you needed to help were in danger.

You skidded to a stop, white boots scraping against the cement roof.

On the street below the man- or thing- that you had been tracking was tearing up the street below.


And he had company.

Super company.

Supergirl streaked through the air, a large projectile flung from her arms as she passed over Clayface. It took you a second to realize that the projectile had been Green Arrow.

You cringed, watching sympathetically.

Arrow landed solidly on Clay’s head, jamming two arrows into the mud cranium to give himself a better chance of staying on. This would have been a good move- if Clayface wasn’t actually made completely out of clay. Arrow’s feet suddenly began to sink into Clay’s head, the mud becoming thick and heavy around the hero’s legs.

GL seemed to realize what was happening just as he was setting the charges on his arrows. Green Arrow cursed, realizing he couldn’t move the bottom part of his legs. He was stuck- knee deep in clay.

Supergirl seemed to realize this, making a detour in her flight so she could get Arrow out before he blew.

Clayface saw her, softening his right arm. Once Supergirl was close enough, the deformed villain flung his giant mud arm in her direction, clay connecting with Kryptonian.

Unfortunately for her- she wasn’t as immune to clay as she was to bullets. Supergirl stuck, unable to move as Clayface flung her straight into a building.

You wince, debating if you should just intervene.

Suddenly, a blur of yellow and red streaked past Clayface, grabbing onto Green Arrow.

This would have usually freed GL from most traps.

But- Clayface was pretty sticky.

The red streak stopped, unable to run any farther.

Your eyes widened, even though you were unsurprised.


You nodded, wondering if any other superheros were hiding in the shadows, waiting to pop up and fight.

Oh wait.

That was you.

The two arrows exploded, mud spraying everywhere. But instead of that helping, the explosion just seemed to piss off the giant mud man. Clayface simply reformed, but instead of smiling- he was frowning.

Flash looked back frantically, seeing his friends legs still covered in clay. There was a long line of muck stretched tight across the road, one side connected to Arrow…

And the other was, of course, Clayface.

Flash cursed, realizing what was about to happen.

Clay face sneered, craggy mud face crinkling evilly.

Suddenly, Supergirl flew out of the building she had been thrown into, once again ready to fight.

But so was Clayface.

The long rope of clay that held Arrow and Flash grew taught as Clayface grabbed it. He swung the two superheros right into Supergirl, the group clashing in mid-air.

Clayface laughed, sounding like someone stepping in squishy mud.


The three superheros were across the road, most of them not moving. Clayface began to move forward like a huge slug, leaving mud everywhere as he moved towards the downed superheros. You frowned, making up your mind.

“Nasty.” You said to yourself as you jumped into the air.

Clayface loomed over the three superheros, left hand hardening into a spiky ball as he sneered.

“I don’t know why everyone has always made such a big deal about you three. I should have done this years ago-” Clayface was cut off.

Instead of dealing his finishing line this came out of his mouth:

“BLRAGHGHBLURR!” He screamed as his mouth was filled with a jet of water.

You snickered from across the street, holding the the crushed fire hydrant in you arms as you angled the torrent of water at the clay behemoth with your foot.

“I’m sorry were you saying something?” You ask, smirking as you tipped your toes to the sky and watched as the water began to deform the villains face.


“I’m sorry I- I can’t understand you. Is there something important you were doing earlier?” You asked. The villain made his way over to you, deteriorating as he did so. He was five feet away now, trying to raise what looked like his old spikeball arm.

You didn’t worry though.

He was too soaked to do anything to you now.

Clayface made a frustrated noise, mud flying from the hole that used to be his mouth.

It almost got on your face- ew.

You angled the spray up, flooding the monster’s face until you couldn’t here his screaming anymore.

Just bubbles.

You reeled backwards and then let yourself shoot forward, bringing both fists down on top of Clayface’s head. The mass of clay crumpled, sagging into a defeated pile of mush.

You nudged the lump with the toe of your boot.

Clayface didn’t move.

You nodded, satisfied. Turning to the open spout of water, you realized that this fountain had been spraying water all over the street like rain.


You shoved the hydrant back on the water spout, even thought you couldn’t exactly figure out how to fit it back on. You tilted you head, the fire hydrant standing crooked.

Good enough right?

“Excuse me?”

You turned, forgetting there were people here- this wasn’t one of your training simulators.

Fixing your homemade mask as you turned around, you gripped the sleeves of your black hoodie.

You came face to face with the three you had just saved- Flash, Supergirl, and Green Arrow.

Your (e/c) eyes widened under your mask, finding it weird they were actaully talking to you.

Well- you did save them so it made sense- it just wasn’t how you expected this night to go.

You expected civilians- maybe even reporters.

Not superheros.

Supergirl was waving at you, an awkward smile on her beautiful face. You looked at her- and then Arrow and Flash as they walked over to you, brushing off drying clay from their suits.

“Yeah?” You asked, trying to straighten up and look cooler than you were.

Which was hard to do when you didn’t actaully have a suit- just a hoodie, leggings, boots, and a cheap dollar store mask.

You hadn’t really planned this past the fighting.

“Who are you?” Arrow immediately replied, suspicion evident even under the mask.

You blanked.

Had you even considered a codename?

You felt mud crawling up your leg as you thought. Looking down angrily, you kicked your leg and stamped on the clay.

But it was sticking.

You groaned and bent down, poking at the clay with a scowl on your face.

“What is it?” Flash asked, leaning down to look with you.

“He’s reforming.”

You made up your mind.

“He needs to be taken in.” You said out loud, even thought you were mostly talking to yourself.

You rolled up your sleeves and sat in a crouch, placing both hands onto the damp clay.

“What do you mean-”

“Please don’t talk. Last time I tried this I passed out. I don’t want that happening.” You told Flash and then turned back to Clayface.

Your powers were tricky.

You didn’t even know everything you could do. You weren’t even sure if this would work.

But you never know unless you try right?

You pressed your hands against the clay, focusing on picking up the electrical impulses from Clayface.

Well- you hoped he was still human enough have electrical impulses.

White energy crackled around your hands as you looked, some energy arcing through your (h/c) hair. The three superheros just stared, faces cast in a white glow.

Your eyes snapped open, hands pulling away from Clayface. Your hands still crackled with energy, but now so did Clayface.

You were shocked.

“I did it.” You said out loud, a small smiling forming on your face.

“Did what?” Supergirl asked, eyebrows knitting together in confusion. You stood up slowly, keeping your hands out in front of you like your powers could shut off at any given moment.

You pursed your lips.

“I’m not exactly sure, but I know I can do this!” You said and snapped your fingers.

Clayface disappeared.

 Flash jumped.

You smiled, scampering to the spot were Clayface had just been.

“You killed him?” Arrow asked, tone angry. You scoffed as you kicked your feet around the area where the villain had just been.

“Of course not. I sent him to Arkham Asylum.” You said absently mindedly, stopping slowly as you realized what you just said.

“I sent him- to Arkham Asylum.” You said again and turned around, facing the three superheros slowly. They looked at you expectantly, waiting for you to say something.

You were an idiot.

You sent Clayface to Arkham without alerting the people who worked there.

You felt a feeling of dread wash over you.

What if he hadn’t even gotten there?

What if you had killed him?


Oh that wasn’t a fun thought.

“I have to go.” You said quickly.

“You what?” Flash asked.

“I have to go! Sorry I couldn’t stay. But uh- Clayface. Prison- he may not be there. And if he is… people need to know. Yeah. That sounds right. Bye.” You said, all of your words coming out scattered as you began to walk away.

“Wait- we don’t know-”

”Bye!” You said and jumped into the air.

You flew away, white energy trailing after you.

The three superheros watched you go, completely silent.

“Someone needs to help her.” Arrow said, thinking of all the dangerous things you could do without guidance.

“Yeah.” Supergirl agreed, arms folded with her eyebrows knitted in concern.

The two looked at Flash- who was smiling.

“Cisco is gonna have a cow when we tell him what kind of things we just saw.”

Photographs- Part 2- The Hill

Part 1 (Even though the parts of this series really aren’t connected)

Genre: Fluff 

Word Count: 661

After the horrible incident with the rocket, Dan was just happy to be able to walk. However, the nature was what made the walk enticing to him. After spending Phil’s birthday with his family, eating some amazing cake, (not red velvet, much to both their discontent) and freaking the entire phandom out with one tweet, Dan was ready for some time in the outdoors. 

It wasn’t like Dan spent that much time outside anyway, and it was such a beautiful place, so it only made him more excited. He would be going with Phil’s entire family, and he really felt blessed to be included as a member of the family. He loved Phil’s family almost as much as he loved Phil. 

The only problem with the walk was the fact that it had just rained, so it was muddy, and it was a bit cold, with it being February in Britain and all. So, Dan bundled up, putting on a black jacket and black, furry hat to keep him warm and keep his aesthetic happy. 

Dan was never one to stay fit, and his endurance wasn’t very high. Of course, neither was Phil’s, so they both ended up falling behind quickly. The two were panting and stopping to take nature pictures as the rest of the family hiked ahead of them. 

Looking down a hill, a beautiful flower caught Dan’s eye. He saw a blooming pastel pink flower, the name of which he didn’t know, and needed an aesthetic picture. Pulling out his phone, Dan took off down the hill. 

Phil’s eyes went wide. “Dan, wait! It’s probably-” 

Before Phil could finish, Dan slipped on a patch of mud and went flying into the air. In the short second while he was airborne, Dan shoved his phone safely in his pocket and began thinking of nothing but the literal pain in the ass that would come with his likely rough landing. Bracing himself, Dan hit the ground and tumbled down the hill, ending in a curled up ball at the bottom. “…slick.” 

“No kidding.” Phil was definitely right about the mud on the hill. Dan admitted it. However, he still didn’t enjoy Phil’s laughter at the image of his boyfriend covered in mud on the ground at the foot of a hill. Looking up, Dan found himself to be right underneath the pink flower he wanted to photograph. The flower had quickly turned into the least of his worries, as he was now stuck in its plant’s thorns. “Help me up, would you?” 

Phil extended a hand to Dan, who yelped as he pulled multiple thorns out of his jacket while standing up. Looking down at himself, Dan sighed. “I really trashed this jacket, didn’t I?” 

“I’ll take a picture and show you.” Phil already had his camera out. 

“Oh no, not another creepshot.” 

Phil, the apparent master photographer, grinned as he pointed his phone at the discontent Dan. The younger boy looked off into the distance, having an embarrassed existential crisis. He just wanted to go back to Phil’s parents’ house and change out of the cold and muddy jacket he was wearing. “Here you go!” 

Phil turned his phone to Dan, showing him the best picture he took. Dan’s existential crisis was evident along with the horrible mess on his jacket. “Wow, it’s worse that I thought.” Dan giggled as he realized how horribly he really did mess up. “Let’s go home. I wanna change out of these things.” 

“My parents’ house is home now?” 

“We’ve been over this. Especially with us moving later this year. Anywhere you are is home.” Dan smiled at Phil after blurting his favorite phrase. 

“Unless I’m at the bottom of that hill.” The mood was immediately broken as Dan softly hit Phil in the side. 

“Shut up!” Dan said fondly. “I’m gonna be posting that picture, aren’t I?”

“Too relatable not to.” 

Dan sighed, sure something good had to come of this trip… Eventually. 

Not Boring

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Request: Hello! I was wondering if you could do a request with something such as the reader has always been told she’s the ‘boring’ girl and she’s really insecure about it? But like Dean or Sam likes her any way and reassures her that they like her no matter what?

Pairing: None 

Word Count: 800ish

Warnings: none

A/N: Some rainy day fun…

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“The gods give many gifts, Bran. My sister is a hunter. It is given to her to run swiftly, and stand so still she seems to vanish. She has sharp ears, keen eyes, a steady hand with net and spear. She can breathe mud and fly through trees. I could not do these things, no more than you could. To me the gods gave the green dreams, and to you… you could be more than me, Bran.” ― Bran I, A Storm of Swords.

Get Filthy

Jensen x Reader Drabble

His foot floored the gas pedal of the Jeep, making the muscles in his thigh flex, as the tires spun in the mud.  You screeched as mud flung up all over you. You attempted to wipe the mud off and glared at Jensen.

“What?! I told you to wear your boots, kinda figured you’d know that meant you were going to get dirty,” Jensen explained defensively.

“I thought we were just going hiking or fishing or something, not that I was going to get covered in mud,” you pouted.

“Oh cheer up, Y/N. Let loose and have a little fun with me,” Jensen nudged you as he pushed down on the gas and turned the wheel, sending mud flying again.

You laughed as mud splattered up onto him this time.

“I suppose getting a little dirty with you could be fun,” you winked at Jensen.

“Oh darlin’, we aren’t just going to get a little dirty. We are going to get down right filthy,” Jensen smirked back at you as his southern accent slipped out.

“I think I’m liking muddin’ more by the minute,” you said as you imagined all of the ways you would like to get filthy with Jensen.

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☀ ——— Phineas and Ferb Sentence Starters.

’ We’re gonna build a rollercoaster! ’
’ Wow! Isn’t that kinda impossible? ’
’ We’re gonna need a blowtorch and some more peanut butter. ’
’ Oh-ho-ho MAN!! I can smell the peanut butter! ’
’ There’s a world of possibilities… Maybe we should make a list! ’
’ Hub is overheating… Hub is overheating. ’
’ Well, it was definitely better than the gorilla in the cake. ’
’ Why, it’s… it’s… It’s beautiful! ’
’ Would that be electronically fuel-injected? ’
’ Why have snow when it’s too cold to enjoy it? ’
’ You guys are gonna need some help. ’
’ You know, mummies had their brains pulled out through their nose. ’
’ We must be going the right way. ’
’ And by incredible, of course, I mean completely credible! ’
’ Is my nose really that pointy? ’
’ Aren’t you a little old to be a professional boxer? ’
’ It all began on the day of my actual birth. ’
’ Nonsense, kid! Go for the gold! Fight fire with fire! ’
’ You mess with the bull, you get the horns, buddy! ’
’ With 176 million hits, they can be in diapers for all I care. ’
’ Wow! Is this banana hat for some cool tropical dance number? ’
’ The curse has been lifted, and you’re no longer a monster. ’
’ I really mean unexpected–what are you doing here? ’
’ Then I guess I’ll just find a nerd and take his underpants. ’
’ That sounded like screaming children. ’
’ We beat ya! You’re big old purple pickled eggs! ’
’ Yeah, now they’re gonna fatten you up so they can eat ya. ’
’ Wow, look at all the bells and whistles! ’
’ The last one home is a big ol’ purple pickled egg! ’
’ Oohhh! I can’t believe I am just stuck here. ’
’ How long are we supposed to just sit here? ’
’ Well, I suppose things can’t get any worse. ’
’ Well, I hope that’s not going to be an issue.
’ I fly into mud, with a paper bag on my head. ’
’ How did this chocolate river get here? ’
’ We will now lay waste to the surface dwellers! ’
’ Fantastic! You look like number one! ’
’ You guys heard that, right? It wasn’t just me? ’
’ Heh, heh. I know, I’m just messing with ya. ’
’ That’s creepy on so many levels. ’
’ Doctor? Since when are you a doctor? ’
’ Well, It’s a body of fresh water surrounded by land. ’
’ That, my friend, was a past life. ’
’ Don’t just stand there! Kiss her/him! ’
’ No! It’s going to blow the roof off this place! ’
’ No way! We are not your personal slaves! ’
’ Now you can go clean the toilet. ’
’ The real shock is you’re just noticing this now. ’
’ That would explain the talking zebra. ’
’ No rules? Well, if those are the rules. ’
’ Well, you know, they must be done by now anyway. ’
’ That was completely out of character. ’
’ Come on. Be a good sport. ’
’ What? I thought you said it was a roller rink. ’
’ Come on, come on! See? ’
’ Let’s see, what do I usually do? ’
’ They say if you love something, let it go. ’
’ Are you…sweating through your eyes? ’
’ Just turn off the home movies! ’
’ These are so much nicer than the ones I lost! ’
’ Close your mouth, honey. You’ll catch flies.  ’
’ And just to express how sorry we are, here’s my credit card. ’
’ You have our permission to ruin us financially. ’
’ I mean, uh… I’d love to give it a try. ’
’ It’s even worse than I thought… ’
’ No more annoying songs about moons! ’
’ Oh, but I like a good toe-tapping dam song. ’
’ Actually, I’ve been trying to avoid you. ’
’ Can I get you to sign some liability waivers? ’
’ Why don’t you come by and we’ll all walk over together. ’
’ Like I said before, losing to a girl/boy doesn’t count. ’
*On Your Way Soldier | Pt 5* Newt x reader


❤ Enjooooy! 

“You there! Grab those supplies!” Theseus trudged through the trench as he shouted orders to the other men. There was word of an upcoming attack and he needed all his men ready and prepared. 

As various men fled past him, hitting his shoulders and making their ways through the narrow paths, there was sudden gasp as up from in the sky a large dragon appeared. It swooped down and landed with a loud thud, shaking the ground. 

Looking up, Theseus noticed it was carrying something within it’s mouth.

“Where did he come from?”

“I didn’t receive word that we were getting dragons to help us.”

The men all stared at the creature but Theseus hurried up and of the ladders and rushed towards the creature. 

“Stay back! They’re vicious!” A soldier grabbed Theseus by the shoulder, yanking him back.

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queenofeire  asked:

Might I request 'I do bad things, and I do them very well' with Zevran and f!Mahariel please? I love your FenHawke but that line is so Zevran.

I hope you like! Cheers! ✿ ᵒ̌ ᴥ ᵒ̌ ✿

Not many choose to train as an assassin but she asked and how could he resist? She moves neatly, cleanly, elegantly. If she were unskilled, she wouldn’t have beaten him in the first place, killed the rest of the Crows that went with him. Zevran steps back as Mahariel moves forward, dagger turning in her hand, striking against his own. Smirking as she flits to the left, strikes with the right, blow after blow. She’s forcing him back, away from the grassy knoll, into less hospitable spots.

He’s not making it easy for her, not at all, but he is watching, seeing how far she’s willing to push. She never stops in her assault, never once looks away from his blades. Ah, an opening. She is focusing too much on the success, not thinking about sudden failure. He sees his chance. He moves quickly. His legs find her feet, swipe the ground out from under her. With a scattered yelp, she falls backwards.

“That’s cheating,” she says to him, looking up with a frown hanging on her brow, sprawled so in the dirt. Zevran looks almost smug, utterly pleased with himself, and he cannot contain the smile that spreads across his face.

“Ah yes. I do bad things, and I do them very well,” he tells her with an exaggerated and flourishing bow. Without hesitation, faster than he can react to, she swipes her leg at his feet, sends him toppling to the ground with her. He lands utterly ungracefully, and with a surprised “Oomph!” That smug smile is gone, replaced by a look of surprise and shock. She’s immediately throwing back her head and cackling, watching the disgust on his face as he raises his hand and finds it soaked in mud.

She can’t contain herself, helplessly carried along by her amusement. The sly grin curls at his lips. Sinking a hand down deeper, holding a fistful of mud. He lets it fly and watches as the mud slaps the side of her face. Gasping, dripping from her hair to her jaw, mouth slack and open. His turn to laugh, wrapping arms around himself, shoulders shaking.

She pushes herself forward with a ragged cry, hands on his shoulders, pushing him back. Straddling him beneath her as they both sink their hands into the mud, giggling as they fling it at one another. Dripping from head to toe, breathless and happy. He slowly moves to sit up, hands at her waist. Looking up at her, wiping hands at her face and accomplishing nothing, that laughter still on her breath. A different smile than the others that day, warm and soft, admiring her and all she is.

“You are beautiful, mi amor,” he tells her. She raises an eyebrow, looks down at her mud soaked everything. He reaches upwards, a hand at her neck, pulls her down for a messy kiss. “So beautiful,” he murmurs against her lips.


Give me the narcotics; all this morning

these gin tonics don’t do much. Someone, please,

said the fly to the spider with its sting

and long leer. When did I become a tease

to all that tried to help me? Why am I

the one who can’t take friendships easily?

Outside the mud swallow and magpie

fly by my window. There’s something haughty

about my last stand. This is all in flux,

everything smears, everything is a mess

across my face and yet somehow I must

keep calm. It’s a stand; yet roses, lilacs

and the ash can’t help me with my distress.

I don’t want intoxication … just trust.