mud fight

OTP things at the beach

- Jumping and swearing at the hot sand
- Applying sunscreen on each other
- Person A carries the squealing person B into the water
- Taking underwater kiss pics
- Person A remarking on person Bs underwater mermaid hair
- Mud-sand fight
- Sharing an ice cream cone and getting it on each others faces
- Making out from the ice cream
- Lying on top of each other
- Person A burying person B in the sand
- Finding rocks that look like each others eyes
- Taking obnoxious couple-at-the-beach pics
- Arguing about how much prettier person A or B is than the sunset

Okay But Be More Chill Kindergartners

-imagine these nerds as 5 year olds aight
-Michael’s that one kid in class who eats glue
-Jenna always tattles on him for it and gets him in trouble
-Jeremy has the Coolest collection of Pokemon cards but no friends to discuss Pokemon with
-gets bullied by the other kids for being a nerd who just sits by himself and plays on his gameboy during recess
-Michael sees this one day and runs up to him after the bullies leave bc he’s too scared to go meet him but then yells in his face “you have pokemon cards??? and a gameboy???? you’re so cool lets hang out!!!” because he’s so nervous and they show each other their card collections
-Rich is ironically the tallest kid in class
-Chloe goes around bragging about how Jake is her boyfriend and Rich gets mad
-Rich then says to her “that’s not fair!! if you have a boyfriend then I want one too!!” and tries his hardest to get Jake to be his boyfriend too
-Brooke goes around collecting little flowers on the field and gives them to Chloe as presents (Chloe even kept one as they grew up and hides it in her favorite book)
-Rich steals all the red crayons because it’s his favorite color and he doesn’t want anyone else using them
-Jeremy and Michael have mud fights
-whenever they play in the rain for too long and get sick their parents let them hang out at Michael’s house and play old video games while they get better
-Christine builds pillow forts at every sleepover
-Jake and Michael help protect the pillow fortress while Brooke, Chloe, and Jenna try to take it over


So the other night my Mama was working at Wayne Industries (she’s a cleaner). She was hosing down the parking garages and suddenly Batman and Clayface bust in and have a fight, tracking mud everywhere. Mama starts yelling at them for ruining her work and stARTS SPRAYING BATMAN WITH HER HOSE. So now there’s a viral video of an angry middle aged woman chasing Batman with a hose yelling at him in Spanish through WE’s parking garages. #onlyingotham #dontmesswithmama #redhoodfoundherlater #gaveherahighfive

  • *Lee, Adams, and Reynolds all talked shit about Washington and the boys are about to get into a fight.*
  • James The Voice of Reason: Come on guys what would Jesus do?
  • Alex The Fist Fighter: I hope he lets me beat those fools *pounds his hand into his fist.*
  • Thomas The Quiet One: *Cracking his neck and his knuckles while his headphones are on.*
  • John The Clown: What if we go there are we get our asses kicked, haha.
  • Hercules The One You Really Don't Want To Cross: Those fuckers wanna fuck with me alright then let's do this shit.
  • Lafayette The Teacher: Let's teach these motherfuckers a lesson mon amies. * A smile creeping onto his lips.*
  • Aaron The Scared One: *Gripping the sides of the front seats.* Y'all were serious? Aww, Hell now y'all better pull over right now and let me out.

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Impromptu Prompt Will you write 'I thought you were dead' fic? Bonus for lots of Kissing? Pretty please and many thanks! 💙

It’s awkward at first, pretending she doesn’t know Kara is Supergirl, but after a few months she settles into it.

‘I’m going to be late for lunch - bus is stuck in traffic :( <3 :( ’ Kara texts her, and Lena just snorts and turns on the TV to find out what disaster Supergirl is stopping today. It doesn’t hurt her feelings - she doesn’t worry anymore that Kara doesn’t trust her, or that it’s a secret because she’s a Luthor. Their friendship is good, maybe the best thing in Lena’s life, and she’s pleasantly surprised that she doesn’t doubt Kara. Kara’s face is an open book, and the way that it lights up whenever she sees Lena says more than anything else could.

So there’s no hurt anymore at all. It’s more like…. politely pretending not to notice that someone has spilled ketchup on their shirt. Lena doesn’t want to breach Kara’s privacy or make her uncomfortable, so she doesn’t point out that there’s no reason for Kara to be on a bus when CatCo is in walking distance of L Corp. Instead she goes back to the data analysis report she was reading, keeping one fond eye on the news.

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hilarious comments of the dude sitting behind me in the cinema when we were watching 'Maleficent'

-stefan introduces himself-

“the fuck kinda name is stefan anyways i’ve never met a guy called stefan don’t trust this asshole”

-king henry attacks the moors-

“oh shit’s about to go down”

-stefan drugs maleficent and cuts her wings off-

“see i fuckin told ya not to trust this asshole”

-diaval informs maleficent about aurora’s birth-

“oh hell yeah this is the well, well part everybody shut up”

-maleficent curses aurora-

“you done messed up now”

-stefan removes every spinning wheel in the country-

“bitch you’re dumb as fuck that never fuckin works”

-maleficent meets aurora-

“come out? that sounds gay”

-the whole mud fight thing happens-

“i’m startin’ to think they’re gay”

-aurora says she wants to live with maleficent-

“yep definitely gay”

-aurora meets phillip-

“this dude looks too gay to function. i’m calling it now, he’s not gonna be the one to wake her up”

-aurora discovers the truth-

“fuck those old-ass bitches why you had to ruin their happy ending they were gonna live together”

-phillip’s kiss doesn’t work but maleficent kisses aurora and she wakes up-

“i fuckin called it bitches”

-aurora asks if they’ll live in the moors together and maleficent goes ‘if that is what you wish, beastie’-

*cough* whipped *cough*

-aurora gives maleficent her wings back and they share that look (you know what look i’m talking about)-

is it wrong that i think they’re fuckin?”

-maleficent gives aurora the crown-

“if that doesn’t look like a wedding i don’t know what does, man”

-maleficent goes “our kingdoms have been unified”-

“oh i bet something was unified alright”

(i have no idea how he wasn’t thrown out of the cinema, but i’m glad he wasn’t because it made the film a thousand times better)

Headcannons for how the phantom thief boys (and Mishima) meet their S/O

•When he first transferred his eyes landed on his s/o automatically
•he wasn’t sure why at first, there was just something about them
•Akira was proven correct when S/O quickly raised their hand saying he could sit in the set next to them in class
•ever since that day Akira and S/O was close
•Seriously S/O would lean over her desk to talk to him whenever she could
•Akira could help but smile when he sees them practically laying over the desk in between classes just to talk to them
•S/O was the first person he brings back to the cafe and they quickly gain Sojiro’s approval
Sojiro even goes as far as instructing S/O to look after Akira
•It doesn’t take long for Akira to realise he has feelings for S/O that are stronger then friendship
•Probably after a month he realises he can’t imagine life without S/O anymore
•This being said S/O is still the one who makes the first move, confessing their feelings when the two of them are alone at leblanc
•Akita being the smart mouth thief he is just smirks and says “about time you admit it”

•This boy knew is S/O since childhood
•they were most likely best buds
•as in if Ryuji was there S/O would be right beside him with the largest grin on their face
•Ryuji’s mother and S/O’s mother has plenty of embarrassing photos of the two of them during their youth
•ryuji’s sixth birthday party where the two of them got covered in mud from play fighting in the yard? Yep you better beat that one of the mothers have three pictures of that somewhere
•when Ryuji becomes a phantom thief he accidentally blurts it out to his S/O
•the minute he does he goes wide eyed and has an “oh shit” moment
•he begs for S/O not to say anything
•obviously S/O agrees, but not before they get a free movie ticket out if it
•The first time Ryuji realised his feelings for S/O was when S/O stoped in her tracks and kissed him
•Boy god did his face go red
•His first instinct is to ask if you were sick or something, I mean why else would S/O kiss them?
•It took a while and a lot of annoyed confirming from S/O to realised that yes, in fact S/O did love him
•"Yes ryuji I love you" “no ryuji ghis isn’t a joke” “damn it ryuji stop asking me and just kiss me!”
•Ryuji does in fact kiss S/O after the 100th time of checking they were for real

•Honestly these two just ran into each other during middle school
•like literally ran into each other
•Yusuke had stoped in the middle of the sidewalk to admire something and S/O just slammed into his back
•S/O was not happy
•yusuke just stared blankly at S/O as they lectured him about stopping randomly
•This boy just interrupts them and asks if they could paint them in the middle of a sentence
•S/O is shocked to say the least and is stunned for a solid ten seconds into silence
•eventually S/O laughs and agrees to being Yusuke’s model
•every since then they have been close
•S/O worked her butt off and even took up art to attended the same school as Yusuke
•Yusuke never confessing his feelings for S/O, not because he’s too nervous too but because he thinks their already dating
•like S/O asks who Yusuke has a crush on one day an he just stares blankly at them and says “why would I have feelings for another when we are already in a relationship?”
•S/O just blinks and stares at him In complete silence before laughing
•long story short yusuke thought him and S/O were dating since junior high
•S/O goes with it, after all they felt the same way

•okay hear me out with this
•S/O is the daughter of another detective akechi works with
•He meets S/O when they are dropping off lunch to their father at the station
•it takes a while for akechi to approach S/O
•not out of nerves but simply because S/O is out of there the minute she drops off her fathers lunch
•when he finally does talk to them akechi goes full on charm
•there’s just something about S/O that’s pulled his interest
•S/O is the sweetest person in his eyes, like the minute they become friends S/O is not bringing lunch for both him and her father
•Unlike the other boys akechi his very open with his feelings for S/O
•Seriously they will having lunch together (after akechi convinces S/O that it’s okay to stay) he will just confess
•"your very cute S/O you would make someone very happy"
•S/O blushes and is very confused by the sudden compliment
•"can I be that someone?“
•S/O is now completely red
•Akechi just smirks and waits for their answer
•S/O says yes
•lets say Akechi isn’t surprised by your answer

•much like Ryuji they meet as children
•little kindergarten Mishima was sitting alone on the swing sets just for S/O to randomly sit next to him a talk
•ever since then the two have been close
•by the time they were 5 S/O had declared they would get married when they grow up
•Mishima never forgot that promise even now
•When everything was going on with the volleyball team Mishima tried to keep everything a secret
•he wanted to protect S/O from kamoshida
•Kamishida has used S/O against him before
•once kamoshida had a change of heart and S/O found out the truth she was mad
•she was more then mad she was furious
•"why didn’t you tell me!? I could have helped!? I could have done something?!”
•Mishima had never seen S/O so made before
•Mishima could only mutter out that he wanted to protect S/O
•That’s when S/O said “we promised each other that we would be together no matter what right? Through better or for worse? Through sickness and through health?”
•that took Mishima by surprise, he honestly didn’t expect S/O to remember
•Some how he managed to stutter out some kind of shocked reply
•S/O just raised a brow “how could I forget a marriage proposal? Did… did your feelings change?”
•Mishima had never said no faster in his life
•after a few failed attempts he managed to confess his love
•Ever since that day Mishima had vowed to protect S/O


Gorillaz Gang V.S Humanz Gang

(For @maccamc awesome Gang AU for the Gorillaz!!!)

More headcanons

•preston and ered low key braid each others hair and talk about the most hilarious things

•"and all of a sudden she comes to his party wearing red. Red Preston!“ "That little bitch is totally stealing your man ered want me to stab her?”

•Dolph and space kid like to go alien hunting

•Nikki comes along sometimes and Neil comes only to make sure Nikki doesn’t fuck shit up

•Max found a baby possum in the garbage on time and now he takes care of it

•David found out and insisted that he names it and keeps it forever and just-David loves that shit of it

•max named the possum stitch cause he found it when he was sneaking out from watching lilo and stitch with the other campers

•I bet 5 bucks this is canon but Nikki has the power to grow her hair back in SECONDS.

•preston is the hair salon girl who would totally have conversation when helping out.

(Here have a woodscout headcanon)



•Neil loves Tetris and when he found out about puyo puyo Tetris for the Nintendo switch he went ecstatic.

•he bought a switch just for that one game.

•nerris plays splatoon

•Harrison is beautiful

•Nikki loves to roll in the dirt and run around slapping people with mud in her hands

•when she hit nerris they got into a mud battle

•Gwen had to clean up the mess and banned them from having mud fights.

•they still do it anyway