mud baby

Diamond City’s littlest detectives



Dean paced by Sam and Castiel for the hundredth time. “Where is Y/N?”
Sam ran a hand over his mouth. You had been gone on recon for a hour now. You were long overdue.
Castiel spoke up, turning towards the road, “Perhaps I should go check-”
Sam cut him off agitatedly, “We said we’d let Y/N do this. Besides, if an angel appears in the middle of a demon nest, they’ll run and we’ll lose them.”

Suddenly, Dean perked up, his eyes searching the road. “I hear her.”
“Who do you think, genius?”
Sam held his breath, listening for what Dean was hearing. There were birds chirping, a breeze blowing through the trees overhead…and the sound of a car heading in their direction.
Sam smiled. He knew that engine.
You rolled up in the Impala a minute later, your knuckles white from gripping the wheel. You took your time parking and turning off the ignition, then hesitantly got out of the car.
The first words out of your mouth came out weighted with shame. “I’m sorry…”
The three stood in front of you, all in shocked silence. Dean’s mouth was actually hanging open.
Castiel was the first to speak. “Why is the Baby coated in mud?”
You explained desperately, intently looking at each of them, “I had to get away from that horde of demons! They were practically on me!”
Dean spoke quietly and way too calmly, “So, you used her like she was some hick’s beat-up truck and went mudding?”
You looked to Sam for help, but his eyes were now on Dean, filled with sympathy.
Your shoulders sank. “I’m sorry, Dean. I’ll clean her up.”
Sam’s gaze shifted to you. “I think we’ll help.” He gave the Impala a once-over and you a sympathetic smile. “You’ll need it.”


Do you know what makes an elephant feel good?