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Theme: Summer Tropes

Prompt: we’re at a music festival and you crawled into my tent when drunk and fell asleep, now you’ve woken up bewildered and to be honest I should be more annoyed but you’re just so good looking

Word Count: 9033

This, uh… got a bit out of hand (#onbrand). Also, a bit of smut ahead Enjoy friends!

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‘Why in the bloomin’ fuck did we let you convince us that this was going to be a good idea, Sirius?’

James, about twenty back in the queue for the nastiest toilet cubicles to exist on planet Earth, shot Sirius a look that probably would have struck anyone else down immediately. Sirius grinned, grabbed James by the shoulders and shook, 'The music! The energy! The adventure!’

James smacked Sirius’ hands from his shoulders, 'No fucking part of this reads “adventure,” mate.’

Granted, they’d only been at the festival for a few hours, had only set up their tents and gone to see a few of the afternoon acts, but James was confident that the rest of the weekend would prove as non-adventurey as the first few hours.

Sirius rounded on Remus, 'What say you, love? Are you in the Glastonbury spirit yet?’

Remus sighed, 'I’m saying that you’re lucky you’re fit, because I also really want to kill you right now.’

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The Clumsy Guardian

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What happened to all the memories?

He couldn’t remember them.

What happened to all the promises?

We couldn’t keep them.

It hurts, doesn’t it?

I can’t keep a one sided promise, but you, I’ll never forget.

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callmeriah  asked:

I was watching that video "children are filmed playing in a big mud puddle" and I couldn't help but to think how the companions would react to seeing something like that. Like after Sanctuary is rebuilt and people are living there. maybe they're walking into Sanctuary with or without Sole and tiny mud babies walk up to them all playful or something. Idk. I just though it would be super cute.

Here we go my Lovely, even though you have most probably forgotten about this since it was asked such a long time ago. I hope this is what you were after <3


Ada had been away from Sanctuary for a couple of weeks, having travelled down to the Southern and South-Eastern settlements on behalf of Sole as they stayed behind to deal with certain repairs that were needed after an attack on the settlement.

There had been a major radstorm, which had quickly been followed by torrential downpour, meaning that Ada had to remain away for a while longer whilst the weather cleared up enough for her to travel.

The sight that Ada returned to was one that both amazed her and amused her to no end.

When she initially came back through the large gates, she had wondered where everyone was- there was only one guard up on the tower, who was looking towards the main area of the settlement.

The only noise that was heard was Ada clanking through the settlement along the damp pathway, but halfway up she heard shouts and cries from the ‘garden’ area.

Ada changed the direction that she was walking in so that she was heading in the direction of all the noise. She walked down the side of the newly built clubhouse and the building that was used as the cafe. She walked across the paving slabs that had been layed down to provide a walkway, and once clear of the building, she saw why there was so much noise.

The settlers that lived in Sanctuary were covered head to toe in mud, with the gardens completely void of the radioactive grass, instead covered in dark brown sloppy mud. Settlers were gathering big balls (or as close to balls as they could get) of mud and throwing it at one another. Mud was being thrown at people’s backs, chests and even their heads.

Sole was hiding behind a settler, trying to avoid a team of people that were trying to get them with mud. In return, Sole was throwing mud back at everyone, laughing as they saw their friends and companions covered in mud.

Ada decided to watch from the sidelines- she was sure that something bad could happen if she got mud in her frame. After a few hours- and the sun started to settle below the buildings- Sole called time on their fun, and then dared everyone to a race to the shower block- last ones there had to deal with cold showers.


Radstorms rolled in to the Commonwealth in waves- it was something that everyone new to the Commonwealth needed to know.

They would start small- sure, you had your small Radstorms that lasted an hour at most and the sun soon followed, but a real Radstorm consisted of several storms, each getting worse until the last one covered near enough the entirety of the Commonwealth and lasted for a whole day. That was something that Cait had observed, and it was something that she told Sole every time a Radstorm rolled into town.

Rain soon followed the Radstorm- not a small amount, but enough to completely drench you from head to toe if you got trapped outside in it.

Sanctuary had just seen a Radstorm, and was completely wet and muddy. Parents kept their children in their homes, on the count of all the colds they could get from the cold. But Sole became restless when you locked them away- something to do with being locked in a cryo pod for two hundred plus years.

So Sole grabbed Cait’s arm, and dragged her outside into the street, before running to the big muddy area that Marcy Long had decided was far to wet to plant any crops in. Cait pulled her arm away from Sole before they could drag her in the mud, and it wasn’t long before Sole had slipped over in the mud, becoming covered and laughing so hard that the entire settlement had come out to explore.

Cait heard shouts from parents as their children (there wasn’t many children in the settlement, with people reluctant to become pregnant unless they were absolutely sure they were safe) ran to join Sole in the mud, slipping and sliding around. Sole tried to encourage Cait to join in, but she just ran in the opposite direction- she’d rather not get that dirty thank you very much- with Sole chasing her down for her to join in the fun.


Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who comes into contact with radiation becomes a ghoul- some people’s bodies are just not able to accommodate the changes that have to be made in order to become a ghoul, the majority of the people with radiation sickness ended up dying. That was what research had shown Curie, and Curie wanted to ensure that everyone knew this fact.

Radiation was not to be played with!

So when Sole told Curie that they wanted to play in the biggest puddle of mud in the middle of Sanctuary, Curie nearly lost her mind. Sole obviously wanted to kill Curie with worry, especially since they encouraged the majority of the settlement to join in with the ‘fun and games’.

They knew that they needed water in order to play in the mud puddle- but it had recently been a couple of months without having any sort of downpour. Sole had decided that they were too impatient to wait, but before they started filling tubs with water from their essential water supply, the sounds of an impending Radstorm rolled in.

They waited the Radstorm out, with everyone bunkered down in their houses (two families per prewar house with a shared living space and singles living in the bunkhouse at the center of town). Security switches went quickly, and the town cooks sent out the meals from the kitchens, and soon the Radstorm ended, the town slowly emerged.

The kids were the first to the puddle, slipping and sliding around to get their first, and soon after Sole followed. Some settlers went in after Sole, but most stayed out, not wanting to get involved in the mess.

Curie stood fretting from the edges- she made a mental list in her head of everyone that went in, and asked her medical associate to prepare everyone a Radaway for when they got out. It was only when a mud ball hit her in the side of the face that she walked away from the site of the adults acting more childish than the children, preferring to stay clean of the mud and the radiation.


The squires on base didn’t often get many chances to just be children- even back at the citadel, there was a strict training regime that meant that a child’s day was filled with all manners of different training- from their educational history lessons three times a week, to their reading lessons every other day, to their daily combat training that many of the children had to go through in order to become Knights- which was a child’s ultimate dream.

Danse somewhat understood the children’s frustrations, however he knew that there were many wars going on, not only within the Commonwealth but across the world, and the children needed to be prepared.

Sole, however, couldn’t understand in the slightest. They’d come from a time where children having a childhood was most important- having a child in any form of army was unthinkable. They wanted these children to have a chance at having some fun, and the cracks and bangs of a Radstorm proved to be the best way to show the children how.

Sole went to a few different Squires and told them their plans, telling them to tell their friends and fellow squires what was going to happen, and where it was going to happen.

Danse felt there was an eerie feeling the day that the Radstorm finally came to a finish- and soon he was to figure out why.

Sole caught one of the first Vertibirds down to the airport in the morning- which was unusual, as Sole was usually one of the last ones out of bed. Danse managed to catch Sole a few hours later, when they’re uniform was covered in mud and dirt, and a group of Squires were chasing each other around playing it, all covered in mud.

Danse may had raised his voice, especially when he got splattered in the face with a large bit of mud hit his forehead and covered his hair. He heard a rough laugh at his appearance- both Sole and Elder Maxson had started laughing, causing Danse to stalk off in mild anger.

Once clean, he and a few other off duty Knights and Paladins went and watched as Sole and the children played- something that Elder Maxson wanted to happen more often- some time out for all his soldiers.


Deacon wanted a mud puddle- he really wanted a mud puddle. He wanted to jump about in it; to splash people with it; he wanted to make little mud angels in it. There was- currently- nothing else he wanted more than to have a mud puddle.

He tried to have one in Taffington Boathouse, but the residents ended up pushing him under the water until he came up clean, then threatened him with the Supermutants that resided nearby- he shuddered at the thought, especially since they told him they’d take all his weapons away from him.

He tried to use the small waterhole in Starlight Drive-in, but once the settlers realised what he was doing to their precious water supply, he had the whole team of security aiming their weapons at him, threatening to throw him out to the Deathclaw the next time one of them attacked the settlement.

He thought about Sanctuary, but quickly shook that idea out of his head- Sole would never let him do that to their prized settlement, not matter how much they like him. However, the thought had been in Sole’s head since the second that they’d mentioned it, and they’d thought of no better place to do it than Sanctuary.

Rain on its own was unusual in the Commonwealth- it usually always came after a heavy Radstorm, never just on it own. However, every once in awhile the skies will open, and along comes the rain.

And rain it did. Deacon had never been happier to see the rain before in his life, because soon he finally had his mud puddle that he’d been wanting since Sole had told him the story of the mud babies.

They had a competition going with the settlers that wanted to get involved- whoever could make the best mud angel, and although Deacon thought that his mud angel was clearly the best, Sole decided that it was actually one of the children that won- Deacon went on to act like a child and throw mud at them for the rest of the day.


Sole had headed back to the Commonwealth a couple of days before Gage did- Sole wanted to run some people- Preston, Sole wanted to run Preston over their plan- through their plan before he arrived.

Whilst Sole was travelling up, a major Radstorm and rainstorm started, covering the entire Commonwealth in dark green hues. Sole had to choose between continuing travelling and bunking down in small abandoned hut on the way to Sanctuary.

Sole decided that they had enough Rad-X and Radaway to get back with, so they just continued home to their large settlement.

It took them a little longer than it normally would have- they didn’t come across any enemies, however it was harder than normal to try and find their way north- the Rads were so densely green that Sole often lost their way.

When Sole finally arrived home, the storm had stopped- they, however, were soaked through and was pretty sure that they had a cold and/or radiation sickness. Sole headed straight for their home- their prewar home- and instead of drawing attention to themselves, they walked around the back of the pre-war properties and headed straight in through their back door. In the small shower room that Sturges had repaired, Sole quickly washed themselves then put on their warmest clothes before heading straight to bed.

When Gage arrived, some three days after Sole did, he arrived to the site of many of the settlers playing in a large puddle of mud in the middle of the settlement- Sole was sat on a bench, watching and laughing along with all the settlers that were playing. Had Sole not been there, Gage would have wondered if he were in the right place.

Gage slowly went and sat down next to Sole, and they both sat down and watched the settlers have a little fun in the disaster that was the Commonwealth. When one of the settlers asked if Sole and Gage wanted to join in, Sole ‘discreetly’ coughed and said they were sick, before turning to Gage expectantly- but was disappointed when Gage sent them a dirty look.


Hancock hated the rain. It was the worst thing ever. Whenever he got wet his skin felt like soggy beef jerky, and the smell was even worst- think burnt leather mixed with something worse.

He tried to avoid getting wet at all costs- Radstorms he was fine in, rain storms he was not. So when he was travelling back to Sanctuary with Sole and it started raining, you could understand why he wanted stop at the nearest place of safety. Sole didn’t want to stop, however after seeing the murderous look on Hancock’s face, Sole went to the nearest boarded up building and knocked through the door, the pair bunking down their for the night.

They slept on the hard floors, placing a mine down in the doorway to prevent anything happening over night. The next morning, after a somewhat good night sleep and the rain coming to an end, they continued on with their journey.

The roads on the way home were wet and muddy, and the pair ended up with wet feet and soggy trouser legs.

They were looking forward to getting back to the settlement- especially Hancock. He was going to change into his spare clothes that he kept at Sanctuary and he’d sit in front of the small camp fire for hours drinking beer or whatever the bartend had that week.

When they walked through the gates into the large community, they heard screaming and shouting, and thinking the worst, they raised their guns and went running to the source of the noise, shocked by what they found.

In the biggest puddle that the settlement had, there was settlers jumping in the puddles as if they were children. There was water, and mud, and everyone looked as if they were having a great time.

Sole sat down and watched what was going on, but Hancock went to his home that he usually stayed in, preferring to be away from the mess and wetness that was going on in the center of the settlement.


MacCready liked to learn all about prewar things from Sole.

At first he just realised that Sole had access to many prewar magazines that he liked reading. Then, Sole started showing him pictures of prewar things- of their car they used to own, and the city before the bombs had dropped. Of Sole when she graduated with her law degree, and of Sole when he started in the army. Of the day that they got married, where there was a hundred or so people attending the wedding, where Sole was in this big poofy wedding dress and Sole wore a smart suit. Of the day that Shaun was born. Of memories that Sole had forgotten.

After the photos came the stories of prewar times- of which was where many. However MacCready’s favourite was the one about the the time that they had played in massive mud puddles when they had been younger. MacCready had loved the idea, and had practically begged Sole to let them do it at any of the Minutemen settlements.

Sole had just nodded, and stated that maybe- one day- they could do it.

MacCready hadn’t thought that Sole would actually go through with it- they’d been quite reluctant to do so, but honestly, MacCready wasn’t too upset about it. Maybe one day, when he went back and got Duncan, he’d do it for him- that would be fun for the small boy, but until then, he’d just have to get on with life.

One morning, MacCready was woken up by the sounds of screaming and laughter- unless he was out in the Commonwealth, camping in unsafe areas, he didn’t like being woken up. He stormed out his house and ended up coming face to face with the thing of his dreams.

In his night clothes, MacCready ran straight for the puddle, sliding over so that he was sat down in the mud.

He spotted Sole out the corner of his eye, leaning and watching everyone have fun in the thing that had taken them so long to plan and execute. Sole hadn’t spotted MacCready- well, not until he threw a handful of mud straight in their face.


Most of Nick’s friends joked about with him about the rain and getting wet- they always would say that they didn’t want him short-circuiting or anything.

He always laughed along, the joke not bothering him too much.

When he had first met Sole, and Sole had first heard the ‘joke’, he noticed that they didn’t seem too comfortable with the joke- he later found out that Sole had thought that it was serious and that he could end up getting ‘damaged’.

After Nick had told Sole that a little bit of rain wouldn’t end up breaking him, however, Sole would still look at him with worry whenever they travelled during a storm.

The pair were travelling around all the settlements that Sole had set up over their time in the Commonwealth- starting down south before heading up north, helping out and settlements or settlers that needed it.

They’d moved along to Murkwater Construction site just as the rain started to get a bit too heavy to travel in. During the driest season Sole had ever seen, a group of minutemen had joined Sole and helped set up the settlement- they’d build a multipurpose multi story building with a cooking stove and dining area, an indoor food growth area and four floors worth of housing for the residents. There was also a small three bedroomed building for visitors to use, which was where Sole and Nick were planning to stay the evening that they arrived.

Once they arrived in the most heavily defended settlement in the Commonwealth (second or third to Diamond City and Goodneighbour), they were shocked at the site before them. Children were running around screaming, laughing and jumping in the muddy marshlands, a crudely made slide heading straight into a pool of murky muddy water.

The innocence of children had never once ceased to amaze Nick, and this had just proved Nick’s thoughts. Children can always find the best of a dark and gloomy situation.

The children had offered the pair to come in and join them, however the pair had decided to head on inside where it was mildly warmer and a lot drier, where a hot mug of what the Commonwealth knew as cocoa was waiting for Sole.

Old Longfellow:

When Sole first came to the island, they were shocked that they practically had to swim to get to Longfellow’s shack. They’d suggested that they build a bridge, allowing easy access- Longfellow was more than happy to have a bridge so long as he didn’t have to build it himself.

He sat and watched as Sole, and one of their friends helped build a rickety looking bridge across to his small Island that he’d owned and his family before him had owned.

Longfellow and Sole had discussed in depth regarding Longfellow’s island opening up as a residential area, allowing both islanders and people from the Commonwealth somewhere to live. Longfellow agreed, and with the wood that was chopped down from the trees on the island, they began building small huts across the island, enough to house twenty families and a small communal area too.

It was an area for families to settle, and Longfellow found that he didn’t actually mind the company that an island full of families brought. When he would have usually found the screams of excitement coming from children mildly annoying and irritating, he found that he didn’t actually mind the small community that he’d ‘helped’ build.

Especially when the children on the island (under the careful watch of their families and the helpful gaze of Sole) decided to make a ‘plan of fun’. For a whole week, the children would do something different and fun every day- and the current day’s fun was a massive mud puddle, splashing around and getting very messy.

Longfellow just sat by and watched, small grin on his face and a bottle in his hand, watching as the children got a chance at being children.


Those that lived in the upper stands were very stuffy about those that lived in the lower stands having fun. There was many times that the children would be running about having fun and it would be ruined by someone who thought they were better just because they had a few more caps that others.

Sole always liked to make sure that they knew that they weren’t better than anyone else.

And how better to do so than to make sure that the whole of Diamond City had a lot of fun. Whenever Sole was in town, they liked to do things that were fun for the community.

One time, they had a big outdoors sleepover, where all the children in the city- and some adults as well- slept under the stars and told stories (mostly it was Sole telling stories of things that they did before the bombs had dropped).

Another time they had a cookout, with Sole forking out caps for all the settlers to eat a proper meal, and they had alcohol for the adults (the upper stands folk had to pay ten caps to join in, something that they detested, so there was only a few people that turned up- the mayor was charged a hundred caps).

But Piper’s favourite thing that Sole organised was the ‘play in the puddle day’. The puddle in question was dirty, full of radiated mud and rather close to the source of the town’s water purifiers.

But when Piper sat on the sidelines watching as all the children splashed happily around in the muddy puddle, she couldn’t help but think of how much of a good person Sole was. Trying to turn people’s lives around to make them happy- even when Nat ran over and tried to drag Piper into the mud (she nearly reconsidered that they were a good person when they came over with Nat and helped trying to get Piper in the mud).


In the Commonwealth, when it rained, it rained.

The grounds of the Castle were bone dry most times of the year, but when the grounds got wet from the rain, they usually got moist, soggy and wet, causing the areas to flood. It didn’t take long before the inner parts of the Castle were protected by flood defences, ready for the rains of the Commonwealth.

When Sole had set out a plan of the minutemen settlements across the Commonwealth, they had decided that the Castle would obviously become headquarters, and therefore, no children (children being defined as anyone under the age of sixteen years- practically impossible to enforce in the Commonwealth, basically, anyone that looked like a child was not allowed on site) was allowed on site, unless special occasions.

So, with the fact that there was no children allowed onsite at any time, you would not expect to find a group of people prancing around in a giant puddle of mud (ruining the crops).

However, one brisk morning, in what must have been March, Sole and Preston emerged from their quarters (underground, where Sarge once had lived), they were not expecting their grown up members of the Minutemen (the group that had promised to help, at a minutes notice) to be splodging around in mud- especially since there was a strict showering regime, and it only allowed ten persons to shower per day.

Preston was shocked and horrified when Sole, leader and General of the Minutemen, got hit in the face with a big mud ball into the face. He was especially horrified when Sole retaliated, throwing a ball of mud back to the very man that threw it in the first place.



It wasn’t that X6 hated fun. He just hated others having fun. Others having fun that wasn’t what X6 would call fun- his idea of fun being an extra ten hours of training, or having a ‘system update’. People laughing and screaming was most definitely NOT his idea of fun.

He could possibly count the number of times that he’d had fun on one hand- a few of them had included Sole in on them. And all of them were in the confided of the Institute, where there was no danger of or from the outside world.

The first memory he had of fun was the first mission that he and Sole had done together, but the fun had come from after the mission. He couldn’t remember the fun part.

The second memory he had of fun was when he and Sole had broken into… he couldn’t remember the fun part.

He couldn’t really remember having fun.

Sole had arranged to meet him in Sanctuary- they needed to head back to their main base to make sure that all their settlers were okay, and that a new defence system that had been set up was working to the correct standards. Two days after Sole left, X6 arrived at the settlement.

As soon as he arrived, he had hit the ground running- he heard a scream (he wasn’t sure if it was from fear or delight, but he’d be sure that he wouldn’t wait around to find out which it was), a scream he was nearly a hundred percent sure was from Sole.


That was the scene that he found. Sole and the majority of the settlers were covered head to toe in mud (he shuddered at the thought), and there was currently a battle between two teams who could get the other team most muddy (something that Sole compared to a ‘snow ball fight’, a prewar thing X6 also didn’t like the thought of).

X6 stayed around and watched as the teams fought, something that he found mildly fun. And was able to remember afterwards.


Sole and Maxson had an unusual relationship- Sole constantly liked to tell Maxson what he was doing wrong when running the Brotherhood, and would always talk about Maxson’s ancestors that they had both met, and had been working with before the bombs had dropped and ended humanity.

Sometimes, the suggestions were what Maxson needed, however most of the times they were not, and the pair usually always ended up at loggerheads.

One of the biggest things they came to blows about where the children on board. Sole had told Maxson all about how the children should not have been there, however Maxson insisted that it was the most safest place for them. Sole would always disagree.

So Maxson did what a Maxson does best.

He allowed Sole to take over on how a child’s life would be run- so long as they got their educational training (reading, writing etc) and that they got at least five hours a week combat training- the rest of the time, they could be kids.

They went out of field trips, visiting Diamond City, spending caps on small things and pieces of foods they’d never tried before.

But their favourite thing they ever did was have the spontaneous mud fight down in the airport. Mud was flying around from all angles, various bits hitting power armour clad men and women, and some even landing on Doctor Li.

The worst thing that the mud hit, had to have been… Elder Maxson’s battle coat. He was not happy, and almost removed Sole forcibly from the Brotherhood of Steel. The kids, however, thought it was funny, even if their laughs got them evil looks from Maxson and twenty extra hours for a week to do their reading.


The Railroads newest safe house was where you would usually find Desdemona now days. She had found herself becoming restless when down at headquarters, and since Sole had founded a new safe house, Desdemona decided that she was going to help aid the set up.

Since very few people knew that she was the leader of the Railroad, (and none of those people were outsiders of the railroad), she decided that she would be safe enough to travel there alone, keeping to travelling at night when it seemed less dangerous, and always sticking to the shadows.

The settlement already had a few pre existing buildings that they were using, (and somehow Sole had managed to stumble across a secret hidden underground bunker that would be extremely useful to the cause) they had very little to set up- just setting up each of the bunk houses so that everyone had their own bed and a small trunk to keep their personal belongings in.

By the time that Desdemona had arrived, there was already several settlers already settled into one of the bunkhouses (Desdemona had agreed that working with the Minutemen was the best plan- the escaped synths could lay low whilst pretending to be part of the Minutemen, and no questions would be asked). It was dark when Des arrived, and Sole showed her straight to the small shed they had been using, equiped with a couple of sleeping bags.

All Des cared about was that it was warmer than it was outside and the relentless rain that had started the second she emerged from HQ could not reach her in here. She definitely was more tired that she thought she would be.

The next morning, Des was happy to find out that the rain had stopped. She had planned to join the settlers having breakfast- that was until she slipped over and fell in the mud, earning a large laugh from Sole. She dragged Sole down with her, and soon, the settlers were emerging to see what all the noise was about- just Des and Sole, practically rolling around in the mud having fun. For once.  

Talk dirty to me (Castiel x Reader)

Summary: Cas misunderstands the meaning of dirty talking, and learns what it actually is. -This is comething I thought of on the way home from grocery shopping-
Word count: 616
Warnings: Spanking, humor, implied smut, Cas being Cas.

Cas, Sam, Dean and you were in the library, just dicking around. You had some time off hunting for once, and none of you felt like doing anything other than chill at the bunker and hit some bars at nighttime. It was a generally boring day today, but Cas was what made it interesting. He was leaning casually against a bookshelf and you were in front of him, messing with his tie while he talked.
“Did you try blowing?” Cas asked when you complained over how hot your coffee was. What he said was perfectly innocent, but with your dirty mind it wasn’t.
“Oh yeah, talk dirty to me, Cas,” you joked flirtatiously. Castiel tilted his head to the side and looked at you strangely.
“Uh… mud?” he said, his tone confused like he always was. You, Sam and Dean all laughed at the poor angel.

“What? Mud is dirty,” Cas defended.
“Yes, Cas but.. That’s not exactly what ‘talking dirty’ means,” you explained and mussed up his hair just to annoy him. He grabbed your wrists absentmindedly and held them in one hand by his chest. You had such a crush on him you couldn’t believe it, but you were good at concealing it, not even Sam or Dean knew, and they always seemed to see right through you.
“Then what does it mean? How do you ‘talk dirty’?” Cas asked.
“Well, you usually lower your voice, not that you need to since your voice is already low,” you half-joked, “and say something like… I’m gonna do this and this do you,” you said the last part in a seductive tone. Castiel lowered his voice even though he didn’t need to, and leaned close to your ear like you’d done.
“I’m gonna rub you in mud,” he said, and you burst into a fit of laughter again. “What now?”
“No, Cas! Forget the damn mud, it’s a sexy thing, dirty talking.”
“Try something like… I’m going to spank you,” you suggested. Again, Castiel tilted his head and squinted.

“Why would I spank you? Have you been naughty?” he asked. He meant it innocently, but you got all hot and bothered by it and couldn’t help your next words.
“Yes, I have,” you murmured with a grin. In a second, Cas sat on a chair with you over his lap and landed a smack on your clothed ass, making you gasp in shock.
“Don’t,” smack, “be,” smack, “naughty.” Smack. You were too stunned to speak, but thankfully, Sam and Dean intervened.
“Whoa whoa whoa, Cas!” Dean burst out. Cas looked up at the green eyed hunter.
“What? She said she’d been naughty. Then she must be punished.” Heat pooled between your legs again and you squirmed where he was still holding your wrists above your back. This time it was Sam who spoke.

“Cas, it’s a sexual thing!” he explained.
“Spanking is a sexual thing? How?” He let go of your arms and you stood up, though you wouldn’t have minded staying in that position. “I thought it was a punishment.”
“Uh, yeah… It can be, but it’s also something that a lot of people enjoy during sex.”
“Remember the pizza man?” Dean asked.
“Yes… I do recall him,” Cas said and turned to you, “do you enjoy being spanked during sex?” he asked.
“Uh… yeah, I guess,” you admitted, feeling a blush creep over your cheeks. Cas smiled.

“Do you want to see what else I learned from the pizza man?” he asked, to which you nodded and grinned. Sam and Dean exchanged looks when Cas grabbed you and flew you into your room. Maybe they did know about the crush you had.

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Lokai Bracelet.
The black bead carries mud from the dead sea which is also known as the lowest point on earth. The white bead carries water from mt. Everest which is also known as the highest point on earth. The 2 beads represent the highs and lows in your life and the clear bead represent everything in between. This bracelet reminds you no matter where you are in your life whether it be at your highest peak or rock bottom to stay humble. I haven’t taken this bracelet off since I got it.

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I finished reading chapter 8 (Discover) of On Being A Writer by Charity Singleton Craig and Ann Kroeker, and have been spending time with the assignments from the Exploration section. I am taking it slowly with this book, not just because I have no choice due to my busy life, but because I want to absorb what I read and sit with my thoughts. As I’ve mentioned many times here on my Tumblr blog, I keep a journal. I have my writing journal, which I try to spend time with every day. I also have an art journal, or as I call it, my doodle/collage book, in which I play with form, color, and images about twice a week. My writing journal is where I record daily events, and it is a place for me to wonder, question, explore, and vent. It is in those pages that I, as Ann writes, “find out more about myself” as I scribble freely. The words are for my eyes only. When I pull out an old journal and read, I “tiptoe into the past” and discover how I have grown, learned, evolved as a person and as a writer.
I am also at work writing short stories and poetry, and there are two chapters of a novel waiting to see where I take them. In all of the writing that I do, whether it is directly about me or a fictional world coalescing out of my imagination, I come to realize that I, not just what I am writing, am a work in progress. As the stories and poems are being born and changing and rearranging, so are thoughts and emotions and desires within myself.
Charity delves into the depths when she writes about her experience with cancer, and in many ways I identified with her. In 2006 I found out I had breast cancer, and in those first few weeks after my diagnosis I wondered “how much time do I have left?” I was in shock, and scared, but I somehow found a way to stop and just be here now. This is it. Ten years later I am healthy, and grateful, but that sensation of realizing that I will one day be done still motivates and inspires me. It has brought a balance into my life; I live in the now, but I know that each moment slides into the next. Be here now, and go with the flow.
I loved that Charity says she wants to write about the important things and the insignificant things. That is life. Important things happening in every day moments; insignificant things coming together to create the wonder of life.
Above, I posted a picture of a photograph I have hanging next to my desk. Angels are trudging through the mud. The angels are divinely beautiful, but they are still stuck in the muck. The earth below their feet… heaven shining overhead…


(for more writing inspired by this book see posts from: Sept. 6 & 21; Oct. 11 & 26; Nov. 15 & 25, 2015; and Jan. 7, 2016.)

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K first off I want to say you are like my favourite writer ever and I hope I'm not annoying you I just wanna say Id love to see a fic where HTTYD-1 aged Hiccup and Astrid get stuck in the rain and instead of going home like sensible Vikings try goof around and play in the puddles all sweet and silly and innocent like the fools they are k <3 you're awesome

Awwwww let me hug you! This is my first drabble post httyd2, and my brain’s kind of short circuiting, so I’m sorry if it’s not the best. >.>

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The Arno River Flood

Yesterday, 4 November, marked the 49th anniversary of the flooding of the Arno River, located in the Tuscany region of Central Italy. A combination of a long steady rain, local dams discharging water to prevent breaches, and mud landslides created a disaster in the city of Florence that had never been seen. In addition to the 101 deaths, the damage to, or complete loss of, the artistic and historical artifacts was overwhelming. Some of the collections affected were:

-all 250,000 volumes at the Gabinetto Vieusseux Library;
-1.3 million volumes from the National Central Library;
-Forty percent of the State Archives, which housed public, judicial and administrative documents.

Despite the devastation, there was a silver lining to this disaster.  Many individuals and organizations came to rescue the affected items, many of them on a volunteer basis. These people came to be known as the “Mud Angels”, and were comprised of individuals who were just beginning to explore the area of conservation and preservation.  From this disaster came new approaches to dealing with mass damage and the recovery of various items. Approaches for mass deacidification to treat and prevent mold growth, along with the phased conservation approach, were introduced, which proved successful enough to use these concepts in non-disaster situations. 

The Preservation Unit at St. Louis knows all too well the effects a disaster can have on collections. The fire of 1973 in the old National Personnel Records Center building has handed down a legacy of burned records that are still requested for veteran’s benefits to this day. The fragile burned areas of the records that once were thought to be useless can now be treated, then filmed using cameras with infrared filters that can expose previously unseen information. Testing of chemical baths to separate documents that are fused together has given hope to retrieving information that was once inaccessible.

The Arno Flood, the Mud Angels, and all who came together for one purpose of saving the human record – in whatever form – is a testament to those who believe in the importance of preserving information. The staff of the St. Louis Preservation Unit is dedicated to preserving and accessing records of those individuals who served in the military, following the lead of NARA’s Preservation Program in preserving the record of our country. Perhaps our initiatives today will help future generations preserve even more information.