Mud Magick

inspired by @curseworm and her love of dirt

(all associations are my own, this is just a personal guide)

Garden mud- hard work, growth, health, grounding

Pathway mud- obstacles, cursing, travel

Graveyard mud- spiritual communication, banishing, memory

Woodland mud- secrets, animal communication, invocation, peace

River mud- change, cleansing, blessings

Things to try

  • When you clean the mud off your boots, let all the negativity you’ve picked up along the way go with it
  • Get a jar of pathway mud and put someone’s name in it. This will make it harder for them to achieve their goals (ahem, ahem, Trump)

As usual- don’t take anything from private private property (unless you have permission) and don’t trespass. that’s just illegal and id like you to be safe

and it might be wise to leave a gift when you take something from nature, but that’s a personal choice


Bubbling mud pools at Waiotapu thermal area, New Zealand