Horses on the Isle of Muck, Scotland by Jim Richardson
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Horses on the beach on the Isle of Muck in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Wild clouds were swirling around the nearby island of Rum, which always seems to make its own weird weather. 


Compulsory post-teaching muck around wearing my favourite @sirenpolewear

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most of the weird old traditions of Whitestone are actually probably to control the leylines/keep shut the weak point between planes, but nobody remembers that anymore. (they’re going to get a crash course soon, though, I bet.) lotta stuff at solstices/equinoxes

  • like two extra hours of crack-of-dawn prayers to Pelor at Winter’s Crest, for sure (not actually exclusive to Whitestone - pretty normal throughout Exandria, considering he’s the sun god and it’s midwinter)
  • DEFINITELY something for the first seeds planted every year, at the Spring Equinox. blessing the fields. also at dawn, probably. (If there’s anything Percy dislikes more than waking up before dawn to go sit in a freezing-cold church for three hours without respite, it’s waking up before dawn to troop down to the fields to muck around in the dirt. But everyone in the family has to do it - actually, everybody in the city probably does it? but obviously the de Rolos go first, one at a time starting with the head of the family (the priest of Pelor hands them the first seed), and after that maybe it’s some significant figures in the city - various priests, for sure - and then it’s a free-for-all, just organized enough to keep the crops still more or less in rows.)
    • (cough fisher kings cough Plant Growth spell cough)
  • BELTANE (this one may not be actually doing much mystically/magically; it’s just fun. jumping over fires, going into the bushes for…hunting berries…(until Cassandra gets married, Percy and Vex will have to open it, being the foremost couple in the city)
  • Midsummer, once the snows are done, is when the ruling Lord or Lady - or a suitable substitute from the family - goes around and opens all the ongoing quarries. Someone carves out the rock that last year got marked with the de Rolo crest and formally passes it over, then the lord/lady uses a very minor version of Stone Shape to carve a new crest onto a new random patch of stone; this particular piece will not be hewn until next Midsummer.
    • if ur ritual doesn’t simultaneously bind god, rulers, and magic stone of the land AND serve as a reminder of feudal status quo and who exactly owns everything around here, u’r not doing as well as u could
    • (Cassandra trying to teach herself the spell based on what she’s heard and the like one year she tagged along with her father for this? my heart hurts. Percy reminds her that de Rolos have, actually, just used carving tools before.)
  • Autumn Equinox is obviously a harvest festival, with the peasantry still working in the fields all day while the aristocracy have the Grey Hunt to find suitable meat, that the whole city shares in a massive feast in the evening. Everyone gives thanks to Pelor and gets very drunk. Possibly also tax day (a different sort of harvest.)

Okay but what if I wrote a Patater Sugar Daddy AU.  I’ve seen (and love) the idea of Zimbits…but consider Famous and Rich hockey player Kent, and exchange student Alexei.  Maybe he meets Alexei one day when like a neighbourhood hockey team is mucking around on the ice.  And Kent is impressed with his skill so they’re talking about stuff and Alexei is talking about how he’s worried because he can’t really afford to stay, but he doesn’t want to go back to Russia because he’s gay.  But he doesn’t think he has a choice.

And maybe Kent mentions it casually to Swoops who’s like lol Sugar Daddy Kent.  But then Kent gets Ideas ™ about it.  And Swoops is like dude you’ll never pull this off, you already LIKE him.

And Kent is like, it’ll be fine because I’m allergic to feelings so nothing will happen.  Of course he has no idea about this giant cinnamon roll that is Alexei Mashkov who can literally win the heart of anyone he meets, and the next thing he knows, “Oh shit.”  Because yeah, he knows what that feeling is in his gut and oh god this was not supposed to happen!

IDK just an idea….

Imagine Demon Dean Stalking You Through The Bunker...

A chill ran down your spine when you heard his voice echo in the hallway, sounding much, much closer than you wanted him to be. Your breathing was short and sharp as you peeked around each corner, your heart beating widely in your chest. 

Sam had told you to leave before he’d even brought Dean back here, but you’d stupidly decided to stay, wanting to attempt to help save the man you loved with all your heart. The both of you had assumed he was secure, assumed that he wouldn’t be able to get out of that damn room; a mistake that was likely going to get both of you killed if Dean found either one of you. He didn’t sound like he was mucking around. 

Gripping the demon blade in your hand you turned another corner, wondering where the hell in this maze he was. You hadn’t seen Sam anywhere either and you were beginning to panic. 

Suddenly another hand was on your arm and you felt yourself get tugged backwards against the wall, an arm pressing down on your neck. The fear tightened in your chest when you looked at the obsidian eyes staring right back at you, a cruel smirk painted on the lips you used to love so much. 
“Light’s out Sweetheart.” 

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Prompt: harley finds out red hood was a robin and he expects her to ask him what batman's secret id is. but she wants to know random/mundane things like what he eats for breakfast. does he watch reality tv. come on hood these are important questions.

And we’re off! Starting off with a great prompt from a wonderful person and I’ve got just the idea! FYI this is early Hood in Gotham, before he confronts the Bats.

There was always something about the Hood that stuck out at her, from the very moment he first appeared. Mistah J had complained about the schmuck stealing his old gig, Penguin had griped about another vigilante mucking in business around causing trouble and, of course, old Maskie sure had the hardest time of them all. But there was just something about the guy that had seemed familiar, something nagging at the back of her brain that should couldn’t lay a finger on.

She’s at the museum, going after this pretty necklace she saw advertised on the news. She decided to go solo tonight, Ivy was having some special times with her planets and Kitty cat was leaning towards the right side of the law this week. Fine, she didn’t need anyone, she tells herself as she brings the mallet over her head to smash the case. Before she could finish her swing, a disc knocks it out of her hands and send it flying across the room, then again. She looks up and expects to see the Bat or one of his little birdies and instead catches the reflection of the moon glinting off a red helmet on the window sill above her.

“You know the Dias brothers were going to hit this museum tonight too,” He begins casually through the modulated helmet. “They haven’t been complying with my rules about selling drugs to kids so I thought I’d take them out during their robbery.” He shrugs, “I’m not so evil that I’d kill them in their beds, at least I can justify killing them when they’re breaking the law.”

Harley smiles broadly, keeping her face neutral as she takes one careful step backwards. For all his calm, his body language radiates confidence and strength and with his rapidly growing reputation to violently escalate the situation, Hood could very easily make a mess of her.

“And where do you think you’re going?” He growls out as he jumps down to confront her. “We were just getting acquainted cause you see, I knew your boss once, a long time ago, long before your pretty face came around.” She takes another few steps back towards her mallet as he slowly, menacingly comes towards her. “He hurt me bad, real bad, and I’ve never quite forgotten it. I’ve been waiting for the right time and opportunity to repay him and it occurs to me that maybe in that shriveled husk he calls a heart, there might be a spark of affection for you.” He reaches out to grab her arm but instead she ducks under and races towards her mallet. She grabs it deftly and throws it over her shoulder like a baseball bat, her face pinched and serious. Every woman knows when it’s time to drop the act and either get real or real dead.

“You back off buster, I don’t run with Mistah J no more so whatever beef you got with him stays with him. Now I’ve been able to smack Bats with this thing and I can tell you if it’s enough to take them down, it’ll sure get you too.” She’s prepared to fight tooth and nail if he takes one step closer but, to her surprise, he chuckles lightly and relaxes his predatory stance and holds up his hands in surrender.

Holy female empowerment Batman,” he teases lightly as a lightbulb goes off in the back of her head but she’s still too pumped up on fear and aggression to acknowledge it. “I do got a bone to pick with your boss, sure, but you’re just as much a victim as I was so I’m not continue his work and hurt you. I heard you’d cut ties with that louse, just thought I’d confirm for myself.” His arms lower, “now off you get, the Dias brothers will be here any minute and I don’t need you setting off alarms and scaring them away before I get in my daily dose of butt-kicking.”

Again, the familiarity overwhelms her as she finally places where she knows the Hood from. And wow, how about dem apples? She relaxes her guard, loosening her mallet so it bounces against the ground. Realistically, her revelation should only make her more cautious but for some reason it relaxes her. No matter how out of line he’s acting, Bats will always be Bats.

“You’re Robin!” She says excitedly, pointing at him, knowing she’s right when he tenses at the obviously familiar title. “The second one, right? The one Mistah J-” his fists tightens and she shuts her mouth quick as she can. She knows a thing or two about the invisible scars that man can leave. She leans forward on the handle of mallet, shaking her head at the incredible, impossible circumstances. Only in Gotham, right?

“Man you sure grew up kid, I used ta read about you in papers back when I was finishing up my doctorate.” She tilts her head to the side, “‘course you were a lot shorter and moral back then but I’m pleased to see you’ve learned to wear proper pants.” Hood growls again, but this time in annoyance and maybe a touch of embarrassment. Something tells her he wasn’t planning on making his Bat connections known. I guess that kinda thing does tend to sully one’s criminals reputation.

“So what happened to ya?” She asks in her neat, professional voice. “Why aren’t you back with Daddy? I know he’d be happy to see ya no matter what pants you’re wearing.” Hood aggressively begins ruffling his clothes and checking for his weapons, classic avoidance tactics. “You can tell me, like I said, I’m not dealing with the Joker anymore and I am a trained psychologist ya know. Maybe I can help. I know what it’s like to try and move past the bad things.”

“You don’t know anything,” he sneers, the venom visible through the voice modulator , “about what that man or that clown did to me. Batman took me into his home, gave me a shot and then left me in the-” Harley’s eyes lit up at the slipped information and grinned like a maniac.

“So wait you actually know the big Bat’s name? Ya weren’t just a part timer?” She hoots and spins around in a circle throwing her mallet. “Oh man, I gotta know, does he sleep in a real bed or does he hang upside down like a bat?” She puts a finger to her face and turns away from the vigilante to think even as she registers the confused disbelief in his body language. “Are there even any Bats at your place? Do you come home and there’s like a bajillion Bats flying all around and ya can’t get anything done.”

‘Gee Batman’,” she starts in a high mocking voice “’I sure wish I could practice my wicked kung-fu but there’s all these Bats in my face’” she turns around, acting out the other half of the conversation. “'Sorry old chum, but I need those Bats to fuel my grim, dark Bat powers’”. She concludes with a laugh. “What does a Batman even eat? Fruit? Insects? Blood from a virgin?” She spins around and claps her hands. “Oh! You’ve got to tell me about those green panties! What was the point of that? What was Nightwing think-” to absolutely no one’s surprise, the Red Hood is long gone.

She sniffs haughtily at the snuff and wanders over to pick up her mallet. She looks at it thoughtfully for a moment before bringing it down onto the case containing her necklace. The glass shatters and the alarms begin sounding but she pays it no mind as she grabs the jewel and runs. The Dias brothers won’t be hitting up the museum tonight, so much for Hood’s, Robin’s, carefully planned stake-out. But that’s what he gets for leaving a girl without any answers and she really wanted to know the story behind the green underwear.

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what are some of your favourite junhan moments when either jun or jeonghan are jealous?? ^.^

okay so before i get into things i just wanna put it out there that you shouldn’t take any of the following comments too seriously because i’m sure they’re all just mates and nothing more! so think of the following as my thoughts when i let my imagination run wild kinda thing LOL

fave ‘jealous’ junhui moment

fave ‘jealous’ jeonghan moment

BONUS: junhan making jisoo ‘jealous’

^this is why i like jihan as well. like jokes aside and all.. that is one interesting reaction :’))