#92 Disney

Louis: “Hey, Louis!” You shouted from the living room. You were hanging off the side of the couch while Louis was off mucking around trying to find something to eat. He mumbled something back and it was clear that he had found something and had shoved half of it in his mouth. “I know what you should be for Liam’s Halloween party!” Liam had been so enthusiastic about throwing his own Halloween party this year and he made it mandatory for all the guests to wear costumes but Louis couldn’t seem to find one that he actually wanted to wear. Soon, he sauntered back into living room with a bag of pretzels held tightly in his grip as he sat down on the floor in front of you, where your head was hanging off the couch. “Whatcha got in mind?” “You should be Peter Pan.” His nose scrunched at the idea and you knew you’d need to defend your idea before he would even consider it.  "C'mon, you literally are Peter Pan. You look and act the same; all you need is a green costume and a hat! It would be so perfect!“ Louis still seemed unconvinced but decided to play along. "And what would you go as? Wendy?” Sarcasm laced his words but he watched as your face lite up and you quickly sat up on the couch and flipped over to face him. “Would you wanna do that! Lou, that’d be so cool! And Liam and Sophia are gonna be matching so it’ll be so cute if we match too!” What had started as a joke now became true and Louis knew there was no way out of it since you were now so overzealous about this idea. He tried to think of a way out but it wasn’t that bad and it would make you happy if he went through with it. “When do you wanna go shopping for this costume?” His voice sounded defeated but he knew he was secretly excited for this whole matching costume thing. “Tomorrow! Louis you’re gonna look so cute, oh my god! You better get into character when you’re dressed up.” He set the pretzels aside and hopped on the couch near you. “If I’ve got to be Peter than maybe you should be Tinker Bell instead of Wendy since you get jealous so easily.” You gasped and hit his shoulder. “You’re a jerk and I do not.” He shrugged, rubbing the spot you had hit though it didn’t really hurt. “Didn’t say I didn’t like your jealousy. And I think you’d make the cutest Tinker Bell around.”

Liam: You were just about to go to the beach to spend some time with Liam when your sister had called and desperately begged you to go babysit her daughters. And, after arguing for a few minutes, you finally gave in and had to call Liam with the change of plans but, luckily, he understood and you rescheduled. Within the next twenty minutes, you were changed into more appropriate clothes and your apartment was cleaned so that nothing could harm them. When your sister dropped the twins off, they begged to watch something and instantly agreed on watching Aladdin. The only time they were quite was when they were watching something they enjoyed so just about halfway through the movie, you snuck off to the kitchen to make them a snack when the doorbell rang. As soon as you glanced out the window to see Liam, you quickly threw open the door. “Liam, I told you I have to watch Becca and Juliana.” You sighed, though you were happy he was there, you were sad that you’d have to sensor yourselves around the five year olds. “I know, babe. But I’m good with them so I figured I could help you so you’re not alone. Where are they anyways?” He finally stepped inside and locked the door behind him before you answered. “They’re in the living room watching Aladdin.” Liam grinned and raised an eyebrow. “Really?” You nodded and Liam quickly grasped your hands before he sang, “A whole new world. A new fantastic point of view.” “Oh c'mon, Liam. Right now?” You blushed, not wanted to distract the girls by his antics but it was clear he wasn’t done yet. “No one to tell us ‘No’, Or where to go, Or say we’re only dreaming.” He twisted you around so his chest was pressed against your back and his chin resting on your shoulder as he swayed you both. “Come on, sweetheart. You know you want to. You love singing Disney duets with me.” He cooed in your ear but it was the kiss to your jaw that finally prompted you to continue. “A whole new world. A dazzling place I never knew. But now from way up here, It’s crystal clear that now I’m in a whole new world with you.” You both were ready to continue but were interrupted by giggles and two heads poking out for behind the wall, causing you to blush and separate from Liam. “That was so cute!” Becca cried before they both ran to tackle Liam in hugs.

Niall: It was around 11 o'clock when Niall jumped in the shower. You were spending the night at his house since it was your birthday the next day and he didn’t want to waste a second without you. You were cuddled up on his bed, scrolling through instagram while some murder mystery played on the flat screen tv for background noise. You were drifting off to sleep when Niall’s once quiet song suddenly become boisterous and reverberated through the bedroom and you could finally decipher what he was actually singing. “Toll would like to quit and be a florist. Gunter does interior design.” You released several giggles when you realized he was singing I’ve got a dream from Tangled and was switching up his voice to match the characters singing. And, to be honest, he was almost spot on. “Urf is into mime. Attila’s cupcakes are sublime. Bruiser knits. Killer sews. Ven does little puppet shows. And Vladimir collects ceramic unicorns.” The song continued, as did your giggles and humming along with him, until you finally heard the water turn off and his voice quieted. “Thought you’d be asleep, babe.” He mumbled as he emerged from the bathroom wearing only plaid pajama pants. He ran a towel through his hair before crawling under the blanket and wrapping his arm around you. “Hey, Niall,” you said, flipping around to face him after you snagged the remote and shut off the tv. “I think that, after our dinner tomorrow night, maybe we could watch some Disney movie… Maybe Tangled…” His face paled before turning into a deep blush. “I can’t believe you heard me.” He mumbled, causing you to smile and snuggle into him. “You sounded cute.” “Well, just don’t tell the other boys and we can definitely watch it tomorrow…”

Zayn: “Baby, You’ve got to slow down.” Zayn huffed as you tugged him towards the Disney world’s Grotto. “Noooo,” You whined, only pulling him along so he would actually keep up with your pace. “We’ve got to get there to meet Ariel before it gets super busy and we’ve got to wait there in line for hours.” Zayn reluctantly switched to a light jog match your speed. “You just wanna meet Prince Eric.” He joked, pulling you to a halt and you groaned. There was no way you would be able to beat the crowd with Zayn slowing you down. Since you were already late, you decided to give in and humor him a bit. “So what? Prince Eric is pretty cute.” Zayn pouted and squeezed your hand. He looked like a sad puppy and you couldn’t even continue this act. “Aw,” You released his hand and threw your arms around his neck. If he wasn’t paying attention, you probably would have knocked him over with the force of your hug. “Prince Eric is a fairytale prince. You’re like twice as good because you’re real and, don’t tell him this, but you’re so much more attractive than he is.” He grinned at the compliment, his arms slipping around your waist to hold you close to him. “I’d rather be your knight in shining armor rather than a stuck up prince pining after a girl. I’ve already got my girl.”

Harry: Less than a week ago, you found out that you were having twins. A boy and a girl. And Harry was elated. He’s bought dozens of baby books and pink and blue onesies. Everything was ready for them except for the fact that you two couldn’t agree on a name. He kept suggesting exotic names like Belize and Luca or Terra and Brice. Now, not all of them were awful, you just didn’t want your kids with those names. But Harry wasn’t gonna give up so easily. “What about Simba and Nala?” You sent him a strange look but he didn’t bother to acknowledge it as he was too caught up in the idea. “No no, listen. They could sing I just can’t wait to be king and I could do all the Zazu’s parts. Babe, this is genius!” “You do know that Simba and Nala are not siblings and eventually fall in love with each other, right?” He huffed and nodded. “That doesn’t matter, you can sing whoever’s part you want to sing, please baby!” “Are you actually serious, Harry?!” He nodded, grabbing one of his valuable baby books and flipping through the pages, probably looking for a list of popular names, before you interrupted him again. “So, you want our children to be based off of Disney love intrests.” He paused for a moment, coming up with a suitable rebuttal. “Fine, you do have a point a guess. How about Violet and Dash, then? They’re siblings.” “Violet and Dash… As in The Incredible movie?” Harry grinned brightly. “We’ll consider it…”  

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        ❛   ———— No, absolutely not  ❜

         There was no way Arthur would be letting these
            two anywhere near the Gardens. Arthur knew the
            duo , he knew their antics. Though he loved them
            both quite dearly , he knew they would set fire
            to the area if he was to let them enter.

         He knew that the two would only cause havoc
            or would become bored and complain till Arthur
            snapped at the two. Yes , they can run a muck
            around the house , or if Alfred really wanted
            to he could take Ari somewhere far away from

         Either way , this was duty , and he couldn’t
            bring these two into it.

        ❛    ———— You two would be bored off your damn
               minds anyways , this is not like a  party that
                    either of you are thinking about , it is far
                    more eloquent and thankfully , far quieter  ❜

                           ♛⁞ unxtedstxtes

So here’s McGucket in AToTS, he’s all young and fresh look at him

he still looks young here, but he’s got lines around his mouth, suggesting he’s more in “middle-aged” territory than young territory

what’s up with that

Also in Ford’s story he has a company called “McGucket Computermajigs” which is clearly a shitty startup computer company; while his laptop claims to have come from “McGucket labs,” suggesting a more established, professional, well-known enterprise.

Basically, I feel that AToTS portrayed him to be a young dude mucking around with different opportunities building computers, while Society of the Blind Eye portrayed him to be older (perhaps in his mid 30′s to early 40′s), and a well-established professional with no prior knowledge of Ford (refers to him as a traveling researcher instead of a friend)

What up with that

Taking a STAB at something new

I’ve been curious about the Japanese style stab binding for a bit now. I had some offcuts from previous project so I thought I’d take a stab at it.

The offcuts were already at a good shopping list size so I divided them up into stacks of 52. The grain is running long-ways on this but, meh, you get that.

With one of the left-over pieces I made a template of where to drill my holes. I sandwiched the paper between two pieces of MDF and taped the template on. I used a 1mm drill-bit to make the holes. The holes are 8mm down from the top and, starting from 8mm in from the edges, 12mm apart. This was pure serendipity :)

I then cut out some cardboard to act as the back and the tab at the front.

using the exact same template, I drilled holes in the cardboard.

For good results.

I had some scraps of chelsea book cloth from back in the day. Bout time I used some of it.

After gluing it onto the face of one piece, I trimmed the corners and stabbed the holes again with a sewing needle.

And slathered it with sticky white stuff before bending over the flaps and securing them down.

I did the same with the back piece, but on the “inside” cover I added a piece of blue cardboard. I was looking for red, but I couldn’t find any. Blue is the new red people!

All that was left was to sew the lot together. I used embroidery floss and it seemed to work okay. In the last two photos you can see the slice I put into the edges right up at the top of the paper. I did that in the hope that the paper would tear off nicely despite the grain direction.

So anyways, that was fun and fairly simple and now I have a fancy looking shopping list to muck around with. Just have to glue some magnets on the back and I’m set :D