mucking boots

Head Over Heels

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Notes: Kind of long [roughly 4600 words]

Based On:

You sat scraping the dried mud off your boot with your knife as the sun slowly set above. You could not help but admire the sky above; the horizon a faint shade of gray tinged with pink as the pale moon began to show its face. It had been a long day of walking and you had nearly lost one of your boots to the deep muds you had trekked through.

You stood and kicked your toe against a tree, trying to knock of the last of the muck. You knew your boots were not going to make it much further but having an extra layer would not help you stay upright. As of late, it seemed as if you were falling more than often; not that it was entirely your fault.

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this is as close to outfit of the day as your all going to get.
An over sized shirt i cut into a dress… stretch pants, olive green knee socks and muck boots… because its ALWAYS muddy.

You still alive?
Or did my utter lack of fashion bore you to death

…. it sure wishes it was the lucky bootfag being fed the muck from those boots …. and it’s still early in the day …. until then, it can drool in its cage and think about the goodies it may find under the soles ….