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Wtf am i doing with my life? Okay so i got a sample of some random korean beauty products the last time i ordered something online…like you always do, you know those little things. And there was this one packet of something with this long ass description of super vague korean trendy words translated into english that all make sense but like…what is this stuff? It said essence and i see the word moisture and so i put it on my face one night before bed because whats the worst that can happen right?

and i swear to god i woke up with my fucking FACE FEELING LIKE MAGIC holy shit it made my skin so nice.
So i tried it the second night and i swear to god ive gone BACK IN YEARS with only two days of using this stuff, what the actual fuck.
So i look at it again and its, hilariously called Snail 96. And im like okay so it has the souls of 96 snails in it, thats cool.

Well i bought a bottle today on amazon and AFTER i paid for it im reading and it says 96% Snail mucin….mucin sounds…kinda…

So i googled “what is snail mucin” and guys…its the slime.

Its 96% snail SLIME and im willingly rubbing it all over my face and ive never felt more alive.

I didnt even cancel the order. Im gonna let these fuckers slime me, i dont care.

okay the brand is Cosrx and its called Advanced Snail 96 mucin power essence and i got it for less than $15 bucks on amazon. Someone just said something about horse spit in the replies and im….man i love korean cosmetics, theyre so brave hahaha

Snails and Skincare? 🐌

It may sound like the weirdest thing, but snail secretion filtrate (yes, the slime) is honestly my favorite skincare ingredient of the moment

  1. Heals acne scars and other skin injury
  2. Balances skin tone
  3. Soothing and hydrating
  4. The snails are not harmed in the process

Need some snail in your life? Here are some of my recommendations:

Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream- My holy grail moisturizer. Thick and moisturizing, but WILL NOT clog your pores. Brightening and anti-aging effects. Bee venom as well 🐝

Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence- Light and hydrating. Heals the skin. 96% snail mucin, so it’s potent and doesn’t have any fillers. If you want to test the effects of snail mucin, this is the product.

Tosowoong Pure Snail Sheet Mask- Instant cooling and redness reduction. Leaves your skin dewy and plump. 

The leptocephali are about 300 - 400 mm long and appear to be metamorphosing larvae of some type of moray eel of the family Muraenidae. The morphological similarities between these leptocephali and Ribbon Eels, Rhinomuraena quaesita, suggest they may be Ribbon Eel larvae. 

Leptocephali are transparent because they have only a thin layer of muscle over a mucinous pouch inside the body. The pouch contains glucosaminoglycan (GAG) compounds that form a transparent jelly-like substance. The GAGs are converted into tissue during metamorphosis, and thus in addition to being transparent, they are also an energy storage material. (Video)

i’d say bodyshop has rly good masks! i bought the ethiopian honey deep nourishing mask and it feels rly good on my skin + it’s rly moisturizing and reduces my redness a lot. im also currently using cosrx’s snail mucin essence and pimple pad exfoliator and im pretty satisfied with the results! im also using skinmiso’s pore corset (which ppl say works like magic idk) i havent felt any changes yet though! i’d like to hear from u guys too (well, abt ur fave skincare stuffs & ofc a lil bit of reviews 😁)

@teaforlupin OKAY I KNOW IT SOUNDS AWFUL but i promise it’s done amazing things for my skin! It’s great for hyperpigmentation, blemishes, dullness, textured skin and has lots of great anti-aging properties (i need alladat). Every night (okay i slack off a lot during the semester) I take a deep breath and cover my face in snail mucus–I use COSRx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin essence or their Snail 92 All in One cream. Thankfully neither of them have a scent so the sliminess is easy to ignore. 😩

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how'd u get rid of ur acne??? i feel like if i use a lot of products like cleanser toner exfoliant then it isn't really helping idkkk ive been wanted to try lush bc of a textpost but i can't find it anymore any reqs

tbh my skin started to clear out eversince i started using cosrx’s products!! the main stuff r cosrx clarifying treatment toner, cosrx’s pimple pad & cosrx snail mucin power essence! i use masks occasionally 😊

Essences and Serums and Ampoules! Oh my!

Essences, serums, and ampoules (ESAs): If you’re new to skin care, you’re probably still trying to figure out what these are all about. The reason why is because the definition of these products is so loose that its really hard to nail down. This post will guide you through what ESAs are, the difference between them, and why you should be using them.

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A really cool example of mucus sitting inside goblet cells and glands in the colon! Mucus is composed primarily of mucin, a protein-sugar molecule (glycosylated protein) which easily grabs onto and holds water molecules. Mucin allows gel formation, which gives mucus it’s protective function. The gel traps pathogens and prevents mechanical (physical) damage to the wall of the GI tract. Pretty, right?

Colon Daisies

Be warned however, this is one posy that you really don’t want to sniff.

Microscopically, the mucosal lining of the colon exhibits many crypts of Lieberkuhn (intestinal glands) that are lined with mucus secreting goblet cells.
Mucus is useful in this region because it assists in lubricating the tube to allow dry feces to be passed along easily (decreases friction).
When the a slice is made through the mucosa parallel with its orientation and stained specifically for mucin, these crypts glands look remarkably like a field full of daisies. The goblet cells forming the petals.