So honestly I don’t know of a better way to go about this, since the embed html function never seems to work for me, and Twitter doesn’t make it easy to reblog content from it onto Tumblr in any other way.  (Though if anyone has suggestions for that, please let me know.)

Hadron Collider is an artist who posts to Twitter.  They have a tumblr, but not much has been posted there, and none of their art.

If you haven’t seen their art before, I strongly urge you to go to their Twitter and check it out.

The only thing I can really say is, their art is beautiful and astonishing in both execution and the ideas expressed.  I would reblog it all, if I could.


oh-so-casually I made this prequel “of my last comic” because i dunno @midotakaism​   you know why? Well “kiss on forehead” suggestion done  °ヮ° for you guys all -proud 🔥-

kaner came over to flip me a puck but i fucking dropped it and this little boy picked it up. i literally looked at him like he just killed my dog. i was so sad. but then pat, being the angel he is, saw and went to get another puck. he tossed I over and made sure i got it. like if u don’t think we should get married right now u lyin!!

thank u @travis-konecny for taking this video you’re so sweet :)


I spent 4 dollars to upgrade my stupid acapella app to be able to record 3 minutes so y'all better reblog the hell outta this full cover of How Far I’ll go

alec is the softest human so...
  • He is the kind of person that talks to babies and animals with silly voices in secret.
  • He stops walking on the street when he sees pretty flowers and, obviously, wants to take pictures of them.
  • He loves drinking tea.
  • When he was young he would make little drawings on top of important files. 
  • When he laughs he covers his eyes only showing his smile.
  • Whenever he is bored he takes stickers and puts it on Magnus’ face while he is working.
  • He dances to pop songs whenever he is alone.
  • He gasps everytime he sees a dog on the street.
  • He loves taking polaroids of random things.
  • L o v e s cuddles. Literally everytime he has the chance he’ll cuddle Magnus. Same reason to why he has like fifty pillows on his bed.
  • When he was little he would always give people butterfly kisses.
  • He is the kind of person that cries if he sees pictures of puppies.
  • He leaves little post-it notes in the mirror for Magnus every morning. He used to do the same thing with Izzy when they were younger and would even go as far as to stick some on her face for fun.
  • His response to someone calling him adorable is “I’m not adorable. I’m the baddest angriest person. I’m not adorable I’m grumpy and terrible. Stop calling me adorable”
  • He always runs to the window to look at the rain.
  • Without even realizing he does it, he puts flowers on Izzy’s hair while she isn’t doing anything.
  • He loves drawing. The first time he showed Clary one of his drawiings he was really nervous because “She is great artist…my drawings are lame” but Clary was actually pretty surprised and yelled “That’s gorgeous, Alec”, he only smiled at her and softly whispered “Thanks”.
  • He loves slow dancing.
  • Please add more cuz i love soft!alec and i need more of it in my life.
Sleepover Saturday

I’m bored so let’s do a Sleepover Saturday! 

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