why is this not talked about?? this is the sound of an actual angel?? y are yall sleeping on chenle

Anyone still thinking about the John = Moriarty meta right now (because it’s a convincing argument) PLEASE DON’T WORRY! Moftiss are not doing that. 

There’s mirroring, yes, but that’s because John and Jim represent Sherlock’s two “choices”, his two potential futures; towards John/his heart, or towards “Moriarty”/death. John and James are mirrored to blur the lines between the two of them. This represents the illusion of choice; the way we’re brainwashed by a heteronormative and homophobic society into not being able to tell which choice is the right one: Which will lead us to love, and which will burn our heart out. 

And because for much of recent history, people didn’t have the freedom to choose, the mirroring of John and Jim represents the idea that, for a gay man, love could be equated to death, because that’s where it could lead you (ie. criminal conviction&punishment/suicide/hate-crime). John strapped with a bomb at the pool is a perfect example - John is speaking Moriarty’s words. He’s Sherlock’s heart, but he’s also primed to kill them both. He’s John and James, he’s love and death at the same time!

The rest of the mirroring in the meta comes down to the same idea….

  • John and James both say “I owe you”, because Jim owes Sherlock his death, and John owes him love.
  • The apples. Apples (in Sherlock at least) possibly? represent the temptation of same-sex attraction, that can, historically speaking, lead a man to his death. John is that temptation (that’s why the apple literally says “It is John”), but because it’s 2016, Sherlock can have the love, without the death! 

Some other points from the meta: 

  • Moriarty calls himself the storyteller, because he wants to be Sherlock’s storyteller. He wants to dictate the story, and he wants to give us his ending (death). But John tells us who is the REAL storyteller moments before he eliminates Moriarty from the picture.
  • Regarding the poisoning mentioned on John’s CV:  Look at the heading! It reads “able to recognize and give immediate and appropriate treatment”. Treatment of poisoning!! We might be getting The Dying Detective, which might involve Sherlock having actually been poisoned. This detail is in John’s CV in TBB to possibly foreshadow that John will save Sherlock’s life by treating him for poisoning in S4.
  • Jim likes explosives, and John is probably somewhat familiar with them from Afghanistan. Except…… “I wasn’t on bomb disposal, I’m a bloody doctor!”. He can’t diffuse a bomb, but he can still save your life. 
  • Regarding John having some useful trivia, and knowing about the god with two faces….well, why not? John is smarter than he looks. 

From looking at the comments on the meta, it seemed like some people needed a hug. @isitandwonder @monikakrasnorada . Here’s a meta-hug. Hope that makes a tiny amount of sense and is maybe a tiny bit reassuring. If not, then here’s just a ((((hug)))).

TL;DR: John is not Moriarty. 

(just noticed before posting that @sussexbound wrote in the comments a similar thing about sherlock’s two choices)

(i wrote this so tired I can barely see - there could be mistakes)