A Ravenclaw/Slytherin Relationship Would Include...
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* * *

  • The most amazing mastermind duo in the history of forever
  • Also probably the scariest 
  • Everyone is extremely intimidated by them but at the same time loves them a lot together
  • Them both being two sides of the same coin 
  • Often saying the same thing at the same time and getting really excited every time it happens 
  • The two working together and pulling off the best pranks ever and no one finding them out
  • The Ravenclaw being extremely good at getting the Slytherin out of trouble while the Slytherin grumbles“I was doing fine on my own”
  • Road trips
  • A lot of spontaneous adventures happening 
  • The two being able to pull of the hottest selfies 
  • but if you scroll through them they all end up being silly ones
  • The Ravenclaw always taking sneaky photos of their beloved Slytherin
  • The Slytherin always watching and studying the Ravenclaw because they love them so much
  • loud singing 
  • Pun wars that go on for hours
  • Also sass wars
  • People think that the two hate each other because of all the sassiness and “arguing” but it’s just they way they show affection 
  • pretty travel pics of exotic places 
  • both of them trying to stifle their laughs when they hear an innuendo and make eye contact 
  • Never ever being the gross “lovey-dovey” couple except for when they’re alone