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so are you thinking mark littlewood is it? i'm only asking because i sort of get that sense from your post about him traveling with the band and your tags on this stuff. i'm not trying to be accusatory, i'm just trying to figure stuff out myself.

I definitely don’t think Mark Littlewood is it.  I’ve always thought there were multiple people behind the bears (that’s been clear from the beginning). 

I do think he’s a more likely way the bears get to the Little Mix gig than Louis meeting up with Perrie sometime.  I think that because presumably RBB was set up before Little Mix arrived and I think the logistics of the bears last sighting were complicated (I think the last sighting was that gig in the UK, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they hadn’t made the trip accross with Harry.  Getting the bears from the Southbank to wherever Harry was in time for his flight would have been pretty complex.  Nothing that can’t be solved with money - but not something that we can assume happened).  

I am  very interested in the bears - so when I get new information about who might have been involved and how that might have worked (and both the video and the fact that he lives in Chorley is new information) I’m super excited.

I also don’t agree with some of the logic I’ve seen accross my dash.  I’ve seen a lot of assumptions that he couldn’t have gone with them to the US leg of the promo tour.  The question ‘Did Mark Littlewood travel with them to the US for their promo tour?’ is a really good one and I’d like to know any information which would help answer (including what people know about normal practice).  But I’m not going to assume that the answer is no without more information.

But none of that changes the most important fact about who was behind the bears - which is that they were representing themselves as Harry and Louis for months - on stage and on their twitter.  And the only people who could possibly OK that were Harry and Louis or Management.  I’ve been saying that since almost my first post here.

The bears have an entourage - I’m super excited to have more information about the non Harry and Louis part of that entourage.  That doesn’t stop Harry and Louis being part of the entourage.