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so you might know about this or you might not, but i just saw on facebook someone created a webseries called A Bit Much, which is a vlog set in a camp based on much ado about nothing. just thought id bring it to your attention if it wasnt already!! :)

We have heard of it and some of us have watched it! There are a few versions of Muchado online now which is really cool. It’s always fascinating to see what other people do with a story. It looks like it’s one of the most loved Shakespeare comedies.

You know what I want to see? I want to see the NMTD cast get together and do a straight-up performance of Muchado. Just the original play. I would enjoy this.

Okay, I upped my pledge for Lovely Little Losers too!

We’ve gone up by over a thousand dollars in just the past like…12 hours after lying mostly flat for the last couple weeks, but we’re only $8808 in New Zealand dollars away from 30k — that’s just $6936 in US dollars. 

I think we might actually be able to make the Muchado production. Maybe. If we pull out all the stops. Anyone have any ideas? 

Do you think thecandlewasters could convince Reuben to make a few more covers at $300 each? That would help…

Wait. What?!

Okay, so let me see if I’ve got this straight:

  1. There was an ambulance at the Duke residence at some point and Hero has not been in school lately.
  2. Nobody has seen Hero, so Cora thinks it is plausible that something has happened to her.
  3. Cora really really hates her middle name, Petunia.
  4. John has run away.
  5. Pedro posted his video to John on Ben’s channel, which seems to indicate that either Ursula isn’t letting him post on her channel anymore but Ben is too careless to have changed his password, or that Pedro thinks John is more likely to watch Ben’s videos than Ursula’s.

Possibly spoilery discussion of adaptational choices below, as well as speculation.

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Don Pedro/Balthasar at the dance on the end of the play. Thanks for all the great fics!

DON PEDRO: Good Balthasar, the wedding is at hand
That fate could but delay though firm its stance.
I pray thee lay thy lute aside and stand
And join me in the noble art of dance.

BALTHASAR: In artistry I am unequal bless’d:
In fingers and in voice mine arts delight,
But foot and limb ungainly do detest
The exhibition of their woeful plight.

DON PEDRO: But see! Beneath yon willow’s drooping boughs
Concealed may we dance—so dance we now!

They dance.


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Nathan Fillion stars in Much Ado About Nothing, which is in cinemas now.


Love’s Labour’s Won is a play written by William Shakespeare before 1598. The play appears to have been published by 1603, but no copies are known to have survived. One theory holds that it is a lost work, possibly a sequel to Love’s Labour’s Lost. Another theory is that the title is an alternative name for a known Shakespeare play.