I used to think that the ability to turn back time would be the greatest possible gift, so that I could undo all the things I wish I hadn’t done. But grace is an even better gift, because it allows me to do more than just erase; it allows me to become more than I was when I did those things. It’s forgiveness without forgetting, which is much sweeter than amnesia.
—  Shauna Niequist, Savor {Sweeter than Amnesia}
Excuse Me

Title: Excuse me

Pairing: Foreign!Reader x Markiplier

Prompt: The reader is on holidays in America with their best friend, they got lost in a shopping center and need help.

A/N For the best friend I just picked a random name and came up with a character

“Okay how are we lost right now?”

“Well Y/N in case you didn’t notice this place is huge and maybe if a certain someone didn’t get distracted by a fountain we wouldn’t BE LOST!!”

Y/N blushed a little at their friends remark and bowed their head in shame.

“It’s not my fault the fountain looked cool..”

Y/N sighed and pulled Shauna over to a brown bench beside a cool fountain. Y/N looked around the mall, they didn’t recognise where they were. Their friend looked at them with a scowl.

“Well, what now?”

Y/N shrugged.

“I dunno’ scream until someone helps?”

Y/N and their friend giggled and thought for a moment while looking at all the people rushing past. There were people walking fast, people walking slow, some people were on their own whereas some people were in a large group. After a few minutes Y/N had an idea.

“Hey why don’t we ask someone where the hell we are and how to leave?

“I don’t wanna’ ask some random person, plus they probably won’t understand our accents anyway” 

“Sure we could talk slowly for them, c’mon’ let’s find someone who doesn’t look too…scary”

Y/N and Shauna looked and gestured at a tall, tired looking woman with two hyper looking children clinging to her legs.

“What about her? She looks normal enough”

“Nah’ she looks like she has her hands full”

Y/N looked away from the woman and nudged their elbow into Shauna’s side.

“What about him?”

Shauna looked at a small old man who was looking into a window of a sports shop while looking confused.

“Y/N he doesn’t even know where he is, I hardly think he can help us”

“Alright, alright I’m gonna’ ask the next person I see just so we can get out of this jam-packed death trap”

Y/N quickly looked to their left and saw a man who had bright red hair, a red plaid top and skinny jeans on, he too was sitting on a bench but he was on his phone. Y/N swiftly slapped their friend’s arm.

“Ow what the fuck Y/N?”

Y/N nodded their head in the mans direction. Shauna looked over at him.

“Hmm, he’s wearing plaid…he looks like he knows directions”

Y/N rolled their eyes.

“You want to ask him just because he’s wearing plaid?”

“Emm yeah pretty much”

“Well I picked him because first of all his hair is amazing and second of all he is pleasing to the eyes”

Shauna laughed and stood up with Y/N. 

“So Y/N I bet you want to ask him for the directions?”

Y/N nodded their head quickly in agreement. They both giggled and walked towards the man.

They both stopped in front of the man. Y/N stepped towards the bench the man was sitting on, Shauna stayed a little bit behind Y/N.

“Excuse me, sorry to bother but can I ask you for help?”

The man looked up from his phone and into Y/N’s eyes. His eyes were a warm chocolate colour and he has some scruff on his chin and around his lips. Up close his hair looked even more vibrant and soft, fluffy even. Y/N wanted to touch his hair but restrained themselves. The handsome man looked kind and curious.

“Could you repeat that?”

Y/N stood straighter and tried to ignore the tingle they felt when he spoke. Y/N tried to talk just a little slower this time.

“I was wondering could you help me and my friend, if it’s not too much trouble”

“Oh yeah sure, what do you need help with?”

The man stood up from his bench and Shauna walked closer to them. Y/N turned to her friend and smiled and winked when the stranger wasn’t looking. This caused Shauna to smile and wink back.

“Well we are both lost actually, we’ve never been here before and we are looking for the exit” 

“Oh yeah I was just gonna’ leave now actually, I can show you two the exit now”

“Thank you so much, if it weren’t for you we probably would’ve been here for hours. By the way I’m Y/N and this is my friend Shauna.”

Shauna gave the strange man a small wave and a quiet hello. The male returned the wave and smile.

“Hey, my name’s Mark, nice to meet you”

Mark walked with Y/N and Shauna. Mark seemed very nice and friendly so Y/N liked him even more than before. They looked at Mark and examined his face. He had a natural smile on his face, a smile that looked as if it rarely ever left his face. Y/N noticed how smooth his voice was, how calming it was. Mark looked up and saw Y/N looking at him, he looked into their eyes and gave a wider smile. His eyes scrunched at the edges and somehow it made him more handsome. This made Y/N smile back at him and they continued walking.

“So where are you guys from?”

“Me and Shauna are from Ireland, we are here on holidays.”

“Oh, how long are you guys here for?”

“We are here for another two weeks, we want too look around as much as we can” Shauna piped in.

“Well I hope you guys enjoy it here”

“Yeah maybe we can enjoy it if we don’t get lost in another shopping center”

Mark laughed and before they know it they reached the exit. They all slowed down until they were outside the exit. Shauna looked over to Mark and gave him a smile.

“Well we better get going, thanks for the help Mark.”

“It was no problem at all, have a nice day guys”

Mark started to walk to the left while giving Shauna a smile. He looked at Y/N and gave a wink. He laughed when Y/N blushed and he walked to the left.

“Oooh, did Mark just wink at you Y/N?”

“Oh my God I can’t believe he did that”

Shauna laughed and walked to the right, while Y/N was still standing there. They were looking at Mark walk away and their chest was still tingling from Marks wink. Y/N knew that they were attracted to Mark for definite now, which sucked because they thought that they would never see him again.

Shauna ran back to Y/N and grabbed them by the wrist and hauled them to the right.

“I’m sure you will see him again Y/N, somehow”

Shauna gave her friend a smile and walked them towards their hotel.

Welcome to the very first installment of our new original feature, Penguin Teen Behind the Book! In this series, we’ll hear from editors about how they found the authors they work with and why they decided to publish their books, giving you an inside peek into to book making process here at Penguin!

First up, we have Shauna Rossano, an Editor of Putnam Children’s Books at Penguin, to talk about how she discovered artist Kit Chase and how Kit’s new book, Oliver’s Tree came to be!


As an editor who loves picture books, I’m always on the hunt for new illustrator talent. One of my favorite places to poke around and look at artists is Etsy, and a few years ago I stumbled upon Kit Chase’s shop: Trafalgar’s Square. From the first moment I spotted her adorable animal prints, I was in love—each animal was cuter than the next! And I quickly saw that I wasn’t the only one who loved her—Kit has over 22,700 “admirers” on the site—and growing! I could tell that Kit had huge picture book potential, so I sent her a “love letter” and asked if she had ever thought about writing stories to go with her art. She told me that, coincidentally, she was working on some story ideas with her agent—who had contacted her around the same time after seeing her work.

A little while later, Kit’s agent sent me some sample illustrations and a story featuring three friends: Oliver the elephant, Charlie the rabbit, and Lulu the owl. I had seen a number of potential “characters” among her Etsy prints, but Kit brought these three child-like animals to life perfectly—their innocent, playful relationships reminded me of some of my favorite picture book classics, and I could immediately picture them starring in many books together. After fighting off several other publishers in an auction, we signed Kit to a three-book contract.  

Oliver’s Tree was not the initial story that Kit’s agent submitted, but after falling in love with the characters, we worked with Kit to find the perfect story to bring readers into the world of Oliver, Lulu and Charlie. What I love most about this book—aside from the melt-your-heart illustrations—is the friendship story. Feeling left out is a universal experience, and this story proves that there is always a way to include everyone—sometimes you just have to think outside the box!

- Shauna


Thanks so much, Shauna!

You can find Kit Chase on her website.

Purchase Oliver’s Tree from your favorite store.

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