draculafriday  asked:

my best friends are cooler than me and everyone wants be friends with my friends but instead they like ME it's weird// also I'm in love w/ one of them (she's you)

everyone this is shauna please go love her she loves broadway and her life is a drama and her lipstick game is always strong my interesting fact: I’m also in love with you too and I love your dogs even more

Update again, with lines! By far the MOST tedious part of animating :’D

I’m still trying to figure out good lines in flash, but this is all 1.0 pencil stroke. Plenty of mistakes here, but it’ll do |D If I didn’t have respect for clean-up artists before, I sure do now.

Next update will be the last I guess? This took four days. I don’t even like Shauna that much. I just got the visual in my head, y'know?
Also the gif is more sped up than the swf and I’m not sure why that is. Still works, but I’ll figure it our before the last update.