I used to think that the ability to turn back time would be the greatest possible gift, so that I could undo all the things I wish I hadn’t done. But grace is an even better gift, because it allows me to do more than just erase; it allows me to become more than I was when I did those things. It’s forgiveness without forgetting, which is much sweeter than amnesia.
—  Shauna Niequist, Savor {Sweeter than Amnesia}

draculafriday  asked:

my best friends are cooler than me and everyone wants be friends with my friends but instead they like ME it's weird// also I'm in love w/ one of them (she's you)

everyone this is shauna please go love her she loves broadway and her life is a drama and her lipstick game is always strong my interesting fact: I’m also in love with you too and I love your dogs even more