much that i went back and started to read the old run

I was eight years old when Justice League aired for the first time. It mesmerised me and I spent far too much time sat in front of the television or running around my back garden pretending to be Wonder Woman. I was ten years old when Teen Titans and The Batman aired for the first time. They were probably my first proper fandoms. I joined the Teen Titans Go forums and the art boards, I found and wasted countless hours of my life reading time travel au’s based off ‘How Long is Forever’. I started reading the comics after the Terra arc. The Judas Contract was probably my first graphic novel, I was so confused but I remember enjoying it so much. I borrowed it from the library and ended up exhausting their graphic novel selection. Superman/Batman, Batman: Hush, Justice League. I went through them all. My first single issue was The Batman Chronicles #4, a Contagion tie in. I didn’t know who Tim Drake was, who Helena Bertinelli was. I devoured Wikipedia articles. I found out about Jason Todd, I wasted my life reading ‘Jason Todd is Red X!!’ theories on TTGo lmao. I started reading New Teen Titans and started stanning for characters I’d never heard of. I watched re-runs of Static Shock and discovered Milestone comics. I made so many friends who loved DC and still love going to midnight showings with me and will spam my inbox with DC news the second it’s released.

I’m 22 now. It’s 2016 and the Justice League is about to hit the big screen. We have a Wonder Woman movie. We have one of the most canon interpretations of Bruce Wayne and the confirmation that yes, Bruce has had a family in this universe - not just teasing at it with John ‘Robin’ Blake. I get a lot of anons in my inbox that, honestly, I just delete. A lot of messages about DC being awful and how they’ll never make a good movie. Believe me, when DC fucks up I’ll tell you about it. I’ll still never shut up about how DC created the ‘Woman in Refrigerators’ trope or how badly their creators fuck up on a regular basis. What I’m essentially saying it, you can tell me all this about DC, you can send me multiple messages in a row about how Snyder’s fucked up and how DC will never be Marvel - I’ve stanned for this messy company since I was eight years old. I’ve been through thick and thin and reboot after reboot. DC means something to me and I’m so…grateful? And moved to be able to finally get to see the Justice League, together, on my screen for the first time. It’s like being eight all over again. Nobody hates or loves DC as much as DC fans, sending me messy anons won’t change that lmao.