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*Squeals* I got the Halcyon Days artbook from @inediblesushi and was lucky enough to be one of the first purchasers and got this AMAZING original piece of artwork along with it!  Omggggg this is sooooooo cute - wartime stucky and Steve being all blushy!

The artbook is so adorable - like… my heart ached with all the really sweet, cute, and funny scenes, and just… aaaaaa so glad I got it!

Thank you sushi SO much!!  For the amazing artbook and this WONDERFUL art!

How to BTS would spoil you

This boy would defitnaly spoil you by cooking a large meal for you when you got home from a difficult day at work. He would then clean up and start a warm bath with lots of bubbles and soap and minerals all to soothe and distress you. Finally at the end of the night he would pick you up bridal style and take you to the bed that he had just washed, so it was nice and warm for his queen. You to would lay together and talk until you drifted off to sleep.

I fell like Namjoon would want to buy cute, and pretty things for his girlfriend. Like if you two went out and he saw you looking at a cute dress, or shoes, then he would either take you into the store to get you fitted, or wait until later to surprise you with the clothes. Then since you had this new outfit he would take you to a nice restaurant that feels very homey to show off his amazing girlfriend.

Yoongi would be very separated from you for a few days which had you worrying. He was usually busy, but he would tell you everything he was doing, but now all he would tell you is “I’m working on things.” You sat by yourself once again one night watching TV when you heard a knock on the door. You got up confused because you never had visitors. When the door was opened there was a note and a bouquet of roses; The note said, “Meet me in the place that keeps me from you.” This defitnaly meant the studio, so you head there. As you walked in you heard a beautiful piano song with Yoongi singing along, as you got closer you saw candles and chocolate. When Yoongi saw you he walked to you and pulled you into a hug. “You’re my inspiration.”

Hoseok being the sunshine he was would wake you up in the morning with eggs, bacon, toast, and a smile. He would tell you to get ready in cute clothes, but wouldn’t say where you to were going. He would take you to an amusement park where you two rode all the rides. Then he would take you to a open hilltop where you two had a private picnic. Then to make sure you knew you were spoiled he would take you to a pet store to pick out a “Puppy as cute as you.” As Hoseok said. When you got home he would cuddle you close and tell you how much he loves you.

This little mochi would be so excited to spoil you at your favorite sushi restaurant because he knew you how much you love sushi. Later that night he would take you to a drive in theater where he would the back if his truck with pillows and blankets. He would bring you close to him in an attempt to comfort you during the scary movie only to have you comfort him instead. After the movie he would act super tough while being low key scared while walking into your shared apartment, and grabbing on to your arm because of the dark. “Ohh…Ummm….I just wanted to make sure you’re OK love.” He would lie, but you thought he was so cute.


This boy would most likely want to take you shopping much like Namjoon, but much more lavishly. He would take you to his favorite store, Gucci, and there you two would get matching outfits, all the way down to the sandals. Afterwards he would take you to a super fancy restaurant and let you order whatever you wanted. While you were eating he would have roses delivered to the table, along with a small orchestra ensemble to play you romantic music. “I love you so much (Y/N)!” He would blurt out blushing. “I love you to my Gucci Prince!” You would respond with a kiss on his cheek.


This boy would want to spoil you by taking you to all of the arcades in the city. At first he would let you win, because he thought you would be bad at the arcade games, but when you won the jackpot on three games in a row he started to fight for victory. When you two were out of tokens, you found yourselves with handfuls of tickets that you gladly traded for a large plush Pikachu that you named Kookie. You gave Jungkook a kiss on the cheek and said, “I’m so spoiled aren’t I Kook?” Jungkook looked at you blushing and responded by saying, “Of course my beautiful princess anything for you.”


These kinda meals 😍👌🏼
Pretty much a deconstructed sushi bowl with all the goods! Loads of rice, greens, edamame, carrot, cucumber, purple cabbage, tofu, radish pickled ginger, sesame & soy sauce 🙌🏼🌱✨
✖️Will be back to making YouTube vids/regular post & vid uploads tomorrow! 🙂👋🏼

Types of Reaper76 interpretations + my reactions:

Scenario 1:

Gabriel, aloud:
 lol, what up farm boy, where you goin’, I’m way tougher and cooler and more badass than you.

Gabriel, thinking: shit why is he so HOT why are his eyes so BLUE why is his hair so BLONDE

Jack, aloud: you’re not so tough or cool or badass, you’re just older than me and from LA, we still do cool things in *smudged writing on hand* Bloomingworth

Jack, thinking: oh my god he’s so HOT, he’s so ridiculously HOT, if I don’t leave soon I’m going to blush and swoon and faint - 

me: *looks into the camera like I’m on The Office* I don’t want this

Scenario 2:

Gabriel, aloud:
 no, dude, Jack’s my best friend, he’s awesome, sure he’s kinda naive and oblivious, but he’s really cool.

Gabriel, thinking: oh god, I’m so in love with him, why is he so amazing and hilarious and funny 

Jack, aloud: Gabriel’s the coolest person I know!  I would follow him anywhere, into any battle, into any war, he’s incredible - 

Jack, thinking: also I’m like really in love with him, he’s so big and strong and his smile is nice and - 

me: well this is definitely better, mutual respect and admiration and friendship are good traits for the start of a romantic relationship, so I can enjoy this a lot more - 

Scenario 3:

Jack, aloud:

Gabriel, aloud: this is dumb as all hell.  LET’S FUCKING DO IT.  

Gabriel, thinking: FUCK YEAH I LOVE HIM

Jack, thinking: FUCK YEAH I LOVE HIM


SUSHI SUNDAY🌿👅 who else loves sushi as much as I do?
Leftover rice from yesterday means I just had to make my favourite #vegan sushi today, to celebrate my first weekend back home and submitting my last assignment for this semester🙏🏼 filled with brown rice, chickpea ‘tuna’ (the recipe is up on my blog✨), avo, coriander + a rainbow of veggies.
Happy weekend loves!

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hi guys!! i can’t explain how grateful i am that all of you have led me to get 500+ followers on this blog! i’ve only had it for a month and i’m so lucky to have such amazing followers. you all give me such motivation to study hard! in honor of this important blog milestone, i decided to do my first follow forever! i love these blogs dearly + i think they’re the best studyblrs out there, so definitely check them out if you get the chance! 

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