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Why Failure is OK

TW: mentions of a suicide attempt, suicidal thoughts, & self harm

Hi friends! Boy, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I know I’ve dropped off the face of the Earth. Just after I’d come up with that really cool drarry Hunger Games thing too, what’s up with that?

Let’s talk about some stuff. Strap in, I have a feeling this’ll be a long one.

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anonymous asked:

why do people accuse Damian of being sexist but they don't do the same with Tim???? Tim literally said so many sexist shit and you know.... He was not ten years old back then

tims white 

Hi peeps! 

Here’s my brand new edits blog, @capturedpoetry. Principally about the 1d boys, although I’m known to also post edits of random pretty people. 

Pro-solo 1d (ALL of them), pro-ships, pro-real life (kids and girlfriends), and v v anti-bullshit. Hope to see you around! ^_^

So the concept of a phoenix exists in the ATLA-verse somehow, and considering dragons exist I would think they’d be more than a symbol, even though we’ve never seen a single one (assuming they’re even still alive). So, maybe the phoenix is a single-individual species that simply dies and rebirths without offspring or brethren, so rare as to be practically nonexistent… 

What I’m saying is, I need to write about a phoenix.