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like…… who DOESNT get half naked and sit poised over your friend while they lie under you in bed in a similar state of undress, pointing a knife at you so if you get tired and fall it stabs you, and just stare into each others eyes unblinking, expressionless, for hours on end, ‘platonically’,

So we always have modern-day Greek gods but come on, imagine them in other periods of history please like there is so much potential

Apollo as a renaissance artist in Venice, painting watercolors of the sun, crafting songs and harmonies, visiting the sick with his work that always seems to help them recover, sketching women more beautiful than a summer’s day.

Artemis as a huntress in Celtic Ireland, war paint and bow, axes and spears, running through glens and marshes, hiding in the undergrowth dressed in animal pelts.

Ares as a medieval knight in England, seeking glory in jousts and tourneys, mastering pike and sword and lance and flail, clothed in steel and blood.

Athena as a World War Two commander in Bletchley, calling the shots as she scours maps, planning out blitz raids and spy operations, typing at machines and decoding foreign enigmas.

Hephaestus as a factory worker in the British industrial revolution, face lined with ash, stinking of iron and smoke, watching chimneys pump the skies grey.

Hermes as a Colonial settler in the Americas, atop the ship’s mast with spyglass and pistol, bartering with natives, swindling and travelling, scouting out the New World and bringing communication to the old one.

Hestia as a World War One housewife in Britain, growing vegetables and making her own clothes to keep up the war effort, sending telegrams to shellshocked soldiers in the trenches, keeping children safe in her house by the fireside.

I mean, come on. Historically diverse Greek mythology. Let’s make it happen.

My Favorite Disney Films from each Disney Era

The Golden Age | 1937 - 1942


The Silver Age | 1950 -1967

Peter Pan

The Bronze Age | 1967 -1988

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

The Disney Renaissance | 1989 -1999

Aladdin (I was torn between this and pretty much all other Disney Renaissance films, BUT, growing up Aladdin was my “comfort movie”, if you will)

The Experimental Era | 2000 - 2009

Lilo & Stitch

The Revival Era | 2009 - Present


anonymous asked:

Hi I have a question and you seem to be a pretty informed Wiccan. So why do people call "the burning times" a myth? I mean witch trials happened all over Europe and N. America for a long time. Is there something some Wiccans claim that's historically inaccurate? Thank you

About the Burning Times

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

- The “Burning Times” is meant to refer to a series of witch persecutions in Europe in the late Medieval period and much of the Renaissance as well.

- Many died. Some estimates are at about 40,000 - 60,000 people by historians, but many claim that 9,000,000 died. This is simply factually incorrect.

- Many claim that this targeted Wiccans. Wicca originated in the 1950s. It was founded by a man named Gerald Gardner. Yes, that was when it was founded. That does not pull away from the legitimacy of the religion - it clearly resonated with many people (including myself) and that has a great deal of significance. However, the 1950s were a tad… late for that era. Wiccans could not have been targeted. 

- The actual motivation of the Burning Times is a matter of great academic debate. Most historians agree that it was a product of a very complex socio-political atmosphere at the time, and motivations changed from region to region - even village to village. It was a spark continually fueled by the uncertainty and fear of the time. In some regions, actually, the trials existed mainly to persecute heresy against the Catholic Church and specifically targeted Protestants. 

- Pagans were actually already well assimilated by this time by Catholics and therefore were not a target or a threat to the Church at the time of the Burning Times. While this may have been a factor in individual or regional cases, it was not the overall motivating factor. It was not a genocide fueled by hatred for Pagans, but rather a panic fueled by the socio-political atmosphere and religious conflicts that (for the most part) did not include pagans.

- It is well-recognized now that many used this panic to eliminate those they might have had quarrels with or were generally disliked by the public. It may even be that elites used this to control a susceptible and panicked general population.

- Women were considered more likely to be witches, so they were targeted more - and by more, I mean 75%-85% of those targeted were women. That belief was definitely fueled by misogyny - that fact is impossible to deny. It was believed that the Devil could more easily sway women because women were understood to love the “carnal pleasures” much more than men in that time period, and so could be swayed to sin much more quickly. Not to mention, women were considered less intelligent, and therefore even more easily swayed. It’s also important to note that in some regions it was women accusing other women due to personal quarrels they were in, and in some regions such as Russia men were targeted more. Nevertheless, it remains true that it was mostly women targeted, and that was fueled in part by misogyny as well as many other factors at the time.

- The “Burning Times” actually consisted mostly of hangings and stonings, fun fact.

- Many Wiccans try to adopt this travesty as their own in an effort to push a martyr persona. The ultimate truth is that, while women were targeted and many pagans were swept up in it to some small factor, we ultimately have no claim as a group to this travesty.


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Earlier today my younger brother saw me playing TS2 and said (as he says every year for the past ten years or so), “are you still playing that game?!” and I got a bit emotional. You guys. I love this silly video game so fucking much. I can’t believe we still have all these amazing people together creating amazing things. Seriously. Thank you all so much for this TS2 ~~RENAISSANCE~~ @criquette-was-here @ousmeo @greatcheesecakepersona @lowedeus @simnopke (and voeille!!) and really everyone who still creates and shares their pictures/stories with us.


@bisexual-killian-jones​ asked me for more neverland and I said why the hell not.
neverland cs + “you just had to ask: I would have followed you anywhere.” post 3x05, where we pretend the Neal thing didn’t happen as quickly as it did. rated w for we deserved more jungle make out sessions.

wanna call you mine.
ao3 | ffn

The jungle heat creeps across his skin, leaving a scorching trail in its wake. But Killian can’t feel it. What he can feel is a sense of absence, and that leaves every part of him cold, bare, and aching. Emma avoids his eyes, avoids all of him entirely in fact, which is a bloody nightmare considering it’s only the two of them in this specific patch of the island.

A part of him silently curses the Prince for sending him off with Emma to replenish their freshwater supply. This is what he gets for getting under the good graces of royalty.

Killian should be making the best of this situation, should be poking and prodding and perhaps asking her to explain what else his Land Without Magic counterpart does not share with him. But Emma hasn’t said a single significant word to him since their kiss, and he doesn’t know if her thoughts on the matter match his.

(His thoughts in this case are more of a feeling; as though someone has brushed off the cobwebs surrounding his heart and pumped it back to life.) 

(What a bloody time to be poetic.) 

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today’s uncritical opinion:

I really, really like Keanu Reeves as Don John. Yes, he’s just this flat, vaguely somber, sneering malignance on the edge of everything, but that’s exactly what Don John is. He’s not exactly a world-class villain. He’s not even a Disney-class villain. His motivations are 1) I wanna do what I want when I feel like it, not when other people expect me to, wahhh, and 2) I hate joy so I’m just gonna fuck with people. Keanu!Don John is pretty much exactly what I envisioned.

That said, there were a couple of lines where I winced at his delivery, whereas Simon Tam-as-Don John was weirdly compelling and every word out of his mouth somehow managed to seem perfectly natural. I loved him, too! He’s a lot less DUNDUNDUN curled lip dead eyes eviiiiiil, more of a quiet menace. And it doesn’t seem near as mind-numbingly stupid to have brought him back into the inner circle after waging a war against him.

Okay, in general that particular stupidity doesn’t bother me, as I don’t have a very high opinion of Don Pedro’s faculties in general. But it does add a very different dimension to his character, which is what a Shakespearean performance should do. But Keanu was delightfully charmless, nevertheless.

art history meme • [3/9] paintings: leonardo da vinci - dama con l’ermellino (the lady with the ermine)

The small portrait of Cecilia Gallerani, young and beautiful mistress of Ludovico Sforza, dates back to 1489-1490 approximately. 

The young woman was about 15 years old at the time, and sits in a counterposed position: her body is turned at a three-quarter angle toward her right, but her face is turned toward her left. She is wearing an eye-catching dress in spanish style, which had just been introduced in Milan, and holds the rear paws of an ermine with her left hand. Her hair is held in place by a fine gauze veil with a woven border of gold-wound threads, a black band, and a sheath over the plait.

The ermine represents chastity and purity, and since the greek term for it is galè, it could also be interpreted as a reference to Gallerani, Cecilia’s surname. At the same time it hints at Ludovico Sforza, who had been appointed member of the Order of the Ermine in 1488.


Captain Swan 

“One look and I can’t catch my breath
Two souls into one flesh
When you’re not next to me
I’m incomplete

‘Cause I’m on fire like a thousand suns
I couldn’t put it out even if I wanted to
These flames tonight
Look into my eyes and say you want me, too
Like I want you”

-Hunger, Ross Copperman ©