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Bad Puppy : Taehyung Werewolf AU!

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Kim Taehyung Smut! Dom Tae! Sub Reader! Werewolf AU! Smutty smut smut.

Your boyfriend had always managed to be in control of his werewolf senses in order to keep you safe and his hyungs unhurt. But what happens when his uncontrollable heat occurs right after his comeback performance and you jut so happen to be wearing his favorite dress? ;)


You watched your boyfriend strongly perform his comeback for “Not Today”, obviously proud and a little turned on by your boyfriends powerful moves. He seemed to be having the time of his life till you noticed something wasn’t quite right.

Out of the corner of your eye you could see him make a few gestures, inferring that he was in some sort of pain. You continued to watch him carefully, and  that’s when you noticed it. His eyes were turning from his usually sweet brown to bright yellow.

“Shit”, you mumbled. Walking over to the side of the stage to see the boys finish up their performance.

“Come on baby , your almost done, finish strong then run off, you can do it, control it”, you pleaded as you desperately tried getting one of the boys attention.

“Chong, jujun,Balsa”, the song finally ended as you made eye contact with namjoon, him reacting to your worried expression.

You then mouthed “ his heat” vigorously pointing to tae. Namjoon then looked at tae, tae panting heavily, gripping onto namjoons jacket for dear life.

“Hyung, I need to get out of here”, Tae growled, panic spreading through Namjoon’s body.

Namjoon then looked at you sending you a slight nod, meaning they were ready to abort mission. You then ran off to the van, they used for tae if this sort of thing were to possibly occur. Waiting for your lover to arrive you grabbed the chains that were secured in the van.

The door swung open as tae crawled inside, Namjoon giving you a worried look, you nodding as if saying “ I got this”, him closing the door. A groan escaping tae’s lips as you locked the doors and told the driver to step on the gas. 

You quickly grabbed his wrists to wrap the chains around him, only to be tackled down onto the seat, a yelp escaping your lips.

“Tae, baby”, You whispered in fear. He didn’t say anything,as he dipped his face into the side of your neck. You grabbed onto his shoulders tightly. “Control it “, you said, unsure of what was to happen next.

“(Y/N)”, he growled, as his fingers ghosted down your body frame.” This is my favorite dress of yours”, he said before yanking it up above your waist, exposing your black laced thong.

You yelped at his sudden action, pushing at his shoulder’s. “Baby you need to…”, you stopped as he interrupted you.

“Don’t fucking tell me to calm down”, he growled, now completely ripping your dress apart. Your eyes widened at his strength, this was the first time you’ve experienced his heat away from home. This was dangerous; no chains, no face mask, and no basement separating the two of you. 

No matter how dangerous this situation was, the way he was being with you turned you on. He was always so sweet with you whenever you two had sex, while he was always dominant, he was never this rough with you, and it turned you on , so much. 

“You like this don’t you kitten?” he growled deeply, “you like how rough i’m being, I can smell how wet your getting”, he said as he roughly grinned his pelvis into yours, earning a moan from you.

“And don’t call me baby, i’m daddy tonight”, he said before ripping off his clothes, connecting his lips roughly to your neck.

“Baby”, you moaned. Completely ignoring his request. He grunted flipping you over, smacking your ass roughly, earning another yelp from you.

“What was that kitten? I don’t believe that’s what I said you can call me tonight”. he growled smacking your ass again, you gasping; his actions turning you on even more.

“Daddy, i’m sorry daddy, i’ll be a good kitten”, you moaned. His spanking making you wetter by the minute. He gripped your hair roughly, turning you around, still on your hands and knees. His dick was now right in front of your face, throbbing harder than you’ve ever seen it before. You licked your lips at the sight, squeezing you thighs together to release the aching. 

He looked down at you, “such a cock slut”, he barked. “Open that mouth so I can fuck those pretty lips of yours” he ordered, pressing his cock against your mouth. 

The second you parted your lips, he forced himself into you mouth, fully pushing himself in, making you choke around his thick length. Your hands rested on his thighs as you looked up at him with teary eyes. He groaned/howled at the feeling of your throat clenching around his cock, turning you on more than you already were. 

“That’s right kitten let me fuck those lips of yours, such a good cock slut”, he growled as he started pounding into your mouth.

You had a feeling that this was going to be his way of releasing his heat tension so you let me fuck your mouth. Not only did his barbaric actions turn you on, but his harsh words did as well. You were definitely a cock slut for him and you loved the way he looked when he got off too you. 

After a few minutes of him brutally fucking your mouth he pulled out, you whining at the sudden loss of contact.

He sat back in his seat, looking you in the eyes,” come here and ride daddy, kitten”, he said his canines, looking smaller than they did when he first got into the car.

You applauded yourself, the sex was working, and you sure as hell weren’t complaining. 

You positioned yourself above his cock, slowly sliding down his shaft; moans leaving both of your mouths, filling up the car as much as his cock was filling you up. 

You started moving a reasonable pace, to get use to his size, earning moans from your lover. His hands moved to you hips, pushing you down onto his cock. “Faster”, he moaned, you quickening your speed. “Faster” he repeated, your hips now moving faster to fit his needs. 

“I said faster goddammit”, he yelled as he started pounding into you himself. You holding onto his shoulders for dear life as he thrusted into you with such force that would have send you flying into the ceiling of the car. 

“Fuuuuuccccckkkk”, you moaned/yelled, your walls clenching around his cock. “Daddy i’m gonna cum”, you whined loudly, throwing your head back.

“Don’t you dare fucking cum until i say you can”, he barked, pounding into you in an inhumanly speed, chasing his own high. 

After a minute of you holding back your orgasm he finally approached his.

“Now”, he barked. The two of you screaming out each others pet names as you both came harder onto/into each other than ever before. You both clung onto each other, coming down from your highs. You looked into his eyes, his eyes now returning to his lovely shade of brown as you smiled at him, giving him a light kiss on his lips.

“Baby… i’m sorry if I was too rough”, he said with a guilty tone in his voice, scared that he might have harmed you.

You giggled, a confused expression appearing on his face. 

“Please be that rough more often daddy”, you purred into his ear. Him blushing and holding you closer as the car came to a stop. 

“Oh my god … we were fucking in the back of a van”, you said, embarrassed that the driver would judge you highly. 

“Okay kids, here’s your stop.” the driver said as he looked back at the two of you quickly covering yourselves. 

“And just some advice honey”, the driver said looking at you. “Take a long shower, your sure going to feel that in the morning”. He said with a slight smile, you covering your face in embarrassment. Your boyfriend laughing at the situation.

“And you”, he said to Tae as he stepped out of the car. “You better treat her like a queen after the damage you did to her walking schedule”. Tae only laughed as he pulled you close.

“I sure will”. he said closing the door, leaving butterfly kisses on your cheek. 

“ My queen”, he mumbled onto your cheek, causing you to giggle.


Authors note! 

I hope you guy’s liked this one ;) 

Please let me know if you want any similar stories like this one, with other members. or other band’s!

Hemmings & a bottle of rum


Part 2

Luke hemmings smut 

Request- Hi can you do a luke smut request where ur the band song writer and one day you and luke get tipsy and they end up having it in Luke’s hotel room (Hope you like it)

Word count- 2,200+

You scrunched your eyebrows, utterly frustrated and scratched out the few lyrics you had written on the piece of paper for what felt like the thousandth time. You preferred to write from experience and emotion, but right now you felt as if you were blocked. You stood up from your chair, crumpling the paper and threw it, along with the pen across the room. You groaned loudly and in that little fit of yours you almost didn’t notice the 5sos boys along with John Feldman and Alex Gaskarth walk into the room.

“When you said you like to work alone, I didn’t know it included this” Michael laughed out causing everyone else to snicker and laugh as well. Your eyes immediately darted to Luke’s icy blue ones to see what he felt about your little tantrum. Thankfully, he wasn’t laughing but you could see the amusement in his eyes. You blushed a deep shade of red and just looked down at your feet in embarrassment.

“Have you got anything yet?” Ashton voiced what everyone was thinking. “Yeah” you muttered quietly and signalled with your eyes that it was the same piece of paper you threw across the room. Luke was quick to react and practically jogged to the paper before you could protest. “Hey, it’s a work in progress” you said softly, worried about his opinions on your first draft.

Luke’s eyes moved back and forth across the paper, reading the few scribbled lines intently. His eyes widened the slightest and you walked to him and snatched the paper out of his hand. “I know it’s not good, but I’ll get there” you said exasperated and at the same time Luke was shaking his head ready to contradict what you had just said. You held your hand up in front of his face saying, “Save it”

You walked out of the studio and went to sit on the couch in the corridor. “Was it that bad?” John questioned in disbelief because he never ever doubted your talent. “Quite the opposite really” Luke said in a raspy voice and the image of him running his hands through his blonde locks flashed in your mind.

You walked back in, deciding you were being too immature and sat on one of the chairs. All of you decided to work on some sounds instead of lyrics as none of them wanted to get on your bad side. Seeing Alex sitting and brainstorming with Luke already you headed over to Ashton who was ready at his drums. He played a few simple beats and the both of you started working together in incorporating new ones.

Little did you know Luke was shooting daggers at his fellow bandmate in jealousy as he could see you getting closer and closer to him. The vein in his forehead was almost popping and in sudden force one of the strings of his guitar broke causing everyone, including you to look up at him. Your eyes locked with his and his features softened visibly.

Sensing the tense atmosphere increasingly today, Calum suggested that we meet tomorrow and continue then. You headed back to the hotel and time passed as you went to the bar with the boys. Luke was missing today though so you passed having a drink, missing your drinking buddy.

Throughout the night there was no appearance of Luke and that caused your curiosity to sky rocket. When it was getting late everyone decided to head back to their rooms while you went to Luke’s. Before you knew it, your hand was raised ready to knock at the door of the blonde boy’s room. You took a deep calming breath and knocked loudly. After hearing feet shuffle at the other side of the door, it opened revealing Luke in a pair of loose sweat pants and a muscle tee.

You took a step inside without waiting for his invitation and saw his room in a mess. You laughed to yourself and turned to look at the boy who was scratching the back of his head. “I didn’t want house keeping in here, touching all my things” Luke answered the question that was at the tip of your tongue. You saw his guitar lying on the king sized bed and commented, “I guess I’m not the only one who likes to work alone”

He walked over to the bed and sat down, placing his guitar on his lap. “I was actually trying some chords to match with the lyrics you wrote today” before you could protest, he continued “they were pretty amazing, Y/N” you shook your head in denial and sat on the chair in front of his bed. “Can I hear it?” you questioned and he instantly nodded.

He started strumming the guitar and sung out the lyrics from today afternoon. You were taken aback by the fact he had added some more of his own lines and how raw and emotional it sounded. “Woah, it does sound pretty good” you said shyly.

Wanting to eliminate the awkwardness in the room you changed the topic. “I missed my drinking buddy today” you said while sighing and walked up to the mini bar in the room. You bent down and pulled out the bottle of old monk. “You know they totally rip you off Y/N. Plus I really don’t like rum” Luke said making a face of disgust. “That’s what you get for ditching me today” you said, sticking out your tongue childishly. You opened the dark liquor bottle and poured a substantial quantity into two separate glasses. You picked up one and handed it to Luke who smelled it and made a gagging noise. Laughing at his silliness, you picked up the packet of cadbury twirls lying on the table. “We can use these as chasers” Luke seemed to love that idea and gulped down the dark liquid, immediately regretting it but opening the wrapper of the chocolate and eating it, just as quickly.

“You’re such a child” you giggled, sipping it first and then taking it like a shot. When you felt your throat burn you knew that this was a bad idea.

An empty bottle of rum and 30 cadbury twirls later, you were lying on the bed whilst Luke was bouncing on it like it was a trampoline. “Luuuuukeee, stop” you moaned and you could feel your head spin. He was on a sugar rush and you were annoyed. After exhausting himself completely, Luke sat down on the bed with his legs crossed staring at you with scrunched eyes. “What the hell are you doing Hemmings?” you asked amused and sat up in front of him.

“I’m just thinking” he said, sighing dramatically. “Bout what?” He grinned and said, “You.”

With the sudden change of mood you said, “What you did today was really amazing, with the song and all.” He shook his head and just looked at you blankly. “They were your lyrics, Y/N. I mean you are pretty amazing” he said, his cheeks held a slight tinge of pink now. “Y/N……” He stretched out like a little kid. “Yes, Luuuuu” you said while giggling. “You’re so cute, I could eat you up” he said. His bright smile slowly transitioned into a smirk and then into an evil tight lipped smile. You looked at him skeptically and the next thing you knew Luke was tickling your sides. You were screeching and laughing at the same time. Your back was on the soft mattress and he was relentless with his tickle-torture.

“Stop Lu, please!” you cried out and he slowed down a bit before stopping. You tucked your bottom lip beneath your teeth and looked into his ocean blue eyes. The ones you were drowning in and the ones you didn’t want to be saved from. You saw his eyes flicker from your own to your pink lips. You were panting in anticipation and he lowered his head ever so slightly.

Lifting your head up from the mattress, his lips were on yours and without wasting any more time his tongue was in your mouth. Although it felt magical, you both were really drunk and it was sloppy to say the least. His hands roamed your body before settling at your t-shirt and yanking it off, not a moment later. He dropped his head down to your neck and started nipping and sucking at the skin there. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he pushed his hips down grinding into you. He rotated his hips and created as much friction as he could, causing you to let out a moan.

Having never really done this with clothes on, you were soaking with the new set of sensations. He kissed you once again with force and you loved the aggression radiating off of him. You tugged at his muscle tee and in a second it was discarded, somewhere on the floor. You flipped over so that he was on the bottom and you were excited to be in control. Lowering your head down, you started sucking on the flesh just above his collarbones, causing him to let out an involuntary moan.

Luke snaked his hand around your back and un-clasped your bra, adding to the growing pile of clothes on the floor. His hands grasped both your breasts and roughly massaged them. “I fucking love these” he breathed out and began pinching and twisting your nipples. You sat up with your legs on either side of his waist and continued grinding on him, whilst he was playing with your tits.

“You’re such a fucking tease, Y/N”
“Then why don’t you do something about it?” you pushed further.

This seemed to ignite a fire in Luke as in a span of ten seconds your jeans and panties were gone. He grabbed your thighs roughly and kneaded them and you knew there would be bruises there tomorrow. “Sit on my face” he commanded and you didn’t need to be told twice. Your dripping core was above his face and he licked his lips before locking his arms around your thighs and pulling you down so your centre was on his mouth.

He licked a stripe and you shuddered in pleasure. His tongue thrusted in your entrance repeatedly. “Fuck! Luke” you yelled out and this egged him on as he started nibbling softly on your clit and rolling it around like a cherry in his mouth. He then stuck his tongue out so it was flat and moved your hips, effectively causing you to grind on his face. “I’m so close” you said in between moans and he sped up his actions causing you to come undone on his face.

You moved downwards so you were back to you original position, just above his dick. He flipped you over and slammed you down on the bed. “Face down, ass up baby” you whined at the nick name and complied. Your face was against the mattress and your once tied hair was now a complete mess. He took himself in his hands and rubbed it around your core, spreading the juices. “Fuck me, Luke” you whimpered and he pushed himself slowly into you. He closed his eyes at the heavenly feeling of your walls clenched, tight and warm, around him. He placed his hands softly on your waist and you were a bit shocked that he had suddenly become gentle but that didn’t last long as his grip tighten and he pounded into you. With each thrust your body moved forward and backward, in a rhythm.

Luke pulled you upwards and you let out a low mewl. One of his hands went to your breast, playing with them again while the other stayed on your waist. He moved his face minutely so that his lips were near your ear and he nibbled on your ear lobe. “You’re such a dirty girl, aren’t you Y/N? Letting me have my way with you” The pleasure increased with this and you replied. “Harder. Fuck me harder” you screamed out, your darkest fantasy coming to life.

He nearly growled and moved his hips faster. You almost lost balance but wrapped one arm around the back of his neck. Your head fell back on his shoulder and you let out a little moan with each thrust. “I’m so close, baby girl” you nodded and he knew you were almost there. “Come for me Y/N” he said, almost yelling. You whined out his name and he let himself go to causing your highs to occur at the same time. Your vision blanked and you allowed yourself to crash down on the bed with Luke falling on top of you.

Heavy breathing was the only thing heard in the room as Luke reached down and pulled up a thin sheet to cover the both of you. Your eyes began to flutter shut as Luke left a soft kiss on your lips and you fell into a deep sleep, too intoxicated by Hemmings and a bottle of rum to utter a word.

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there is no law that the gods must be fair

*me, languishing in the angst pit 6 days after the finale with a glass of wine in hand* this is my home now and i’m gonna stay in it for the next 9 months

missing scene from 413. clarke radios in from the tower and bellamy hears her.

wc: 1.3k | ao3

Maybe some tiny, morbid part of her always knew it would end like this.

Not like this exactly; out in the snow all by herself, the words ‘manual operation’ somehow making no sense and yet sitting heavy on her chest at the same time while her timer continues to blink, unawares that it’s no longer tracking the time until she leaves for survival, but the time left until her death.

Clarke figures that a small part of her always knew since Abby’s vision that she wasn’t going to make it to space, but she’d be damned if she didn’t see to it that her friends got there.

That doesn’t mean she’s okay though.

The radio is clutched tight in her hand, trembling slightly and she decides to try one last time.

“Raven?” she asks into the nothingness, voice small.

There’s no reply.

Licking her lips, she brings the radio closer to her helmet until it’s almost touching the glass, hand wrapped in an almost vice like grip around it. “… Bellamy?” she tries once more, hoping in vain that he can somehow hear her.

Silence again, but just when she’s about to shove it back into the bag, there’s a burst of static followed by a crackle and then-


His voice is tinny, almost too weak to be heard over the interference, but she manages. Her eyes squeeze shut wanting to commit to memory the way his voice sounds like gravel, the way his tongue curls so gently over the consonants of her name as it’s the last time she’ll ever hear him say it.

“Bellamy I-,” she pauses to swallow heavily. “I’m not going to make it back in time,” she tells him in one breath, biting the bullet.

A beat. And then, “What the hell does that mean?” he growls.

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Oracle [Chapter 5]

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Chapter 5 of Oracle (You guessed it… SMUT AHEAD)

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4

His name escaped your lips like a song, singing his praises as he fingers moved inside you like magic. His mouth found your sensitive buds, nibbling gently while his tongue flicked over each one with care. He was torturous, speeding up to make your body weak only to slow back down, always watching how you rode the waves his motions made.

“More,” you whimpered, feeling light headed from the pleasure his lips and fingers were administering.

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Sterek A-Z Challenge: one word prompts

Week 12: L - Lonely

Curled up by the door, Derek waited. By 7 pm, the apartment was completely dark. It wasn’t as if he couldn’t see, but Derek hadn’t bothered to turn on any lights throughout the day since he had been alone since Saturday. 

In the final semester, of his last year of Columbia, Stiles hadn’t been home in days. He popped in occasionally for a shower and a nap between work and the library. Derek did what he could to feed him and lessen stress, which mostly included letting him be.

Stiles insisted that he couldn’t study at home with Derek there, and Derek didn’t have any place to go. Apparently, Derek was too distracting, through no fault of his own. He wasn’t sure he believed Stiles because all he did was read, and mix new tracks. Occasionally, he went out for a run. It seemed that Derek, himself, was the distraction.

To avoid studying, Stiles would seduce him. Honestly, it wasn’t that hard. Derek couldn’t get enough of his boyfriend, so when Stiles crawled into his lap instead of writing a paper, Derek tried his best to resist, but ultimately, it was a losing battle.

Several of the Columbia libraries were open twenty-four hours during finals. They made the perfect haven. Stiles planned to graduate with honours, and while Derek, theoretically, understood the pressures of writing a final thesis, which Stiles would defend at a later date, he didn’t really.

Derek had never gone to college. In fact, he’d only gotten his GED a few years ago at Stiles’ suggestion, to which Stiles had taken great pride in embarrassing him at his little graduation ceremony, and then proceeded to plaster pictures all over social media for the pack to see. It had been a spectacle, but Derek really hadn’t expected any less from his boyfriend. Stiles had been proud of him, and that had been enough.

It wasn’t as if he had needed to graduate high school. He didn’t have a job. Not a real job. He spun for a few clubs here and there, and was actually quite popular, much to Stiles’ amusement. If he wanted, he could turn it into a career, but he didn’t need to work.

Stiles waited tables and tended bar at a ‘fancy pants’ restaurant - his words, not Derek’s - not too far from where they lived. He’d tried to tell Stiles on multiple occasions that he didn’t need to work, and he was happy to support him while he finished school, but his boyfriend was stubborn and wanted to be independent. Derek admired him for it, and when he worked late, Derek was there to walk him home at night regardless of the time. But when he didn’t see Stiles for weeks at a time during exam season, it got a little lonely in their loft.

The door protested loudly on its track, light spilling into the dark apartment from the hall, and a body tripped and tumbled over Derek. He didn’t bother to lift his head, but opened his eyes to watch Stiles struggle to untangle himself from his messenger bag.

“Shit, dude. What the fuck,” Stiles said. He flipped his bag off his shoulder, then rolled onto his back and sat up. “Why the hell are you lying in front of the door?”

Derek whined softly and buried his nose in his paws.

“Der?” Stiles called. He shifted forward onto his knees and crawled closer.

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The now broken friendship-M

Unable to hold off anymore, Justin sleeps with Y/N. But the bigger truth is revealed. Mature. but sad.

“Are you sure you’re ok?” 

Justin chuckles at your fucked expression. You had been working all week. You were literally a walking zombie. 

You nod, “Yeah.” 

We were all sprawled out around the living room. Kendall, Khail and Hailey all into Fifty shades darker to even notice your lifeless self. You were seated in the far left of the couch, while Justin was in between you and Khail. Kendall and Hailey seated on the white rug, snacking on their caramel popcorn. Every sunday the group would meet up at one of your guy’s houses, unluckily this week was yours. 

“You should go get some rest.” 

Justin whispers lowly in your ear, narrowing his attention away from the movie for a moment. Justin was worried about you. He knew how much you worked but this week you had to work extra hours because of stupid Becky who had to take the week off due to a ‘sore throat.’ You agreed with Justin and decide to put yourself out of misery. 

“Guys i’m not feeling so well. I’m going to bed early.” 

They nod in understanding, already knowing something was up. You fumble your way to your room, quickly changing out of your jeans and into a pair of sweatpants. You groan lowly, feeling your comfy sheets and blanket cuddle your weak body. You roll onto your side. You really needed to get some rest. I mean you hadn’t gotten any sleep over the whole week. Your body was aching dead, feet about to fall off. The amount of stress was too much. You were torturing yourself, just to earn a couple more dollars. You lived by yourself, the apartment needed to be paid every week. You groan as you realise you hadn’t paid this week’s or last weeks. 

Justin surprising helped you pay off your rent over the month. I mean he insisted he help even though you told him off many times before. You  hated owing people. He was just ‘extra’ nice to me as people like to put it. Even today, he came super early, remembering his presence made me smile. You were grateful to say the least. He came with a bag of popcorn in one hand, the other with your favourite pizzas. 

He just came from taking a shower, his hair freshly damp, straight and blonde. The cologne he wore was musky, almost inviting you. The white t-shirt he wore looked so good on him, large but perfectly showing off his structured frame, his tatted arms and tan skin. His silver bracelet hung perfectly on his wrist, how could a human being look so effortlessly good? 

You suck in a tight breath as you make your way to think about his fingers. You imagined how they would feel touch your skin. His hands were large and structured. You loved holding them sometimes, but little did he know you wanted them to do more. You imagined how amazing they would feel against rubbing against your heat. Your lower stomach tingled as you thought about all the dirty things they could do, all the dirty things they could make you say. You moan breathlessly and you lower a hand into your sweatpants. You touch yourself over your thin panties, you were surprisingly wet already. Wow you thought, you really needed some action. You hadn’t had any over the last couple months. 

You began you fondle with your sensitive bud, moaning in appreciation as the feeling made you feel alive. Wanting more, you quickly insert a single finger in, a loud yelp escaping your lips. It had felt better than you had expected. You slowly began to pace your finger in your heart. You close your eyes shut, loving the feeling of just one finger in your heart. You raise your hips off the bed, the pumping increased. 

You were never the vocal type but today was different. Your loud moan startled the ones in the room. Luckily Kendall, Hailey and Khail left after the movie was done, leaving Justin to clean up.

He heard your throught the walls. He was surprised to hear you yelp but courteously took the best of him and he decided to check up on you make sure you weren’t yelping for help or anything. 

As soon has he arrived to your door, your room was dark, but the lights out the hallway was dim enough for him to make out what you were doing. Your hair was messed, your eyes shut, lips harshly taken between your teeth. Your face was enough to make him let go at that very moment. But the fact your hand was taken under singlet, groping your bare breast or the fact your hips were rising up, he already knew what was happening under those sheets. He stood there in complete shock, his eyes not being able to tear away from you. You were a sight to see. This was something he did not want to miss out. Even though he knew this was wrong, he stood there and watched. 

You were so fucking sexy, it took him everything not to take your hand out of your pants and let him finish the job. But right now he wanted to see you bring yourself to your own high. Your mouth opened in a ‘o’ shape letting out panting little breaths. He listened as you moan last time, before letting go. He took in your every move, the way you clench your eyes tighter and they way you would pant while letting out high pitched noises.

After your orgasm, Justin decides to let you know his he was present. 

“Y/N” He coughs out, walking slowly towards you. 

He sits down on the side bed. 

“Were you lonely Y/N?” 

You eye him widely, not being able to believe he was there while you were fingering yourself. 

“I-m So- How long were you-” 

“Aw, my baby. Do you want me to take care of you?” 

Justin stands up, ripping off your sheets, revealing your risen tank top and halfway down sweatpants. You choke on your words as what was about to happen. Before you could say anything, he quickly touches between your legs, just to test the temperature. 

“So god damn wet Y/N.” He groans lowly at the damp feeling. Your hips lift up on its own, desperately wanting his fingers. He watches your every move, the way you would stare with wide eyes at his fingers. He grins mentally at the thought, he wanted to see you cum because of him.

“Please. I want your fingers.” You whine, desperate for a high again. 

“So greedy Y/N, didnt you just cum baby?” 

You narrow his eyes at him, starting to get annoyed. You reach down to rub yourself faster, hating snail pace his fingers were rubbing over the thin cloth. He snatches your wrist out of your wrap. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” 

You look at his face. He smirks back at you, despite scolding you. 

Out of hunger, you quickly flip your body, forcing justin’s under yours. You straddle him, supporting yourself with your knees, you pull your tank off your body, revealing your bare upper body. Justin stares in hunger, loving the sight in front of him, wanting to appreciate it, he gently smooths over your exposed skin, rubbing against your waist. 

“Can we just hurry? I really need you Justin.” 

Justin looks a little disappointed, wanting to take his time on you, to pleasure you properly. 

“Yeah.” He mumbles softly as he stops touching and lets you do the rest. You harshly yank your sweatpants off in a hurry but they get stuck in the process, being fumbled at your knees. You quickly lay down, despite sitting on top of justin’s thighs. 

“Can you pull them off?” You split you legs straight as justin pulls you at the ankle bit and slips them completely off. He chucks them onto the ground. Now his eyes are in front of your core, only being slightly covered from your flimsy panties. He licked his lips, wanting to devour you right now. Beside agreeing to let you do the work and fuck you now, Justin could help but have a taste of you first. He holds your waist and plops you onto the bed sheet, your hair covering your eyes a little at the sudden movement.

This is was a strange position you thought. Your head was suppose lay on your pillow but at this thought you laugh lightly at how funny you two looked right now. 

“What is it?”

Justin instantly notices your little giggles. He couldn’t help but smile at the sight below him. You were so breathlessly beautiful, he wanted nothing but to take a fucking picture and stick it up on his wall as creepy as the sounded. He grins before leaning down with supporting arms and pecks your soft lips. 

“You’re so cute Y/N.” 

“Enough with compliments. Make me feel good please?” 

You didn’t want to hear those ‘compliments’ anymore, justin would always make little compliments here and there but you never took them seriously, thinking he was just naturally flirty, which he was. 

“C’mon take your pants off already.” 

You try to tug his pants down, reaching down but before you could, he slips off his t-shirt. He half smirked at your eagerness before going down and narrowing to place his face between your legs.You watch as he kisses you through your panties. You groan out, reaching down to his light soft locks, pulling him closer to your heat. Justin gets out of your grip. You whine at the lost contact. 

He pulls the flimsy fabric off you legs and dives straight in, not wasting anymore time. He couldn’t wait any longer at the awaiting sight before his eyes. He groans at the taste. You were so sweet and delicate. He sucks gently on your sensitive bud, the action making your eyes roll back. You push your hips towards his mouth, wanting him to move faster. He ignores the signs and takes his time, enjoying the very moment. 

You let out heavy breathes, the wait nearly killing you alive. He grips the back of your thighs gently, spreading your legs apart and moves his mouth gently against your heat. You tasted like fucking honey and Justin never wanted to let it go. 

“So, so good.” 

He mumbles against your heat, appreciating you once again. You continue to ride against his face, he doesn’t mind this action as he doesn’t hold you down, his grip not tightening. The vibrations of his mouth sending you off. The pit in your stomach tightens. 

“I’m nearly there.” 

“C’mon baby. Cum for me.” 

Justin encourages you. The nickname slightly causing you startle but before you could speak, your orgasm washes over. You feel him smile against your heat. He lets you recover for a moment, maybe a little too long. You support myself with your elbows, glancing down at Justin, wondering what the fuck he was doing. He promised to fuck you, please don’t tell me that he changed his mind. He sat there, slumped back, head against your bedframe. Was this already over. You glance down to his pants, seeing him obviously hard and ready for you. You crawl over to him, palming him through his pants. He chokes on his spit. 


You eye him suspiciously. 

“Do you not want to have sex anymore?” You question him. 

You were confused to as why he wouldn’t want to get off. 

“Do you want me to blow you instead?” You offer him another way out instead, just because you didn’t want to leave him hanging. 

He doesn’t reply for a moment. You grab his face and playfully kiss his cheek, hoping to lighten the mood. 

“I think I should go.” He gently pushes you off him, grabbing his shirt off the floor. Before he could walk out the door, you tug lightly on his arm. He stands there with his bare back facing you. 

“Don’t leave. Have I done something wrong?” 

You sit down the bed waiting for his answer. 


“Then what is it? I can’t seem to figure you out. First you’re happy, now you’re so down. You can tell me Justin. I’m your friend.” 

“A friend?” He scoffs at this comment. 

You gasp at his reaction. Of course you guys were friends. 

“Is this what a friend is? Do you offer blows to your other ‘friends.’” 

His voice was dripping with venom with every word. You gasp in horror to what he was implying. 

“What’s that suppose to mean?” 

“Doesn’t matter anymore. You got off, I can go now right?” 

Well, yeah. No. He did help you get off but his current attitude was bugging you now. 

“What are you acting this way? I don’t understand you anymore.” 

You began to get angry at the situation. 

You raise your voice a bit more, “tell me what’s going on!” 

He pauses for a moment, silence taking over you two. You tug his arm a bit more. He snaps back. He spins and harshly slamming you back onto the bed. 

“You wanna fuck huh?” 

You widen your eyes at his sudden actions. Before you could get a word out, Justin yanks his sweats and boxers in one go and slams his stiff length into you, causing you to let out a loud yelp at the feeling. Justin doesn’t seem to care as he looks down to where you two are joined. He holds you still with one hand, the other gripping your leg above his shoulder. He slams into you whole, feeling him hit the spot you never knew you had. 

The pleasure was so sudden and it hit you as fast a train. Justin’s pace never slowed down, he continues at an inhuman pace.

 A few minutes later, you feel the pit rising again, feeling your orgasm approach again. You clench around him. He finally lets out a loud growl. He feels his high approaching faster than he thought as well. He tugs his head into the crook of your neck, smelling your sweet scent of your hair. He would miss this so fucking much. 

He knew that after this there would be no way he’d be able to hide his feelings for you anymore. He fucking loved you, it tore him apart that this was the last time you’ll ever see each other again. 


He whispers between pants. You hear this but ignore it, too focused on your orgasm to answer him. 

“I’m there” you let out before letting your second orgasm go. 

He feels stupid tears approach his eyes. He fucking hated you at this point. He wanted to tell you. He didn’t know how. 

You see his heavy breathing, looking as if he was struggling to let go, you encourage him a little further, little did you know he was struggling to hold back his tears. 

“Justin,” you moan out his name, knowing it would do the trick. 

“Fucking hell,” He growls. 

He steadies his hands beside the side of your head, your faces facing directly across each there. You see the water in his eyes. He stares deathly at you as he lets go into you, feeling him fill you up. You didn’t notice anything strange. He pulls out of you but keeps his position, letting his eyes desperately focus on the face. 


You say softly hopefully to comfort what ever was going on. You were blind the what was happening. 

Before you could thank him for tonight, he crushes his lips harshly onto yours in a passionate kiss. You desperately struggle to keep up with his pace. You pull away, wanting to laugh at him for this. Before you could open your eyes, you feel wet drops of water on your cheeks. You open them to find Justin’s watery red eyes staring back at you. 

“I love you Y/N” He whispers in a croaky voice, his voice unstable, breaking any second. 

You push him away. 

“Justin? Are you ok? Stop joking with me, this is not funny.” 

“I’m fucking sorry Y/N.” 

You feel horror and sadness coming to rush over you. You knew he wasn’t joking. This was the last straw for both of you. You didn’t feel the same. 

I’ll show you the man I am

journeytothemoonn said:If you are still taking requests - can you please write an Andy Biersack smut where the girl has just found out he’s the baby of the band and starts teasing him and taunting him and he just gets fed up with it? the rougher the better? if you do this i will legitimately cry with joy 

Originally posted by andy-holdmybeersack


My roommate Andy had his bandmates over. They were laughing in the living room while I was in the kitchen getting a drink for me. As I walked back I heard Jinxx laughing: 

“Dude, it’s okay. You’re the youngest”

“Ohhh, Andy, you didn’t tell me you were the baby of the band!” I teased while sitting next to him, taking a sip of my drink.His face hardened and he turned his gaze to me ( GIF IMAGE ).

“Shut up…” he mumbled.

 The others and I laughed.

 “All of you.” Andy blushed.

“Aww, my poor baby. Do you need your mum to defend you?” I continued to tease.

He crossed his arms over his chest and looked down.

“Nahh, don’t cry. Every thing’s fine. Mummy is here” I mocked him while patting his hair.

He swatted my hand away. After another 30 minutes of teasing Andy the guys said their goodbyes. As soon as the door closed I was slammed against the wall with Andy pinning my hands above my head.

“You think it’s funny teasing me like that?” Andy questioned, darkly.

I couldn’t help but get turned on even though between Andy and me never was some kind of thing.

“Andy, I was just teasing you. No need to be pissed” I tried to cover up my arousal.

“I’ll show you the man I am.” he growled before he slammed his lips against mine. His lips were soft but he kissed rough and fuck I loved every single bit of it.

He pressed his body against mine and I could feel his bulge. I gasped and he took the chance and slipped his tongue in my mouth and began exploring.I let out a moan and I could feel him smirking against my lips.

I pulled back for air but Andy just moved his lips to my neck. Well, he’s singing in a band so of course he doesn’t need much air, that bloody-

My thoughts were cut as he found my sweet spot and began sucking and biting, definitely leaving a mark.

“Andy” I whimpered.

“Shhh. I don’t want to hear a single sound, understand?” he demanded.

I nodded.

“I asked you something” he growled, darkly while piercing his eyes into mine.

“I understand, sir” I croaked.

He smirked satisfied at the title and gave me a quick kiss before throwing me over his shoulder. I let out a squeek and noticed my mistake when his hand smacked my ass.

“I said not a single sound!” he snapped and carried me upstairs to his room. 

He threw me on his bed and this time I stayed quiet.

“Good girl.” he chuckled.

He hovered over me and removed my shirt. I didn’t put any bra on today because I was just lazy. He stared awestruck at my exposed chest, pupils wide.

“So my little slut didn’t feel the need to put on a bra? Just proves that you are begging for it, little slut.” he grumbled in a low voice that made me soaking.

He slid my sweats down my legs, his rough fingers grazing my soft flesh. Goosebumps errupted all over my body and chills ran down my spine. 

He walked to his drawer and picked something which I couldn’t see. He straddled my waist and put my arms above my head. 


He cuffed my hands to the headboard and admired his work. I still suppressed any sound and he seemed to like that. 

I tried moving my hands but he smacked my thigh making me jump.

“Don’t move.” he commanded.

He stripped out of his shirt but kept his jeans on. He kneeled on the edge of the bed and slid teasingly slow his hands up my legs. When he reached my thighs he suddenly grabbed them hard and spread my legs. He pulled me down til my arms were stretched to the maximum. 

I looked in Andys eyes and all I could see was dark lust. He literally ripped my panties off me and immediatly plunged two fingers in me.

I screamed but regretted it almost instantly. He withdrew his fingers and flipped me onto my stomach. Andy grabbed my ass and put it up into the air. His came crashing on my butt.

“I told you not to make a single sound. You little slut can’t keep your mouth shut. If you break the rules again you’ll be punished. Got it?” Andy scolded.

He turned me back on my back.

“Yes, sir” I said. 

He smirked. He unbuttoned his jeans and removed them, leaving him in boxers. After just staring at me for what felt like an eternity he finnaly removed his boxers and lined himself up at my entrance. He teased me with his tip and I didn’t know what he was waiting for.

“Beg for it, slut. Tell me how much you want my cock in your little pussy.” He demanded.

I never was into this rough kinky sex thing but I must admit that I fantasized about Andy and this was kind of one of my fantasies. 

“Please, Andy, please. I need your cock. I want it so bad. I want y-”

I couldn’t even finish my begging, he already slammed into me, giving me no time to adjust. He pounded into me with no mercy. I was a moaning mess and he was grunting and sometimes my name fell from his lips.

His thrusts were hard and fast. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Suddenly he hit my G-spot and I screamed his name in pure bliss. He smirked and slammed into me in this angle making sure to hit that wonderful spot that made my body shiver in pleasure, with every thrust. 

“You like that? Now I’m not the baby anymore, am I?” Andy questioned.

“No, Andy. You’re not a baby. You’re a man. GOD, don’t stop!” I moaned.

He pulled out and I whimpered at the loss of him. He flipped me on my stomach again and immediatly plunged back into my throbbing core making me scream. 

My ass was high in the air and my face was pressed against the pillows. 

“Andy!” I screamed

“That’s right, baby. Scream my name. Let the neighbors hear who’s making you feel this good.” Andy grunted out.

I was close and by Andys now sloppy but still hard thrusts I could tell he was too. With one final thrust and him moaning my name, he threw me over the edge. I screamed his name along with profanities as my climax washed through my body. 

Just a few thrusts later, Andy stilled and I could feel his warm seed fill me.

He pulled out and collapsed next to me, panting.

“Ummm… Andy?” I asked.

He looked at me and noticed I was still on my stomach with my hands cuffed to the headboard. 

He uncuffed my hands and I collapsed onto my back still trying to catch my breath.

“What does this mean for us, (Y/N)?” Andy asked shyly.

“I like you, Andy. That’s all I can say for now. If it’s just sex for you then it’s okay. I’m not pushing you into something.” I answered also shyly.

He cupped my cheek in his hands and pressed  a gentle kiss to my lips. He pulled away and looked into my eyes. 

“I like you, too. Let’s just take it as it comes, okay?” he said, softly.

I nodded and got up. He looked at me confused.

“Round two?” I smirked.

He smirked back and jumped out of the bed following me to the bathroom.

A/N: Soooo, this took kind of long til I had a writingblockade (don’t know if that’s the right word but you know what I mean) and I hope you like it. And to my bae journeytothemoonn, I hope it meets your expectations! :) I love you guys!!! <3 Send me requests and I’ll be trying to do them soon. <3

The Other Woman (Trixya) - Alex

A/N: Hello, it’s me, Alejandra! Sorry I’ve been MIA, I’ve been super busy with end of school year grading and stuff. Anyway, I don’t know what to categorize this as but it’s inspired by Boyfriend by Tegan and Sara ! Happy pride !  As per usual, big thanks to Tati for putting up with my bullshit every day and always proofreading. You can interpret ‘Dan’ as whomever, but I did have Milk in mind when writing it. 

TW: Cheating

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||Whose side are you on?|| *Part 4* Final Part

(Liam’s P.O.V)
“(Y/N)!"I screamed as soon as the elevator doors shut.
I kept banging on the doors until I heard a gunshot.
"No!"I yelled, punching the door.
"I didn’t even get to tell her that I still loved her."I muttered as I leaned against the wall. I slid down as I began to tear up, I never stopped loving her but she didn’t know that. Hayden was only wearing my jersey because I spilled the school lunch on her shirt. I didn’t even know I didn’t have my necklace on, I accidentally dropped it in my room. What do I do now? The last words (Y/N) said to me played back in my mind. I have to find Scott.
(Y/N)’s P.O.V)
I ripped the last ghost riders head off its body before dropping it on the floor. I smashed my foot against it, making blood splatter.
"Good work."I mumbled, panting as I leaned against the wall.
"Did you have to be really so gory?"Theo asked as he walked over to me.
"Was that too gory for you sweetheart?"I asked, folding my arms.
"And I thought I was heartless."Theo muttered.
"Don’t you have two hearts?"I asked.
"I was speaking figuratively-”
“I know, just fucking with you."I cut him off.
"We should probably go check up on the pack."I suggested.
"Yeah, wait though."Theo muttered as he stepped closer to me.
He grabbed my face and wiped blood off of my mouth with his thumb.
"You should teach me how to rip people’s heads off."Theo said as we started walking outside.
"So you can kill Scott again? Yeah, no thanks."I muttered as I hopped into the drivers seat of the ambulance.
"I just sacrificed my ass to help Scott and save you and Liam, I think I earned your trust."Theo argued.
"You earned my respect, not my trust."I explained as I started the ambulance.
"I’ll take what I can get."Theo shrugged as I slammed my foot on the gas pedal.
"You actually earned my respect the moment you came back."I spoke up as I speeded towards Beacon Hills Highschool.
"And that’s why you kicked me in the face?"Theo asked.
"No, you just really needed someone to shut you up that day."I answered, making him laugh lightheartedly.
"But seriously, you kept fighting once you got back from hell. You obviously suffered a whole lot, yet you’re still fighting. That takes a lot of guts man. I also know why you didn’t want to go into the morgue, you’ve been having nightmares recently-”
“How do you know?"Theo asked.
"Well every night that I spent at Scott’s house to watch over you, you’d whimper and start whispering stuff. I noticed you were in pain those nights so without you knowing, I’d sit next to you and caress your hair as I held your trembling hand. After a few minutes, you’d be fine.’‘I explained.
I looked over to see Theo looking at me with an unreadable facial expression.
"But you hated me for trying to kill Scott?"Theo asked, shocked and confused.
"No one deserves to go through the pain you’ve gone through."I answered.
"So whenever the nightmares stopped and I started sleeping peacefully, it was all because of you?"Theo asked in disbelief.
"My mom always said that there’s nothing a little love and affection can’t help."I shrugged.
"Thank you (Y/N)…"Theo whispered.
"No problem."I answered before parking the ambulance in the parking lot.
"You see it too, don’t you?"Theo asked as I noticed the train tracks on the concrete floor.
"We don’t have a lot of time (Y/N).”
(Liam’s P.O.V)
I was currently upstairs of beacon hills high school, standing by the railing. I looked down at the horse and shivered, I hate horses. Right as I was about to jump off, I felt someone pull me back. I looked up to see a ghost rider dragging me as he pointed his whip at me. Out of nowhere, Theo popped up behind the ghost rider and wrapped his arms around the ghost riders neck. He quickly snapped it and smirked once the ghost rider dropped to its knees.
“(Y/N) taught me that."Theo smiled proudly.
"Theo?"I asked, confused.
"If I can survive hell, I’m pretty sure I can handle a few ghost riders."Theo explained.
"What about (Y/N)?"I asked.
"She said she’d take out as many ghost riders as she could.”
(Y/N)’s P.O.V)
“Not the face!"I yelled, ducking as a ghost rider aimed their whip at my face.
I turned my head slightly to see another ghost rider with a gun.
"Perfect."I whispered, smirking.
At the exact moment the first ghost rider aimed their whip at me and the second ghost rider pulled the trigger, I jumped in the air, doing a backflip. Right before my feet hit the ground, both ghost riders disappeared in thin air.
"Ha, idiots."I snickered.
All of a sudden I picked up Scott’s scent and the sound of someone struggling. I dashed in the direction of the sounds and scent, until I saw Scott behind held down by three ghost riders as the fourth one held him at gunpoint. I let out a beastly roar as I jumped onto the fourth ghost riders back. I tackled him onto the ground ,grabbing his gun as I shot two of the three ghost riders that were holding Scott.
"Wrong move pal."I muttered as I raised my claws in the air.
Right as I stroked down at the ghost rider, the ghost rider grabbed my wrist to keep me from slashing its throat. Once it’s hand came in contact with my wrist, a flash of images flashed through my mind.
"Dad?"I asked, realizing they were memories I had with my dad.
The ghost rider kicked me off of him and grabbed a whip from its belt. As soon as I saw the whip racing towards me, I pushed myself up and tried jumping out of the way. I was still fazed at the fact that the ghost rider was my dad, meaning my reflexes had been slow. I screamed in agony as the whip slashed a deep gash into my side.
"You’re not my dad, not anymore."I muttered through tears as the whip was tangled around my wrist.
With one pull, I was teleported into some place that seemed creepy. I groaned as the gash in my side started to burn worse.
"Go, go, go!"I heard Liam yell.
I turned my head to see Hayden, Mason, and Corey jump onto a horse.
I ran into the room they ran out of and found Liam struggling as two ghost riders who had their whips tangled around his leg and wrist. As soon as I grabbed one of the two ghost riders neck, a flash of images raced through my mind. This was my mom.
"I’m sorry."I whispered before biting the ghost riders neck.
I pulled with my teeth roughly and quickly, making the head tear off the body. I wrapped my hands around Liam’s wrist as I quickly untangled the whip from his wrist. I pulled on the whip, the whip cutting my palms. The ghost rider quickly took its gun out, aiming it at Liam and I. Grabbing Liam, I jumped into safety as the gun went off.
”(Y/N).“Liam breathed as he watched me.
I rose to my feet and front flipped in the air as the ghost rider fired at me this time. I roundhouse kicked the ghost rider, making it fall to the floor. As soon as my hands came in contact with its face, another flash of images raced through my mind.
"Adam."I whispered, clenching my jaw as tears welled up in my eyes.
I closed my eyes as I snapped its neck, Adam was my first boyfriend. He was the best first love any girl could ever ask for.
"Gah!"I screamed as I felt a sharp pain on my back.
I turned around quickly and noticed another ghost rider with a whip in their hands. As the ghost rider raised its whip again, Liam tackled it to the ground.
"Wait!"I screamed as Liam was about to drag his claws against its face.
I ran over and placed my hand over its chest. Just like I suspected, a flash of images. Katherine, my younger sister.
"Katherine."I muttered, the tears now spilling.
I poked my fingers through the holes of its face where the eyes should be and started to pull my hands apart. Slowly the ghost riders face ripped apart.
"You can rest now."I whispered.
"Who’s Katherine?"Liam asked he noticed my tears.
"My sister, I just basically killed my family. First my dad, then my mom, then Adam, and now my sister."I muttered as hot tears fell down my cheeks rapidly.
"Graaah!"I screamed as the gash on my back and side burned terribly.
”(Y/N), what’s wrong?“Liam asked, scooping me into his arms.
"I got hit twice by two whips, I-it’s burning and throbbing!"I whimpered as I started panting.
He ran out of the room as my eyes drooped. The amount of people I had killed today, ghost riders I killed today really took a toll on me. What really affected me though, were the gashes. It’s like when Argent was hit by a whip, I don’t even know if he’s alive right now.
”(Y/N), keep your eyes open. Look at me, I’ve gone through too much with you to lose you like this. I thought I lost you tonight, I’m not going to let that happen.“Liam muttered, running as fast as his legs could carry him.
Suddenly everything went black.
(Liam’s P.O.V)
"So she saw her family again, but in the ghost riders?"Scott asked.
We had defeated the nazi werewolf and the ghost riders left town, now all we were waiting for is (Y/N) to wake up and heal with the magic herbs Melissa, Argent, and Mason said would help.
"Not all of them, only certain ones. I think they really were (Y/N)’s family, I mean they did get turned into ghost riders."I answered.
"Fffffuuuu-mmmm!"I heard (Y/N) scream.
Scott, Theo, and I ran through the doors and saw the gashes start to smoke.
"Mmmm!"She screamed as Peter, Argent, Malia, and Lydia held (Y/N) down.
"We’re gonna need you to be a little quiet (Y/N)!"Stiles yelled over her muffled screaming due to the towel Stiles shoved in her mouth.
"Be quiet, why don’t you shut the fuck up while I rip your flesh apart!”(Y/N) yelled audibly enough for us to understand her.
“Scott, Theo?"Stiles yelled, now worried for his safety.
Even with four people holding her down, she was still managing to slowly wiggle out of their grip. Scott and Theo helped them hold her down as she kept screaming. Once her screaming died down she stopped shaking, and calmed down.
"It took 6 people to keep you down on a bed?"Stiles asked in shock.
’'Stiles as much as I missed you, I really don’t want to hear your snarky little voice."She spat as she let out a shaky breath.
"Watch that mouth (Y/N)."Lydia warned playfully.
We all looked at their hands locked together as Stiles smiled goofily down at her.
"No.”(Y/N) whispered, a smile creeping up in her face.
“Yes!"Scott yelled, throwing his fists in the air.
"Finally!"Scott and (Y/N) yelled.
"The ship has sailed, I repeated, the fucking ship has sailed!"She yelled, drumming her hands on her hospital bed.
I stared at her adoringly as she shook with excitement and joy.
"Oh I’m gonna cry."She muttered, fanning her eyes.
She looked over to me and smiled , staring back at me with the most softest eyes I’ve ever seen.
"Everyone out!”(Y/N) barked, scaring everyone.
“Just for one minuet."She begged.
"Fine."Theo muttered as we all started walking out, even Melissa.
"Not you Dunbar!"She yelled, making me turn around.
She hopped off her bed and walked over to me.
"Ask me whose side I’m on."She said, smiling up at me.
"What?"I asked, confused.
"I said, ask me whose side I’m on."She repeated.
"You wanted to know whose side I was on, so ask me again."She whispered, gazing up at me with adoring eyes that shined bright.
I sighed before chuckling, giving in.
"Whose side are you on?"I asked.
She walked away from me and started to walk around quietly, as if she was ignoring me.
"Sorry Eugene, you weren’t looking directly into my eyes. I can’t answer that until I’m sure we’re making an actual human interaction."She sighed, making me roll my eyes.
"You’re such a tease."I scoffed, making her smirk.
She walked over to me and interlocked our fingers together.
"Now, ask… me… again."She whispered as she brushed her lips against my ear, making the hairs in my arms and back if my neck stick up.
"Whose side are you on (Y/N)?"I asked, looking down at her as she neared her face over to mine.
"I am on your side Liam."She answered.
"I’ve always been on your side."She whispered before grabbing my face and smashing her lips against mine.
Our lips moved in sync as her fingers ran through my hair and my hand ran down her back, stopping at her waist.
"And I always will be.”-
Hope you all enjoyed my first imagine, thank you for taking time out of your day to read this!

Dick Grayson/Nightwing X Reader- Popping Buttons

Warning: Swearing, fighting, etc

“Hey, Birdie!” you shouted as you jumped through the oculus of the building, landing next to Robin with your gloved fists raised.  “Sorry I’m late, you wouldn’t believe how bad the traffic was to get here.”

“Tt.  This is a monastery, (Y/H/N), there was no traffic,” Robin stated, obviously annoyed.

“Sarcasm, Little D,” you smirked, grabbing your modified bo staff from your hip.  “I thought you would learn that it’s my first language.”

“English is your first language,” Damian rolled his eyes, focusing on the assailants surrounding the two of you.  “Batman will be here shortly.”

“Which means we’ll have defeated all of these ninjas by the time he gets here,” you said, rotating you staff in your hands.  “Don’t you agree?”

He smirked, “For once I do agree with you.”

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anonymous asked:

Grapholagnia :)

Send me a word and I will write a drabble

Grapholagnia - The urge to stare at obscene pictures.

Are you the Anon who sent the request for mentally undressing also? I’m working on it. It may actually be a follow-on to this one. I sense that someone wants me to write smut…

Let me just say: I REGRET NOTHING!!! RATED M for ogling, drooling, disobedient pants, and potential future continuations.

The giggling draws me in. The girlish, bubbling noise out of place with the scent of chemical cleaners and formaldehyde that still lingers in the air. They scramble as they sense my approach, aware of their impending doom in the last second as I hold my hand out expectantly and confiscate the folder concealing whatever has distracted them from Rue’s hands. She averts her eyes, her cheeks darkening with an embarrassed flush as she hands it over to me.

“Please continue your work,” I calmly state in my best teacher voice.

“Yes, Miss Everdeen,” Rue and Sasha whisper in unison, bending their heads over their desks, pencils scratching away, completing their lab reports. With a satisfied nod, I return to the board, detailing their homework assignment as my class continues their quiet work.

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Supply Run (Arrow Constantine/Reader One Shot)

Imagine being part of Team Arrow, and when they meet Constantine, he instantly forms an attraction to you

Here you go Anon! I hope you like it!

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“There was this one time that I almost died. I was drowning. I fell into the pool and I was looking up. I recall seeing these blurry images of my family getting darker and smaller.”

“Then there was this hand reaching up and pulling me out of the water. After that I can’t remember anything.” You sighed looking into the camera, “They said I just swam up, but I know I didn’t. Something pulled me from the water.”

“So when people ask me if I believe in the supernatural, in the unexplained, hell yeah I do.” 

“Where. Did. You…” Team Arrow turned around slowly looking at you, “Find that…”

Felicity smiled, “The internet is a powerful thing. You should be more careful.”

Your face was beat red from embarrassment, “Oh my god…”

“There’s nothing wrong with believing in the supernatural.” Oliver smiled at you putting his hands on your shoulders, “Especially with what we deal with on a daily basis.”

“Thanks Oliver, but adult me looking at teenage goth me is more what I’m trying to hide from.”  You told him getting him to smile.

“I think the black hair and lipstick really works for you.” Felicity spun in her chair, “Thea agrees with me.” 

“What!? I did not…I mean…it’s not…” Thea looked at you horrified.

“It’s okay Thea. We all have secrets.” You sighed, “Some of them are horrifying…but you didn’t call me here for this.”

“No…no I didn’t…” He glanced over at Laurel, “I need help getting somethings and I’m sorry but your teenage video blog was a good way to diffuse the tension.”

“Okay…Oliver…You still haven’t asked me anything.” You told him, “What’s going on?”

“What’s going on lass…” You looked over at voice you’d never heard before, “is a restoration of a soul.”

“And apparently you’re an expert on that…Mr?” You stared at his unkempt hair and scruffy face.

“Constantine.” He smiled at you, “But you can call me John, love.”

“Uh huh…well why am I here?” You looked at Oliver.

“I know you have some connections with getting things.” Oliver looked over at Felicity, “I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important. It’s about Sarah.”

Your eyes got wide, “Oliver…”

“I know, but we have try.” He watched you sigh and then nod. He took the list from Felicity, “We can’t find these last two ingredients.”

You looked at the list, “Wow, okay…give me a few hours.”

“Hours?” You looked at John, “I’ve had to search for half of that for months and you lot are finding it in hours.”

“Sorry that I have better connections then you?” You half smiled at him and winked patting his shoulder as you walked by him, “I’ll be back soon.”

John followed you slowly, “Mind if I tag a long? Wouldn’t mind getting some new connections.”

“You don’t have to be here? Preparing something?” You asked him stepping onto the elevator.

“Nope, Oliver can handle everything.” He stepped on with you.

 You looked out at Oliver tilting your head, “Okay…sure…”

Oliver rolled his eyes giving you a thumbs up. He was going to owe you big time you were sure of it. 

You stepped off pulling out your phone, “Донован , это Y / N . Мне было интересно, если у вас какой-то особый запас? Отлично, я могу остановить с другом ? Увидимся в 20 минут.”

“So I’m a friend now?” John smirked following you out of the office.

“You speak Russian? Why am I not surprised…” You shook your head, “I suppose for today you are a friend and if you want connections just don’t be an asshole.”

“Oh that’s going to be a hard one love, I’m naturally born to it.” He told you.

You stopped looking at him shaking your head, “Don’t…don’t call me love…”

“Or what?” He smirked looking into your eyes.

“Oh I’ll shoot you.” You smiled pressing a small pistol against his rips, “I’m friends with the Arrow, did you really think that I wasn’t prepared?”

“No, I think you’re prepared for everything.” He whispered in a deep husky rasp.

“Okay…handsome…look we have work to do.” You told him taking a step back, “Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll let you ask me out once everything’s said and done.”

He cocked his head to the side watching you walk away, “Are going to wear these pants on our date?”

You flipped him off and kept, “Hurry up or you’ll be walking, John.”

He smirked and walked after you, “I should definitely come visit Oliver more often.”

The drive to Donovan’s was full of bickering. He couldn’t put his finger on it but he liked riling you up. He found it sexy watching your hair move like a cats when it got agitated and how your eyes narrowed on him when you told him to shut his mouth.

“Seriously keep your mouth shut. Donovan’s not going to like you immediately.” You told him getting out of the car.

“Why?” He asked following you.

“Because you don’t have boobs.” You rolled your eyes and stopped, “He wanted to date me at one point, but I’m just not into Russians. So he gets jealous when I bring me around.”

“Well it’s nice to know you care about me.” He smirked at you.

“John…” You said in a warning tone and watched him raise his hands in defense, “Thank you.”

“How can I refuse those pretty eyes?” He told you as you walked inside. It was the back of some where house. The back of his hair started to stand on end, he was probably going to be back here at some point. Something powerful was here, but he needed to focus for now.

“Y/N! It tis so goodt too see you.” A man walked over with his arms out stretched pulling you in an embrace. John could visibly see how much it made you uncomfortable, “Who is dis?”

“John Constantine.” He held out his hand and put on a smile as Donovan let you go taking your hand, “I’m hoping you can help us today.”

“Yes, I need these last two items.” You pulled out the list handing it to him, “Price is not an issue.”

“I might have it, but I’m not jist going to hand it out. Y/N, you know what I desire.” He looked at you and John felt his fist ball up when he saw you cringe, “Come now, if it is so important…”

“Donovan…” You looked at him, “You know that I can’t give that back to you. We had a deal.”

“Deals are made to be broken.” Donovan reached out grabbing your arm roughly, “Give me the stone and I’ll give you what you ask for.”

“Hey!” John stepped forward pushing him away from you, “We don’t need it that badly, Y/N. We can go elsewhere.” 


“For the trouble.” John pulled out his wallet holding out a few hundreds, “Take it and we’ll leave.”

Donovan pulled a gun out, “You think I want your money! I need it, Y/N!”

“This isn’t necessary, mate. Just put the gun away.” John raise his arms slowly, “We’re leaving.”

“No, you’re dying.” The sound of the gun went off. John shut his eyes bracing himself for the impact, that never came.

“You look ridiculous…” He heard you speaking and opened his eyes. Donovan and the bullet were frozen in front of him.

He looked at at you with your hand raised, “You’re gifted.”

“Something like that.” You told him eyes glowing a blue green at him as you held onto a pendent, “I don’t like to use it often. We should find what we’re looking for and go.”

He stared at you a moment longer before he took of looking for the things they need for the spell. He happened to find a few other things snagging them into his pockets. 

Once in the car and on the way back to the hideout he looked at you, “Magic or science?”

“Uh…both.” You glanced at him, “Do you know STAR Labs.”

“It sounds familiar.” He nodded as you explained about the particle accelerator. 

“I was visiting a friend when it went off, I’ve always had this gift I guess you can say.” You looked at him, “I was afraid of it.”

“Did it start after you almost died in the water?” He asked you seriously.

You swallowed nodded, “Yeah, it did.”

“You’ve been touched by the other side, I can’t say what that particle thingy did but I’m sure it’s opened up abilities that you already have.” He glanced at the pendent around your neck, “That’s a very old suppression spell.”

You glanced down, “I read about it, searched for it and that’s how I met Donovan. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was using it to stop someone from using their gifts.”

He nodded slowly, “I could help you with it.”

“Are you actually offering or are you still trying to get into my pants?” You smirked.

“I’m offering.” He smiled, “But if getting into your pants helps, then I’m doubly offering.”

You laughed a little, “John Constantine, saving lost souls in every way he can.”

“Seriously though, love.” He looked at you, “I will help you. No one should live in fear what they can do.”

“Thank you, John. We should talk about it more after we help Sarah.” You looked at him, “Maybe over a bottle good scotch.”

“You are my kind of girl.” He smirked looking out the window, “Where have you been all of my life?”

“Probably right under your nose where you wouldn’t look.”  He looked back over at you smiling.

“Yeah…never did look at thing close by…” He slouched down just drinking in your presence. This trip might’ve been worth more then he anticipated.


Steve x Reader

When Steve woke up from the ice, a lot of things had changed. One day as he’s wandering the streets of New York, he comes across something he’s never seen before, and he’s quite interested to learn.

For my darling @bovaria . This was an idea based off a post about parkour a while back, and I wish I could find it now to link it (if you know what I’m talking about: it’s actually a post about the difference between Bucky in Winter Soldier and Civil War, how he handles his footwork differently when he isn’t all brainwashed, and it happened to use Steve’s footwork as an example.)

Word count: ~2400

Warnings: None <3

A/N: So!!!! This actually has the potential for a second part, but only if you guys are curious to see what I have planned if you want it. (Hint: Steve has the reader help Bucky with his parkour skills)

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  After all the events of New York, everything had been a complete mess, and had taken quite a long while to clean up. Once the rubble was cleared, people started to feel safe enough to wander the streets again, almost like aliens HADN’T practically destroyed half the city. Amongst the people on the streets today was a certain Steve Rogers, in an old, worn baseball cap and his favorite leather jacket. He was taking a moment to really soak in the city, trying to figure out where to go from here. The last thing he was expecting was a group of people to come running past him, and someone running directly into his hard chest and bouncing off.

  You hadn’t exactly been paying attention to where you were going, so when you collided with someone built like a brick wall, you reacted in the only way you knew: you pushed into him as you slammed into him, using the momentum to make sure you didn’t land on your ass, and you were quite graceful about it as well.

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the Locker Room

Prompt: Liam and the reader are enemies but later start liking each other

Warnings: well, Liam and the reader don’t really like each other at first so some harsh words are exchanged. But then they make out in the girls’ locker room which is kinda awkward because I didn’t really know how to write it so yeah

Being one of the only girls on the lacrosse team had its perks. For example, boys. Practices were like heaven, watching their muscles flex as they ran and just exercised in general. Of course, after practice, they stunk to high heaven and I didn’t want them to come anywhere near me, but that was beside the point.

           The second perk was Kira. I met her on the day of tryouts, and she quickly became my best friend. Her love for Marvel and my love for action had us constantly throwing movie marathons which turned into sleepovers when we saw how late at night it was.

           All the attention was definitely the third perk. I mean, Kira and I were the talk of the school. The team was completely male dominated, but our small estrogen edition seemed to draw a crowd of feminists and guys who just wanted to look at a chick playing rough. Coach was happy about that; there was a bigger turn-out at the games, and the school newspaper frequently printed segments advertising us.

           It was great. Really, I loved it. But… all of the good things could be sucked away as soon as Liam Dunbar and I made eye contact.

           In my opinion, he was beyond stupid. Dunbar was always very competitive with me- I guessed that it was because we were the only freshmen on the team because he seemed alright with Kira, so it couldn’t be that I was a girl. He threw temper tantrums a lot, which always resulted in Scott, Kira’s boyfriend, and Stiles, Kira’s… weird… friend, rushing him off into the locker room. Coach used to yell at them when they did that, but eventually he got tired and just rolled his eyes.

           That made me angry. Why the hell was Dunbar so special? Why was he allowed to be escorted off the field by his junior fairy-godmothers? It just wasn’t fair.

           The Friday that I finally lost it was the one that followed our first loss of the season. Last night, in the middle of the game, Dunbar decided that he wasn’t going to pass me the freaking ball liked we had practiced. That pissed me off. He ended up scoring, but I was too mad to care. When I got the ball, I acted like I didn’t see him waiting for me to pass it to him. I scored. The crowd cheered. I basked in the glory until a rough shove to my shoulder jerked me out of the happy haze.

           It was Dunbar, and he wasn’t happy. Through his mask, he spit, “What the hell? Why didn’t you pass to me?”

           I laughed. “Just returning the favor, thickhead. You didn’t pass to me either. And I scored anyway, so I don’t know why you’re getting your tighty-whiteys in a wad.”

           “You’re kidding me, right?” He stepped closer; our masks were pressed together as he shouted. “You’re acting like a child. We’re in the middle of the game.”

           Scoffing, I shoved his chest. “You’re the one who’s acting like a child, Dunbar. Now get out of my face before I make you.”

           He let out a sharp snort of derision. “I’d just love to see you try.”

           Hands were pulling us apart suddenly. Kira had her arms around my shoulders while Scott and Stiles held onto Dunbar’s arms. Coach and the referee were sprinting over to us. Faintly, I could hear Scott muttering, “Hey, Liam, you got this. Stay in control. Breathe.”

           Stiles was chanting as well, although I wouldn’t exactly define his words as ones of encouragement. “You freaking idiot, chill out! You’re going to shift in front of all these people! Because of a girl? You’re kidding me, right? We have a game to play.”

           Kira spun me around. “Y/N, what- are you okay?” Her dark eyes looked me over anxiously.

           “Oh, I’m fine.” Then I raised my voice, knowing he could hear. “Dunbar is just pitching a bitch fit like he’s five and making everything about him again. Nothing new.”

           “What?” Dunbar snarled- I mean, he actually snarled. “You’re the one who’s not following the plays. You won’t pass to me because of your silly little grudge.”

           I was screaming. “You didn’t pass to me first! So how dare you get mad when I do the same?”

           “Are you-” He lurched against Stiles and Scott’s tight hold. “I didn’t see you!”

           “That’s bull and you know it, Dunbar!” I shrieked. “You looked me dead in the eyes and then kept running. You just wanted to compensate with a big win for something smaller, am I right?”

           To make a long story short, by the time Coach got over to us, we were both cussing, so he benched us. “I can’t believe you two.” He angrily shoved his clipboard under his arm. “Okay, yeah, Dunbar, kind of expected it because of your record- no hard feelings- but Y/N? Really? You’re going to try and fight him?”

           I raised an eyebrow. “Are you insinuating that I couldn’t take him out? Because I could, if you’d like a demonstration.”

           Dunbar laughed coldly. “I would love to see that happen.”

           Whirling on him, I pushed his shoulder. “Do you want to go Dunbar?”

           Coach stuck his arm in between our faces, which were so close that our noses were almost touching. “That is enough!” He roared. “Tomorrow night’s practice, you both are staying after. You’re going to help me clean the gear. And… and… you both better be here Saturday morning. I think a little PT is in order. It’ll be a bonding experience. Might make you like each other.” At the dirty looks Dunbar and I exchanged, Coach back-tracked. “Or maybe it’ll just make you hate each other all the more. Well, my advice to you is- bottle it up and use it on the field. But not against each other for crying out loud!”

           Then we lost the game because Scott and Stiles were benched for some illegal hits- I had a sneaking suspicion that they did it on purpose- and towed Dunbar off to the locker rooms, leaving our team without its captain and some of its best players.

           So yeah, that was mainly the reason why my Friday sucked. I knew I was going to have to stay after. Kira was more understanding than my parents. They chewed me out. She only promised that we could reschedule the Iron Man marathon.

           “Seriously, it’s no big deal.” Kira assured me as I thanked her, slipping my Nikes on. “I just wish you and Liam could get along.”

           I hit my head on the bench when I jerked upwards so fast, quickly brushing off her concerned hands. “Me and Dunbar? Get along? I happen to be a big fan of our relationship. I hate him and he hates me. It’s perfect.”

           Kira pursed her lips as she shimmed into her shorts. “That’s nice, but… do you really hate him?”

           “Well…” I thought it over. Kira was my best friend; I told her everything. I figured this was no different. It wasn’t like she was going to go squealing to anyone. “I mean, yeah, he pisses me off a lot, but… sometimes he’s funny. And he’s definitely not ugly. But you didn’t hear that from me, got it?”

           Hesitantly, Kira nodded. “Okay, but… I mean, no offense, but I think it would make the team more of a team if you tried to focus on those things instead of how angry he makes you and maybe attempted to get along. Plus, it would be nice not having to stop him from ripping your throat out.”

           “Hey!” I settled my hands on my hips. “I am more than capable of ripping Dunbar’s throat out if the time comes.”

           “Please,” I jumped, spinning around to see Coach standing in the doorway with his eyes covered. “Just stop, Y/L/N. I don’t want to give up my Sunday for you, too. Just put some clothes on and get out on the field.”

           I pretended to think about it. “I don’t know, Coach, I kinda like this look.” I gestured to my shorts and sports-bra. “It makes me feel much freer.”

           “That only makes me worry. Thank you for making my gray hairs grow faster.” He said sarcastically, shifting his weight while still keeping his eyes covered. “Now get on the field!” Coach left then, shaking his head and muttering something about ‘teenage girls are weird.’

           Kira giggled. When I looked at her and asked, “What?” she only shook her head and tossed me my shirt. I slipped it over my head, and we jogged out.

           Everyone was waiting for us, it seemed. Scott came over with a smile on his face, Stiles and Liam trailing him like always. “Hey guys.” He greeted, nodding to me and pecking Kira’s cheek.

           “Hello.” Stiles said awkwardly, scratching his head under his helmet. I guessed he was playing goalie today.

           “Look who finally decided to grace us with her presence.” Liam muttered. I smirked and flipped my ponytail over my shoulder, retailing with, “You don’t have to thank me. Just know you’re welcome.” Liam was about to get his revenge when Coach blew sharply on his whistle and told us to take a few laps.

           Kira, Stiles, and I all jogged at the same pace while Liam and Scott ran up ahead. “So, Kira, did it work?” Stiles panted.

           “Did what work?” I asked.

           “Oh,” Stiles faltered. “Maybe it was a bad idea to ask with you right there.”

           “Maybe you should tell me what the hell you’re talking about, Stilinski.”

           “Alright!  Hey, no need to bust out the last names. We’re cool; we’re good here.”

           Kira rolled her eyes. “He’s talking about the talk we had in the locker room. About Liam. And maybe you and him working out your differences.”

           My mouth dropped open. “You put her up to that?” I almost screamed. I knew people were looking, but I didn’t care.

           Stiles gestured for me to quiet down. “No need to raise your voice, little one! We had the same talk with Liam in the guys’ locker room.”

           Bitterly, I asked, “Well? What? Same results?”

           Raising his eyebrows, he looked over at Kira. “Depends on what you said, Y/N.”

           Gasping, I smacked Kira’s arm. “Don’t you even think about selling me out!” I warned. She gave me a cool look before suggesting, “Well, then, maybe you should tell Stiles what you said. It’s you or me.”

           “I don’t want to tell Stiles!” I whined. “He’s just going to blab to Scott who will blab to Dunbar.”

           “Nonsense!” Stiles protested. “I am a trustworthy guy. I won’t tell Scott; I’ll tell Lydia. Who will probably tell Liam directly.”

           It was my turn to roll my eyes. “Whatever. I’m done with this conversation. Kira, if you know what’s good for you, you won’t tell him crap.” Then I took off at full speed, shooting past and weaving through groups of guys. Being the smallest person on the team had its advantage- I was the fastest. Another thing that pissed Dunbar off about me.

           Because I could, as I sprinted past Scott and Dunbar, I shouted, “On your left!”

           “Go to hell!”  Dunbar yelled. I just laughed, “See you there, babe!”

           This went on for the next three laps: I would pass Dunbar, say something to him that would piss him off, and then zip on right ahead of him. On the fifth and final lap, when I came up behind him, I made a very dumb, split-second decision. I smacked Dunbar right on the ass before sprinting as fast and hard as I could.

           “That’s it.” I heard him growl.  Scott warned, “No, Liam, don’t-” But I guessed he didn’t listen. I didn’t bother looking back; I was almost at the stopping point. My lungs and legs burned, and the back of neck was sticky with sweat.

           Something hit my back, and then I was rolling. People started yelling, but I couldn’t really make out what they were saying over the blood rushing through my ears.

           Dunbar glared down at me, and I fixed him with a fiery stare. “What the hell is your problem?” I screeched in his face, trying to worm my way out from underneath his body. His hands tightened around my wrists, pinning them to the ground beside me.

           “You’re my problem!” He barked. Breathing heavily, I brought my legs up to the point my feet touched my butt. Using my hips, I thrust upwards and to the side, dumping him off of me. The move obviously took him by surprise.

           I was just about to start wailing on him when someone picked me up around the waist and hauled me over his shoulder. I recognized those damn shoes. “Stiles!” I pounded on his back. “Put me down!”

           Stiles shook me slightly. “Um, no? Why would I do that? You guys are trying to kill each other! Again!

           “Stiles!” I thrashed against him, but nothing seemed to faze him. Suddenly tired, I let my arms hang limply, stretching towards the ground. Through Stiles’s legs, I could see Scott chewing Liam out. Kira came to his side, speaking quietly in Scott’s ear. I had a hard time hearing what they were saying because everyone was running over and yelling.

           Coach somehow overpowered them all. “Separate them! Stilinski, take Y/L/N over there! This has got to stop! McCall, you’re- taking Dunbar to the showers again. Fine. Whatever. Everyone, settle down! Take another lap to get all of that excitement out of your system.”

           Grunting, Stiles set me down. I watched Scott disappear into the school with Dunbar and Kira. I looked at Stiles, and then back at the doors. Stiles seemed to catch on. “No no no no no. Y/N, don’t you dare-”

           It was too late. I sprinted for the doors, ignoring Coach’s yells and Stiles’s promised shouts, “I’ll get her Coach! I’ve got her! You just go back to… coaching…”

           I knew that Stiles was sprinting after me- and that skinny bastard could move when he wanted to- so I pushed myself, throwing the door open and running as fast as I could for the boys’ locker room. As I pounded through the entry way, I could see shadows in the corner, and water running. Was the shower on?

           I skidded to a stop, peeking my head around the corner.

           Dunbar was puffing under a constant stream of water, back against the wall, eyes closed. Scott was squatting beside him; Kira was standing on his other side. “This has got to stop, dude.” Scott clapped him on the shoulder. “You’re putting her in danger.”

           “Don’t you think I know that?” His eyes flashed open, a furious golden tint to them. “But she’s just so… and I can’t… and it pisses me off!” Dunbar slammed his fist into the tile, completely shattering it. Bits and pieces shot up, scattering all around him. “It’s like I can’t control myself around her! I get so angry because I can’t…” His voice caught in his throat. He shook his head. “And then I do something stupid…”

           Kira stroked his hair, pushing it off his forehead. “We know, Liam. Calm down. We’re going to figure something out.”

           “You guys keep saying that.” He closed his eyes again. In that moment, I found him… very nice looking. His gray shirt was soaked, clinging to his toned chest. Droplets slid down his neck; his hair looked darker, messy. His full lips were pink and inviting.

           “Because it’s true!” Kira insisted.

           Scott sighed. “Did you talk to her?” His mocha eyes were wide and earnest.

           Tentatively, Kira nodded. “Yes… but she didn’t want me to tell you.” When Scott gave her a look, she threw her hands up. “Hey, she is my best friend!”  

           I didn’t realize that Stiles had caught up until he announced, “Yeah, your best friend that part-times as a peeping tom!”


So I got caught. Dunbar was pissed, Kira was pissed, Scott was pissed, Stiles was pissed, Coach was pissed… everyone was ticked off.

           “I don’t know what the hell you were thinking,” Coach was beet red as he ranted in my face, “but that was the stupidest thing I had ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot, thanks to Greenberg.”

           Yawning, I watched the other players pick up their stuff and head to the locker rooms. “Coach, I’m pretty much immune to scolding. I’ve been bitched out three times today now. You might as well save your breath because I’m just tuning you out.”

           Coach sputtered.

           “Not trying to be disrespectful.” I tacked on at the end, hoping it wasn’t too late.

           “Well that was a nice save.” Coach waved his clipboard behind him. “Go ahead and meet Dunbar in the weight room. I left the equipment and cleaning supplies in there. I’ll be in my office. And if you two decide to fight, I won’t break it up. I’ll let you kill each other. I’m getting too old for this.” With that, Coach stalked back into the building.  


The weight room was exactly what it sounded like- it was a square building with one room that was filled with weights. There wasn’t any air-conditioning, and it always smelled like butt.

           Dunbar was already seated on the side of a treadmill, furiously wiping the inside of a helmet. “Nice of you to show up.” He snickered.

           “Yeah, well, I was getting my ass chewed. Does that make you feel any better?”

           “Loads.” He threw the can of Clorox wipes at me. “I’ve already started on the helmets. You wanna do the pads?”

           “If you lace up the sticks.” I consented. With an eye roll, he nodded. We worked in silence for the longest time, cleaning and fixing the gear. It was a bit of a surprise to me. Why weren’t we bickering? How come he was so quiet? What was he thinking about?

           Coach poked his head in. “It’s too quiet.” Dunbar and I just looked at each other. “I don’t believe this. It’s too weird. A little bit of yelling never hurt anybody.”

           Once he had left, Dunbar turned to me. “How much did you hear earlier?” He looked at me with his intense blue eyes. “Back in the locker room, I mean.”

           I mulled over my options. I could either lie or tell the truth. I figured that the truth would piss him off the most, so that’s what I told him. “You were talking about how angry I make you. Scott said that you were putting me in danger, and then you said that you couldn’t do something, and that it made you lose control. It made you really angry.”

           Dunbar ran his hand over his face. “Why did you even come in there, Y/N?” He sounded tired. Not upset in the slightest. Damn.

           I shrugged. “I don’t know. I was mad after you tackled me, and wanted to see why you always escape to the locker room with Scott.”

           He let out a puff of air, laying back across the treadmill. His shirt lifted a tad to reveal his stomach. “Okay, well, don’t do it again, alright?” I didn’t say anything. Dunbar laid there for a little while longer. Then he sat up abruptly. “You done with yours?”

           Nodding, I set the last elbow pad down. “Just finished.”

           He held open one of the bags and I began to stuff equipment inside. Once we had finished with that, we stowed everything away in the storage closet, and went to tell Coach that we were done.

           “Oh, you’re still alive.” He looked us over briefly before returning to whatever he was working on. “Go change out of your clothes; you both smell. Be here tomorrow at seven thirty. You’re going to be trying out some of these military workouts I found on YouTube the other day. I suggest eating a light breakfast.”

           Dreading tomorrow, Dunbar and I went our separate ways. The janitor was mopping up the girls’ locker room when I walked inside. “Hi.” I greeted softly. She just nodded and stepped out.

           I had just slipped into my clothes- thankfully- when the door swung open. In the threshold was a red-cheeked Dunbar, gripping his change of clothes with a sour expression.

           “Um, what do you think you’re doing?” I asked. “This is the girls’ locker room.”

           “The boys’ locker room is closed. Coach just left and the janitor locked up.”

           “Really?” I crossed my arms. “How did you get your clothes then?”

           “I left them sitting out. The janitor was putting them in the lost and found when I caught up to her.”

           “Okay. Why can’t you change in the bathroom?”

           “Because they’re all locked.”

           “Just drive home in your gym clothes. It won’t kill you, I promise.”

           “No. I’m changing now.” Dunbar threw his clothes on the bench and yanked off his shirt. I quickly averted my gaze, focusing on tying my shoes.

           Alright, I couldn’t help it. I kept sneaking peeks at him, watching his arms flex as he moved, back rippling, veins standing out along his arms and hands. It was confusing. He made me so angry, but at the same time…

           “What are you looking at?” I snapped out of it instantly, blinking. Dunbar had his shirt and jeans on now. “Do you like me or something?” He teased, shifting his weight on his sock-covered feet.

           I blanched. “Oh no, sweetheart. Don’t flatter yourself. Besides, I think you like me.” I smirked, feeling quite accomplished.

           “No, I’m pretty sure that you like me.” Dunbar sneered. “Maybe that’s why you like to push my buttons so much.”

           “You definitely like me.” I stood up, edging my way towards him. “Did you like having me under you earlier?”

           Dunbar stepped up to the plate; we were almost chest to chest. “Not as much as you did. ‘Cause you like me. I drive you crazy. Your heart beats faster whenever I’m around, and you don’t even realize it.”

           I put a finger on his chest to accentuate my point. “You like me, and it pisses you off because you think that you can’t have me.”

           He shook his head. “I don’t think; I know.” He looked at the ground between us. “It wouldn’t be safe for you.”

           “What, because you’ve got an I.E.D.? That’s stupid.” I cocked my head to the side as my voice took on a much softer quality. “Liam…”

           His blue eyes met mine. “You’ve never called me that before.” He whispered.

           I wrinkled my nose. “What?”

           “You’ve never called me ‘Liam’ before. I’m always ‘Dunbar’.”

           “Oh,” I watched him chew on his lip. “I never noticed that.”

           “Yeah, well, I always do.”

           We didn’t say anything for what felt like the longest time. My heart was pounding in my ears at our close proximity. I could feel every breath he took, almost. It was hot- sweltering, even. I could feel my cheeks blazing.

           “Y/N?” Liam murmured. “Be honest with me for a second. What would you do if I kissed you right now?”

           “I would kiss you back.” I answered, blatantly honest. I didn’t have it in me to put up any pretenses; I was too captivated in the way his lips moved, wondering how they would feel and taste. “I’m not rude.”

           “Okay.” He breathed, hand coming up to cup my cheek. “So, I’m going to kiss you now.”

           “Because you like me.” His tongue darted out to wet his nervous lips.

           “Only because you like me.”

           “That doesn’t make any sense.” I said, breathless. Our lips brushed each other as he spoke. “It sounded a lot better in my head.”

           That’s when I lost it. My patience, that is. My fingers knotted in his hair, pitching him forward. The second our lips met I sucked in a deep breath, molding my body to his, holding him as close to me as I could. Liam’s hands left my face to grip my hips and then slid down to my ass, squeezing, indulging in the soft supple skin. I bit down on his lower lip, earning a hiss.

           “Too soon?” He panted as his hands retreated to their position on my hips.

           “Bingo.” I wrapped my arms around his neck, planting another kiss on his rosy lips.

           “Sorry.” He chuckled. “Just had to get you back for slapping my ass earlier.”

           I giggled. “Then I better have the opportunity to pin you down sometime.”

           “I am so okay with that.” Liam grinned, giving me a softer, more sensual kiss. I cupped his jaw, stretching on my tip toes, allowing his arms to wind around me, tugging me closer.

           “What the hell?” We both jerked away to see a wide-eyed, open-mouthed, red-faced Coach Finstock.

           Blushing, I shoved Liam’s chest. He didn’t even budge. “I thought you said that he was gone!”

           “I was!” Coach held up his coffee mug. “I forgot this. Now I’m wishing I had just left it.”

           “Nothing was happening-” Liam started to protest, but Coach cut him off. “Nothing was- Dunbar, you were making out in the locker room!” He ran his fingers through his thinning hair. “Is this why you two were so quiet earlier? Were you plotting? Maybe going for it on the mats?”

           Laughing, I shook my head. “Oh my God, no, Coach. We literally just found out that we like each other like five minutes ago.”

           Liam grinned. “So you do like me! You just admitted it!”

           “Oh my God, Dunbar, you’re so dense. Obviously I like you, otherwise I wouldn’t have just let you get away with groping my ass.”

           “I think I like it better when you call me Liam.” He said as Coach covered his ears, “I don’t want to hear any more! Go home and do whatever you like, just… not in my locker room, for God’s sake!”

Behind The Scenes 2 (10.75/16)

Author’s note: I seriously don’t trust my computer, so let’s see if this part even gets posted today! The next part won’t be posted till Wednesday (hopefully). Sorry for any errors.

Genre: idk tbh… (Suga) (Jungkook)

Word count: 1496

Summary: Can you get thorough to Jungkook?

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Back at the dorm, you did the usual routine of cooking, eating and cleaning. Since it was still a bit early, Rap monster had somewhere he needed to go. And since you “did your part”, he decided to reward you and let you stay out of your room until he got back.

You decided to go to Jhope’s room to talk to him and tell him about your sweet  revenge on Jungkook.

You lightly knocked on his door. When he didn’t open up, you poked your head inside. “Hobi?” His lights were off and it looked like he was lying in bed. “Hobi?” you called out again. From his bed you could hear him mumbling about something, but you couldn’t make out what he was saying. “Dang, he’s high already…. Ah, well then Yoongi will get to know first as usual.” You went to Suga’s room, letting yourself in with a light knock.

You were welcomed by a flash coming from his bed. You saw him laying against the wall posing with the stuffed panda he won.

“Were you taking a selfie with that toy panda?” you asked laying down in the spot next to him.

He looked at you a bit embarrassed. “And if I did?” he retorted

“Ha! Nothing… What are you doing?… Other than taking selfies.”

“Just reading.”

Then you heard his phone buzz. You leaned over to take a look at his screen. Your attempted failed though because Suga quickly moved his phone away from you.

“Why does everyone keep doing that?” you asked in frustration.

“Why do you keep looking at people’s phones?”

“… Fine, you have a point…”

“So how was it for you today?”

“Like I said, it was actually fun. Jungkook and I went on a bunch of rides. For most of the day he was actually fun to be with!”

“Really?” Suga asked, quickly turning to you.

“Yeah, but then he started flirting with the girl at one of the stands.” You cringed your face.

“You got jealous or what?” although he was obviously joking, you could have sworn you got a vibe of genuine curiosity form him.

“No! It was just annoying. He wasn’t going along with the whole thing. I was scared he was going to fuck it all up cuz he can’t keep it in his pants… So I got some revenge.” You giggled.

“What did you do?” Just then his phone buzzed again and his attention went back to his phone.

You continued to speak, but he wasn’t really paying attention to you.

“Yoongi… Yoongi… Yoongi!”

“Huh? What?” he mumbled, still looking at his phone.

“Did you hear what I said?”

“Yeah… something about Jungkook.”

“What are you doing?”


You took the phone out of his hand and took a quick look at his screen.

“Hey!” he ripped his phone out of your hands.

“You could have just told me you were texting Aiko.” You said now grumpy.

He typed something out and then put his phone back in his pocket and turned to you. “Ok, tell me your revenge again.”

“Nope, I already told you. You should have been listening.”

“Tell me. I’m listening now… I’ll give you this panda if you tell me!” Suga offered, holding the stuffed toy in his hand.

“…Fine.” You took the panda from his hand and retold your revenge.

“That’s hilarious, you should be proud of yourself.” He smiled.

You sat up on his bed. “I know.” You said, joking flipping your hair dramatically. Then you stood up and went to open the door. “I’m gonna go now.”

“What? Why?”

“I need to talk to Jungkook. I gotta do it before the monster gets back.”

He looked at you a bit confused.

“Maybe I’ll come back when I’m done.” You said as you walked out.

With much determination, you made your way over to Jungkook room’s and knocked loudly on the door.

“What? I’m busy!” Jungkook shouted

“I need to talk to you!” you said through the door.


You waited a good minute before knocking frantically on his door.

“What?!?” He shouted through the door. Soon he finally opened up and asked. “What do you want?!?”

“Are there still cameras in here?” you whispered.

He rolled his eyes at you. “They got take got taken out!” He said in a still angry tone.

“We need to talk.” You huffed, pushing your way into his room.

“By those words, I really hope you mean that you are going to “break up” with me.”

You walked over to his desk chair and took a seat. It wasn’t until you did so that you realized he was only in a t-shirt and boxer shorts. “Can you please cover up?” you asked looking away from him

He grunted and pulled on the pair of pants he was wearing earlier, not bothering to button them closed. “Ok, what did you want to talk about? Is this about paying me back?”

“You know I don’t have any money.”

“There are other ways you can pay me back.” He said slyly. He sat on his bed and smirked at you.

You glared back at him. “I wanted to make truce.”


“Yeah. Look, we both hate having to do this whole pretend thing, so why make it harder for each other.”

“Cuz its fun. Why should I change so much just cuz I’m stuck with you now?”

“Was it fun when I fucked with you today? Cuz it definitely was for me.”

He just looked away from you, not wanting to accept the fact that you made a good point. “It’s hard to take you seriously with that stupid panda you know.”

“Ignore it.”

“…So what’s this truce of yours?”

You rolled the chair closer to him. “Well, I wanted us to agree to be civil about this whole thing. I say that every time we have to be together, we just pretend like we are actors in a drama. We don’t have to go as far as making out or having in depth conversations or whatever, we just have to be more legit than we are now. I’ll do my best to be more involved and not pull away and stuff. You can’t be going around flirting with everyone. And we can’t be fighting with each other either.”

“That doesn’t sound very fun.”

“That’s not the point. The point is I don’t want any reason for Namjoon hurt me. It’s my ass that’s on the line here!”

Jungkook stopped talking, remembering how serious the whole situation was. He wanted to bring up the fact that you were putting yourself on the line when you threatened him earlier, but just he kept his mouth shut.

“How we were on all the rides is how we should be all the time when we are out in public. Not exactly love, not the shit we deal with here, just whatever we have to do together in that moment.”

Jungkook nodded at your reasoning.

“The main goal is just to look like a legit couple. If we want to talk about something serious we can say… “Time out” and for that moment, we don’t have to be pretending.”

“Like a safe word?” he smirked

“… Sure… like a safe word… then to pretend again, we can say “Time in”. But my point is that we have to take this seriously. Shit is bad enough and we shouldn’t make this harder for each other. That is what Namjoon wants. He wants us to be at each other’s throats. Maybe if we do this good enough, he’ll get bored and make up break up.”

“He’ll just come up with something worse.”

He was right. “…We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

“… You make a good point though. I guess I’ll go along with this shit.”

“So, no more flirting, no more starting shit with me, no more mumbling shit at me under your breath. I will reciprocate the cheesy crap and I won’t make you spend so much money or threaten you… Deal?” You stuck your hand out to him.

He started at your hand a bit as he contemplated your deal. “… Deal…” his hand engulfed yours. “Now that that is settled, can you please leave so that I can properly relieve myself.” He said, his hand still holding yours.

“Relieve yourself?”

“Yeah, I was in the middle of it when you wanted to come in.”

You looked at him confused. All his did was give you that stupid smirk of his.

“You know… Why do you think my door was locked?” His smirk grew.

You froze. He couldn’t be talking about what you thought he was talking about. You looked down at your hand and pulled it out of his grasp and then you looked back at him. He was on the verge of laughter.

“Eeeeeewwwwwwww!” you ran out of his room and to the hallway bathroom to disinfect your hand.

Fall in love again

Tittle: Fall in Love Again

Pairing(s): Thomas Brodie-Sangster x Reader

                  Robbie Kay x Reader

Requested: Yes

Rating: G

Warning: None

   “Can we talk?” Thomas asked the moment I opened my door. I stared at him for a moment before nodding, my mind racing a head to try and figure out just what it was we needed to talk about.

 “Of course, come in.” I said after a moment, my words earning a soft smile from the boy. As I stepped aside to let him, I let myself look at him, really look at him. He was gorgeous. His light brown hair was pushed to the side, styled so it was messy yet neat. His dark brown eyes were casted downwards as he tried hard to avoid my own. He wore a pair of faded blue jeans, that sat snugly on his waist, a white t-shirt that was barely visible under his tanned leather jacket. Everything about him made my heart race, but this time instead of pure joy, it was with fear. Fear of what he had to say that caused him to look like he was just told he needed to have teeth pulled.

  “Look there is no easy way to say this, so I`m just going to come out and say it. I`ll make it quick, like ripping off a band-aid.” He said as he came to a stop in the middle of the foyer, barely giving me enough to close the door let alone turn around and face him. “We need to take a break, maybe see the other people.”

 I stared at him, trying hard to make sense of this. I had assumed everything was good between us. For the last twelve  months I had assumed the two of us were fine. Thomas still held me tightly against his side as we walked around town, making sure everyone knew that I was his. He had made me believe that I we were good, only to spring this on me. “Why?” I asked, shaking my head at the boy.

  “You deserve better, it`s that simple. Other than the fact that I have romantic feelings for you, I can`t be sure how I feel. You are a smart, beautiful and amazing girl Y/n you deserve the world. You deserve to be with someone who knows just how they feel about you.” Thomas said softly, his voice begging me to understand. I remand silent only staring quietly at the boy. “I am sorry, really I am.”

  “Just go, please.” I said softly, moving away from the door as he slowly made his way towards it.

  “Would my saying I didn’t want it to end like this help?”

  “No Thomas it wouldn’t. I`m in love with you, I have been for months. So just go, please.” I begged. He stared at me for a moment before nodding, pain and regret written clearly all over his face. He gave me one last sad smile before left. As the door clicked shut behind him, I feel to my knees, letting the tears I had been holding back fall freely.

  I stayed there, crying until I finally passed out. The last thing I remember was my best friends Jason and Katie coming into the house, both of them silently promising me that everything was going to be okay.

 “You need to get out there, have fun.” Katie sighed, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder when I continued to ignore her. Her and Jason were both trying to convince me to go out to a club. I was refusing, not because of the fact that it had been six months since I heard from Thomas, but because I was never a fan of clubs. Normally my two best friends understood that, but today they were refusing to back down.

  “Come on Y/n it will be fun and you need to get out.” Jason huffed as he sat down beside me, his jet black hair tickling my cheek when he layed his head on my shoulder. I rolled my eyes at him, trying to ignore his forest green ones that were begging me to give in. When I made no move to so, Katie knelt down in front of me, grabbing my face in my hands and forcing me to meet her steady blue eyed glare.

  “You are going out. You are going to put on that little black dress that you got last year, the one that hugs every curve right, and cuts off above the knee. You are going to where your black strappy stilettos. I am going to do your hair and make up. Then you, Jason and I are going to out and dance and drink until we can barely walk. Do I make myself clear?” She demanded, her tone telling me that it would be useless to argue with her, so I simply nodded. Deciding it would be better to give in then to face the wrath of Katie.

 “Good. Now go get into the black dress and heels.” Katie said with a bright smile. I sighed and got up, sending Jason a “save me” look as I walked past my giggling best friend. I let out a yelp when Katie`s hand connected to my ass in a sharp slap. “Move that pretty little ass of yours women, we don`t have all night.”

 “Yeah, yeah I`m going.” I chuckled, rolling my eyes at her as I walked into my closet. Not for the first time, I was thankful that it was big enough for me to change in, not that I spared much thought of changing in front of my friends. They have seen me change plenty of times before, as I have seen them.

  “If you aren’t dressed in three minutes I`m coming in there and dragging you out.” Jason yelled out earning a groan from me.

 “I`m moving.” I yelled back, rolling my eyes to myself before I threw my shirt to the side, my pants following my shirt. I grumbled to myself as I pulled the dress in question off the hanger and over my body.  Once I the black dress on and smoothed out over my body I made my way out of the closet, bending down to grab my heels.

  “Damn girl if I wasn’t gay I would do you.” Jason whistled, laughing when I rolled my eyes at him.

  “Wait until I`m done with her, then you really will.” Katie giggled as she pushed me down on the stool that sat in front of my make up counter. The moment she had me sitting down she started on my hair, barely waiting for me to get comfortable until she started.

  “Have I mentioned Thomas was a moron?” She hummed as she plugged in the curling iron.

  “Once or twice.” I sighed. “But I mean at least he called it off right?”

  “He could have done that months before he did, it doesn’t take a year to figure out that you don`t have feelings for someone.” Jason snapped. “He strung you along for a year, he`s a moron.”

  “But he`s still a good guy, I really good guy.”  I sighed, earning a scoff from both of my friends.

  “Yeah, sure good guy.” Katie laughed as she pulled a strand of my hair and gently wrapped it around the metal iron.

  “Honestly guys he is a good guy, so lets just drop it.” I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest as Katie continued to work on my hair.

 I let out a huff of annoyance as I watched as my best friends instantly ditched me to go dance with a couple of strangers. I shook my head as I turned back to the bar, waving my hand to get the bar tenders attention.

  “Another sour cherry vodka please?” I asked when the bar tender made his way towards me. He nodded and started making my drink.

  “Bad day?” He asked as he prepared my drink.

 “Bad six months to be honest you. My boyfriend dumped me and then when my best friends talked me into going out they ditched me.”

  “Sounds like you need better friends and drink. This is one is on me.”

  “Thanks. You don`t have to do that you know.”

  “Look I know what it`s like. From the sounds of things you liked that boy and your friends aren’t being your friends right now. So take the drink and go talk to the boy at the end of the bar who has been staring at you all night.” The guy laughed, pushing my drink in front of me and nodding towards the left. I followed his direction and instantly blush.

  The boy reminded me a little of Thomas both boys had messy yet neat feather light brown hair. His eyes, though green, still held a kind hearted tender look. He was tall and was wearing in a black shirt that hugged his chest, the sleeves pulled up to his elbows. When he noticed I was looking at him he smiled and waved me over, raising an eye brow at me when I shook my head with a laugh. He waved me over again, laughing at me when I finally got up and finally slowly started making my way towards him.

  “Hey I`m Robbie.” He yelled over the music as I sat down beside him. 

  “Hey I`m Y/n.” I yelled back with a smile.

  “So you look pretty bored.”

  “My friends ditched me.” I answered, earning a sad look from the boy.

  “Well then it`s a good thing I`m sitting here alone, so you can have someone here.” He answered.

  “Yeah I suppose it is.” I giggled, leaning in towards him so I could hear him better. He smiled at me as he wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me into him.

  “So why don`t you tell me about yourself?” He asked, his breath fanning across my face as he spoke. I chuckled and glanced up at him, my breath being knocked out of me when I locked eyes with his.

  “There isn`t much to tell.” I giggled, taking a sip of my drink as I smiled at him.

  “Really because I figured that someone as beautiful as you has a lot to tell.” He hummed, reaching over to push my hair behind my ear.

  “I well thank you.” I giggled, smiling at him before I started to answer the questions that he was asking.

 “Robbie.” I squealed as Robbie pulled me against his chest, wiping the whip cream on my nose.

  “You said you wanted some more whip cream.” Robbie laughed as he peppered kisses along my jaw.

  “Not on my nose.” I giggled turning my head so I could wipe the whip cream onto his cheek. He gasped as at me as in fake shock before he started to tickle my sides, laughing as he followed to the ground, his fingers continuing to attack my sides.

  “Tell you love me and I`ll stop.” He chuckled, digging his fingers into my sides.

  “Fine, fine I love you.” I laughed, breathing out a sigh of relief when he finally stopped.

  “Good because I love you too.” He hummed, smiling at me before he pressed his lips against mine. I sighed into the kiss, wrapping my arms around his waist.

  “I mean it.” He muttered against my lips, his lips brushing gently against mine. “I love you.”

  “Hmm I know you did.” I hummed, running my hands up his back, smiling at him as I ran my finger through his hair. “And I meant it too. I love you Robbie.”

  “Good because if you didn’t I swear I would go nuts.” He chuckled, smiling down to press his lips against my own again. I hummed and moved my hand to the back of his neck, holding him tightly against me. His tongue has just slipped into my mouth when there was knock on my door, both of us groaning as we pulled apart.

  “I`ll get it.” I hummed, pressing a quick kiss to his lips before moving out from under him. I smiled at him before I headed to the door.

  “I`ll come with you.” Robbie laughed, running at me and pulling me tightly against his chest. I giggled and opened the door, letting out a surprised gasp when I saw Thomas standing with flowers on my door step.

 “Look I know I fucked up and I see that you have moved on, but I need to tell you that I was stupid. I am in love with you Y/n and leaving you was the worst mistake I ever made.” Thomas rushed out, gulping when Robbie glowered at him.

  “So do you want her to break up with me and go back with you?” Robbie asked, his voice sharp.


  “Then why the hell are you here.”

  “She loved me once, the way we left things were bad, I just thought she deserved to know I was in love with her.” Thomas said, giving me a soft smile as he handed me the flowers.

  “Thank you.”

  “Your welcome. Oh and Y/n I`ll be waiting for him to screw up.” Thomas said, giving me a soft smirk before he turned and headed towards his car.

  “I am going to hit him.” Robbie snarled.

 “Easy baby, I love you. There is no need to go around hitting people.” I hummed as I turned around in his arms so I could lean up to press a kiss to his lips.

  “So long as he knows your mine.” He hummed against my lips.

  “He does baby boy. But if you want we can prove it to him.” I hummed smirking as he ran his hands down my back to grasp my ass.

  “Yeah lets prove it to the whole damn neighborhood.” He hummed pulling back to smile at me, his eyes locked on me as he watched me kick the door shut.

  “Then lets go to my room.” I whispered, catching my lip between my teeth as I lead him up towards the stairs.

James Cassels Smut

“I’m Such An Animal”

Song Credit - She Makes Dirty Words Sound  Pretty : Pierce The Veil

You slipped on your short black dress and hot pink heels, checking yourself out in the mirror. You were impressed with your reflection. It was the first time in ages you were going out despite having just being cheated on by your douchebag ex boyfriend, and you were bound to look hot. You heard your doorbell ring and ran to answer it. Before you stood Jack Barakat, Mike Fuentes, Aaron Pauley, and James Cassells. AKA your best friends and dates for tonight. “Damnnnn momma”,you heard from the guys, who were gawking their approval. You giggled, thanking them. “Are you ready?” Jack asked. “Yeah, I just need to go grab my purse. I’ll be right back, boys.” You replied. “Yeah, okay. We’ll be in the car”, said Mike. You heard the door shut as you walked to your bedroom, grabbing your purse. You heard someone clear their throat and you turned around to be met by none other than James. “Hey (y/n)”, he said. “Hey”, you replied. “Um, I just wanted to say that you look fucking sexy and yeah”, he said scratching the back of his head. “Thanks”, you giggle. “I’m gonna rip it off of you later”, he mumbled. “What was that?” you asked, even though you heard perfectly clear. “Tell you later”, he winked. He came over to you, putting his arm through yours and escorting you towards the car.

The five of you arrived at a club, all getting out. The boys were being far too loud, but you were joining in just as much. Upon entering, you guys went to a VIP lounge. Mike went to go get the first round of shots. You and James sat together on a small sofa, and the guys shared the larger one. When Mike returned, you all cheered and tipped the shots back. The liquid burned your throat, but you liked it. All the guys and you got up to dance. You were dancing alongside Aaron when a random guy came up to you and started grinding on you. You looked up to be met by the eyes of your ex boyfriend. Tears stung your eyes, and you tried to get away from him, but his grip on your hips was too tight. You started begging him to get off you, but he refused. Next thing you know, James is at your side. “Dude, I believe she asked you to get the fuck off her.” “Yeah, she asked. And I said no.” He smirked. “Well, I’m not fucking asking you. I am fucking WARNING you”, James said. You could tell he was pissed. (Y/BF/N) put his hands up as to surrender and went to the next girl he saw. You looked up at James as to thank him. He smiled knowingly and nodded. “You wanna dance or…” you asked, turned on by the anger in his eyes. “Uh, yeah.” He smiled, taking your hand and leading you to the middle of the dance floor.

No words were said, but as the next song came on, you could feel yourself needing him. Whether it was the light or the drinks, you didn’t know. But you didn’t care. You just wanted him. You turned around, putting your ass on his crotch, grinding in. You put your hands on his neck as he touched your hips. You kept grinding harder, earning a groan from him. “(Y/N), what the hell are you doing?” You looked up at him. “Oh, I’m uh, so—” you started, but he stopped you. “No, I mean, I just don’t know if you’ll be able to finish what you’ve started.” He smirked. “You wanna bet?” you whispered seductively. It gave him a shiver. “Show me, baby”, he said. You grinded harder into him, bending down as much as you could. You moved to the beat, feeling him growing. He groaned and grabbed your ass, shoving you into his crotch. “Ugh, fuck it. (Y/N), come with me” James said in defeat, grabbing your hand. He led you into the bathroom. “I didn’t know you could be so fucking hot, but I can see you are and I know we’re friends and I don’t want to mess this up, but damn it (Y/N) I fucking love you. I have for awhile, I just wasn’t sure how to tell you, but now I’m sure.” James let out. “I love you too”, you admitted. “But James, I fucking NEED you. Like, now.” “All you had to do was ask, baby.” He smirked, diving straight for your lips. He wasted no time getting his tongue in and winning his dominance. He broke the kiss long enough to move your hair off your shoulder, kissing all over your neck until he got a moan out of you. “There it is”, he said and you could feel his lips curve into a smirk. He started sucking on it hard, making sure that it would leave a mark. He looked up at you and smiled, pleased with his work. You pressed your lips against his and ran your fingers through his soft hair. “Jump.” He said against your lips and you did. He placed his hand on your ass and you wrapped my legs around his waist. You began grinding against his crotch again and felt a bulge in his pants. Your breathing started getting heavier and he groaned. You felt yourself getting wet and suddenly James pulled away from your make out and looked around the room. “What are you doing?” you asked.  “Looking for a spot so we can lay down.” He said while carrying you and then set you on the floor. James laid beside you. “Now where were we?” you rolled on top of him and continued kissing him. His hand traveled to the hem of your dress and started taking it off. Your lips detached and he took your dress off. You quickly did the same with his shirt and started to unbuckle his belt. As you took his pants off, James was working on unhooking your bra. When he did he took it off and threw it aside. He began massaging your breast and pinching your nipples. ‘He is so good at this!’, you thought. He flipped you over and you felt him leaving kisses on your collarbone, in between your breast and down your tummy stopping at your panties. After that, he kissed your thighs and got closer to where you most needed him. You moaned out. “You’re so sexy” you heard James groan making me even wetter. You felt James’s lips kiss your fold and you let out a moan. “Did I make you this wet, baby? Do you want me to fuck you?” You shuddered and moaned. “Sorry, baby. What was that? Do you want me to fuck you?” He said again. “Yes James, fuck me.” you moaned. “Beg for me, baby. Tell me what you want” he said, kissing your fold again. “OH MY GOD JAMES. I WANT YOUR TONGUE IN MY PUSSY. I WANT YOU TO EAT ME OUT AND THEN LICK THE CUM OFF OF ME” you yelled. “That’s what I like to hear, baby.” James smirked.

He went down on you, making sure to leave not an inch of your slit untouched. He dipped his tongue in you, making you scream. “I’m so close James” you moaned. He had your clit between his teeth. “Let it go, baby girl. I got you right here..” With the vibrations, you released into his mouth, him licking every last bit. “Baby, you taste so good” he said, coming back up and letting you taste yourself while he attacked your mouth. He broke the kiss. “You ready?” he asked. You nodded. James took his boxers off, allowing his length to slap against him. He let out a sigh and looked for something in his pants pockets. He took out a condom and he ripped it open, the foil falling to the ground. He unrolled the condom onto him. You watched every move that he made. He returned his attention to you and he entered you with one swift move, making you scream in pleasure. “Fuck, you’re so tight.” he panted and then started slamming into you. You scratched his back with your nails, no doubt leaving scratches, and biting hickeys onto his neck. He kept thrusting into you, harder and faster with each one. Suddenly he pulled out. “What the fuck?!” you screamed. “Face down, ass up, baby” He smirked. You flipped over, letting him slam into you. “Holy shit, James.” You moaned when his tip brushed against your g-spot. “Right there baby?” he asked against your lips. “Mmm, fuck yes.” He kept hitting your g-spot over and over again, making you moan and whimper. He was so good at this. You cupped his face and started kissing him again. “I’m close, (Y/N)” he groaned into your lips. You felt his dick twitch inside you, before he released into the condom. You clenched your wall around him, and his thumb rubbed over your clit with pressure, sending you over the edge. He thrusted in and out of you lazily a couple more times to ride out both of your orgasms, and then he pulled out. He stood up and took the condom off.

You stood up too, but a few questions crossed your mind. “So… what?” you asked. “What are you talking about?” James asked. “Is this only for today?” You asked, sadly. “Do you want it to be?” He said, a look of sadness in his eyes. You weren’t sure what you wanted. You really didn’t want it to be a one night stand type thing. “No. No, I don’t” you said.  James looked in your eyes. “Okay, then it’s not” he smiled, giving you a sweet kiss before opening the bathroom door, earning a couple of nasty looks. You both walked out and looked around to see where the group was. Luckily, there were nearby and you walked over to them. Nobody really noticed you guys were gone, thank god. “Guysssss, I’m tireddddd”, you whined. The guys agreed and you all got in the car. You and James sat in the back, holding hands and smiling about the memories you too had just made. It certainly wasn’t the last.


A/N - My friend Vanessa wrote this for me. Feedback is appreciated.

Anniversary Surprise


I woke up today to the smell of pancakes and cinnamon toast. Two of my favorites. I got up and slipped into one of Nate’s sweatshirts which reeked of weed and cologne from the night before. I  quickly walked to the kitchen, feeling my stomach growl.

“Good Morning baby.” I greeted Nate followed by a quick peck on the lips.

“Good Morning to you too and also Happy one year Anniversary.” He responded, starting to set up the table.

Shit I almost forgot. I needed to go the mall and get a few last minute things for my surprise for Nate.

“Happy Anniversary to you too.” I sat down and began eating.

“My god Nate this is amazing.” I complimented, my mouth still full of food.

He laughed at my lack of manners but thanked me. I quickly finished my breakfast and told Nate that my best friend Julia and I were going to the mall and I’d be back soon. I got my keys and walked out the door. I drove to Julia’s house and honked my horn a couple time before I saw Julia walk out the door and flip me off for making so much noise.

“You have to stop honking and just text when you’re here or you’ll wake up my neighbors and trust me you don’t want to do that.” Julia scolded me.

I laughed it off and drove to the mall. When we got there, I dragged her straight to Victoria’s Secret. She rolled her eyes knowing exactly why I was here.

“Do I have to be here for you to pick out an outfit for Nate just rip it off of you as soon as he sees you?” The annoyance clear in her voice.

I walked straight up to the bombshell bra and looked for the sexiest one there. Once I found it I picked my size and matching underwear and went to check out. Julia seemed relieved but I wasn’t done yet. I then dragged her to Fredericks. I went in there and went straight for the garter belts.

When I found the one that went perfectly with the rest of my outfit and purchased it. To reward Julia for her patience with me, we got ice cream and I told her my plan for Nate, which she covered her ears for most of it. After I dropped her home and drove back to Nate and my place. I parked the car and grabbed my bags. I walked in and noticed how quick it was.

“Nate?” I called out but got no response. I put my bags in the closet so Nate wouldn’t find it and then looked outside. Nate’s car was there so I knew he was home.

“Nate, baby where are you?” I called out again followed with no response.

I began walking up stairs, when I saw a very dim light coming from our bedroom. I slowly walked towards the room and slowly opened the door.

“*Gasp* Oh my god! Nate!” I came face to face with a shirtless Nate on my bed with candles lining the room and rose petals on the bed.

It was extremely cliche but also very arousing. Nate didn’t say anything and just got up to the speakers on the dresser and pressed play. Slow Motion by Trey Songz filled the room and my ears. This was our favorite song and I always teased Nate saying he should dance for me to this song and night he finally was.

Nate still not speaking comes up to me and grabs my wrist guiding me to the bed where he lays me down.

“Tonight is my night to show you how much you mean, whatever you had planned can be postponed for tomorrow because today is all about you and your need.” He says his voice raspy and deep making my panties become damp.

Nate crawls on top of me and begins grinding to the song. Rotating his hips and whispering the lyrics in my head was all he needed to do for me to go crazy. My underwear were soaked at this point and I had began moaning.

He was moving very slow to go along with the lyrics of the song, leaving me in complete agony.Nated began kissing and sucking on my neck making sure to leave marks all over me. ¾ths of the way through the song I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Ugh Nate just fuck me already!” I groaned.

“Your wish is my command.” He said before slamming his lips into mine.

Our lips moved in sync as I felt Nate’s hand move down to my shorts and began rubbing me over my clothes. I moaned in the kiss and tugged on his shirt begging for more. He broke the kiss and took his shirt off giving me time to take mine off too.

He reached behind my back and undid my bra throwing it across the room. He kissed his way done my torso coming down to my shorts. He unbuttoned them and pulled them down with my underwear. He started kissing my inner thighs. He licked my center once and began blowing, sending chills down my spine leaving me shivering. He looked up at me and winked before connecting his mouth on my clit.

He sucked and tugged on my center, my whole body in utter pleasure. He could tell I was getting close so he started tongue fucking me grazing my G-spot every time. Just enough to make me go wild. I felt my core begin contracting telling me I was about to reach the edge. Nate could tell to which only made him go faster.

Seconds later, I reached my high and Nate just stayed there just letting me ride my high out on his tongue. He got off the bed for a few seconds to get a condom, leaving shaking from the mind blowing orgasm he just gave me. He came back and took off his pants and underwear allowing his hard on to spring up and hit his stomach.

He climbed on top of me and then flipped us over. He picked me up and positioned me on top of me and let me slowly let him enter me until he was fully in. When I finally adjusted, I began bouncing up and down. My moans and his moans filled the room completely, overpowering the music that we didn’t even realize was still on.

I loved to watch Nate’s face while I ride and tonight was no different. His face was scrunched up with his eyes squeezed shut and his his mouth parted slightly. Just looking at him made me closer to my high. I laid my hands on his chest to give me more leverage which only intensified the feeling. Which caused me to dig my nails into Nate’s chest with out noticing .

“Shit fuck Im so close” Nate moaned

Seconds later I reached my high and triggered Nate to reach his. we rode our highs out. I rolled off of him and began trying to catch my breathe.

“Ugh Y/N… do you… want to.. smoke a joint up with me?” He said still trying to catch his breathe

I giggled and gave a small “of course.”

"Space" (Reader Insert, Female Reader/Dean)
Request: Hi I really liked the Gabriel fic :) I was wondering if you could write an imagine where you’ve just starting dating dean and he’s super needy (in the sense that he wants to hug you and cuddle you all the time) and you get annoyed and yell at him but then later you apologize and make up for it with some smut ;) thanks xoRating: Explicit, of course. 
Characters/Pairing: Female Reader/Dean
Notes: It ran away with me a bit, at a little over 2,000 words. (There’s not a whole lot of dialogue because I don’t write Dean often, so I’m still getting used to his voice.)


You’ve known Dean Winchester for years. Your parents had often crossed paths, shared tricks of the hunting trade. You knew he had an almost unhealthy passion for pie, that he loved Led Zeppelin, that Sam was his weak point (and hurting him, as a couple of bullies had once proven, was the one way to make Dean come unhinged).

What you didn’t know was that the man was a closet cuddler.

When you woke up in bed with him four months ago fully expecting to grab your panties, your dignity, and slip away before he woke, that expectation was quickly strangled in a tangle of warm, heavy limbs as Dean wrapped himself around you, pulling your head into the curve of his neck and sliding a leg between yours.

You let yourself linger there for a moment, enjoying the warmth of the body next to you, the strange feeling of security that came with being wrapped in someone else’s arms. But eventually it got to be too much. Too warm, too secure, nearly suffocating.

You ran your nails lightly over Dean’s ribs, watched as he twitched away from you, limbs loosening enough that you could roll out of the bed. When you glanced back, he was awake and watching you, eyes heavy lidded, mouth smirking.

“Morning, sweetheart.”

Those two words eventually became a part of your morning ritual.

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