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Bad Puppy : Taehyung Werewolf AU!

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Kim Taehyung Smut! Dom Tae! Sub Reader! Werewolf AU! Smutty smut smut.

Your boyfriend had always managed to be in control of his werewolf senses in order to keep you safe and his hyungs unhurt. But what happens when his uncontrollable heat occurs right after his comeback performance and you jut so happen to be wearing his favorite dress? ;)


You watched your boyfriend strongly perform his comeback for “Not Today”, obviously proud and a little turned on by your boyfriends powerful moves. He seemed to be having the time of his life till you noticed something wasn’t quite right.

Out of the corner of your eye you could see him make a few gestures, inferring that he was in some sort of pain. You continued to watch him carefully, and  that’s when you noticed it. His eyes were turning from his usually sweet brown to bright yellow.

“Shit”, you mumbled. Walking over to the side of the stage to see the boys finish up their performance.

“Come on baby , your almost done, finish strong then run off, you can do it, control it”, you pleaded as you desperately tried getting one of the boys attention.

“Chong, jujun,Balsa”, the song finally ended as you made eye contact with namjoon, him reacting to your worried expression.

You then mouthed “ his heat” vigorously pointing to tae. Namjoon then looked at tae, tae panting heavily, gripping onto namjoons jacket for dear life.

“Hyung, I need to get out of here”, Tae growled, panic spreading through Namjoon’s body.

Namjoon then looked at you sending you a slight nod, meaning they were ready to abort mission. You then ran off to the van, they used for tae if this sort of thing were to possibly occur. Waiting for your lover to arrive you grabbed the chains that were secured in the van.

The door swung open as tae crawled inside, Namjoon giving you a worried look, you nodding as if saying “ I got this”, him closing the door. A groan escaping tae’s lips as you locked the doors and told the driver to step on the gas. 

You quickly grabbed his wrists to wrap the chains around him, only to be tackled down onto the seat, a yelp escaping your lips.

“Tae, baby”, You whispered in fear. He didn’t say anything,as he dipped his face into the side of your neck. You grabbed onto his shoulders tightly. “Control it “, you said, unsure of what was to happen next.

“(Y/N)”, he growled, as his fingers ghosted down your body frame.” This is my favorite dress of yours”, he said before yanking it up above your waist, exposing your black laced thong.

You yelped at his sudden action, pushing at his shoulder’s. “Baby you need to…”, you stopped as he interrupted you.

“Don’t fucking tell me to calm down”, he growled, now completely ripping your dress apart. Your eyes widened at his strength, this was the first time you’ve experienced his heat away from home. This was dangerous; no chains, no face mask, and no basement separating the two of you. 

No matter how dangerous this situation was, the way he was being with you turned you on. He was always so sweet with you whenever you two had sex, while he was always dominant, he was never this rough with you, and it turned you on , so much. 

“You like this don’t you kitten?” he growled deeply, “you like how rough i’m being, I can smell how wet your getting”, he said as he roughly grinned his pelvis into yours, earning a moan from you.

“And don’t call me baby, i’m daddy tonight”, he said before ripping off his clothes, connecting his lips roughly to your neck.

“Baby”, you moaned. Completely ignoring his request. He grunted flipping you over, smacking your ass roughly, earning another yelp from you.

“What was that kitten? I don’t believe that’s what I said you can call me tonight”. he growled smacking your ass again, you gasping; his actions turning you on even more.

“Daddy, i’m sorry daddy, i’ll be a good kitten”, you moaned. His spanking making you wetter by the minute. He gripped your hair roughly, turning you around, still on your hands and knees. His dick was now right in front of your face, throbbing harder than you’ve ever seen it before. You licked your lips at the sight, squeezing you thighs together to release the aching. 

He looked down at you, “such a cock slut”, he barked. “Open that mouth so I can fuck those pretty lips of yours” he ordered, pressing his cock against your mouth. 

The second you parted your lips, he forced himself into you mouth, fully pushing himself in, making you choke around his thick length. Your hands rested on his thighs as you looked up at him with teary eyes. He groaned/howled at the feeling of your throat clenching around his cock, turning you on more than you already were. 

“That’s right kitten let me fuck those lips of yours, such a good cock slut”, he growled as he started pounding into your mouth.

You had a feeling that this was going to be his way of releasing his heat tension so you let me fuck your mouth. Not only did his barbaric actions turn you on, but his harsh words did as well. You were definitely a cock slut for him and you loved the way he looked when he got off too you. 

After a few minutes of him brutally fucking your mouth he pulled out, you whining at the sudden loss of contact.

He sat back in his seat, looking you in the eyes,” come here and ride daddy, kitten”, he said his canines, looking smaller than they did when he first got into the car.

You applauded yourself, the sex was working, and you sure as hell weren’t complaining. 

You positioned yourself above his cock, slowly sliding down his shaft; moans leaving both of your mouths, filling up the car as much as his cock was filling you up. 

You started moving a reasonable pace, to get use to his size, earning moans from your lover. His hands moved to you hips, pushing you down onto his cock. “Faster”, he moaned, you quickening your speed. “Faster” he repeated, your hips now moving faster to fit his needs. 

“I said faster goddammit”, he yelled as he started pounding into you himself. You holding onto his shoulders for dear life as he thrusted into you with such force that would have send you flying into the ceiling of the car. 

“Fuuuuuccccckkkk”, you moaned/yelled, your walls clenching around his cock. “Daddy i’m gonna cum”, you whined loudly, throwing your head back.

“Don’t you dare fucking cum until i say you can”, he barked, pounding into you in an inhumanly speed, chasing his own high. 

After a minute of you holding back your orgasm he finally approached his.

“Now”, he barked. The two of you screaming out each others pet names as you both came harder onto/into each other than ever before. You both clung onto each other, coming down from your highs. You looked into his eyes, his eyes now returning to his lovely shade of brown as you smiled at him, giving him a light kiss on his lips.

“Baby… i’m sorry if I was too rough”, he said with a guilty tone in his voice, scared that he might have harmed you.

You giggled, a confused expression appearing on his face. 

“Please be that rough more often daddy”, you purred into his ear. Him blushing and holding you closer as the car came to a stop. 

“Oh my god … we were fucking in the back of a van”, you said, embarrassed that the driver would judge you highly. 

“Okay kids, here’s your stop.” the driver said as he looked back at the two of you quickly covering yourselves. 

“And just some advice honey”, the driver said looking at you. “Take a long shower, your sure going to feel that in the morning”. He said with a slight smile, you covering your face in embarrassment. Your boyfriend laughing at the situation.

“And you”, he said to Tae as he stepped out of the car. “You better treat her like a queen after the damage you did to her walking schedule”. Tae only laughed as he pulled you close.

“I sure will”. he said closing the door, leaving butterfly kisses on your cheek. 

“ My queen”, he mumbled onto your cheek, causing you to giggle.


Authors note! 

I hope you guy’s liked this one ;) 

Please let me know if you want any similar stories like this one, with other members. or other band’s!

Hemmings & a bottle of rum


Part 2

Luke hemmings smut 

Request- Hi can you do a luke smut request where ur the band song writer and one day you and luke get tipsy and they end up having it in Luke’s hotel room (Hope you like it)

Word count- 2,200+

You scrunched your eyebrows, utterly frustrated and scratched out the few lyrics you had written on the piece of paper for what felt like the thousandth time. You preferred to write from experience and emotion, but right now you felt as if you were blocked. You stood up from your chair, crumpling the paper and threw it, along with the pen across the room. You groaned loudly and in that little fit of yours you almost didn’t notice the 5sos boys along with John Feldman and Alex Gaskarth walk into the room.

“When you said you like to work alone, I didn’t know it included this” Michael laughed out causing everyone else to snicker and laugh as well. Your eyes immediately darted to Luke’s icy blue ones to see what he felt about your little tantrum. Thankfully, he wasn’t laughing but you could see the amusement in his eyes. You blushed a deep shade of red and just looked down at your feet in embarrassment.

“Have you got anything yet?” Ashton voiced what everyone was thinking. “Yeah” you muttered quietly and signalled with your eyes that it was the same piece of paper you threw across the room. Luke was quick to react and practically jogged to the paper before you could protest. “Hey, it’s a work in progress” you said softly, worried about his opinions on your first draft.

Luke’s eyes moved back and forth across the paper, reading the few scribbled lines intently. His eyes widened the slightest and you walked to him and snatched the paper out of his hand. “I know it’s not good, but I’ll get there” you said exasperated and at the same time Luke was shaking his head ready to contradict what you had just said. You held your hand up in front of his face saying, “Save it”

You walked out of the studio and went to sit on the couch in the corridor. “Was it that bad?” John questioned in disbelief because he never ever doubted your talent. “Quite the opposite really” Luke said in a raspy voice and the image of him running his hands through his blonde locks flashed in your mind.

You walked back in, deciding you were being too immature and sat on one of the chairs. All of you decided to work on some sounds instead of lyrics as none of them wanted to get on your bad side. Seeing Alex sitting and brainstorming with Luke already you headed over to Ashton who was ready at his drums. He played a few simple beats and the both of you started working together in incorporating new ones.

Little did you know Luke was shooting daggers at his fellow bandmate in jealousy as he could see you getting closer and closer to him. The vein in his forehead was almost popping and in sudden force one of the strings of his guitar broke causing everyone, including you to look up at him. Your eyes locked with his and his features softened visibly.

Sensing the tense atmosphere increasingly today, Calum suggested that we meet tomorrow and continue then. You headed back to the hotel and time passed as you went to the bar with the boys. Luke was missing today though so you passed having a drink, missing your drinking buddy.

Throughout the night there was no appearance of Luke and that caused your curiosity to sky rocket. When it was getting late everyone decided to head back to their rooms while you went to Luke’s. Before you knew it, your hand was raised ready to knock at the door of the blonde boy’s room. You took a deep calming breath and knocked loudly. After hearing feet shuffle at the other side of the door, it opened revealing Luke in a pair of loose sweat pants and a muscle tee.

You took a step inside without waiting for his invitation and saw his room in a mess. You laughed to yourself and turned to look at the boy who was scratching the back of his head. “I didn’t want house keeping in here, touching all my things” Luke answered the question that was at the tip of your tongue. You saw his guitar lying on the king sized bed and commented, “I guess I’m not the only one who likes to work alone”

He walked over to the bed and sat down, placing his guitar on his lap. “I was actually trying some chords to match with the lyrics you wrote today” before you could protest, he continued “they were pretty amazing, Y/N” you shook your head in denial and sat on the chair in front of his bed. “Can I hear it?” you questioned and he instantly nodded.

He started strumming the guitar and sung out the lyrics from today afternoon. You were taken aback by the fact he had added some more of his own lines and how raw and emotional it sounded. “Woah, it does sound pretty good” you said shyly.

Wanting to eliminate the awkwardness in the room you changed the topic. “I missed my drinking buddy today” you said while sighing and walked up to the mini bar in the room. You bent down and pulled out the bottle of old monk. “You know they totally rip you off Y/N. Plus I really don’t like rum” Luke said making a face of disgust. “That’s what you get for ditching me today” you said, sticking out your tongue childishly. You opened the dark liquor bottle and poured a substantial quantity into two separate glasses. You picked up one and handed it to Luke who smelled it and made a gagging noise. Laughing at his silliness, you picked up the packet of cadbury twirls lying on the table. “We can use these as chasers” Luke seemed to love that idea and gulped down the dark liquid, immediately regretting it but opening the wrapper of the chocolate and eating it, just as quickly.

“You’re such a child” you giggled, sipping it first and then taking it like a shot. When you felt your throat burn you knew that this was a bad idea.

An empty bottle of rum and 30 cadbury twirls later, you were lying on the bed whilst Luke was bouncing on it like it was a trampoline. “Luuuuukeee, stop” you moaned and you could feel your head spin. He was on a sugar rush and you were annoyed. After exhausting himself completely, Luke sat down on the bed with his legs crossed staring at you with scrunched eyes. “What the hell are you doing Hemmings?” you asked amused and sat up in front of him.

“I’m just thinking” he said, sighing dramatically. “Bout what?” He grinned and said, “You.”

With the sudden change of mood you said, “What you did today was really amazing, with the song and all.” He shook his head and just looked at you blankly. “They were your lyrics, Y/N. I mean you are pretty amazing” he said, his cheeks held a slight tinge of pink now. “Y/N……” He stretched out like a little kid. “Yes, Luuuuu” you said while giggling. “You’re so cute, I could eat you up” he said. His bright smile slowly transitioned into a smirk and then into an evil tight lipped smile. You looked at him skeptically and the next thing you knew Luke was tickling your sides. You were screeching and laughing at the same time. Your back was on the soft mattress and he was relentless with his tickle-torture.

“Stop Lu, please!” you cried out and he slowed down a bit before stopping. You tucked your bottom lip beneath your teeth and looked into his ocean blue eyes. The ones you were drowning in and the ones you didn’t want to be saved from. You saw his eyes flicker from your own to your pink lips. You were panting in anticipation and he lowered his head ever so slightly.

Lifting your head up from the mattress, his lips were on yours and without wasting any more time his tongue was in your mouth. Although it felt magical, you both were really drunk and it was sloppy to say the least. His hands roamed your body before settling at your t-shirt and yanking it off, not a moment later. He dropped his head down to your neck and started nipping and sucking at the skin there. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he pushed his hips down grinding into you. He rotated his hips and created as much friction as he could, causing you to let out a moan.

Having never really done this with clothes on, you were soaking with the new set of sensations. He kissed you once again with force and you loved the aggression radiating off of him. You tugged at his muscle tee and in a second it was discarded, somewhere on the floor. You flipped over so that he was on the bottom and you were excited to be in control. Lowering your head down, you started sucking on the flesh just above his collarbones, causing him to let out an involuntary moan.

Luke snaked his hand around your back and un-clasped your bra, adding to the growing pile of clothes on the floor. His hands grasped both your breasts and roughly massaged them. “I fucking love these” he breathed out and began pinching and twisting your nipples. You sat up with your legs on either side of his waist and continued grinding on him, whilst he was playing with your tits.

“You’re such a fucking tease, Y/N”
“Then why don’t you do something about it?” you pushed further.

This seemed to ignite a fire in Luke as in a span of ten seconds your jeans and panties were gone. He grabbed your thighs roughly and kneaded them and you knew there would be bruises there tomorrow. “Sit on my face” he commanded and you didn’t need to be told twice. Your dripping core was above his face and he licked his lips before locking his arms around your thighs and pulling you down so your centre was on his mouth.

He licked a stripe and you shuddered in pleasure. His tongue thrusted in your entrance repeatedly. “Fuck! Luke” you yelled out and this egged him on as he started nibbling softly on your clit and rolling it around like a cherry in his mouth. He then stuck his tongue out so it was flat and moved your hips, effectively causing you to grind on his face. “I’m so close” you said in between moans and he sped up his actions causing you to come undone on his face.

You moved downwards so you were back to you original position, just above his dick. He flipped you over and slammed you down on the bed. “Face down, ass up baby” you whined at the nick name and complied. Your face was against the mattress and your once tied hair was now a complete mess. He took himself in his hands and rubbed it around your core, spreading the juices. “Fuck me, Luke” you whimpered and he pushed himself slowly into you. He closed his eyes at the heavenly feeling of your walls clenched, tight and warm, around him. He placed his hands softly on your waist and you were a bit shocked that he had suddenly become gentle but that didn’t last long as his grip tighten and he pounded into you. With each thrust your body moved forward and backward, in a rhythm.

Luke pulled you upwards and you let out a low mewl. One of his hands went to your breast, playing with them again while the other stayed on your waist. He moved his face minutely so that his lips were near your ear and he nibbled on your ear lobe. “You’re such a dirty girl, aren’t you Y/N? Letting me have my way with you” The pleasure increased with this and you replied. “Harder. Fuck me harder” you screamed out, your darkest fantasy coming to life.

He nearly growled and moved his hips faster. You almost lost balance but wrapped one arm around the back of his neck. Your head fell back on his shoulder and you let out a little moan with each thrust. “I’m so close, baby girl” you nodded and he knew you were almost there. “Come for me Y/N” he said, almost yelling. You whined out his name and he let himself go to causing your highs to occur at the same time. Your vision blanked and you allowed yourself to crash down on the bed with Luke falling on top of you.

Heavy breathing was the only thing heard in the room as Luke reached down and pulled up a thin sheet to cover the both of you. Your eyes began to flutter shut as Luke left a soft kiss on your lips and you fell into a deep sleep, too intoxicated by Hemmings and a bottle of rum to utter a word.

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The girl (Toni Topaz x Fem!Reader)

Can you do a Toni Topaz imagine where reader is Fp’s daughter and she and Toni are dating and all the serpents and students of southside high know but jug doesn’t and shes scared to tell him because when she told her mom it didn’t end the way she wanted and she doesn’t want to lose him but hes supportive of them

A/n: This hits close to home so i’m just going to put my experience. Also I love each and everyone of you so if you ever feel like you cant talk to someone about you being LGBTQA+ or being curious, you can always come to me and ill try my hardest to be the biggest support system in your life.  

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“So, how was your first day at south side?” I asked my older twin brother as I tried making us something to eat.  “It’s a literal hell hole. It’s falling apart, the kids are doing drugs in the hallway, the teachers don’t care, and on top of that, I have to sit with some snakes so some cannibals don’t come after. Oh, and don’t even get me started on that giant oaf” He said placing his computer on the table. “ I honestly don’t know how you managed to survive at that school if you could even call it that.” He said causing me to laugh. “Well someone had to stay with Dad after mom left and took jellybean while you decided to move to the Northside,” I said realizing how harsh the words came out.  “Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that” “Yes you did. But I get why you would be mad too if you left me and I was left with a drunken dad.”  “Hey, let’s go get pops and you can tell me more about your day, cause I defiantly can’t cook today,” I said smiling at the oldest Jones. “Hey kids, what can I do you for?” Pops asked as we sat down in Jugs regular booth. “Let me get a hamburger, No tomatoes, no Onions and without cheese and an order or curly fries with a medium vanilla shake.” “Make that 2″ Jug said smiling at the old man that practically watched us grow up. Smiling at us he went back to the kitchen and I began asking jug more about his day. “Did you at least make some friends?” I asked, Knowing how much my brother liked to refer to himself as a ‘lone wolf’, whereas I was as social as they’d come. “I did actually. She was showing me around school today, Toni Topaz. You know her?” He asked instantly catching my attention. 

Did I know her? The 5′5, pink haired, Photo loving, doc marten wearing girl practically stole my heart the first time I laid my eyes on her. My girlfriend of almost a year. “Y/n/n? You okay?” Jug asked as he saw me space out. “Yes. Yes. I’m great. What about Toni?” I asked with maybe too much excitement.  “She’s a great girl. Loves crime movies. Oh, and she told me that I should see if I could open the red and gold again.” He said as our food was presented to us. “She’s amazing. You’ll love her.” I said already being happy that my brother liked her without actually knowing her

. ~Next morning~ “Are you going to school today?” Jug asked as I made my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Nodding, I closed the door, before getting started on everything I usually did before school.  After deciding to leave my face bare and leave my long black hair in its usual state, i made my way over to my dads closet before grabbing my favorite olive green shirt that made its way to my mid-thigh, pairing that with some black ripped jeans, white converse and the signature leather jacket with the bright, two-headed serpent on the back.  “Is that dad’s jacket?” Jug asked as I made my way into the living room where he was putting on his signature grey beanie. “No, I worked hard for this jacket. It is his shirt though” I said grabbing a banana and heading to the door. “Since when are you a serpent?” Jug asked locking the door behind him and catching up to me. “I don’t remember. a while now I guess.” I said getting in the driver’s seat of the old pick up. “why’d you join?” Jug asked as I pulled out of the sunny side trailers and made my way to school. “ Family. They had my back, I have theirs.” I simply said pulling into the student parking lot already filled with motorcycles and cars that looked like they would break at any second. 

 “Do we have any classes together?” I asked Jug as we made our way to the school. “I think we might have first. but that’s as much as I know.” Jug said as we spotted my friends, Fangs, Pea and Toni. “Oh great. the giant oaf.” Jughead mumbled causing me to laugh. “He’s not that bad. I said as we made our way over to them.” “Welcome back Jones” Fangs said as I made my way to my girlfriend.  Toni pulled me in for a kiss but I redirected it to a hug, surely leaving her confused. “Hey why don’t you guys get to class, we”ll catch up in a bit. I just need to talk to Toni real quick.” I said hoping the guys and jug would leave so I could explain to my girlfriend why she wasn’t being smothered in kisses. Thankfully they left without asking questions.  “So you want to tell me what that was about?” Toni asked crossing her arms over her chest. “I’m sorry. It’s just Jug. I haven’t told him about us and I want to wait for the right time.” I said trying to pull her closer to me only to be pushed back. “So you mean to tell me that for those 11 months we’ve been together you’ve never once mentioned it to your brother? really Y/N?” She said, the anger in her voice quickly replaced by sadness and then again by anger. “Ton, I want to tell him I just-” “You’re what?  embarrassed or ashamed?” Toni asked. “Neither. Look, Toni -” “No, you know what? Come talk to me when you stop hiding our relationship from you brother. I don’t want to be with someone that isn’t as proud of having me as their girlfriend as I am of them.” And with that, she left. Well fuck. 

 I spent my first three classes trying to talk, text and even write notes to Toni but all I got in return was silence. I was hoping that during lunch I could actually talk to her, so as soon as the bell rang signaling it was lunch time I practically ran to the lunchroom.  Knowing that Toni usually sat with pea and Fangs I made my way over to their usual table before noticing she wasn’t there yet so I sat down.  “I get that you’re hungry but the school food is hardly anything to run for.” Fangs said causing pea to chuckle and me to flip both of them off. “Have either of you seen Toni?” I asked facing them.  Before either of them could say anything I spotted her pink hair coming this way before she noticed me. “Toni Can w-” I started only to receive an eye roll before she decided to sit with other serpents. “What was that about?” Pea asked as I placed my head on the table before groaning. “ I fucked up and now she doesn’t want to talk to me. “ I said looking up at the boys in front of me. “What’d you do that made her so mad?” Fangs asked, generally concerned.  “I haven’t told Jug about Toni and I so she thinks I’m ashamed or something.”  “Are you?” Pea asked. “No. Never. I would scream it from the tallest building in the world that I’m in love Toni Topaz. I would travel to hell and back. Hell, I’d even transfer to Riverdale High If Toni asked me to.” I said looking over my shoulder to see Toni laughing at something James, On of our new members said. “You got to see it from her point of view. You’ve been together for almost a year but you haven’t even told you twin brother about your relationship. and on top of that when she goes to kiss you, you turn that into a hug. I’d be pretty hurt if I were Toni.” Fangs said trying to put everything into perspective.  “I can’t believe I’m actually going to listen to you idiots, but how do I fix this?”  “Gotta go to where your problem started. Tell your brother about Toni. “ Pea said. God, for two idiots they actually give good advice.  And so I was off, trying to find my raven-haired, anti-social twin brother in this hell hole.                                                             

 “There you are,” I said finding him inside the old abandoned room that was once the red and gold, typing away on his computer.  “What happened to you?” He asked noticing me trying to catch my breath. “Holy fuck I’m out of shape,” I said in between pants. “Is that what you came to tell me?” He asked laughing a bit. “No. I need to talk to you. It’s important so I’m going to need you to keep your comments and questions t yourself until after I’m done. “ I said coming to sit in the chair in front of him. “Okay, how do I start this? You know Toni? Okay well, I am completely head over heels in love with her and we’ve been together for almost a year.” I said looking up trying to read his face. “Almost a year and I didn’t know you had a girlfriend. I didn’t even know you were into girls. Why didn’t I know you were into girls?” I asked me. “Because you remind me of mom.” I said causing him to raise his eyebrow as I telling me to elaborate. “Do you remember that time mom and I got into a fight and anytime I would walk into a room she’d leave and you didn’t see us talking for at least two weeks? Well, I came out to mom during that time and since she grew up really religious she tried telling me that I was confused and that it was a phase so when I explained to her it wasn’t she began ignoring me since she grew up that way. And since you remind me of her I was scared that you’d start cutting me out of your life. “ I told him as he tried to register everything. “You know I’d never leave you. especially for a stupid reason. We’ve been together since the womb, we’re going to be together until we die, maybe even after that. But why are you telling me this now?” “Because Toni and I got into a bit of an altercation and she told me that she thinks I’m ashamed of being with her since I didn’t tell you about us. I don’t want her to ever feel like that so I figured, in order for me to fix things it was time I tell you about us. “ I told him. “So, what are you going to do now?” Jug asked me, as he started packing up his things. “Gotta go find my lady and prove to her that I love her.” I said causing him to smile. “Go get her.” he said as we walked out, and started walking to our last period of the day, English. 

“look, there she is.” Jug said nudging me as we spotted Toni talking to fangs and sweet pea in front of her locker. Pulling jug with me I made my way over to her. I noticed Fangs nudge her, causing her to look over at us. “Whats this?” She asked turning her attention to me. “ Forsythe Pendleton Jones III this is Toni Topaz, my girlfriend of 11 incredible months and the girl that stole my heart. Toni Topaz, this is  Forsythe Pendleton Jughead Jones III my twin brother.” I said looking at her hoping to get some kind f reaction out of her. “What are you doing?” she asked raising her eyebrows at me. “You told me that you felt that I was ashamed or embarrassed to be with you, and that has never been the case. I figured it was time the two most important people in my life officially met. Look, I’m sorry that I ever made you feel like i was ashamed to be with you because that has never nor will ever be the case. I am completely head over heels, madly in love with you and I want the whole world to know it. “ “God, you’re so cheesy. “ She said laughing. “Does this mean you accept my apology?” I asked only to be pulled into a soft yet tender kiss that always makes me weak in the knees. “you make me want to throw up.” Sweetpea said ruing the moment.  “You’re just mad because I actually have someone that loves me.” I said sticking my tongue out at him while wrapping my arms around my girlfriend. “what do you think about coming to dinner with Jug and I so my two favorite people could get to know each other?” “Where are we going?” Fangs asked putting his arm around Toni and I. “You’re going home. We’re going to stuff our faces in burgers and shakes.” Toni said, placing another kiss on my lips before we all made our way to English.

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I’ll show you the man I am

journeytothemoonn said:If you are still taking requests - can you please write an Andy Biersack smut where the girl has just found out he’s the baby of the band and starts teasing him and taunting him and he just gets fed up with it? the rougher the better? if you do this i will legitimately cry with joy 

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My roommate Andy had his bandmates over. They were laughing in the living room while I was in the kitchen getting a drink for me. As I walked back I heard Jinxx laughing: 

“Dude, it’s okay. You’re the youngest”

“Ohhh, Andy, you didn’t tell me you were the baby of the band!” I teased while sitting next to him, taking a sip of my drink.His face hardened and he turned his gaze to me ( GIF IMAGE ).

“Shut up…” he mumbled.

 The others and I laughed.

 “All of you.” Andy blushed.

“Aww, my poor baby. Do you need your mum to defend you?” I continued to tease.

He crossed his arms over his chest and looked down.

“Nahh, don’t cry. Every thing’s fine. Mummy is here” I mocked him while patting his hair.

He swatted my hand away. After another 30 minutes of teasing Andy the guys said their goodbyes. As soon as the door closed I was slammed against the wall with Andy pinning my hands above my head.

“You think it’s funny teasing me like that?” Andy questioned, darkly.

I couldn’t help but get turned on even though between Andy and me never was some kind of thing.

“Andy, I was just teasing you. No need to be pissed” I tried to cover up my arousal.

“I’ll show you the man I am.” he growled before he slammed his lips against mine. His lips were soft but he kissed rough and fuck I loved every single bit of it.

He pressed his body against mine and I could feel his bulge. I gasped and he took the chance and slipped his tongue in my mouth and began exploring.I let out a moan and I could feel him smirking against my lips.

I pulled back for air but Andy just moved his lips to my neck. Well, he’s singing in a band so of course he doesn’t need much air, that bloody-

My thoughts were cut as he found my sweet spot and began sucking and biting, definitely leaving a mark.

“Andy” I whimpered.

“Shhh. I don’t want to hear a single sound, understand?” he demanded.

I nodded.

“I asked you something” he growled, darkly while piercing his eyes into mine.

“I understand, sir” I croaked.

He smirked satisfied at the title and gave me a quick kiss before throwing me over his shoulder. I let out a squeek and noticed my mistake when his hand smacked my ass.

“I said not a single sound!” he snapped and carried me upstairs to his room. 

He threw me on his bed and this time I stayed quiet.

“Good girl.” he chuckled.

He hovered over me and removed my shirt. I didn’t put any bra on today because I was just lazy. He stared awestruck at my exposed chest, pupils wide.

“So my little slut didn’t feel the need to put on a bra? Just proves that you are begging for it, little slut.” he grumbled in a low voice that made me soaking.

He slid my sweats down my legs, his rough fingers grazing my soft flesh. Goosebumps errupted all over my body and chills ran down my spine. 

He walked to his drawer and picked something which I couldn’t see. He straddled my waist and put my arms above my head. 


He cuffed my hands to the headboard and admired his work. I still suppressed any sound and he seemed to like that. 

I tried moving my hands but he smacked my thigh making me jump.

“Don’t move.” he commanded.

He stripped out of his shirt but kept his jeans on. He kneeled on the edge of the bed and slid teasingly slow his hands up my legs. When he reached my thighs he suddenly grabbed them hard and spread my legs. He pulled me down til my arms were stretched to the maximum. 

I looked in Andys eyes and all I could see was dark lust. He literally ripped my panties off me and immediatly plunged two fingers in me.

I screamed but regretted it almost instantly. He withdrew his fingers and flipped me onto my stomach. Andy grabbed my ass and put it up into the air. His came crashing on my butt.

“I told you not to make a single sound. You little slut can’t keep your mouth shut. If you break the rules again you’ll be punished. Got it?” Andy scolded.

He turned me back on my back.

“Yes, sir” I said. 

He smirked. He unbuttoned his jeans and removed them, leaving him in boxers. After just staring at me for what felt like an eternity he finnaly removed his boxers and lined himself up at my entrance. He teased me with his tip and I didn’t know what he was waiting for.

“Beg for it, slut. Tell me how much you want my cock in your little pussy.” He demanded.

I never was into this rough kinky sex thing but I must admit that I fantasized about Andy and this was kind of one of my fantasies. 

“Please, Andy, please. I need your cock. I want it so bad. I want y-”

I couldn’t even finish my begging, he already slammed into me, giving me no time to adjust. He pounded into me with no mercy. I was a moaning mess and he was grunting and sometimes my name fell from his lips.

His thrusts were hard and fast. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Suddenly he hit my G-spot and I screamed his name in pure bliss. He smirked and slammed into me in this angle making sure to hit that wonderful spot that made my body shiver in pleasure, with every thrust. 

“You like that? Now I’m not the baby anymore, am I?” Andy questioned.

“No, Andy. You’re not a baby. You’re a man. GOD, don’t stop!” I moaned.

He pulled out and I whimpered at the loss of him. He flipped me on my stomach again and immediatly plunged back into my throbbing core making me scream. 

My ass was high in the air and my face was pressed against the pillows. 

“Andy!” I screamed

“That’s right, baby. Scream my name. Let the neighbors hear who’s making you feel this good.” Andy grunted out.

I was close and by Andys now sloppy but still hard thrusts I could tell he was too. With one final thrust and him moaning my name, he threw me over the edge. I screamed his name along with profanities as my climax washed through my body. 

Just a few thrusts later, Andy stilled and I could feel his warm seed fill me.

He pulled out and collapsed next to me, panting.

“Ummm… Andy?” I asked.

He looked at me and noticed I was still on my stomach with my hands cuffed to the headboard. 

He uncuffed my hands and I collapsed onto my back still trying to catch my breath.

“What does this mean for us, (Y/N)?” Andy asked shyly.

“I like you, Andy. That’s all I can say for now. If it’s just sex for you then it’s okay. I’m not pushing you into something.” I answered also shyly.

He cupped my cheek in his hands and pressed  a gentle kiss to my lips. He pulled away and looked into my eyes. 

“I like you, too. Let’s just take it as it comes, okay?” he said, softly.

I nodded and got up. He looked at me confused.

“Round two?” I smirked.

He smirked back and jumped out of the bed following me to the bathroom.

A/N: Soooo, this took kind of long til I had a writingblockade (don’t know if that’s the right word but you know what I mean) and I hope you like it. And to my bae journeytothemoonn, I hope it meets your expectations! :) I love you guys!!! <3 Send me requests and I’ll be trying to do them soon. <3

One Night Stand (?)

Warnings: whiny!dan, daddy!phil, dom!phil, sub!dan praise, blowjob, but secks

Word Count: 1.5k

Genre: fluff/smut

Phil wakes up to the sound of an alarm he didn’t know he set. Scrambling to turn off the alarm, he falls off his bed and onto the floor where the phone, that he soon realizes doesn’t belong to him, is incessantly ringing.

“Hello?” Phil’s husky voice speaks into the phone.

“Um. Hi. It’s um, Dan… from last night. I think I forgot my phone at your place? Well actually I obviously did because you picked up but. Okay I’m rambling. Can I come pick it up?” Phil hears the soft voice of the soft boy from last night say on the other end. Phil sighs silently. He wished Dan hadn’t even left. Phil, fortunately enough, was not intoxicated enough to have a blank spot in the place of the night before. He remembers the quick glances from across the room turning into smirks and more drinks until finally Phil invited Dan to his place only a block away. He remembers giggling with an adorable boy in the chill night of the London street they walked on. Phil was pulled from his thoughts by said boy clearing his throat on the other end of the phone.

 “Uh, yeah sure. Ill text my address and leave the door unlocked. I’ll be home.” he said to the boy. He could practically feel the relief radiating from Dan on the other end of the phone. 

 “Okay I’ll head right over.” before Phil had the chance to respond, the line was dead so he quickly texted the number and went to put on some clothes.

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there is no law that the gods must be fair

*me, languishing in the angst pit 6 days after the finale with a glass of wine in hand* this is my home now and i’m gonna stay in it for the next 9 months

missing scene from 413. clarke radios in from the tower and bellamy hears her.

wc: 1.3k | ao3

Maybe some tiny, morbid part of her always knew it would end like this.

Not like this exactly; out in the snow all by herself, the words ‘manual operation’ somehow making no sense and yet sitting heavy on her chest at the same time while her timer continues to blink, unawares that it’s no longer tracking the time until she leaves for survival, but the time left until her death.

Clarke figures that a small part of her always knew since Abby’s vision that she wasn’t going to make it to space, but she’d be damned if she didn’t see to it that her friends got there.

That doesn’t mean she’s okay though.

The radio is clutched tight in her hand, trembling slightly and she decides to try one last time.

“Raven?” she asks into the nothingness, voice small.

There’s no reply.

Licking her lips, she brings the radio closer to her helmet until it’s almost touching the glass, hand wrapped in an almost vice like grip around it. “… Bellamy?” she tries once more, hoping in vain that he can somehow hear her.

Silence again, but just when she’s about to shove it back into the bag, there’s a burst of static followed by a crackle and then-


His voice is tinny, almost too weak to be heard over the interference, but she manages. Her eyes squeeze shut wanting to commit to memory the way his voice sounds like gravel, the way his tongue curls so gently over the consonants of her name as it’s the last time she’ll ever hear him say it.

“Bellamy I-,” she pauses to swallow heavily. “I’m not going to make it back in time,” she tells him in one breath, biting the bullet.

A beat. And then, “What the hell does that mean?” he growls.

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Sterek A-Z Challenge: one word prompts

Week 12: L - Lonely

Curled up by the door, Derek waited. By 7 pm, the apartment was completely dark. It wasn’t as if he couldn’t see, but Derek hadn’t bothered to turn on any lights throughout the day since he had been alone since Saturday. 

In the final semester, of his last year of Columbia, Stiles hadn’t been home in days. He popped in occasionally for a shower and a nap between work and the library. Derek did what he could to feed him and lessen stress, which mostly included letting him be.

Stiles insisted that he couldn’t study at home with Derek there, and Derek didn’t have any place to go. Apparently, Derek was too distracting, through no fault of his own. He wasn’t sure he believed Stiles because all he did was read, and mix new tracks. Occasionally, he went out for a run. It seemed that Derek, himself, was the distraction.

To avoid studying, Stiles would seduce him. Honestly, it wasn’t that hard. Derek couldn’t get enough of his boyfriend, so when Stiles crawled into his lap instead of writing a paper, Derek tried his best to resist, but ultimately, it was a losing battle.

Several of the Columbia libraries were open twenty-four hours during finals. They made the perfect haven. Stiles planned to graduate with honours, and while Derek, theoretically, understood the pressures of writing a final thesis, which Stiles would defend at a later date, he didn’t really.

Derek had never gone to college. In fact, he’d only gotten his GED a few years ago at Stiles’ suggestion, to which Stiles had taken great pride in embarrassing him at his little graduation ceremony, and then proceeded to plaster pictures all over social media for the pack to see. It had been a spectacle, but Derek really hadn’t expected any less from his boyfriend. Stiles had been proud of him, and that had been enough.

It wasn’t as if he had needed to graduate high school. He didn’t have a job. Not a real job. He spun for a few clubs here and there, and was actually quite popular, much to Stiles’ amusement. If he wanted, he could turn it into a career, but he didn’t need to work.

Stiles waited tables and tended bar at a ‘fancy pants’ restaurant - his words, not Derek’s - not too far from where they lived. He’d tried to tell Stiles on multiple occasions that he didn’t need to work, and he was happy to support him while he finished school, but his boyfriend was stubborn and wanted to be independent. Derek admired him for it, and when he worked late, Derek was there to walk him home at night regardless of the time. But when he didn’t see Stiles for weeks at a time during exam season, it got a little lonely in their loft.

The door protested loudly on its track, light spilling into the dark apartment from the hall, and a body tripped and tumbled over Derek. He didn’t bother to lift his head, but opened his eyes to watch Stiles struggle to untangle himself from his messenger bag.

“Shit, dude. What the fuck,” Stiles said. He flipped his bag off his shoulder, then rolled onto his back and sat up. “Why the hell are you lying in front of the door?”

Derek whined softly and buried his nose in his paws.

“Der?” Stiles called. He shifted forward onto his knees and crawled closer.

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I Know Your Brother (Part 3)

Originally posted by cheerfulsammy

Summary: The reader is pulled out of Hell accidentally by Sam Winchester who’s wondering where his brother is…


Pairing: Alpha!Sam x Omega!reader

Word Count: 3,700ish

Warnings: language

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The Meme and His Tutor

Part 35: The Tutor’s First Day On The Job

Co-written with @jiminieblush

Recommended Song: Kiss My Lips by BoA

|All Chapters|Masterlist|


It was your first day of teaching at BigHit. From swearing in front of your students to getting distracted by Jungkook, it was safe to say you had an eventful day.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 4657

Length: 35/?

Originally posted by btskookiestan

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anonymous asked:

Consider. Fashion Designer Eunwoo and passerby Moonbin with the perfect proportions. My cousin is a FD Major and one time really needed a model so she just screamed at someone passing by in the quad to be her model and they got so shocked they dropped their coffee and just stared at her like she was insane after she ran all the way form one end of the quad to where they were. And that's how she found her husband-I mean model

ayO I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG dfjkahsdlkjfh is your cousin still dating them holy shit that’s so cute ;A; when will these ever happen to me asdjfhlkasjdhf you make me wish NYU had a quad when all we have is fricking washington square park


  • MJ pouting at Eunwoo because: “I really, really, really need a model by Thursday and I know you really do too so can we please be each other’s models" 
  • Eunwoo, giving MJ’s designs a once-over: “whoever you designed for is a lot shorter than I am” before going back to his own sketchbook 
  • MJ flushing and protesting because !!!!!!! firstly how did Eunwoo know he designed with someone in mind !!!! 
  • Doesn’t matter that MJ’s been sighing over an architect major every five minutes for the last month 
  • How did Eunwoo know!!! 
  • And secondly Jinjin isn’t that much shorter than Eunwoo!!!!!!!
  • MJ: 
  • MJ, pouting: 
  • MJ, pouting more: 
  • Eunwoo, finally: “just text him, I’m highkey sure he’ll do anything for you" 
  • MJ: “who are you planning to ask then?" 
  • Eunwoo flipping through his own sketch book in frustration because wow truly he really has good ideas but if he can’t find someone to model for him he’s screwed for the midterm 
  • And he’s designed for someone more or less built like him so it rules MJ out 
  • Damn 
  • Eunwoo snapping the sketchbook closed and peeking at MJ, who’s tapping rapid-fire on his phone 
  • "Can we go get coffee? Before I go insane?" 
  • Cue MJ and Eunwoo bouncing (MJ bouncing, Eunwoo striding) downstairs 
  • MJ rattling on about how Jinjin smiled at him this morning 
  • And they’re on their way to their campus cafe when suddenly 
  • Eunwoo sees him 
  • All long legs and lean body, broad shoulders and strong arms 
  • He looks like he’s waiting for someone, leaning against a lamp post, beanie on and earbuds in, scrolling on his phone and sipping coffee 
  • That’s it, that’s him, that’s the one Eunwoo needs 
  • And damn if Eunwoo isn’t going to catch him 
  • Cue Eunwoo going off at a dead sprint across the quad 
  • MJ: ??????? 
  • Eunwoo dipping in and out of pockets of people, keeping his eyes trained on this effortless model in a black shirt and jeans that he needs, absolutely needs to meet 
  • Binnie peeking at the time and frowning because Rocky is LATE 
  • Binnie even got coffee and he’s finished half his latte already and Rocky isn’t even close 
  • Binnie, sighing because forget it, he’ll go to meet Rocko at his classroom building instead 
  • Bin pushing off from the lamppost and turning to leave 
  • Eunwoo, scREAMING 
  • "HEY YOU" 
  • Bin tapping a message on his phone to Rocky
  • "HEY HEY" 
  • Bin looking up because what the hell is that noise 
  • Wondering the same thing as about a hundred other people staring at a beautiful guy in a dress shirt and vest and slacks tear through the park, sketchbook sandwiched under his arm and pencil behind his ear and measuring tape at his waist flapping out behind him 
  • Bin doesn’t know how to respond because wow this guy may be beautiful but he also looks like a madman running towards Bin 
  • "BE MY MODEL!!!!!" 
  • Bin:
  • Bin, blinking: 
  • Bin: 
  • Bin: 
  • Eunwoo, skidding to a stop in front of Bin, hair in a mess and doubled over panting: 
  • Bin: "um" 
  • Because I mean wow this man has impeccable taste in clothes he’s in a fricking vest 
  • And also really long eyelashes 
  • But that’s not the point 
  • The point is that this man ran through half the park screaming at him,,,,,,,, to be his model???
  • When Bin is on laundry day and is in his last clean black shirt that seemed a size too small when he pulled it on this morning????? 
  • Eunwoo, finally straightening and tugging his collar and looking up at Bin 
  • Wow, Bin’s brain comments, his eyes
  • Bin: "um" 
  • Very coherent, Bin’s brain muses
  • He’s beautiful, Bin’s brain adds 
  • Marry him, Bin’s brain suggests 
  • Bin: wait no wait I'm 
  • Eunwoo, opening his sketchbook and jabbing at a page: "I need a model for midterms and you’re beautiful please be my model" 
  • He thinks you’re beautiful, Bin’s brain whistles 
  • Option 1) act cool 
  • Option 2) stumble over yourself 
  • Option 1 please, Bin thinks 
  • Option 2 it is!! Bin’s brain cheers 
  • Bin: wAIT 
  • Bin: "um ah ok but you’re beautifuller???" 
  • Eunwoo: 
  • Eunwoo: 
  • Bin: "right yes ok but u can’t model ur own clothes right gotcha" 
  • Bin: "wait you want me to whAt
  • Eunwoo thinking that wow this boy has perfect proportions and a gorgeous smile and the brightest eyes but really, 
  • He isn’t the sharpest tool, is he 
  • Forgive him, Eunwoo, he’s too stunned by you ;;;;; 
  • Bin watching Eunwoo explain his midterm and practically begGing Bin to agree 
  • But frankly nothing goes into his head, he’s too busy looking at Eunwoo’s nose and his eyes and the way his soft lips round out his words 
  • Eunwoo: "please?”
  • Bin, automatically: “ok yeah" 
  • Bin: wAit ,,
  • Eunwoo almost breaking down in tears in relief
  • Rocko, finally appearing: "ayO bin what’s up?” the same time MJ appears: “hey Eunwoo found your model?" 
  • Rocko staring at Bin because wow Rocky leaves him alone for twenty minutes and he’s a model now???? 
  • Rocko staring at Eunwoo smiling at Bin: wow his model???????? Modelling for someone who should be a model???? 
  • Wow 
  • Rocko turning to look at Bin who’s smiling at Eunwoo 
  • Wow ok he hasn’t seen Bin blushing this much at a boy ever oOoOOoOoOooo 
  • Huh
  • Perhaps Rocko should be late to their meetings more often


  • Eunwoo, with pins between his fingers: "Stay still!! If you wiggle anymore the needles will shift!!" 
  • Bin, twitching slightly:
  • Eunwoo, whining: "I said, stop wiggling!!" 
  • Bin, pouting: 
  • Eunwoo, still looking at the shirt he’s fitting on Bin 
  • Bin, pouting some more: 
  • Eunwoo, finally looking up: 
  • Eunwoo: "oh alright, you big baby, fine" 
  • Reaching up to kiss Bin before leaning down again to adjust the shirt 
  • Bin, beaming to himself in a slight daze
  • Eunwoo, looking up and snorting because "Bin we’re dating you don’t have to wheedle me into kissing you”

Double bonus: 

  • MJ, slowly tapping his foot on the sewing machine: 
  • Jinjin, dubiously: “uh are u sure I need to be topless while ur fixing the shirt" 
  • MJ, looking at Jinjin like it’s the most obvious thing: "Uh yeS OF COURSE" 
  • Jinjin: "uh but you’re not going to be done with that any time soon so I don’t see why-" 
  • MJ: "for moral support, of course" 
  • Jinjin: 
  • Jinjin: 
  • Jinjin: ?????????????? 
  • MJ, mulling over it a while before finally tossing Jinjin a piece of cloth: "cover up" 
  • Jinjin, clutching the roll of fabric: "why the change?" 
  • MJ, grinning at Jinjin: "the faster I work the faster I can see you topless again!! it’s motivation!!!!" 
  • MJ watching as the blush works its way up from Jinjin’s chest all the way to his ears: :-)
||Whose side are you on?|| *Part 4* Final Part

(Liam’s P.O.V)
“(Y/N)!"I screamed as soon as the elevator doors shut.
I kept banging on the doors until I heard a gunshot.
"No!"I yelled, punching the door.
"I didn’t even get to tell her that I still loved her."I muttered as I leaned against the wall. I slid down as I began to tear up, I never stopped loving her but she didn’t know that. Hayden was only wearing my jersey because I spilled the school lunch on her shirt. I didn’t even know I didn’t have my necklace on, I accidentally dropped it in my room. What do I do now? The last words (Y/N) said to me played back in my mind. I have to find Scott.
(Y/N)’s P.O.V)
I ripped the last ghost riders head off its body before dropping it on the floor. I smashed my foot against it, making blood splatter.
"Good work."I mumbled, panting as I leaned against the wall.
"Did you have to be really so gory?"Theo asked as he walked over to me.
"Was that too gory for you sweetheart?"I asked, folding my arms.
"And I thought I was heartless."Theo muttered.
"Don’t you have two hearts?"I asked.
"I was speaking figuratively-”
“I know, just fucking with you."I cut him off.
"We should probably go check up on the pack."I suggested.
"Yeah, wait though."Theo muttered as he stepped closer to me.
He grabbed my face and wiped blood off of my mouth with his thumb.
"You should teach me how to rip people’s heads off."Theo said as we started walking outside.
"So you can kill Scott again? Yeah, no thanks."I muttered as I hopped into the drivers seat of the ambulance.
"I just sacrificed my ass to help Scott and save you and Liam, I think I earned your trust."Theo argued.
"You earned my respect, not my trust."I explained as I started the ambulance.
"I’ll take what I can get."Theo shrugged as I slammed my foot on the gas pedal.
"You actually earned my respect the moment you came back."I spoke up as I speeded towards Beacon Hills Highschool.
"And that’s why you kicked me in the face?"Theo asked.
"No, you just really needed someone to shut you up that day."I answered, making him laugh lightheartedly.
"But seriously, you kept fighting once you got back from hell. You obviously suffered a whole lot, yet you’re still fighting. That takes a lot of guts man. I also know why you didn’t want to go into the morgue, you’ve been having nightmares recently-”
“How do you know?"Theo asked.
"Well every night that I spent at Scott’s house to watch over you, you’d whimper and start whispering stuff. I noticed you were in pain those nights so without you knowing, I’d sit next to you and caress your hair as I held your trembling hand. After a few minutes, you’d be fine.’‘I explained.
I looked over to see Theo looking at me with an unreadable facial expression.
"But you hated me for trying to kill Scott?"Theo asked, shocked and confused.
"No one deserves to go through the pain you’ve gone through."I answered.
"So whenever the nightmares stopped and I started sleeping peacefully, it was all because of you?"Theo asked in disbelief.
"My mom always said that there’s nothing a little love and affection can’t help."I shrugged.
"Thank you (Y/N)…"Theo whispered.
"No problem."I answered before parking the ambulance in the parking lot.
"You see it too, don’t you?"Theo asked as I noticed the train tracks on the concrete floor.
"We don’t have a lot of time (Y/N).”
(Liam’s P.O.V)
I was currently upstairs of beacon hills high school, standing by the railing. I looked down at the horse and shivered, I hate horses. Right as I was about to jump off, I felt someone pull me back. I looked up to see a ghost rider dragging me as he pointed his whip at me. Out of nowhere, Theo popped up behind the ghost rider and wrapped his arms around the ghost riders neck. He quickly snapped it and smirked once the ghost rider dropped to its knees.
“(Y/N) taught me that."Theo smiled proudly.
"Theo?"I asked, confused.
"If I can survive hell, I’m pretty sure I can handle a few ghost riders."Theo explained.
"What about (Y/N)?"I asked.
"She said she’d take out as many ghost riders as she could.”
(Y/N)’s P.O.V)
“Not the face!"I yelled, ducking as a ghost rider aimed their whip at my face.
I turned my head slightly to see another ghost rider with a gun.
"Perfect."I whispered, smirking.
At the exact moment the first ghost rider aimed their whip at me and the second ghost rider pulled the trigger, I jumped in the air, doing a backflip. Right before my feet hit the ground, both ghost riders disappeared in thin air.
"Ha, idiots."I snickered.
All of a sudden I picked up Scott’s scent and the sound of someone struggling. I dashed in the direction of the sounds and scent, until I saw Scott behind held down by three ghost riders as the fourth one held him at gunpoint. I let out a beastly roar as I jumped onto the fourth ghost riders back. I tackled him onto the ground ,grabbing his gun as I shot two of the three ghost riders that were holding Scott.
"Wrong move pal."I muttered as I raised my claws in the air.
Right as I stroked down at the ghost rider, the ghost rider grabbed my wrist to keep me from slashing its throat. Once it’s hand came in contact with my wrist, a flash of images flashed through my mind.
"Dad?"I asked, realizing they were memories I had with my dad.
The ghost rider kicked me off of him and grabbed a whip from its belt. As soon as I saw the whip racing towards me, I pushed myself up and tried jumping out of the way. I was still fazed at the fact that the ghost rider was my dad, meaning my reflexes had been slow. I screamed in agony as the whip slashed a deep gash into my side.
"You’re not my dad, not anymore."I muttered through tears as the whip was tangled around my wrist.
With one pull, I was teleported into some place that seemed creepy. I groaned as the gash in my side started to burn worse.
"Go, go, go!"I heard Liam yell.
I turned my head to see Hayden, Mason, and Corey jump onto a horse.
I ran into the room they ran out of and found Liam struggling as two ghost riders who had their whips tangled around his leg and wrist. As soon as I grabbed one of the two ghost riders neck, a flash of images raced through my mind. This was my mom.
"I’m sorry."I whispered before biting the ghost riders neck.
I pulled with my teeth roughly and quickly, making the head tear off the body. I wrapped my hands around Liam’s wrist as I quickly untangled the whip from his wrist. I pulled on the whip, the whip cutting my palms. The ghost rider quickly took its gun out, aiming it at Liam and I. Grabbing Liam, I jumped into safety as the gun went off.
”(Y/N).“Liam breathed as he watched me.
I rose to my feet and front flipped in the air as the ghost rider fired at me this time. I roundhouse kicked the ghost rider, making it fall to the floor. As soon as my hands came in contact with its face, another flash of images raced through my mind.
"Adam."I whispered, clenching my jaw as tears welled up in my eyes.
I closed my eyes as I snapped its neck, Adam was my first boyfriend. He was the best first love any girl could ever ask for.
"Gah!"I screamed as I felt a sharp pain on my back.
I turned around quickly and noticed another ghost rider with a whip in their hands. As the ghost rider raised its whip again, Liam tackled it to the ground.
"Wait!"I screamed as Liam was about to drag his claws against its face.
I ran over and placed my hand over its chest. Just like I suspected, a flash of images. Katherine, my younger sister.
"Katherine."I muttered, the tears now spilling.
I poked my fingers through the holes of its face where the eyes should be and started to pull my hands apart. Slowly the ghost riders face ripped apart.
"You can rest now."I whispered.
"Who’s Katherine?"Liam asked he noticed my tears.
"My sister, I just basically killed my family. First my dad, then my mom, then Adam, and now my sister."I muttered as hot tears fell down my cheeks rapidly.
"Graaah!"I screamed as the gash on my back and side burned terribly.
”(Y/N), what’s wrong?“Liam asked, scooping me into his arms.
"I got hit twice by two whips, I-it’s burning and throbbing!"I whimpered as I started panting.
He ran out of the room as my eyes drooped. The amount of people I had killed today, ghost riders I killed today really took a toll on me. What really affected me though, were the gashes. It’s like when Argent was hit by a whip, I don’t even know if he’s alive right now.
”(Y/N), keep your eyes open. Look at me, I’ve gone through too much with you to lose you like this. I thought I lost you tonight, I’m not going to let that happen.“Liam muttered, running as fast as his legs could carry him.
Suddenly everything went black.
(Liam’s P.O.V)
"So she saw her family again, but in the ghost riders?"Scott asked.
We had defeated the nazi werewolf and the ghost riders left town, now all we were waiting for is (Y/N) to wake up and heal with the magic herbs Melissa, Argent, and Mason said would help.
"Not all of them, only certain ones. I think they really were (Y/N)’s family, I mean they did get turned into ghost riders."I answered.
"Fffffuuuu-mmmm!"I heard (Y/N) scream.
Scott, Theo, and I ran through the doors and saw the gashes start to smoke.
"Mmmm!"She screamed as Peter, Argent, Malia, and Lydia held (Y/N) down.
"We’re gonna need you to be a little quiet (Y/N)!"Stiles yelled over her muffled screaming due to the towel Stiles shoved in her mouth.
"Be quiet, why don’t you shut the fuck up while I rip your flesh apart!”(Y/N) yelled audibly enough for us to understand her.
“Scott, Theo?"Stiles yelled, now worried for his safety.
Even with four people holding her down, she was still managing to slowly wiggle out of their grip. Scott and Theo helped them hold her down as she kept screaming. Once her screaming died down she stopped shaking, and calmed down.
"It took 6 people to keep you down on a bed?"Stiles asked in shock.
’'Stiles as much as I missed you, I really don’t want to hear your snarky little voice."She spat as she let out a shaky breath.
"Watch that mouth (Y/N)."Lydia warned playfully.
We all looked at their hands locked together as Stiles smiled goofily down at her.
"No.”(Y/N) whispered, a smile creeping up in her face.
“Yes!"Scott yelled, throwing his fists in the air.
"Finally!"Scott and (Y/N) yelled.
"The ship has sailed, I repeated, the fucking ship has sailed!"She yelled, drumming her hands on her hospital bed.
I stared at her adoringly as she shook with excitement and joy.
"Oh I’m gonna cry."She muttered, fanning her eyes.
She looked over to me and smiled , staring back at me with the most softest eyes I’ve ever seen.
"Everyone out!”(Y/N) barked, scaring everyone.
“Just for one minuet."She begged.
"Fine."Theo muttered as we all started walking out, even Melissa.
"Not you Dunbar!"She yelled, making me turn around.
She hopped off her bed and walked over to me.
"Ask me whose side I’m on."She said, smiling up at me.
"What?"I asked, confused.
"I said, ask me whose side I’m on."She repeated.
"You wanted to know whose side I was on, so ask me again."She whispered, gazing up at me with adoring eyes that shined bright.
I sighed before chuckling, giving in.
"Whose side are you on?"I asked.
She walked away from me and started to walk around quietly, as if she was ignoring me.
"Sorry Eugene, you weren’t looking directly into my eyes. I can’t answer that until I’m sure we’re making an actual human interaction."She sighed, making me roll my eyes.
"You’re such a tease."I scoffed, making her smirk.
She walked over to me and interlocked our fingers together.
"Now, ask… me… again."She whispered as she brushed her lips against my ear, making the hairs in my arms and back if my neck stick up.
"Whose side are you on (Y/N)?"I asked, looking down at her as she neared her face over to mine.
"I am on your side Liam."She answered.
"I’ve always been on your side."She whispered before grabbing my face and smashing her lips against mine.
Our lips moved in sync as her fingers ran through my hair and my hand ran down her back, stopping at her waist.
"And I always will be.”-
Hope you all enjoyed my first imagine, thank you for taking time out of your day to read this!

Dick Grayson/Nightwing X Reader- Popping Buttons

Warning: Swearing, fighting, etc

“Hey, Birdie!” you shouted as you jumped through the oculus of the building, landing next to Robin with your gloved fists raised.  “Sorry I’m late, you wouldn’t believe how bad the traffic was to get here.”

“Tt.  This is a monastery, (Y/H/N), there was no traffic,” Robin stated, obviously annoyed.

“Sarcasm, Little D,” you smirked, grabbing your modified bo staff from your hip.  “I thought you would learn that it’s my first language.”

“English is your first language,” Damian rolled his eyes, focusing on the assailants surrounding the two of you.  “Batman will be here shortly.”

“Which means we’ll have defeated all of these ninjas by the time he gets here,” you said, rotating you staff in your hands.  “Don’t you agree?”

He smirked, “For once I do agree with you.”

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The Other Woman (Trixya) - Alex

A/N: Hello, it’s me, Alejandra! Sorry I’ve been MIA, I’ve been super busy with end of school year grading and stuff. Anyway, I don’t know what to categorize this as but it’s inspired by Boyfriend by Tegan and Sara ! Happy pride !  As per usual, big thanks to Tati for putting up with my bullshit every day and always proofreading. You can interpret ‘Dan’ as whomever, but I did have Milk in mind when writing it. 

TW: Cheating

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The Convention Connection - The Promise

For my dear @iwantthedean - OOPS! Apparently when it comes to Nicole and Jensen I am incapable of short and sweet. So please enjoy this 1200 word ‘drabble’. This is part of the The Convention Connection Series! 

It was nights like this I had trouble sleeping. A rough night at the hospital and Jensen wasn’t home. I hadn’t even gotten home until after one in the morning, now here it was, two hours later and I was still tossing and turning. I threw back the heavy comforter from our bed and sat up. I stared at the empty, cold spot next to me before getting out. I walked to the closet and pulled out one of Jensen’s shirts. I slipped it over my shoulders and brought the collar to my nose. I could still smell him, even if he hadn’t been home in three weeks. 

I strolled through this huge house, gazing longingly at the pictures he had hung so carefully on the walls when we moved in. I made my way to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. I didn’t have to work today so maybe this was my chance to get something done while I waited for my husband to call. God, I missed him. Just as the pot finished brewing, I grabbed a mug from the cupboard and filled it to the rim. 

I held the mug in my hands, letting the warmth seep into my hands. Jensen had called yesterday morning and said he was sorry, but probably wouldn’t be home for another week. I took a nice long sip from the steaming mug before putting it down. I looked around and decided to start in the family room. A river a sadness rolled through me as I realized we didn’t have a family to fill it. So instead I stood at the counter, draining my mug and refilling it. 

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Camryn (a teen wolf story)

                                   Chapter 6: Triggered 

      I read Scott’s message. He sent me the location where we were going to have the first pack meeting since we’ve all made amends. Brett dried his hair with a towel, he had just taken a shower. “I’m so nervous about how this is going to go.” I said locking my phone. “You nervous? I’m literally freaking out. You just can’t see it.” Brett laughed. “Can’t smell it either.” I said rolling my eyes with a smile. I tied my hair up into a ponytail. He put on a tank top and some joggers. I walked to him and ran my fingers down his muscular arms. I looked up at him with a thousand stars in my eyes. “I love you.” He said holding my waist. “I love you.” I said tiptoeing to reach his lips.

     When we got to the place Brett gripped my hand. I rang the bell with the button outside of a big sliding door. “Are you sure this is the right place?” Brett asked. “You drove us here.” I said furrowing my brows. The door opened and a pair of hands grabbed my shirt and pulled me in. I was thrown onto a hard concrete floor. Rolling with a thud. I jumped up quickly with my hands in front of me. Malia was in front of me, throwing punches. I blocked one, another connected with my nose. My nose cracked sending me back onto the ground. My vision turned red and everything was shaking. I ran for her.

                                        Flash back 2 months ago

“Come on. Let’s go.” My moms words echoed. I stared at my Dad in disbelief. The woman sitting on our living room couch wasn’t supposed to be there. She was holding her shirt over her chest. A lump was rising in my throat. My Dad. My hero. The guy I’d turn to for anything. My hero. The man that still holds my hand when I cry. My hero. The man that still made me feel beautiful on a hazy mornings still in my pajamas while Prince blasted through the house when him and my Mom were cooking breakfast. My hero. The guy who taught me how guys should treat a lady. My hero turned out to be a Villain sitting in the living room with his mistress. My Hero was the only one claiming defeat in my heart. My lip quivered and I stared at my dad shaking my head. “Cammy.” He said walking towards me. “No!” I sobbed shaking my head. “Don’t you touch me. Don’t you say my name.” I cried backing away. “Let’s go!” My mom screamed. Her voice almost shattering my eardrums. I dropped the soccer ball in my hands and took of running down the hallway to my parents room. I slammed the door pressing my back up against it. I dropped to the floor pulling my hair. This was the hardest thing that I had ever endured. “20 years.” My mom repeated over and over. “17.” I whispered. 17 years of my life there has been only one man that I looked up to. That was my dad. I never wanted to look at him again. “Camryn go get your things!” My mom said through tears. I stood up and left their room heading to mine.


         “Camryn!” I heard Brett’s voice. I opened my eyes. I was breathing hard and fast. Brett had me picked up restraining me in his arms. Malia was kneeling on the ground out of breath. Scott was standing staring at me. Liam was looking at me with a grin on his face. Lydia had her arms crossed with a smug look on her face. Stiles was standing with his mouth gaping open. A dark haired guy with scruffy face hair clapped. “Well done.” He said. “And you called me an IED?” Liam scoffed rolling his eyes. “What just happened?” I asked as Brett sat me back down on the ground. “You blacked out.” Scott said. I looked up at Brett. “What were you thinking about?” He asked me. I shook my head. “Nothing. I don’t know what happened. What was that for?” I asked looking at Malia. “It was a test run. To see what skills you have and which ones you didn’t.” Scott said. “It looks to me like she’s got most of the ones she needs.” the guy with the scruffy face said. “Who are you?” I asked confused. “Oh how rude of me.” He said walking towards me. Brett let out a small growl and stepped closer to me from behind. “Derek.” The guy said holding out his hand looking at Brett. I shook it. “You have a lot to learn.” Derek said still looking at Brett. “Me or him?” I asked pointing a thumb at Brett. “Both.” Derek said walking away. “But I’m impressed.” He said. “What did I do?” I asked looking at Malia. “Whooped my ass.” She laughed brushing off her pants. I raised my eyebrows in surprise. “I told them i had faith in you.” Lydia said flipping her hair. “She did.” Scott smiled. “She’ll be even worse tonight.” A man with short brown hair and broad shoulders said coming down the spiral stairs in the corner. “Is there anyone else hiding that I need to know about?” I asked looking around dramatically. “Peter Hale.” He said walking by me nonchalant. “Dad.” Malia said with a fake smile. “Daughter.” He said tucking his hands behind his back. “Why will I be worse tonight?” I asked. “The full moon.” Everyone said in unison. I jumped. “Sheesh.” I jumped. “I’ll help her.” Brett said as I trailed around the loft exploring. “She needs more than just you for this first moon.” Scott said. “You might be the first person she sees and decides to rip your sweet face off.” Peter said. “He’s right.” Derek chimed in. “Scott knows what it was like for his first shift.” Derek said slapping Scott on the back. “Derek said we could camp out here for the night.” Scott said. “You’ll need these.” Peter said walking to a blanket on a couch. He lifted it up to reveal a pile of chains. My eyes widened.

         I was worn out. I sat on the couch chugging a water. Brett was doing pull ups on a bar in the doorway. We had been here all day. It was getting dark outside. Malia was sitting beside me bouncing her legs. I looked at her and saw her head moving up and down as she watched Brett. I cleared my throat. “What?” She laughed. I cocked an eyebrow unamused. “He’s just good looking.” She laughed. “Better looking when we’re alone.” I smirked. She rolled her eyes. “Gross.” She pretended to gag. “It’s almost time.” Scott said dropping the chains on the ground. I flinched at the noise. “Is that really all the necessary?” I asked drawing in my elbows. “Yeah for tonight.” Scott said. “Come here.” Scott said. “What are you doing?” Brett asked approaching Scott. “Preparing.” Scott said. Brett looked at me concerned. Scott walked to a post. in the middle of the room. “Just sit with your back against it. I’ll secure you and we’ll wait.” Scott said. My hands started to get clammy. I sat with my back against the post. He started wrapping me with the chains. The heavy feeling reminded me of the night before. I rubbed my hands on my leggings nervously. “I’m not sure that will be enough.” Derek said walking over with his arms crossed. “What do you mean!?” I asked startled. “Hey.” Brett said sitting on the floor in front of me. He rubbed a hand over my cheek. “They know what they’re doing. Just sit back and let them help you.” He said softly. I relaxed and leaned my head against the beam.

          Brett grabbed my hand. “You did good today.” He said smiling at me. I could smell the nervousness on him. “You can’t be nervous too. That scares me even more.” I said fidgeting my feet. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.” He said squeezing my hand. “It’s almost here.” Scott interrupted. “Oh god.” I said. “No, you’re fine. Just talk to me.” Brett said holding both of my hands. He was sitting with his legs open around me. I gulped and nodded. “Did I really kick her ass?” I asked trying to get my mind off of the situation. “Totally. We were all spooked for a second. I didn’t think you would stop!” He laughed. I smiled. My head started feeling heavy. I shook my head trying to get rid of the feeling. He squeezed my hands. “You okay?” He asked. I nodded with my eyes closed. My body started feeling light and tingly. I hung my neck and breathed out slowly. “It’s time.” Scott said. “You might want to back up.” He said tapping Brett on the shoulder. “No, I’ll stay right here.” He said looking back at me. My heart was racing at an alarming rate. My hands were shaking. My head was pounding. I was numb all over.


The woman was standing in the living room. She looked lost. “You.” I said pointing a shaking finger at her. I felt so much hate, ANGER and heartbreak. “You ruined this family.” I cried running to my room. I shut my door and locked it. I screamed and dug my nails into my hairline. I heard the sound of breaking glass. It made me jump and I grabbed the biggest bag from under my bed and started shoving all of my clothes in it. “Camryn. I never wanted you to find out this way.” My dad said. I turned around. He was standing by my door. He must have come in here when I was in the other room. “Get out.” I said trying to keep the tone of my voice steady. Trying not to show that I wanted to cry harder than I ever have before. “Listen to me Camryn. I’m still your father.” He said holding a hand out to me. I stepped back. “No. You’re a liar. You- Are nothing to me. I hate you.” I said biting my lips. My face was streamed with tears again. “Get out. Please.” I cried closing my eyes. He walked to me and kissed my forehead before turning away and leaving my room. I sobbed and continued to pack my bags. I shoved shoes, clothes, makeup and 17 years of my life in this house, into these bags. 


         All I saw was her face. “You.” I roared. “No! Camryn! You’re seeing things.” A voice said. “You!” I screamed. Everything shook around me. “You have to bring her out of it!” A voice said. “You ruined my FAMILY!” I screamed. “Look at me!” A voice screamed. “Listen to me.” the voice morphed into a more familiar voice. My dad. “You ruined our family!” I screamed. “Call her out of it!” A voice said. Hands grabbed my face sending my head against a hard surface. My body melted. The chains wrapped around me felt of a thousand pounds. I gasped as I opened my eyes. Brett had his lips pressed to mine. I started to cry. “Baby.” He said petting my face. “You’re okay. Shh.” He said holding my head against his chest. “Get her out of these.” Brett demanded pulling at the chains around me. Scott unlocked them. Brett pulled me into his lap. I looked down at my hands. The brown claws were slowly retracting back into my skin before my eyes. I looked up at him. “You were triggered.” Scott said. “There’s something eating you inside.” He said. “What happened to you?” Brett asked rocking me. “I was defeated.” I whimpered resting my head on his chest. He kissed the top of my head and cradled me. “He pulled you out of it by himself.” Scott said elbowing Brett in the shoulder. “With some coaching.” Brett said looking at Scott. I held onto Brett’s arm. “Thank god, cause I’d have to go to the hardware store if she broke anymore of my lightbulbs with that scream.” Derek said screwing in a new lightbulb with a pinky digging in his ear. “Might need a few new dishes too.” Peter said opening the cabinets. Broken pieces of glass fell to the floor. “I did that?” I asked looking at Scott. “It’s the Banshee in you.” He said. “Don’t feel bad. I’ll replace everything.” Scott laughed. “Okay.” I said looking down at the ground.

        I missed my dad. My heart was still so broken. You’d never know it though. I hid my emotions about my dad very well. I stayed distant from my mom because she was still recovering and it made me sad. It sounds selfish of me but I can’t bear to watch her cry anymore. I watched out the window while Brett drove me home. “Want some ice cream?” He said pulling into a Sonic. I looked at him. I felt like I had the eyes of a puppy. I nodded crossing my legs in the passenger seat. He ordered me a oreo cheesecake shake and he get a banana split. We sat eating quietly in the car. “What’s bothering you?” He asked. I could feel him looking at me struggling to get a drink from my straw. “Just things.” I said dipping my straw in and out of my cup. “Just things hmm?” He asked. I nodded trying not to seem too bent out of shape. “Who ruined your family?” He asked. I paused. I looked at him for a moment before sitting my shake in the cup holder. I twiddled my fingers. “Have you ever wondered why my dad isn’t around?” I asked. “I never thought about it, no. It’s not my place to question.” Brett said taking a bite of his ice cream. “My mom lost the love of her life to another woman after 20 years and walked right in on it. I saw everything. I walked in first. I was so excited and ready to tell him how I won my soccer game.” I said rubbing my eyebrows. He was quiet. “I will never be able to forgive my Dad for showing me what hate feels like.” I said looking at him. He had stopped eating and was staring at me. “Do you ever miss him?” He asked. “Oh.” I said pursing my lips. “More and more everyday.” I said with a crack in my voice. “I know how that feels.” He said scratching his head. He leaned over the console and pressed his nose to my cheek. “You make everything better.” I said tuning to look at him. Our noses were touching. “You make life better.” He said kissing me softly.

       His hands gently ran up my sides. I smiled against his lips. “You are the absolute girl of my dreams.” He whispered. I took my shirt off. He bent his neck down holding my face in a sweet kiss. “I love you so much.” I spilled. I could feel it pouring from my chest. He stopped and looked at me. “What?” I asked placing a hand on top of his as it sat on my cheek. He shook his head. “That’s just the first time you’ve ever said it first.” He said. “I love you so much more.” He said kissing every inch of my face. I tossed my head back in laughter. He picked me up and twirled me around falling on top of me on the bed. I was radiating with love. I could feel it. I could smell a sweet smell coming from him. “You have changed me so much Camryn Jane.” He said finger combing my curls. “Is that good or bad?” I asked playing with the rings on his necklace as it hung from his neck. “Being with you every day makes everything so much better. I think about life before you and I remember how hateful and spiteful I was. You’ve shown me what true friendship is and you’ve helped me build friendships. You’ve shown me that true love is breathtaking because everytime i’m with you I can hardly breathe. I wake up and go to sleep with you and I wake up and fall asleep knowing that in the morning I’ll always have something so precious and so wonderful and because of that I will Be forever grateful.” He said. He was now laying down on top of me nestling his head into my chest. I rubbed his back. “I’m in love with you. My mate, you are the best thing in my life.” He said sleepily. “Promise you’ll never leave.” I said with my face in his hair. “I promise. A thousand times over and over. I promise.” He said. His sleepy voice made me smile. Despite my heart yearning for my father, I was content. I felt whole in this moment.


Introduction / Part 1 / 

(gif not mine, credit to its original owner) 

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Stretching, Yoongi awoke with half the cover strew across his legs. The mid-morning air was bitterly cold and clinging to his frame, Goosebumps raising along his arms and the hair raising on the back of his neck.

He leaned to the right slightly, looking for something, someone. She wasn’t there, he frowned at the empty space.

Sitting up, he rubbed the back of his neck while looking around the room. Everything looked the same, but something was different. He threw the remaining sheets to the other side of the bed and reached for his hoodie that was left hanging on the chair in the corner of the room closest to him.

The hoodie smoothed down his bed hair as he dragged it on, swinging his legs and forcing his body to stand up. Yoongi couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right, it sat uncomfortably in his chest.

He followed the smaller foot prints left on the carpet from the one he was looking for, everything seemed the same.

Appearing from around the corner into the small kitchen, and looking through the small cut out view into the living room. He saw the small body of the person he was searching for wrapped under a navy woollen blanket. He smiled in content.

Quietly pulling his favourite mug, and hers from the cupboard, he dropped a bag of green tea in each of them. He was about to flip the kettle on, when he peered and saw that it was empty. He sighed heavily because of the burdening new chore.

With the kettle simmering away, he leaned on the small sill that the cut out gave him and watched her. It had been so long since he had seen her look so peaceful, no worry over her brow line and her mouth in a slight pout.

That feeling in his chest, so deep and twinging with strong emotion whenever he looked at her. He knew he loved her, so much and so earnestly.

The kettle clicked, drawing his attention away from her. Pouring the water, seeing the steam rise that he realised how cold it was.

He gripped the two mugs handles and wandered into the room to where she was, setting the mugs down on the table quietly so he wouldn’t wake her just yet.

He softly sat down next to her, lifting her slightly so that she was laid half on him. He looked down at her, and she snugged into him.

“adorable” He whispered, wanting to kiss her forehead.

“Who’s adorable?” the sluggish tone reached his ears.

“you” he muttered, she raised up onto her hands with the blanket slowly falling off her shoulders.

She was wearing one of his hoodies, and a thick pair of pyjama pants.

“Why is it so cold?” he cuddled into his mug.

“they cut the heat off” she sighed.

“again? I swear we’ve just paid that” he tried to look at the calendar that was on the coffee table.

“that was last month” she muttered, grabbing the other mugs handle to lightly take sip, wincing at the scolding tea.

“I’ll go out today and pay it” Yoongi grabbed her hand for reassurance.

“thank you, baby,” she smiled, tightly.

“are you ok?” he turned to face her properly, she eyed him over her cup.

“funny, I was just about to ask you that” she smiled, this time with a hint of humour.

“what do you mean?” he frowned, “I’m completely fine”

“this is the happiest I’ve seen you in a few months is all baby” she squeezed his hand.

“oh, fair enough, why did you sleep on the couch?” he eyed the couch, seeing the deep dent.

“I was reading the bills for this month and must have fallen asleep while doing it” she grabbed the large pile of bills and sifted through them.

Yoongi grabbed the pad of paper, the one with notes scribbled on to it. It was his lyric book.

He thumbed through the papers, sighing heavily. He was a talented artist, but he never knew how to filter through his emotions and kept everything to himself.  He was solitary and trusted no one with his feelings, he loved her but he would never make her is emotional baggage holder. She was too precious.

“everything’s ok, don’t worry” he smiled.

This was weeks ago, I thought back to the times where things weren’t dominated by stress and the lack of money. Yoongi was happier then, I was too.

It was comical to think that things could return to normal, things gradually got worse.

Surrounded by the small dank walls of the flat I lived in, waiting for the one person I’d be waiting to see all day. To see him, I knew I would feel better; I knew things would be ok. 

Soon as I heard the click of the handle turning, then the harsh slam of the door. I winced with the force that shook through the frame of the walls. 

Yoongi sighed as he threw himself down onto the couch, pulling his laptop from his bag.

The deep sigh that left his lips added more weight to my chest, the heavy feeling making me feel like I’m drowning in the unknown that he unintentionally created.

I peered over at him. His shoulders hunched over the small laptop.  Barely seeing his face, but I didn’t need to as I knew exactly what he looked like.

Tired. Dark drooping eyes, the sullenness was heart breaking. He had chapped lips, blood shocked eyes and a sour attitude. 

“baby? Are you ok?” I spoke gently; he was a flight risk.

“Yeah, fine” he was curt, the rasp of his voice was enough.

“Do you need anything?” I didn’t know what to do, it was an endless cycle between them both.


“Do want some food? A drink? I can order out” I moved to my feet, walking round the couch to his desk. Standing close, but not too close.

He didn’t notice me, he ignored her presence. There was a time before where when I stood close, he would cradle my waist with his arms and rest his head on my stomach and tell me the insignificant details of his day that I loved to here so much. 

“no thanks” it was blunt. Not an ounce of emotion. I felt as if a dull knife had been stuck in my gut, ripping the skin and tearing my insides. This was how I felt majority of the time, a figure that was ignored while the ghost wandered around. 

“What’s wrong?” I rubbed his back gently, reassuring him that its ok, that he will be ok but the tension I felt in his back was stiff. The muscle hard with stress. 

He shrugged his shoulders out of discomfort, he was shrugging me off.

“Clearly there is” this time he moved to look at me, pinning me with a glare.

“What do you mean by that?” he had two weeks’ worth of stubble dusting across his face. This wasn’t Yoongi.

“All I’m saying Is that you’re being a massive dick Yoongi” I bit through my teeth, I was trying to avoid conflict. It was always there, ready to burst through the seam of their seemingly avoidance dependent relationship. 

“What the fuck is wrong with you? I haven’t done anything?” he defended, the sharpness to his voice showed that he knew. His eyes slowly realising.

I stepped back slightly, surprised at the mild outburst. I saw the realisation crawl across his face, he reached to touch me but I drew back. withdrawing from being near him. 

“you are, this isn’t you.” I stammered slightly, “all I want to do is help you, but you’re on defence all the time” I spoke evenly, not letting my annoyance seep through like his did.

“what’s wrong, just talk to me” I reached out and laced my hand with his, he squeezed it lightly before dropping it. So that was how it was.

“Like, I said nothing” he slammed his laptop shut.  

He moved around to storm out, his feet thudding on the ground. Stomping heavily, I was more than sure my downstairs neighbour would complain at some point.

“no, you don’t” I muttered, grabbing his arm so he can’t run away from me. It’s what he did, he avoided any verbal conflict with his innate sense of flight. He can’t avoid this one, it was the inevitable dreaded fight. 

“remove your hand baby, please” I could still hear the anger behind the calmness of his voice, it wasn’t threatening. 

I didn’t let go, because I know he didn’t want me to. 

“no, sit your ass down and talk to me” I let go of his hand, but my body moved to stop him from leaving.

He threw his hands outwards in protest but complied anyways, his laptop was thrown onto the couch away from harm. 

“Fine, go on” he shut his eyes, preparing with a heavy sigh. 

“Tell me what’s wrong” he opened one eye at my request.

“I will, when there is a problem to tell?” he sassed. He stood up, readying to leave.

“you know what, I just wish that everything could go back to being what it was.” I  muttered to myself, this caught Yoongi’s attention.

“What do you mean?” he tilted his head slightly.

“back before you became like this. I understand that things are hard, and we can’t help that but I don’t deserve to have it taken out on me” I finished, this time I pinned him with a stare.

I was fine with it at first, but it got to the point where I was carrying us both. My shoulders hurt, I was exhausted. 

“are you saying it’s my fault?” his voice was accusing, all I could do was sigh.

“ok, let me make this really simple for you.” I grabbed her jacket, causing worry to spread over his face.  “Stop acting out when I ask you what you want, I’m not fucking psychic. I can’t fix anything if I don’t know what’s wrong” I spat the words like it was fire touching my skin. My heart raced, blood pounding in my ears.

Yoongi’s face turned cocky, “because you can fix just about everything”

“Call me when you want to talk, I’m not putting up with your shit any longer” the look of cockiness left his face and was immediately replaced with worry when I gripped the jacket tighter, and moved towards the door.

“what” he deadpanned.

I raised a brow, “What? Have something to say?”  

“stop being childish” he moved to grab my jacket, but I dodged his snatching hands.

“Me? Childish? grow up Yoongi” I spun on the balls of my feet feet, swinging the door open a minute later.

“Call me when you’re ready to talk…” I gave him a one over, he looked confused. The entire situation flipped over in the space of a few minutes.

I didn’t understand how we got here. I just know that I’m done, the feelings of mixed hurt and anger centred on my chest. 

“Or don’t at all” I slammed the door. My heart was in my throat, I didn’t think I had the bravery in me to do such a thing. I didn’t know where I was going to stay, but I had an idea.

I pulled out my phone from my pocket, the screen lighting up my face in the dim lights of the buildings hallway.

The dial tone sounded as I placed it against my ear, “hey, I know it’s late but would it be possible I could stay over tonight?”

I listened for a few minutes longer before answering “thank you so much, I’m on my way over”

Metamorphosis (2017 OSS gift for @bandanab310--Ariel)

(General audiences, no warnings apply)

Happy Holidays, Ariel @bandanab310 ! I hope you enjoy!

Meegan @it-was-a-red-heeler

April, 2019

 Felicity let herself into their apartment with a sigh; this was not exactly a peaceful place to be at the moment. Oliver’s re-election campaign yard signs leaned in great stacks against every available wall. A couple of card tables with chairs were shoved in corners for volunteers to use in the evenings. Buttons, leaflets, and unopened boxes of pencils sporting “Re-elect Mayor Queen” along their sides were piled up everywhere. Why virtual elections weren’t a thing yet, she would never know. 

She kicked off her shoes into the mess—because who would notice?—and headed straight for the fridge. She’d had a weird metallic taste in her mouth all day, and she had missed lunch. 

Felicity stood staring into its stainless steel depths for several seconds before deciding on the orange juice, yanking it out of its spot in the door. She practically tossed it over her shoulder across the room; the carton was empty.

“William!” She used her loud voice, which didn’t happen often, but that OJ had really looked good. A non-communicative grunt was the only reply from the direction of his room.

“Could you come in here please?” Felicity was getting lightheaded from her skipped meal, which only added to her annoyance about the juice. She snagged a cheese stick from the fridge before closing the door, but couldn’t open the package because she suddenly had to lean one hand against the counter to fight a wave of dizziness. 

“William…” she started to repeat before she went down on her knees in a half faint.

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Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1548

Chapter 1

You looked at your body in the bathroom mirror in complete disbelief at the bruise that was on your right hip. It was in the shape of a crescent moon. You had seen this exact bruise before. “Couldn’t be.” You said as you ran your hand over your hip. The last time you saw this bruise was 5 years ago…

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'Til Death - Part 1

Dean x Reader

Summary: When the reader finds herself in need of outside help, she calls the Winchester brothers to cash in an old favor. A call that changes everything.

Word Count: 1700+

A/N: Okay, this is my first fanfic so bear with me! I’d love to hear any feedback! :)  And again, if you’d like to be tagged for story updates send me an ask!

(Side note: OMG that episode last night!!! #AdvancedThanatology #whatfiller)

“Fuck,” you hissed out, the alcohol stinging like a mother when it hit the gaping hole in your leg. Goddamn black-eyed bitch.

Reaching in the duffle laying open on the passenger seat, you grabbed a semi clean rag and begin to wipe away the excess blood to give you a clearer view.  The laceration wasn’t too deep but it definitely needed stitches, so you got to work. 

You were still outside the old house where you had just finished exorcising a demon. You managed to trap her into the house, but it wasn’t without a fight. The bitch had been killing married men after having sex with them. Not that you condoned cheating but it was safe to say murder wasn’t the answer. 

You grimaced as your skin pulled taut, remembering how she swiped at you with a kitchen knife. At least it wasn’t a rusty piece of shit ‘cause you could do without the infection.

Unfortunately by the time it was nothing but black smoke, the woman the demon had possessed was too far gone.  Her last gasping, pain filled breaths haunted you as you sewed up your thigh.

Her body was still laying in the basement waiting to be buried.

Just the thought left you exhausted, but it was the least the woman - Diana - deserved. You had come to learn she had been missing for six months, leaving a worried husband and a two-year-old daughter behind. So the moment your patch job was done, you exited your vehicle with a shovel in tow.

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