much natural color

ok so, it turns out that i love drawing altean lance,, a lot


Happy Birthday WIFE!!!!!!! <33333


[flynn rider’s off screen voice] “this is the story of how I died”



I Always Wanted To Create That Smol Child~ !!

So Meet TheReasonOfMyLongInactivity, Inei~ !!

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Age: 8-10 (Up To Chu To Choose)

He’s An AfterDeath Child Born By Accident. He Was Made Thanks To Death Touching Geno’s Soul.

He’s A Shy And Bubbly Skeleton, And He Doesn’t Talk Pretty Often. He Always Hangs With Puro, A Smol Blaster User As Accessory

Puro Can Fly Around, And Change Size. He Aldo Can Feel Whatever Inei Feel.

He Doesn’t Smile Often, As A Result Or Beig Shy And Not Speak Much. His Natural Eye Color Is Blue. When He’s Sad, His Right Eye Socket Melts (Thanks To Geno). When He’s Mad, His Eye Change From Blue To Red And Glitches Much More Than Before.

When He Appeared, Shino Was The First Person To Meet Inei. After Few Meetings, Raven Found About Him And Decided To Present Him To His Family. After A Few Explanation, Goth And Sorrell Went To Hug Him, Happy To Finally Have A Small Brother.

And Now, Just Another Outfit Of His. ThisTurnedIntoASortOfFicLol

Is He Accepted Now? #shot

Shino Belongs To @blue-kohina

Raven Belongs To @ask-the-gothfamily

Sorrell Belongs To @ivywolf777

Goth Belongs To @nekophy

Inei Belongs To Mhe~ !!


@lekawaiimelon you said something about wanting to see me in my trench coat?

The first image is from 2014 when I first got the trenchcoat and the other two are from 2017 (aka today). Same clothing in both to show how I’ve grown!

I love this because undoubtedly legend MC was a prime ‘vocalist’ in the 90s but u could equally and convincingly make the argument that she’s a better.. singer in the 2000s. take a song from the early 90s interpreted in the 00s - theres so much more color texture & naturalism to her voice over methodical polished pop pitch perfectionism

e.g. the way she used to whistle versus how she used whistles later on. Before it was sort of a showboat kind of frill - I mean really impressive but also - like… why? Part of it was I think like, someone might ask “Why would we want you if we already have Whitney and Celine” & her response would be “look what I can do.” so it came off as excessive and tacked on. hence why at the end of this video she says they used to tell her just leave the last high notes off, because back then it was superfluous. And then compare it to like here or here where its less an ornament and more convincingly an emotive or dramatic tool, sounding like a cry or a desperate plea almost. It reminds me more of how Lisa Fischer incorporated high notes/quasi-whistling

& back in the day she could open her mouth & it’d be beautiful but afterward she had to really know every inch of her voice. by the mid 00s it could sound incredibly thin and damaged but at the same time I have zero reservations saying a song like “fly like a bird” is a 10x better vocal & emotional performance than many of her vocally perfect songs from the 90s

tbt to ten years ago. my hair is almost this long again, but nowhere near this healthy. this was the last time this much naturally colored hair was on my head. after this i chopped it all off and had it pixie short for about a year and a half, then grew it out into a bob and started coloring it. dark brown, then red, then black, then “bog body auburn” when i stripped the color, then bleached blonde, then blue. when i dream, this is what i still look like in my head.

The Water at Disneyland....

Did you know that the water at Disneyland isn’t just water? The water is dyed a greenish/brown color and circulated throughout the park - to mask the depth and keep it fresh respectively through the use of a “green water” system. But few people know
the system would more accurately be referred to as the “green tea” system due to the way the water gets it’s color. As environmental regulations became more stringent, in 1979 Disneyland started using a mix of green and regular tea leaves as a natural way to dye the water throughout the park. In fact approximately 1,955 pounds (nearly a ton!) of ground tea leaves are circulated through the system each year. While it’s hard to quantify the following claim, this is said to contribute to the calm and tranquil atmosphere of the park especially near the Rivers of America. Stray cats ,wild ducks and other birds can be seen congregating around the waterways engaging in regular, what cast members call, “tea parties”. In fact the birds are a bit too regular - their overly relaxed bowels have been the bane of many a custodian and guest hairdo alike.

In recent years the use of so much tea as a natural colorant has become problematic. With the rising popularity of green tea as a gourmet drink served in coffee bars around the world, and especially in California, the cost has risen steeply. It’s risen so much that ticket prices have increased drastically to cover the growing expense. Park Managers fear that the method of obscuring the shallow depths will soon become unsustainable - revealing the emu leg bones, lost sunglasses, and (most disturbingly) remains of children turned into small world dolls.

Clearly another solution must be found. Some speculate that the construction of Star Wars land, and the draining of the Rivers of America has been an elaborate coverup while researchers try to find an affordable replacement colorant. After all, it does seem very unlikely that Disney would otherwise be laying out such a large sum of money for a new attraction.

We’ll know soon enough as the River will be back shortly. Recent changes in LA law regarding the growing and selling of the cannabis plant have lead to rumors pointing to this as a suitable replacement. Keep an eye out for any changes in hue or particularly hungry, philosophical ducks.

Next up in our series: How DO they create that perfect Disney grass.