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Clank, do you dream? If so....have you ever dreamed about that incident at The Great Clock involving Ratchet's death? [[Evil anon yearns for possible angst]]

           “ SURPRISINGLY enough, yes, i do dream when I find the time to put myself into rest mode. “

           Clank looked to frown at the inquiry, metallic digits fidgeting as he thought of a way to answer the question, trying to keep his gaze focused on something but it merely wandered the room. It made him feel a lingering sadness, that sudden moment of Ratchet TUMBLING over the side of the platform coming back to him. The little robot turned his gaze back up.

          “ SADLY, I do dream of that moment in time more often than I would like to admit. I care for Ratchet – as much as I am capable of doing – and as many times as I have attempted to ERASE that memory from my databanks, it does not seem to work. “