much more than a bargaining chip

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Can I get Tfp cons kidnapping a human who is pretty nonchalant about it or finds it an inconvenience to their day?

Megatron is pissed. How DARE you not quake in fear before him?! IT WILL BE MORE THAN AN INCONVENIENCE WHEN HE TEARS YOU LIMB FROM- no. Your his bargaining chip. Unfortunately, he has to keep you alive. He’s gonna do everything he can to scare you, though.

Starscream is very offended, but he can’t do much. Any torture device they may have is too strong for a human as young as you, and he needs you alive. Try as he might, he just can’t get a rise out of you. When Optimus shows up though, you start to fake cry and really ham it up so Starscream gets punched extra hard.

When Soundwave comes to capture you you’re working on a school project. “Hold on,” you say. “This is for a huge part of my grade. I’m almost done, just gimme a minute.” Surprisingly, he waits. As long as you don’t start whining he couldn’t care less about your demeanor.

Knock Out is as annoyed as you are, “Oh, trust me. There are millions of things I’d rather be doing than capturing some slobbery fleshie.” You both end up complaining to each other until your rescue party comes.

Breakdown is secretly relieved you’re not crying or screaming. He may tell you to hush as you’re complaining, but overall you’re just another job for him.

Shockwave is curious at first as to why you aren’t afraid. Don’t you know what he could do to you, puny human? It’s mildly irritating, but he doesn’t put too much thought into it.

Daddy Osterfield pt.1

Purely because I had an idea and I felt like writing because everyone’s been so nice to my first imagine. So enjoy this first part in a story I am so excited to write.

Warnings: none unless you don’t like one night stands or families disowning members.

Word count: 1312.

Tagging: @misshollander1 because you supported me :)

Part 2 is here

Watching your daughter run around, a small smile presented itself on your lips. She seemed so happy, as unaware of all life’s important lessons as she chased after your Dog in the park. The little ones blue eyes blinding you, much like her fathers did on the night you met. For a second you forgot and began to remember how that night progressed.

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Request:  Imagine Slade Wilson being protective of you?

“You leave her out of this” Slade all but snarls, a fierce determination set in his eyes as his gaze flitters between you and the green hooded man that had brought you there.

You still weren’t entirely sure what was happening, all you knew was that, for some reason, the vigilante had kidnapped you on your way home from the shops, seemingly using you as some form of bargaining chip against Slade. But that couldn’t be right, the vigilante was meant to be good! And there was no way Slade could be like the men the vigilante went up against, there must have been some form of misunderstanding. Slade had never been anything but kind since the moment you met him. Sure, the Australian had some anger issues, but that had never really seemed to be an issue, and it certainly couldn’t be the cause of this, what ever this was… no, it must be a misunderstanding.

“It seems,” the hooded man began, his voice muffled by some electronic device, “we have something of a bargaining chip. You leave my family alone, I leave Y/N alone, are we clear?”

“You so much as touch a hair on her head and I will destroy you” Slade speaks in a hush, the threat more than clear as his hand clenched in anger. Perhaps you had been wrong, you think with terrifying clarity, watching the man try to keep himself together to little avail.

“Are we clear?” the vigilante repeats, a forceful strength pushing his voice forwards, almost echoing throughout the otherwise empty warehouse.

“Oh, but you won’t hurt her, will you?” Slade starts once more, seemingly realising something as a smirk appears upon his lips. “No, no, you’ve become the city’s hero, you wouldn’t hurt an innocent civilian…”

“She’s with you” the vigilante replies simply, as if they had not thought this much through.

“But she has nothing to do with my operation” Slade counters. “Tell me, Oliver, are you really going to kill her? Are you really going to kill another innocent woman? Another woman I love?”

There it was, the declaration that damned you either way. Surely this Oliver would not let you go now, knowing that Slade loved you. But then, did you want him to? He had declared his love, but he had shown so much more of himself, so much you had never known to be there. He might love you, but could you really continue to love him?

“No” the vigilante admits, his voice softer this time, and far more distant than before. Turning quickly, you watch as the man leaves, Slade fuming with anger behind you.

“So, now what?” you question, unsure of where you stand after the nights dramatic turns.

“Now I finish Oliver Queen” Slade replies, hatred drawing out his accent as he begins to cut the ropes that had your wrists tied behind you. “Now I make him pay.”

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A temporarily blind Astrid Drabble?

A/N: Holy heck. I am, so terribly sorry that this took me so long to put out!!! I found it and decided to rewrite it aaaand,,, Well, this was the result! I’m so sorry that it took me forever to post this, @aracanabraeks​!! :’)

(I think this one might be a little heavier than what I usually write? I’m not entirely sure, but I feel as if it’s necessary to note that it’s not super light and fluffy, or anything!)


 “Most of the hindrances that you and your friends cause me are generally… unseen. And as the saying goes–an eye for an eye, no?” He’d said. “You needn’t worry, however. I’ve decided to be merciful by letting you keep them, at the very least. How useful they’ll be to you is simply… undetermined.”

There was no ultimatum, no ulterior motive–Viggo wanted revenge for the Riders’ last stunt: the destruction of his marble stronghold. The entire purpose of kidnapping Astrid was for the sake of making a point. For the sake of getting even.

He made a formidable adversary, and part of that was due to the fact that he wasn’t afraid to employ tactics heavier on the… unscrupulous side… in order to get what he wanted.

The fact that he so casually brought the Scourge of Odin back down upon the Barbaric Archipelago was proof enough, but yet another one of methods he utilized revolved around the fact that prolonged and close-range exposure to an Armorwing’s flame resulted in (supposedly temporary) blindness–to both dragon and viking.

Such exposure was appropriately classified as torture.

…And in both cases of blatant inhumanity, Astrid was a victim without a choice.

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as if first aid and max cares about you, dead weight, you contribute nothing

…it’s… probably true. whatever contribution I do make isn’t enough to make a vast difference if I were gone. First Aid and Max are wonderful, resilient people and they don’t need me all that much…

even back on Delphi, I had the sinking feeling that I was there to contribute myself as a bargaining chip for the DJD more than I was there to contribute as a medic

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Hi! Great timing on reopening the askbox! I was wondering if you had any ideas on how can make a boy and a girl meet while alone. Here's the catch. They live in a world at war and this war is between their species. He's from one side, she's from the other. Oh! And did I mention that they're the kids of the leaders of the respective sides? ^^' Help...

  • One of them gets taken by the other side as a bargaining chip and the other comes by to se if they are okay.
  • They’re both feeling the pressure of the war and run away but meet each other at a path bordering their two sides.
  • The two leaders hold a “peace” meeting (much more show than a real attempt) and while their parents are “discussing” things they get to talking.
  • A third rebel side that is trying to end the war or kick them both out kidnap the two kids.
  • One is secretly trying to undermine their side, the other finds out and contacts them to have a meeting.
From the Missing Pages, Chapter 6

When Robin and Regina go riding together, Regina gets hurt and can’t return back to the castle, and ends up spending the night with Robin. 

For @sometimesangryblackwoman.

Also, for @maythavee who requested the prompt, “Anything to see you smile,” in this verse; and for the anon who sent me a message inquiring about what type of birth control methods would have been available in the Enchanted Forest–because of this, I am now quite the expert in the history of condoms, lol. 

Thanks to @stick-to-the-lasagna-lady for helping me plan out of the next couple of chapters. 

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Involuntary Princess

Prompt: Could you do a story where the reader is Crowley’s daughter(it’s a secret) but she hates everything evil so she becomes a hunter, Sam and Dean find out her secret tho. Something like that. Thanks!
+ Imagine being Crowley’s daughter and falling in love with Sam, only Crowley find out and tries to hurt Sam but you manage to stop him. (x

Word count: 2,942

Warnings: None

Author’s Note:  So, I was feeling like a somewhat random/easy fic, and this has been on my list for a while. Let me know what you think?

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I am disgusting, and on a larger scale, debate is disgusting

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, the tragedies which took place today in Paris are fresh on your mind and on your hearts. While most people’s initial response was outrage and sorrow and mourning, mine was not. My first thought in regards to Paris today was ‘ugh, I have to prep a file on this now’. Not sympathy or anger or any of the normal human emotions one should feel when such an enormous amount of human life is taken away, but annoyance at the extracurricular work it would cause me.

I think @net-benefits put it best when she told me “debate commodifies suffering.” World events cease to make us feel anything outside of their impacts on our cases and compositions of extemp files when in reality they are so much more. We’re more upset by the loss of impacts or solvency, and more interested in the scope of the relation which an event has within a topic than we are about the raw, human effect which tragedies have. 

When debate removes our ability to empathize and reduces the suffering of populations down to bargaining chips and cards, we have failed. When the event we use to learn more about the world and the way it works causes us to lose empathy for those who live in it, then we have failed, and the event itself has failed to achieve its ultimate goal: a better world. Be careful with debate. Let it expand your mind to new ideas, but do not let it close your mind to emotion. 

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tell me more about mickey loving to have his ass eaten and his nipples played with

  • at first he’s not really sure about it - the rimming, i mean, i think he thinks it’s kinda weird/gross and he doesn’t get the appeal to whoever’s got their tongue on him, but he likes getting fucked so what’s the harm of trying, you know?
  • anyway. he fucking loves it
  • he starts asking for it all the goddamn time because holy shit, it’s almost (ALMOST) better than getting fucked raw lmao
  • mickey screaming so loud he wakes up the neighbors and they have to come down every other week to bang on his door and tell him this is the third time in a row, milkovich. fuck, seriously?
  • mickey biting so hard into his hand to keep from crying out that he leaves deep imprints there, good god
  • he really likes having his hair tugged back while hes getting eaten out because i mean, he has a hair thing. but also, imagine how he looks with his back all bowed like that, just squirming. god
  • but you know what he likes even more than that? laying on his back with his legs hitched up, getting tongue-fucked raw & having his nipples toyed with and teased and probably a little wet from being tongued first. foreplay, man.
  • mickey likes it so much that it’s pretty obviously the first bargaining chip thrown down, ever. seriously, promise he can get a tongue in his ass later & hands on his nips at the same time and he pretty much backs down from whatever argument he’s in the middle of. what a loser

anyway. mickey milkovich loves getting his ass ate and nothing you say will stop me from screaming it from as many rooftops as possible.

Robb Stark: Jon, Ned & the Burden of Rulership

I know that Robb Stark gets shafted a lot in meta. He’s rarely- so far as I can tell- the focus of a positive meta. He’ll be mentioned (often as it relates to his family, normally either Sansa or Catelyn,) but I haven’t seen many posts on the books about Robb himself as a good person.

There’s a reason he had the unquestionable admiration from Jon, Arya, Sansa, and Bran. There’s a reason he was undefeated in battle. There’s a reason why I love him.

Honestly, Robb suffers in some people’s eyes for the same actions Jon takes in ADWD after becoming Lord Commander. We know both of them at least try to embody Ned’s teachings- we know both of them were taught something of ruling by Ned and that they look up to him.

Whenever her father had condemned a man to death, he did the deed himself with Ice, his greatsword. “If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look him in the face and hear his last words,” she’d heard him tell Robb and Jon once. Arya, ACoK

A good lord must know his men, his father had once told him and Robb, back at Winterfell. Jon, ADWD

We know Jon starts to distance himself from his friends in order to be the leader he thinks he has to given the advice that Ned Stark gave him on ruling and leadership.

(on being invited to eat with Grenn and his other friends) Jon wanted nothing more. No, he had to tell himself, those days are gone. The realization twisted in his belly like a knife. They had chosen him to rule. The Wall was his, and their lives were his as well. A lord may love the men that he commands, he could hear his lord father saying, but he cannot be a friend to them. One day he may need to sit in judgment on them, or send them forth to die.  Jon, ADWD

We see in Sam’s POV how much this hurts his friends. They don’t understand his mindset and why he is detaching himself from them. Jon, taking Ned’s words to heart, believes that a ruler cannot be a friend to those who follow his rule. In fact, he even says “lord commanders have no friends” at one point.

Now, we see the same thing- without the sympathetic POV explaining- with Robb after he becomes lord/king. He refuses Bran’s advice, talks of Sansa as a bargaining chip for the Tyrells, dismisses Catelyn’s feelings/opinions at times, ect. Given that we’re not inside his head, it comes off more harshly than Jon’s POV where we know where he’s coming from.

Still, if Jon received this piece of advice from Ned, Robb definitely did as well. And we begin to see that Robb forces himself to grow up quickly and stop being a boy (similar to Jon’s “kill the boy and let the man be born” arc words.)

“Lannister won’t die,” Robb said. “No one so much as speaks to him without my warrant. He has food, water, clean straw, more comfort than he has any right to. But I won’t free him, not even for Arya and Sansa.”

Her son was looking down at her, Catelyn realized. Was it war that made him grow so fast, she wondered, or the crown they had put on his head? “Are you afraid to have Jaime Lannister in the field again, is that the truth of it?”

Grey Wind growled, as if he sensed Robb’s anger, and Edmure Tully put a brotherly hand on Catelyn’s shoulder. “Cat, don’t. The boy has the right of this.”

“Don’t call me the boy,” Robb said, rounding on his uncle, his anger spilling out all at once on poor Edmure, who had only meant to support him. “I’m almost a man grown, and a king-your king, ser.“ Catelyn, ACoK

The way Robb talks over Catelyn when he’s naming Jon his heir parallels the way Jon dismisses Sam when he’s sending him off to become a maester. The two of them are very similar in their actions and the way they bear the burden of young rulership. Sam and co. plotted to get Jon elected Lord Commander and his bannermen declared Robb King of the North, neither boy sought the power they got. However, the both quickly step into the role, and both of them immediately set out to be a ruler like Ned, who is the object of their admiration.

But even so, despite his desire to distance himself from his wants as king, Robb (like Jon) can’t fully separate and has some big moments of illustrating his devotion to his family.

He put Bran into bed, covered him with blankets, and blew out the candle. For a time Robb sat beside him in the dark. Bran wanted to talk to him, but he did not know what to say. “We’ll find a horse for you, I promise,” Robb whispered at last.

“Are they ever coming back?” Bran asked him.

“Yes,” Robb said with such hope in his voice that Bran knew he was hearing his brother and not just Robb the Lord. “Mother will be home soon. Maybe we can ride out to meet her when she comes. Wouldn’t that surprise her, to see you ahorse?” Even in the dark room, Bran could feel his brother’s smile. “And afterward, we’ll ride north to see the Wall. We won’t even tell Jon we’re coming, we’ll just be there one day, you and me. It will be an adventure.”

“An adventure,” Bran repeated wistfully. He heard his brother sob. The room was so dark he could not see the tears on Robb’s face, so he reached out and found his hand. Their fingers twined together. Bran, AGoT

“No man calls my lady of Winterfell a traitor in my hearing, Lord Rickard.” When he turned to Catelyn, his voice softened. “If I could wish the Kingslayer back in chains I would. You freed him without my knowledge or consent… but what you did, I know you did for love. For Arya and Sansa, and out of grief for Bran and Rickon. Love’s not always wise, I’ve learned. It can lead us to great folly, but we follow our hearts… wherever they take us. Don’t we, Mother?” Catelyn, ASoS

"Jon’s more a Stark than some lordlings from the Vale who have never so much as set eyes on Winterfell… Arya’s gone, the same as Bran and Rickon, and they’ll kill Sansa too once the dwarf gets a child from her. Jon is the only brother that remains to me. Should I die without issue, I want him to succeed me as King in the North.”Catelyn, ASoS

And really I think this thought by Arya encompasses both Robb and Jon’s conflict and struggle between their wants as people and their duties as rulers:

But what if Robb won’t pay their price [of Arya’s ransom]? She wasn’t a famous knight, and kings were supposed to put the realm before their sisters.  Arya, ASoS

leap to faith. 11x17 coda. (ao3)

“What’re we gonna do?” Dean finally asks when they’re thirty minutes out from the bunker. “When we get back.”

Sam knows Dean is asking the big question, the save-the-world question, not the what’s-your-plan-for-the-evening question. His muscles are aching, though, his stitches itching below the bandages, his head throbbing from the lack of sleep and the blood loss and the desperate physical exertion. He’s tired as all hell, so he answers as though Dean asked the latter.

“Personally,” Sam says, “I’m going to spend the next few days not doing a damn thing. I fucking earned that.”

Dean grins, turning from the road briefly to lightly slap the side of Sam’s leg. He says, “Damn right you did.”

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Antis Please Explain

Now that you’re finally admitting that Briana’s the epitome of an attention-seeker, how are you still happily cheering on a person who 

  • exploits a baby for fame (499k Instagram followers)
  • exploits a baby for money (promotional deals and profiting off the back of pap pics)
  • uses the presence of a baby as a Snapchat prop (I can count the times Freddie has actually been the focus, rather than a Jungwirth, on one hand)
  • broadcasts every location/move of herself and her baby to an intrusive, aggressive and unpredictable audience of millions, despite prior threats towards Freddie’s life and other serious allegations relayed directly to Louis (and we know from these hundreds of updates that they have absolutely no security on their outings, either)
  • explicitly lied about cutting ties with Ashley, who apparently ‘sold Briana and Louis’ story to the media without consent’ yet has now been seamlessly welcomed back into Briana’s life like nothing ever happened (which begs the question, why is Briana so forgiving towards someone who supposedly ‘betrayed’ her to make money off of her child? And, now that they’re ‘best friends’ again… who gets the money?)
  • has never publicly disapproved/disassociated herself from the racist, islamophobic, homophobic, classist or fraudulent comments made by the people she surrounds herself with daily
  • has never publicly disapproved/disassociated herself from the extremely derogatory comments towards Louis (her primary source of income) by her family, despite knowing his name is the only reason herself or ANY of her family members are relevant
  • exploits her connection to Louis in all the above ways yet still uses his baby as a bargaining chip against him… save for 90 minutes a week, in a parking lot, where she can get papped in full hair-and-makeup next to ‘former One Direction star Louis Tomlinson™’

Maybe it’s time to reconsider what you thought was her ‘proving a point to the haters’ and realise that she’s on a mission to gain a heck of a lot more out of this situation than what she implies. 

Antis please explain your stance, because someone sure as fuck needs to.

Pink Diamond and a timeline of the gem war

We know that the gem war lasted about a thousand years. Here are some firm dates:


~6,300 years ago: earliest possible start of the war.

Before 5,750 years ago: Rose and Pearl agree to stay and fight for Earth (as re-enacted by Pearl in Rose’s Scabbard). They may have already taken out Pink Diamond at this point, but if they have, no one saw them do it, since returning to Homeworld is still an option. 

5,750 years ago: Blue Diamond, on Earth, summons Sapphire and Ruby from Homeworld, as part of a diplomatic mission. Garnet forms, meets the infamous Rose Quartz “and her terrifying, renegade Pearl.” Progress on the colony has been thwarted, but full-scale hostilities have not yet begun. Latest possible start of the war.

“Halfway through the war”: Full-scale hostilities are underway, and Homeworld is not winning. They start the Beta Kindergarten, and create, among others, Jasper.

more than 5,300 years ago: Ziggurat built (possibly before the war?). At some point, it has murals added featuring Rose Quartz and scenes from gem battles–if these were made when the Ziggurat was built then it was built quite late in the war. 

5,300 years ago: The “battle for the ziggurat” is fought at what is now the Strawberry Battlefield. Rose bubbles Bismuth. Earliest possible end of the war.

~4,750 years ago: latest possible end to the war.

At some point: Eyeball sees Rose Quartz shatter Pink Diamond.


So here’s the question: how is it that Jasper is Pink Diamond’s gem?

For that to be true, Pink Diamond had to still be around more than halfway through the war. Or at least, she has to still *exist* at that point. But Blue Diamond was on earth before then.

And not just on Earth, but on Earth for a *diplomatic* mission. Either to negotiate with the rebels, or to lure them out and capture them. But why? What have the rebels done that makes Homeworld think they’ll attack Blue Diamond? And, more importantly, what bargaining chip could the rebels possibly have?

Pink Diamond’s gem, perhaps.

If she was poofed early in the war, but not shattered until much later, the timeline begins to sort itself out. Jasper was created *for* her, but not *by* her. Created to win the war that would save Pink Diamond from the Crystal Gems.

Pink Diamond was probably taken out in a surprise attack by Rose Quartz and Pearl (possibly Rose invents bubbling gems at this point, to hold Pink Diamond prisoner safely–Homeworld is still using prison cells, even 6,000 years later). But Pink Diamond was shattered in full view of many gems, including Eyeball Ruby.

And us, the viewers, if the mural in the Ziggurat is anything to go by. Rose could have been using Pink Diamond as a hostage, or as a weapon. At that point, shattering Pink Diamond could have been a failure of negotiations, a shock and awe tactic, or even an accident.

Whatever choice Rose made, whatever risk she took, though, the outcome is clear: she shattered Pink Diamond, Homeworld lost the war, and the remaining Diamonds planted the Cluster in the beta kindergarten and unleashed Corruption on the Crystal Gems. And about five thousand years later, Steven Universe is born.

Hi, first I just want to say I love you and the whole shadow hunters world, but I was just wondering if you would every think about writing a series more about the Seelie Court. I don’t know how much you will talk about it in the up coming books. But I just love Mark Blackthorn and his family. I also just love the
world u have created!

Well, I think you are probably in luck then — the Dark Artifices is entirely about Mark Blackthorn and his family. :)

It is also much more about faeries than any previous books. Because of the fallout effect of the Cold Peace and the Dark War, faeries and Shadowhunters are bitterly at odds with each other by the time Lady Midnight starts. Mark (and Helen) are bargaining chips, being used by both the Clave and the Courts and torn apart between them. Mark especially has divided loyalties after so much time in the Hunt. 

There’s also just a huge amount more faerie folklore and faerie magic, from ley lines to elf-bolts. It’s been interesting exploring this whole aspect of the Shadowhunter world that I haven’t delved into that much before, getting a sense for the geography and politics of faerie, and finally visiting the Unseelie Court!

leupagus  asked:

AHHHHHH A STAR WARS PROMPT YOU ARE WRITING STAR WARS I AM SO HAPPY TO HEAR THIS!!!! OK prompt: Leia and Chewie accidentally/unwillingly becoming the yentas to Poe and Finn and Rey getting together. DOUBLE BONUS POINTS if Poe and Rey are at first like "who's this asshole" but then warm to each other.

Finn was wheeled quickly beyond the crowd of people celebrating both their own survival and the general victory and out of sight. Poe was briefly caught up in the crowd–more than a few people, some dear friends, had been completely cut off from the reports as they came in and it would be cruel to disappear too quickly for them to confirm that, yes, despite the odds, he made it back. And Jess grabbed him in for a quick hug, the only kind she ever gave and only when they had both or either skirted death a little closer than usual.

By the time he made it to the medics, Finn had already been ushered past the point where healthy people were allowed and this was inconveniently not one of the many times when Poe was himself ushered beyond after a mission.

General Organa appeared with an arm around a tall-ish girl and Poe realized that this, this was the hero of the moment, the miracle of the mission and he was horrified to find that he wanted nothing more than to kick her out–to kick them both out–and barricade himself in with Finn.

He settled for folding his arms and only glowering a little.

“Poe,” said the General with a nod. “You’ve met–”

“No,” he said, too quickly. The General raised an eyebrow.

“–Rey, who I think will be a great asset. She clearly is very sensitive to the Force and might be just the bargaining chip we need to convince my brother to return.” She maybe emphasized great asset a bit too much for Poe’s taste, who considered the great asset to be the one who somehow got his back slashed open on this girl’s watch, but he could see the General’s point. Also. He was an adult.

He nodded and stiffly held out a hand. Rey shook it just as stiffly.

“Oh good, I’m sure you’ll be fast friends,” said the General and there was just the hint of smothered laughter in her tone. “Someone get me a report on Finn’s condition,” she said to the medidroid hovering nearby.

“I can go and–” Poe started to say, but Rey was speaking at the same time.

“Let me go and–”

They both went silent and regarded each other sullenly. The medidroid, however, made that polite whirring sound that Poe mentally cataloged as “throat clearing” when BB-8 did it.

“I will make you aware as Finn’s treatment continues,” it said primly. “All of you.”

“I’ll wait,” said Poe, pulling out a stool.

“Me too,” said Rey, eyes darting between him, the medidroid, and the General. “If he can wait here, so can I.”

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Hey, so I saw you stated in your last ask that you lost 30 lbs since April. First of all, congratulations! Secondly, I was wondering if it wasn't too personal to ask, when you were working on this did you ever want to give up, or just had difficulty? It seems odd I know, but I am trying myself to lose weight and become healthier while I'm in college (which is hard). I have cut sugar out, because that was a big problem for me. Still, it's really hard. Any advice for getting through rough patches?

There were times before April when I started and then stopped. I went too fast, too hard. Best not to cut out everything cold turkey.  After a week of insane exercise and no sugar I was hungry and tired.
And I love junk food. I love candy.
So, I downloaded myfitnesspal and started eating whatever I wanted, just less of it. 1200 calories a day (not ideal for everyone, I’m pretty small) until I met my goal. I didn’t cut out anything. I just ate less of it.
As time goes on, you start to automatically log calories in your head. Say you think you want a candy bar, and you think, that’s about 200-300 calories, and for that much you COULD get a sandwich and even come chips. Or a slice of pizza… So it’s like, you start to bargain with yourself, and you’ll find you start only eating sugar when you REAAAAALLY want it. You start eating healthier foods because they tend to have (most of the time) lower cal counts, which means you can eat more of it. Which is totes fine. All the healthier habits kind of came with it.
The first week was sucky. I was used to eating waaay more than my body needed. But then I weighed myself, saw I lost weight, and I was like yay! I still weigh myself once a week, friday morning. Helps me keep track of things. 
The real upside to this is I know when I’m full. I can hear my body saying “hey I’m done now, thanks” and stop eating. It wasn’t like that before. And I feel way, way better. I feel like my body is finally at the place it’s meant to be in order to be healthy. It’s worth it. Keep track of your progress and tell yourself “in x months it will be worth it”, because it really, really will be. 


Words: 653
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff but also light angst in the form of Mage Problems™
Summary: Sleeping together was the hardest part after sleeping together.

Dorian can’t bring himself to tell the Iron Bull about the nights he fights off demons in his sleep right beside him.

The nights where tears fall thick on his cheeks from despair, where his breath comes in shuddering moans from desire, where he turns stubbornly from Bull’s chest and sleeps alone with pride.

“You dream a lot, Kadan,” Bull remarks.

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