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Welp. We went to see Wonder Woman. I cried during the sad parts and some of the other parts. They were the same kind of tears I had on and off through Ghostbusters. Movies with strong women who are fully realized people who are allowed to be sexual but are not sexualized and can also kick ass just make me cry randomly. Though TBH I also cry in LotR when anyone picks up their sword and runs into battle screaming the name of their home. I didn’t even realize how ravenous I was for a female version of that.

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Notp. I’m normally all about rivals or enemies to lovers, but I just can’t see it going well with their canon relationship. Aside from the bullying, Bakugou has the emotional capability of a walnut when it comes to understanding Midoriya’s feelings, and Deku doesn’t really understand how Bakugou feels either. Bakugou feels like Deku is always looking down on him, while all Deku is doing is trying to help.  Their relationship is slowly getting better, but while their feelings have finally been expressed properly to each other (in the 117-120 fight), there hasn’t been a drastic enough change to put them in the spot for romance with each other. Bakugou still feels inferior, and mixing that in with his self-confident and proud personality just doesn’t really make for a good relationship.

Also, I see Deku as someone who would need an obvious positive emotional connection in a relationship, which is definitely not something Bakugou could easily give. Even when Bakugou (kind of) compliments Deku, its backhanded. While Deku is an incredibly persistent character, I don’t see him being able to take that all in stride.

Bakugou and Deku make an incredible rival match, which is my preferred relationship for them. They push each other to be the best they can be, albeit unknowingly. Deku forces Bakugou to confront his own self-reliance and pride, and in turn, Bakugou gives Deku a level of achievement that he can strive for without idolizing like All-Might and really helps show just how limitless Deku’s optimism is.

(Although I can get behind this ship in some really well done fics. May I Take Your Order, Dipshit is a pizza delivery AU that takes away their hero rivalry and childhood relationship, which definitely changes the way that their actions and emotions can be perceived, while still staying in character and true to Bakugou’s rather antagonistic nature. Also, How IKEA Sells All Their Beds. It takes place in canon, but honestly its just so fucking funny and light-hearted.)

Send me a ship: I’ll tell you OTP, BROTP, or NOTP!



Gifs are based off some of my favorite moments…..

I’m not posting any spoilers on here since I know people out there haven’t seen it and it would be a messed up move if I did such a thing.

Here is the breakdown of my thoughts….(spoiler free) 

    •  It made me and a few other people in the theater cry…..
  •  I honestly love how everything ties into the first film from the flashbacks to the backstories.
    •  The backstories they give are dark, especially Nebula’s. 
  • I respect Yondu so much more now after knowing why he did what he did which was never taking Quill back to his father.
  • Mantis is a character I can relate to and she is just straight up awesome. Shout out to Pom Klementieff for joining this awesome cast and portraying one great female lead alongside Karen Gillan and Zoe Saldana!
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy will return!!!!!!!! 

Lemme get my point through.
We HideKane enthusiasts are salty and bitter about this, yes.
But remember: Each has their own blog and everyone can rant, let out their rage and emotions out. About anything they want. Bc this is their blog just as yours is yours.
We will eventually calm down so just let us be this way for the time being and endure it. We are not trying to find approval. We just want to get it off our chest and let our voices be heard and to share it (and also to interact with people who feel the same way.) And NOT to get it rubbed off on our faces that we are stupid fujoshi losers. Not to aggravate anyone on this platform. We also not ask for feedback or con arguments to the things we state. So please dont.
I was a touken shipper at the beginning but the more i got to know about Kaneki’s deep connection to Hide the more i detached from Touken. That doesnt mean that Touka and Kaneki do not have a deep relationship. But i just dont support it anymore and ofc we are not pleased with this chapter that we not support. But who cares? Each to their own guys. Just let us talk about what bothers us , u dont need to interfere. Pls respect that just as i respect other views rather its Touka or Tsukiyama with Kaneki or whoever, even Mutsuki. At the same time that im not happy about the outcome tho , im looking forward to Yomo’s and Ayato’s reaction. And that Kaneki deserves the love he gets, i mean we all cheer for his happiness, are we not?
Noow to Ishida (i love ishida).

I see that there are irrational pple due to rage but me as a pretty rational personality.. It’s Ishida’s manga and he is free to decide what to do. Insulting him wont do shit and it’s just basically a wrong thing to do.
Stop insulting the blessed mangaka who brought TG upon us. He deserves respect just like any other person does.
My message dont insult Ishida for doing what he likes to do. Do you wanna be treated like that? No? Good, then stop.

(I cant talk for everyone but for myself. Yet Im sure others feel this way as well so stop being mean and dickheads everyone, for fuck’s n peace’s sake)

Im not tagging this to gain anger but let my voice be heard.

How the hell do people write fanficton.

I want to write so bad but I’m terrified that I’ll write out of character? I’m sitting here thinking up plots and AUs and ficlets and stuff that I’m so excited about, and I just can’t put words on paper (or a word document, heh).

What would ______ character do in this situation? I don’t know, I’m not them.


(– and that will never change.)

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Lotura as a final ship would be interesting. Most of the paladins have their home on earth and families that are waiting for them but Lotor and Allura are homeless, both have that nostalgic look when they remember their planet, both are people of another time and lost their parents at the same time (because Zarkon zombie is not the same man he was before saving his wife ). And Allura after the war would have nowhere to go and I think Lotor could help Allura adapt .

I meaaaaaan you’re not wrong! That ending would be a satisfying wrap up to 10′000 yrs of tyranny, Daughter of Alfor and Son of Zarkon embark on a mission to bring stability fits well and to completely flip the Lotura dynamic from what it was in DOTU would be something phenomenal to see. To see a relationship of mutual respect with so much more depth than the “I have you now my pretty” mess of the 80′s.  Even more so if it turns out they knew each other already and were amicable with one another before the war. 

That endgame Lotura would be gold tier for me, but the cynic (and realist) in me suspects that they really won’t go there because western toons just never do  the whole heroine/villain-anti-hero combo. They might tease it but ultimately I feel like they’re going to leave Allura ‘single and independent’ because thats the “in” thing to do for female characters lately especially if they’re brown  but thats another discussion for another day lol. 

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obi-wan/anakin/padme (because i can't get enough of your hcs about these three)

another, “send me a ship and i tell you the things” meme, yay!

  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa: Anakin. Look, you can only be electrocuted in ways that should’ve been fatal so many times before your luck runs out. Statistically speaking, Anakin is doing way better than he should be, because one of the only issues he has is the door thing, and it’s a miracle that he hasn’t died from how many volts of electricity have ever gone through his body and how many times it’s happened.
    • So, like…… relative to being dead? Screwing up with doors isn’t that bad.
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them: Obi-Wan did for a while, but has worked on stopping since Padmé asked him to either make his own desk or stop doodling on hers.
    • As far as making his own desk went? ……yeah, that died after Obi-Wan tried to look up, “how to make a desk” and decided that it sounded messy and complicated and okay, wow, he has so much more respect for Padmé’s desk now that he actually kind of understands the work that she put into making it
  • Who starts the tickle fights: Obi-Wan.
  • Who starts the pillow fights: Padmé.
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile: They take turns, but it’s usually Anakin, simply by virtue of him having a weirder sleep schedule than either of his spouses
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar: They all had moments of doing this until Anakin gave up and put really clear labels on every container that could conceivably be used for salt or sugar (and one for salgar, though only he and Ahsoka ever use that one because Obi-Wan and Padmé think salgar is disgusting).
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning: Anakin, but it’s usually a sign that he’s upset about something. But it is still really annoying. Especially when it happens right before or in the general vicinity of Padmé having some big deal business at the Senate.
    • Because Ani? Sweetheart, she appreciates that you’re upset and don’t always know how to talk about it until you’ve worked out some of the frustration through tinkering, or working out, or having a late-night self-pity party with microwave taquitos and a pint of Cherry Garcia?
    • But she also appreciates what rest she can get and would, in general, appreciate it if you could, like…… please care enough about your spouses to not let the microwave beep on the eve of this important vote she’s been trying to argue for that will, you know, literally affect the fate of several star-systems? kthx.
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines: Obi-Wan, oh god. They are so cringe-worthy, you’re gonna scream. Or groan and facepalm, which is what his spouses usually do because Obi-Wan is such a loser nerd and they love him.
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order: Obi-Wan and Padmé are in an ongoing dispute over whether it should be alphabetical by author (sub-alphabetized by title), or parceled out into subjects and then made alphabetical by author. Anakin has been permanently recused from the debate because his idea for an organizing system attempted to combine Obi-Wan and Padmé’s ideas, utilized some concepts that were somehow inspired by the wiring inside of a speeder he’d fixed a few days earlier, and literally only made sense to him and R2.
    • Anakin still stands by his terrible idea. He also maintains that it is a very, very good idea and that Obi-Wan and Padmé would learn their way around it through practice if they would just let him do it and try it themselves. This argument is slightly hampered by the fact that Anakin cannot explain how his system works without at least five charts.
    • One of the original charts involved sand and how his system would minimize the amount of sand involved in the bookshelf. No one is entirely sure why this was important in designing an organization system for the bookshelf because the closest it’s ever been to sand was the sawdust that happened when Padmé built the bookshelves herself, and now that he’s had a nap or ten, even Anakin admits that this chart was probably not necessary.
    • However, he maintains that this doesn’t change how his idea for how to best organize the bookshelf is the one they should be using. Neither does the fact that he was exceptionally caffeinated at the time and hadn’t slept in a while. Nope.
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies: They take turns, but Obi-Wan probably does it most often.
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion: None of them, really. They usually don’t even bother to have candles for special occasions.
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen: Obi-Wan and Padmé take turns drawing them on Anakin. Except for sometimes, when R2 is actually the one drawing on Anakin, and Obi-Wan and Padmé get framed, because R2D2 is a troll.
    • That said, the humans here have figured out that R2’s tattoo doodles are usually more risqué than Obi-Wan’s or Padmé’s — neither of them, for example, particularly gets the “humor” of Anakin having a cartoon phallus drawn on his face — so R2 gets away with this less. This has yet to make R2 stop doing it, but y’know.
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation: Anakin, oh my god. He has souvenir magnets all over the fridge and various surfaces in his favorite speeder, he has souvenir snow-globes on the bookshelves (and one in Padmé’s home-office), he collects all the tacky souvenir junk you never wanted.
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines: R2 has tried in vain to convince his humans that these would totally be fun and they should do it, but they keep shooting him down in favor of doing Mad-Libs. R2 has resorted to filling them out with 3PO, which is mostly just irritating because most of 3PO’s answers suck.
No More Evil Dads

Gamora shuts the water off, hesitating for a second before turning to face Peter. “The worst part of it is that our fathers aren’t the real monsters to us.”

He looks at her curiously as she takes his empty mug from him, briefly averting her eyes with a small, self-deprecating smile.

“The most dangerous monsters are ourselves,” she murmurs, turning his mug over in her hands, “because we were raised to be just like them.”

Starmora Week 2017, Day 5: Hurt/Comfort

(read on ao3 or ffn) // (read prev. starmora week 2017 works here!!)

Tendrils of light emerge from the ground and wrap around Peter’s wrists and ankles, preventing him from moving forward. He cries out, trying to pull against them, but it’s no use; the grip of the light tightens, squeezing his limbs.

“Stop fighting, Peter,” Ego advises oh-so-helpfully from a few feet ahead of him, looking down at him with a smile. “This is your destiny!”

“I never asked for this,” Peter says with a huff, falling to his knees.

“It’s what you were born to do, son,” Ego says, walking closer to him. “It was never a choice.”

Peter fights against it, anyway, trying to break free. He pulls his arms up as much as he can, grunting through the burning sensation in his shoulders, but the light doesn’t give. It reminds him of quicksand—the more he struggles, the harder it is to escape.


His head snaps up at the familiar voice. He turns and spots Gamora in the doorway of Ego’s hall, leading the ragtag group of the Guardians, Nebula, and Yondu. Before Peter can call out to them, Ego sends more light in their direction, scattering the group.

Gamora jumps and dodges whatever light springs up in her path to him as gracefully as ever, and along with the little burst of hope in Peter’s chest is some admiration, too.

(Fuck, he loves her so much.)

She finally reaches him, kneeling before him. “Peter.”

“I’m okay, I’m okay,” he says quickly, pushing himself up as much as possible. “I just—the damn light—”

She’s already one step ahead of him on that one, the Godslayer leveled to the tendril attached to his wrist, but before she can cut through, Ego appears behind her with a smirk. Gamora quickly turns to face Ego, but a tendril of light emerges from the ground and wraps snugly around her wrist, forcing her hand to drop the Godslayer. She reaches out to punch Ego, but her other wrist is quickly restrained.

A sudden spike of anxiety over this “rescue” stabs through Peter as he watches Gamora struggle. Ego steps around Gamora to face him.

“The first lesson I had to learn as a celestial, Peter,” Ego says, almost teasing, “is to let go of the ones I love, because they would only hold me back from reaching my true potential.”

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I decided to try my hand at making a rotoscope. It took like 8 hours of just work time, and that was way more than I had anticipated. It is 51 frames total. This is taken from Patrick Chan’s SP in the GPF 2016. I absolutely adored his short program last year and I was feeling all sad about Skate Canada so I made this. 

Rotoscoping is harder than it looks, especially when some of your frames are blurry and you just kinda have to guess. But I might do some more in the future so if anyone has any suggestions let me know (it can’t be longer than about 5 seconds though or it’s just too much). I‘m hoping that doing more of these will help me get better.

Anyways feel free to share but please don’t repost.

The original gif is under the cut for reference.

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A/N: I’m on a roll! This weekend has been super productive :3 I’m also reblogging the previous chapter, who fell victim to the tag crash of a few weeks ago and never showed up on the Zelink one :P

Happy reading!


Second day of waxing crescent of the first month. Winter.

Dear Diary,

Today I announced my betrothal.

And, to my surprise, there was barely any objection. Quite the opposite, actually.

There was a roar of thunderous applause once I mentioned Link’s name.

The affair, in the end, was quite simple: I spoke to the public to inform the event, introduced my betrothed - a very unfamiliar face to the whole of Hyrule - to the people, and informed the wedding date would comply with Hyrule’s royal wedding traditions.

That is, I have to be married within three moons - a strange measure designed, in my opinion, to avoid having any doubts on the legitimacy of the firstborn - which seems very far in numbers, but soon in actual time.

And considering we have little time, and a royal wedding is an expensive affair, I have decided to be as austere as possible: a fancy dress I shall only wear once is useless, so I will repurpose the one I wore at my crowning - maybe add some embroidery or something similar.

Naima and Amina were shocked to hear that. They explained that Gerudo brides wear beautiful, ornate dresses, with jewelry that is handed down from mothers to daughters. Both convinced me to take the dress and bring it to the seamstress that made their wedding gowns.

‘If you are reusing your dress, at least make it fabulous!’, were Naima’s words.

I know they will come up with something truly stunning -  the Gerudo always wear very elegant clothes for what I have seen in the Stone Oasis and from the ones traveling here.

Which reminds me it is about time I go oversee the progress on the route between the desert and the rest of the regions. I might schedule it to be in a couple of weeks, or sooner, depending on the weather.

The one leaving next week is Link. He is to go to Snowpeak to supervise the finishing works. I hope I shall not miss him as intensely as before - he leaves for five days only, not six weeks.

Someone is knocking at the door. I shall keep on writing later.



P.S.:  I just got back from quite an escapade.

The ones at the door were none other than Ashei and Naima. The former looked actually upset, and nervous.

‘Ashei, you tell her’, Naima started.

‘No, you tell her’, Ashei elbowed her.

A very mature kind of dialogue indeed.

I took them inside, and asked about the subject matter - it should be something relevant enough to come in the evening, right before I go to bed.

And it was: ‘I think I could be pregnant. I haven’t got my monthlies in a fortnight’.

My face should have been of such surprise, Naima started laughing.

‘Oh, no’, Ashei gasped, ‘Naima made the same face before, what am I gonna do?’

‘But why do you come to me?’, I asked.

‘You are the smart one!’, both said in unison.

The smart one! Can you believe it? As if the Triforce of Wisdom was any guarantee - If they read this diary, and/or knew of some things I have done (specially involving a certain someone), they might have a slightly different opinion of me.

‘Actually’, Ashei added, 'I can trust you with this. Link would probably panic, then run to you. We’re not besties, but I really appreciate you’.

I was moved by her words - Ashei is a “tough cookie”, like Link says. So, her opening to me is no small deal. So I was compelled to help her as much as possible.

We discarded Dr. Borville and Shaman Renado on first thought, the former for being mistrusted in general, the latter for being part of our inner circle, although is absolutely trustworthy.

'Renado has a daughter, doesn’t he?’, Naima asked.

'Luda’, Ashei answered, 'but I don’t know if she has enough skills yet’.

'Ilia!’, her name came to me fast as lightning, 'She is Renado’s apprentice, and Link told me she helped deliver babies in Ordon before that!’

'That tiny girl?!’, Naima was shocked, 'I feel so much more respect for her now’.

'Her mother was a midwife, as far as I know’.

I told them to meet me in half an hour at Telma’s. I put on simple clothes and cloak, left a note through the mirror door for Link, and sneaked out to meet them.

I found Telma talking to Ilia at the bar, both really merry. When they saw us, Telma just winked and pointed to the private room, both joining me on the way.

‘Ashei told Telma and I the situation’, Ilia whispered. ‘We were waiting for you’.

Once in the private room, completely closed for obvious reasons, Ilia asked Ashei some questions and examined her: she palpated her belly, and used a stethoscope to check for another heartbeat.

‘If you are actually with child, you should be over two moons’, she explained. ‘I should be able to listen to the heartbeat, but there is none, and your lower belly isn’t hard to the touch… you also have none of the general symptoms, besides missing your period’.

‘What the heck do you mean?’, Ashei asked nervous.

‘You’re not preggers, girl’. Ilia was unequivocally conclusive. ‘Your blood didn’t come because of physical exertion, stress, or other worries’.

She handed Ashei a small bottle with a translucent, lilac color liquid. ‘This is will help you be regular again. It’s just a herbal extract made with artemisia, sage and lavender. Drink a sip every morning for a week’.

‘What if it doesn’t work?’, she asked again, less worried.

‘It will’, Ilia assured her, ‘it’s made with the best of Ordon’s herbs’.

‘If it’s as good as your moonshine, then it will’, Ashei chuckled, going back to her usual self.

I enquired Ilia about the extract, for I have been always irregular, and feel sick or tired during those days. But my words, accidentally, gave something away.

‘Not every woman has perfectly regular cycles, and that’s alright. You just have to observe the changes on your body, and you’ll have a clearer idea on how long your cycles are’, she commented, ‘But…why are you worried on being… Oh, Goddesses’, and her eyes widened. ‘You did the do!

My face was probably redder than Telma and Naima’s hair combined. All their eyes turned to me.

‘You pretty scamp!’, Ashei yelled, eyes full of laugh. 'look what you were hiding!’

'That is none of your business’, Telma scolded her, and held my shoulders, 'just Zelda's’.

'I know, I know’, she admitted, 'but it means you made really good use of the mirror door’.

Now, that was a surprise. I turned ever redder.

I discovered it’, Ashei cleared out, ‘Auru considered it would be useful for your safety; I thought otherwise - it would be better for a little mischief. Your secret is safe with me, anyway. You are our ruler, but we all know some people will use anything to discredit you’.

'In our lands, people don’t criticize others so easily’, Naima commented, patting my head. 'We don’t forget our leaders are beings with flaws’ .

'My lips are sealed’, Ilia added, with a wink, 'We all know you both are sensible people - nothing is wrong if you love each other’.

After they saw me more calmed, we had a complicit pint and left for the castle.

'We are a good team, for sure!’, Naima bragged, 'like a sisterhood of sorts’.

As strange as it seemed, she was right. I feel like we banded together, either to support Ashei or cover up my sexcapades (Ashei’s word, not mine) through the mirror door. I wish my father’s goddaughter would know them. She is the sweetest girl, she loves insects and her knowledge about them is vast. I haven’t seen her in a while - I am the most ungrateful friend in the land!

Despite the merry conversation, a doubt buzzed in my head.

‘Ashei, were you telling Shad about this?’, I asked worried.

‘Yup, but after seeing a medic’, She answered, really serene. ‘It was not about having kiddos, actually, but more of the things involved’.

‘What do you mean with that, sister?’, Naima was quizzed.

‘Shad would have probably proposed to me immediately’, she affirmed, ‘But I’m not ready for that… I pretty much don’t believe in marriage - no offense, Zelda, Naima’.

Who would get offended? Her point is completely valid.

'We’re happy just as we are, we don’t need rings or other things to prove we love each other’ - she blushed - 'Goddesses know how much I love that nerd’.

Her words rang true, and I feel them deeply. Maybe I would do the same if I did not have a title; if I were just Zelda, free from all - the crown, the Triforce of Wisdom, you name it.

Considering all the events of this evening, perhaps I shall dream of being an Ordonian wildflower tonight, in love with a handsome wrangler.

I better get some sleep - I am already rambling nonsense. I peeped through the mirror door, and my darling is sleeping all bundled up. I did not had the heart to get closer, or wake him up.

"Youth" - Grazia Interview w/ Kai & Sehun (Part 1)

Q: Coffee vs. Tea? 
Kai: Tea. I can’t drink coffee very well; Americano is like poison to me. I only drink it when I lose rock-paper-scissors with my friends. 
Sehun: Tea. I only drink coffee when I’m really tired; I don’t drink it for pleasure. We’re still babies *laughs*.

Q: So then you guys don’t really talk about alcohol then? 
Kai: We don’t really drink. 

Q: “Don’t” or “can’t”? 
Kai: We drink sometimes but we don’t really enjoy it. As of now it’s still fun without drinking. 
Sehun: Me too, only a bit during banquets. 

Q: Summer vs. Winter? 
Kai: Winter.
Sehun: Winter.

Q: Morning vs. night?
Kai: Night. 
Sehun: Night as well. 

Q: Mountain vs. ocean?
Kai: Ocean. I’m sick of mountains after going so often when I was young.
Sehun: Mountain. I used to be part of my school’s hiking club.

Q: Books vs. films?
Kai: It used to be books; nowadays, films.
Sehun: It was always films for me. 

Q: Action film vs. romance film?
Kai: Of course, action.
Sehun: Me too. Too much romance tires me. There’s romance in action movies. Just look at Iron Man; it has a story about loving the secretary. 

Q: Do you read comic books/manga as well?
Sehun: I used to be really into it a while back; roughly three months? 
Kai: My favorite manga used to be the Dragonball series when I was a kid; read it at least 10 times. Works by Bernard Werber for books. I almost finished reading the Les Thanatonautes series, but haven’t gone to finishing it; our debut was around then. Also, Keigo Higashino. Those two are my favorites.
Sehun: Hm, I don’t think books are for me. My Sweet Orange Tree (Meu Pé de Laranja Lima), which was given to me by my manger hyung, was the most recent book I read. 
Kai: I have a reason for reading books as well. I used to transfer schools a lot. I’m really shy, and there wasn’t much time to make friends so I spent a lot of time in the library, since there wasn’t much to do whenever I had some spare time. 

Q: That’s like a scene from a teenager film. A transfer Adonis trainee reading a book in the library. 
Kai: *laughs* is it? 
Sehun: Oh, so maybe that’s why I never got close with books. I always had a lot of friends wherever I went.
Kai: When Sehun transferred I was at the same school as him.

Q: Puppy vs. Cat?
Sehun: Puppy.
Kai: Me too; I’m raising one right now.

Q: Girl like a puppy (cute, pure) vs. girl like a cat (sexy, bold)? 
Sehun: A girl like a cat.
Kai: Me too.

Q: Pure girl vs. sexy girl?
Sehun: the latter.
Kai: Me too, although it doesn’t really matter. 

Q: Someone who’s talkative vs. someone who’s not? 
Kai: I don’t like loud but someone who’s funny and talks a lot. 
Sehun: Rather than having little words, the type whose stories don’t end.

Q: You’re attracted to someone - type to start a conversation vs. wait for the person to come to you? 
Sehun: If I really like the person, I ask for their phone number or approach them. 
Kai: Rather than waiting, I think I also actively try to engage in a conversation. But after experiencing a lot of people, first impressions aren’t as important to me now. I learn about how they talk and their overall qualities as we spend time together, and thus naturally discover whether our “code” matches or not. 

Q: If you could go back in time? 
Sehun: I want to go back to when I was 2 and just play around without thinking about anything. 
Kai: Either 16 or 17. Or 6th grade of elementary school (7th grade in U.S). Thinking about it now, I think that was my turning point. 

Translated by: dohchestra. Part 2, Part 3.

Kiyotaka: present current situation

As you might notice, you currently find yourself INSIDE THE SAUNA. You and Oowada-kun had decided to take an ENDURANCE CONTEST inside it a few hours ago. After some talking, you realized that Oowada is much more than he seems to be and you now respect him deeply. You can safely assume that you two now share a DEEP BOUND.

You now know that Mondo Oowada is an amazing person.

Even though you both will probably die if you stand there for much longer, there’s still one thing you need to talk about.

Kiyotaka: Talk to Oowada some more

KIYOTAKA: Oowada-kun, I wish to apologize for misjudging you. You might have a sloppy appearance and a violent behavior, but you have showed to be a good man. And I admire that.

MONDO: Shit man, you don’t need to go sayin’ that. You’re not half bad yourself alright? You are a pretty cool guy for a nerd.

KIYOTAKA: There is one thing that has been bothering me for a while now though… I…

KIYOTAKA: I wanted to ask you ….



KIYOTAKA: Isn’t it unsafe to enter a sauna when you have a mechanic arm? 

KIYOTAKA: I mean, it doesn’t seem to be waterproof or anything of the sort, won’t the moisture damage it?





Kiyotaka: Advance a few minutes to the future.