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I’m particularly proud of Poe’s pun~

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I don't understand authors who write angst with no happy end like why you gotta go do my boys dirty like this? why do u do me dirty like this?! I just- I go in with so much hope and happiness and I come out an old, dead inside, wilted flower who doesn't believe love is anymore.


~Xmen Preference~

-Softcore :)-

{I honestly have no idea what to call this mess. But these are softcore canons. These small set of canons contain sexual content, but it’s low level. So, enjoy~!}

A/N: I don’t know how bad these will turn out. Also these were supposed to be straight up sex canons but… It took a turn. So these are Canons with GIFS.


 Hank McCoy- He’s pure. A terribly kind heart rests behind his chest cavity. The slightest touches from you gets his heart racing and his facing boiling to 360° degrees. He’s the guy you’ll find spending all day in the lab rather than all day in bed. He’s the guy that doesn’t need sex in a relationship. If your asexual. Cool. That’s perfectly fine with him. But… With the right strings pulled gently and not forced, sex could be amazing. 

Your first time together would be rather awkward, like any. He’d be a complete mess. Asking “Am I doing this right?” Or “Tell me if I’m hurting you, please.” He’d be as insecure as you. Reassurance spills from both of you. As time would go on, he’d learn what you liked and didn’t. Sex wouldn’t be an everyday thing. It would probably be an end of the week surprise. 

-His lips ghost over your raw ones. His hands would be busy running over your body’s curves and luscious hair. Those beautiful baby blue eyes, so captivating, never leave your gaze. He’s all yours and your all his. Both your shirts are off, but both of you remain undistracted. Just the love from each other’s gazes could be just enough for a mental high.-

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Missin' It


This was written long ago so unfortunately I am still indeed in my writing funk. My brain doesn’t seem to want to co-operate. Enjoy the Dad Harold feels. 

“I miss it.” The phrase was muffled by your chest were Harry had decided to rest his head for the night. His words were accompanied by slow strokes over your stomach, your t-shirt pushed up to bundle around your breasts. There was still a slight bump adorning the soft area, only being a month post-partum. Parenthood was…challenging, to say the least. It was no lie that there was no manual to raising a child, but you were proud of your efforts so far, considering you were first time parents.

“Miss what, baby?” The movements of your hand fiddling with the hair at his nape slowed and your eyebrows furrowed with confusion. You were longing to bring your daughter to join you and Harry on the bed, but seeing as this was only one of the few moments of peace you and Harry have had together since her arrival, you decided she was best off in her crib that accompanied your side of the bed. Harry had complained numerous times, but shut up once you reminded him she could be on his side once he produced the right functions to feed her at 3am.

“The bump, an’ havin’ her close. I mean, I love holdin’ ‘eh, but I feel like she growing too fast. I wish we could just rewind.” Your heart burst with love and gratitude; you silently laughed at the fact he thought she was growing too fast. It had only been a month and she was still tiny, her clothes hanging off her frail body. You were watching her now through the gaps of the bars on her crib. She stirred every now and then and you held your conversation until she settled back down.

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these last three months, December 2016 -February 2017 have been so incredibly rough. a lot of pain and hurt and fear accompanied with not being able to bathe every week, living in a living space that does very little to sustain its occupants. all of this and also not knowing how my life is going to be from this point on, feeling like a failure, i havent felt very confident in my personality or appearance. a friend of my mind was very gracious enough to center me as the subject for his photoshoot. ive felt so ugly but since this shoot, ive felt a lot of promise and beauty. :) im just tryna make it out here and supplement surviving for living and thriving. love yall and happy blackout - from ya fave genderfluid Libra ass

The real bummer about self-actualization is realizing you’re not anywhere near as smart or cool as you thought/felt/knew yourself to be. This understanding is like the dark night of the soul punch card where, after the 10th night, you freely burn in an infinite hell of “Whoa dude, I truly suck. I’m not special. I’m not all that and I never really was. I’m just a common asshole.”

I used to pretend I was a tough guy. I was just trying to protect myself. In order to even begin to let go of that strange identity I had to be special at something else. So, I became an artist. Then I became a smart guy. Then I became some kinda zen asshole. Of course, I was terrible at all these things. And worse, I’m still kinda some of these things.

The shit you used to pretend to be kinda sticks to you like a shadow and then you have to actively seek to break yourself down into smaller bite-sized caricatures before you weep like a fish dreaming of fucking the sun and realize you’re just a total fucking weirdo.

Go find out all the crazy insane shit you are. Remember when you were a child and you went trick-or-treating? You staggered about in dark with your friends, covered in the dead flesh of monsters, and knocked on all the doors in town to demand that the upstanding citizens come out and give you candy.

We all peaked when we were about 5 yrs old.

Anyway, it’s kinda hard for me to organize against this greedy monkey and his minions, cuz I don’t like people. Cuz people are boring, man. It’s like memorizing lists of numbers and repeating them to one another. You have to do it without any real interest or emotion - just say the fucking numbers, man! Stick to the script. I’m anti-systematic. Which is not to be confused with Steve Bannon (and hopefully is the opposite).

I don’t like to make too much sense. It’s a shitty thing to impose on another being. Absurdity is how we should greet each other, but not in some clownish whacky way (that would make sense, duh!) We need to just be exquisite in our freakiness but not overwhelmed by pancakes.

Can I get an amen? (Or am I truly alone in a hotly contested indifference)?

Lumiette and Garderenza Headcanons

Just a few headcanons of my own about the two OTPs I hold close to my heart…sad warning for one of them…

Lumiere and Plumette

  • (this headcanon isn’t mine but I love it) Plumette becomes an artist, taught by Maurice.
  • Lumiere and Plumette keep calling each other pet names, and Lumiere pulls out a few puns because he loves the way she laughs.  She calls him her spark (got that from the musical).
  • A month after the curse is lifted Lumiere asks Plumette for her hand in marriage.  He doesn’t just pop the question, though; he has this whole mini speech prepared.
  • By the time he’s finished asking her, however, she’s so moved that she’s nearly in tears when she says yes.
  • Chip overhears the entire thing and tells everyone before the two even leave the room.
  • Garderobe insists that Plumette wear one of her gowns for the wedding and doesn’t take no for an answer.  
  • Both Maurice and Belle handle the decoration of the castle, and Adam invites everyone, including the villagers, to participate in the festivities.
  • The girls from the village throw feathers into the air instead of flower petals.
  • Cogsworth is Lumiere’s best man, because come on, who else would have done it?
  • Belle is Plumette’s maid of honor because she had already made such a positive impact on their lives.
  • You get one guess as to which duo handled the music.
  • And the food is delicious.  Because after all, this is France.

Cadenza and Garderobe

  • During the curse (before Belle came to the castle) Cadenza had a rather enthusiastic reaction to the fact that Chapeau played the violin.  To pass the time, he and Chapeau would put on mini concerts for Chip, Mrs. Potts, and anyone else who cared to stop by the ballroom and listen.  Though when the Beast walked by they would always fall silent and try to act like nothing was going on.  (The Beast would totally hide in the hallways to hear listen, though, because let’s face it: they’re both very talented).  For a while, Chapeau was the go-between for Cadenza and his wife because of it.
  • There was a time when Cadenza tried to teach Chip Italian, but the little teacup lost interest after a few days.
  • Be that as it may, Chip and Froufrou got along quite well, both during and after the curse.
  • There were several times throughout Belle’s time at the castle that Garderobe tried to make Belle wear more “lavish” outfits like the pink one she made, but Belle always managed to make up the perfect excuse before leaving to find the Beast or one of the other servants.
  • At one point during Belle’s stay, Garderobe was humming a tune when Belle left her room, and she made her way downstairs only to find that Cadenza was playing that very same tune, at the same time, and they were harmonizing without even realizing it.  This happened three more times before Belle saw fit to tell Garderobe about it, and Garderobe almost burst into tears when she heard.
  • If Cadenza isn’t near his harpsichord and Garderobe starts singing at any given time, he’ll close his eyes and move his fingers along to her singing, because he’s memorized that instrument from key to key and knows exactly what notes would match her tone, her pitch, everything.
  • Both Garderobe and Cadenza have this zone that they go into when they’re performing where it’s just the two of them, his playing, and her voice, and nothing else matters.  It was these moments that they both lived for, and that was why they both felt so incomplete when the curse had its hold on the castle.
  • The curse had a more lasting effect on Garderobe and Cadenza than the rest of the staff because of their separation.  For the months following the curse being lifted, they didn’t let each other out of their sight for more than a few minutes.  There were a few dreams where one of them woke up frantic and nearly mad with worry only to see the other beside them holding their hand and certainly not going anywhere.
  • At the end of the day, though, Cadenza fully believes that he’s the happiest man in the world because of his wife.  And vice versa.

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