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why r u bitter about ikyk stage

im glad you asked! also, this is going to be very long so i apologize~

it’s because mnet filmed/edited it like filth lol i was going to gif each stage and do like ‘key points’ or what i thought was key points from each stage but i can’t do that with ikyk stage because there’s not much to gif? 
for starters, the choreo is supposed to start off like this;

nice right? how did mnet edit it?

i get that they want to get closeups for them but it just makes the trainees look like they’re running around the place. they even filmed it from far out when they could’ve done it closer and make it look nicer…
a lot of it is filmed from a side angle which really doesn’t make sense because you don’t watch a performance like that lol you watch it with your head straight and them in front of you. because of that angle, it makes the formation look messy and have the trainees in the front block those in the back. 

for example;

hello everyone! but whats this?

where is moonbok? hyunbin? taedong? did they leave? no… they’re there but it’s filmed from the right coming in to the center and they didn’t show when it got to the center of the stage so they’re being blocked there. a lot of it is filmed like that so the members are being blocked which makes it look messy. its not the formation of the choreo bc in the gif above that it looks fine since the camera is not filming them from the side.

remember this screenshot?

it looks funny cause it looks like yehyun is trying to wave to the fans or something lmao but its not that! hes supposed to look like he’s pulling down those in front but the angle man… 

you can’t see yehyun and you can barely see his hand. 

there’s this part but the angle barely allows you to see it. i bet if i didn’t gif it you probably wouldn’t have noticed it. 

i know its small things but think about it, if there’s only 3 key points of the dance and no small details it would be pretty boring and the only exciting part of the dance would be the key points. but since mnet didn’t show the small details properly its pretty much like they aren’t there.

the key point of the dance is the lil leprechaun jump. this is like the highlight of the dance but how was it filmed?

zoomed out… they filmed the highlight of the dance zoomed out and when they do zoom in its at a side angle so some of the trainees are being blocked. once again it’s not the formation of the dance because

if you just film it from the center it’ll be just fine…
when mnet DOES film it close up from the center? they cut it lol they only show one jump then cut to just half the trainees (id gif it but its too much).

the part where they swing their arms is another key point in the choreography but the angle they filmed it messed up the formation and made the trainees in the front block those behind. the formations is supposed to be like 

except sunghyuk is in the back in stead of up front. each person behind the person in front is outwards a bit more so that they won’t be blocked but mnet filmed it like

you can’t see some of the trainees…

what really irks me is that every view counts for something. the trainees in this group are the lower ranked ones. im not sure of the others but donghan, hyunbin, yehyun, and moonbok are the last 4 in terms of ranks. the way its edited/filmed has an unnecessary amount of zooming in and zooming out to the point it can get a bit dizzy to watch and its just unfair sedwsedws how are they supposed to get views if mnet edits it and films it in such a way it doesnt give the full impression of the performance? and if less people watch it how would my boys get attention to go up in ranks if they don’t even get screentime on the show? :’(

GOT7 reaction to wearing their sweatshirt

Anon request: Is it ok if I request GOT7’s reaction to you wearing their sweatshirt and it being like a dress on you?

*Kinda got a bit suggestive… I’m sorry*

You certainly can! I hope this is okay for you! -Admin S


When Mark was trying to find something to wear for work he’d be confused on why there were more of his sweatshirts on your side of the bedroom than on his. Turning around to ask you, he’d see you slipping on one of said sweatshirts and would be rendered speechless because of how small and tiny you looked in his green oversized sweater. He’d feel the instant need to wrap you up in your duvet and protect you from the world because you just look too precious to face the world, but as this is Mark, he would end up sending a little loving teasing your way instead as he needed that sweatshirt today.

“As much as I love you looking like my own personal little leprechaun y/n, I need that sweatshirt.”

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When Jaebum walked into your shared apartment after a long day at work, all he wanted was to cuddle with his girl on the couch. So seeing you curled up, wearing his sweatshirt pulled over your knees to keep your legs warm, melted his heart. He’d move closer and sit down beside you before gently lifting you to sit on his lap, before burying his face into your neck and whispering about how much he loved you gently into your skin. When he pulled away he would have his sweetest smile and heart eyes to the max.

“jagiya you are just too adorable, you’re making my cool and chic image break down”

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Seeing you walk out the shower in nothing but his sweatshirt would be very… delightful for Jackson. He’d be scrolling through his instagram replying to his fans comments when you opened the door and came out. He’d look over, and then do a double take to take in what you were wearing. Now we know Jackson was is hella possessive so seeing you wearing his sweatshirt and nobody else’s would make him feel very manly but he would also not be able to contain his little classic squeal because you just look too darn cute with your sweater paws and your wet hair. Then once he’d realised you were only wearing that sweatshirt, he’d pull his seductive face once more and get ready to repeat the night again

“You look adorable and sexy in my sweatshirt jagiya, but I think I preferred you as you were before you went in the shower”

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When Jinyoung was away overseas on tour, you would wear his sweatshirts to bed because they made you feel comforted and they smelled just like him. So when he got home early from the tour, at 3am, he would silently enter the house and walk straight to the bedroom. He’d open the door and see you curled up on his side of the bed, in his biggest jumper and he would have to cover his mouth to stop from laughing at how cute you looked. He’d quickly undress, walk around to your side of the bed and lay down, being careful to not wake you as he wrapped his arms around your waist to bring you closer into his body.

“It’s okay jagiya, now I’m here you can cuddle me instead”

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When you arrived home with takeout you quickly ran to your room to get changed into something more comfortable. Cursing your laziness, you grabbed the only thing that was clean - Youngjae’s most comfy sweater. Feeling slightly self conscious, you walked back into the living room where he’d already dished out the dinner and had the next episode of your drama ready to go. He glanced up at you and his smile shone as bright as the sunshine he is. He instantly reached up to grab your hand to tug you down beside him. Seeing you in his clothes made him feel a overwhelmingly sense of pride that you were his girlfriend because to him, you were the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen especially when you were in his clothes.

“You should wear my clothes more often y/n, but first give me a kiss”

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This pervy little boys mind would go straight to the gutter as soon as he saw you cooking dinner in his sweater and underwear. He’d sneak up behind you while you were stirring the kimchi jjigae, his hands teasing at the bottom of the shirt while he whispered in your ear. But when you were in your cooking mood, you didn’t want any interruptions so his little hints and suggestions were quickly swatted away along with bambam. He would then proceed to sit down at the table pouting but enjoying the view from where he was sitting instead

“Jagiya you look good in that sweatshirt, how about we see what you look like without it?”

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This overgrown baby would melt as soon as he saw you. When you walked into the practice room in his sweatshirt and a pair of shorts, he’d jump up and down at how adorable you looked (causing Jinyoung to once again judge him). He’d quickly run over to you, and wrap his arms around you pulling you into a tight hug before releasing you and turning around to see the boys staring at you two. Looking down he realised he’d pulled his (now yours) sweatshirt and he gently tucked it down, while pointing to it.

“Hey hyungs, you see this? This means she’s my girlfriend!”

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Harlem {Rory Flanagan X Reader}

prompt: based off the song Harlem by New Politics. Reader is Brittany S. Pierce’s sister and has a crush on Rory Flanagan.

Warnings: ??? poor writing?? idk.

Author’s Note: Hey Guys I’m Beth and i don’t really have an authors note at the moment. also look at the gif that i put! isn’t it cool? enjoy the story! :)

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I spend my money on irregular miracles.

“I want a box of Lucky Charms, but only the marshmallows.” smiled Brittany, your sister. She was talking to the new Irish Kid, Rory Flanagan.

 Without hesitation, he obliged. Brittany kissed him on the cheek and walked away. it was obvious how much he liked her. he was pretending to be a leprechaun for her to talk to him. The moment he moved in with you and your family, she was all he cared for.

He wouldn’t ever notice that 1) she was a lesbian and 2) you were head over heels for him.

“Hey (y/n)” smiled Rory, making his way over to you.

“hey Lucky Charms.” (that was your nickname for him) “Speaking of, how the hell do you plan on doing that?”

“that’s actually why i came over here.”

oh, look at that, yet again, this conversation had gone, once again, to Brittany S. Pierce.

“I need your help. how much money are you willing to spend on cereal?”

Just like you, like me, like everybody else.

“(y/n)! I need to talk to you!”

here we go again.

“what do you want, Lucky?”

“i want to be like you.”

that was so close to the perfect sentence.

“why’s that, then?”

wait for it…

“because Brittany is into tough guys. i mean, you’re tough, right? no offence”

BOOM! There it is.

“why would you want to be like me, when you could be like everybody else?”

he looked down, like you would when you try to build up confidence.

“because i li…” he stopped himself. “because you’re my best friend!”

“Okay, I’ll help. but first, don’t you have a wish to grant, Rory the Leprechaun?”

“crap, yeah, i do. thanks again!” he called, running down the corridoor.

When it gets loud, i turn it up.

“(y/n), open up.”

“sorry, can’t hear you. Music’s too loud”

you turned it up louder.

“(y/n), please open up. i need to talk to you.”

this can’t be good. Rory just went to confess his love to Brittany, and tell her he’s not really a leprechaun.

you killed the music and opened the door. there stood Rory, his eyes all red and puffy.

“Rory, have you been crying?”

“yes. i mean, Brittany’s a lesbian, so that rules out being with her. and she knows i’m not a leprechaun, so she hates me for lying. what do i do now? i really like her. i mean, she’s not as pretty as you or as talented as you or as smart as you and i’m never going to get a chance with either of you now because youre obviously too perfect to like someone like me and- did i say all of that out loud?”

you smiled. “yeah, you did.”

“(y/n) Pierce, will you be my girlfriend?”

“depends on how good of a kisser you are.”

and i think you know where that went.

Ask And You Shall Recieve

Septiplier-[Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and it’s characters

Summary: Jack’s in a serious lee mood and needs Mark’s tickles. [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! I SOMEHOW wrote this in class. I’m so red people probably think i have a fever or something. set in same kinda universe as GreenieLeeEye or something where Mark is a ler and Jack is a lee and mark knows jacks love for tickling.

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