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Alright guys, the moment of truth has come. After being sick for weeks and having an equal amount of time to make notes and come up with a proper plot (i still haven’t gotten everything done, so forgive me for the holes)

SO! Without further adieu, allow me to present the Voltron ghost au!

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So right off the bat, I’m going to start with the ghosts, then move onto the living inhabitants of the estate, so let’s start with the first death, shall we?

Takashi Shirogane, a decorated war veteran who inherited an enormous estate when he returned from the war, was thirty six years old when the southern wing of the estate mysteriously caught fire and partially collapsed, thus crushing and killing him.

Personal experiences, rumors, and reports all have stated that his spirit appears to be horribly burnt and scarred, and absolutely terrifying. Most living visitors (researchers, ghost hunters, and curious peeps mostly) are horrified by his appearance for decades, and often run off out of fear. Shiro isn’t mean or hateful in any way, in fact he’s quite lonely being stuck in the estate on his own and just wants someone to talk too (though, he does have a slight temper and wont tolerate certain things). Shiro roams mainly roams the southern wing of the estate, but can often be seen everywhere else. It’s his home after all. 

The second death on the premises was the murder of Hunk Garrett, who was killed while trying to protect his best friend. After reluctantly following his over-curious best friend to the estate, they both got involved with a pair of criminals hiding out in the abandoned building. ultimately, he was killed after being pushed down the basement stairs and broke his neck. afterwards, his killer came back and dismembered his body to hide his remains. 

Hunk’s spirit can be seen drifting through the entire house, but please don’t try to interact with him. If he sees you, Hunk will try to get you to leave by doing everything in his power to scare you. Hopefully, his appearance will  do the trick. Hunk’s limbs will sometimes drop off of his person, as will his head most of the time.

Lance McClain. Ohhhh boy. This boy got himself and his best friend killed, all over a simple trinket. Once he and Hunk were in the main building, Lance began to just…wander around, looking at all of the decorations and the walls. He kept picking things up and setting them back down. None of this was actually hurting anybody, until he unconsciously pocketed what seemed to be a simple trinket after he picked it up out of a pile of other items. They eventually got caught sneaking around the house. The two criminals that were hiding there found them and upon discovering a valuable necklace in Lance’s pocket, became enraged. They had every intention to kill him, until Hunk stepped in the way and tried to defend him.

Lance was forced to watch as his best friend was killed, unable to do anything about it as one of the criminals dragged him away. She figured that it would be more fun to kill them in two different areas and give the police two special scenes to look at. Ultimately, Lance McClain was drowned in a bathtub on the ground floor, and left with his head and shoulders submerged.

Unlike Hunk and Shiro, Lance’s spirit usually drifts around on the first floor, often showing up in the bathrooms, kitchen, and main foyer. Lance is also one of the most volatile and violent spirits on the estate, the rage he felt as he watched Hunk be killed in cold blood, without anyone to help is reflected into his spirit. He’s the reason Hunk tries to shoo away any living visitors: so they wont be injured by the vases flying off shelves, cabinet drawers, and bookshelves that get thrown around rooms. 

Like the others, Lance’s spirit reflects the way he died. if you ever get the chance to see him, he looks like he just got out of the bath, with water running down his face and constantly dribbling from his mouth. Hopefully, you will never have the chance to see him.

And that concludes the first part of the ghost au! It ended up becoming something much longer than I intended…whoops. 

Anyways, these three are the more aggressive spirits in the au. I’ll be working on the more passive spirits (ie, Pidge and Keith) in the near future! If you guys ave any questions, please ask! i absolutely adore talking about this au!

Special thanks to @themonkeymedia for helping out with some of the details! (Love ya girl!) and thank you to @dibdoodle for helping come up with how Shiro died!

Now if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to drag my sick ass to bed for a nap!


Nico was in border patrol, but it was just so he could  be surprised.

Can you believe this could be the first time Nico can celebrate his birthday with people that like him since his mother died? :))

The sex version of Visitation Of The Ghost is what I’m here for. THE SECOND VERSE THO
10 drama scenes I want to live in my life

I could have also called this post “10 reasons why I am still single and won’t find a boyfriend any time soon” and it would still make sense.

After the Notebook came out, thousands of women (if not more) wanted to have their own version of the kiss-in-the-rain moment between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Well, for me it is the same, except it is not just one scene and it is because of Korean Dramas. Here are 10 drama scenes (and their dramas) that I wouldn’t mind live in my life.

The “I’m so glad you are back after a year of pain” scene from Descendants of the Sun…but to be honest I could live any romantic or bromantic scenes from the drama and I would be happy.

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The “sit you up” scene from Oh My Ghost!

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The “we accidentally fell asleep together” from Pinocchio….or any drama actually. I am sucker for this scene.

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The “back hug” scene in general. I love this scene a lot.

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The “I am passed out in a bus and you are looking out for me” scene. I mean seriously…you may look like hell but at least someone is looking out for you.

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The “I am so glad to see because I need comfort despite us fighting” scene from Cheese in the Trap. This was one of my favorite scene in the drama because Hong Seol who was at her limit finally let herself go and live a little.

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The “I only have time to kiss you before I disappear again” scene from Who From Another Star. I am not a huge fan of aliens but if they look like Kim Soo Hyun I certainly don’t mind.

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The “ I am lonely” scene from The Heirs. Because no one in his right mind would say no to a Kim Woo Bin opening up his heart to you and telling you he is lonely!

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The “Let’s drink a beer” scene from A Witch’s Romance.

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The “I have waited for you to travel 400 years in time to see me” scene from Queen In Hyun’s Man. My love for this scene knows no boundary.

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Bonus: The “I am literally in a drama” scene because let’s be honest who wouldn’t like to be the lead character of their own drama?

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