much fusion

thERE HE IS, floofy golden werewolf boy )v)

shoutout to @toastycyborg for her awesome skyrim/opm crossover, i inspired this design on her genos aH! i hope you don’t mind it <3


Could you imagine how hard it must’ve been for Garnet to make that decision? To just… let him go? Knowing she couldn’t follow?

Steven is her son, and she loves him as much as a fusion of love can- which is more than life itself. But she’s also a leader; the one Rose Quartz entrusted the Earth, and, more importantly, Amethyst and Pearl, to.

She knew Steven would go. She knew there was no stopping him; knew she couldn’t really do anything. And, for once, she had to make the conscious decision not to stand by his side, to not be there to protect him until after the fact.

She was there the last time he got involved with Homeworld tech. She’d told him to run and attempted to put up a fight. This time, all she could do was sit and wait, because anything else would doom them all. There would be no after. There would be nothing to pick up the pieces to. The Crystal Gems would’ve been found and shattered- or, at the very least, re-assimilated, while Steven, a Quartz, would have been bubbled and killed.  

if you should know don’t know by now i’m kind of in love with opal…..


(How I got the name.. well I just mixed their letters and that’s what seemed pleasing to me which is cool x3 ) 

Well this is what I came up with and I like to get creative with designs but not too crazy however I should of asked Golzy and Jakei first on the designs but seeing as their both busy and all so I just went ahead and made the design. @magnificentcandygalaxy

Don’t know what they’d think but the three fused.. 


@metalphoenixxwolf (me) @golzy @jakei95

askshinylugia  asked:

victini and kyogre? :0 your fusions are so adorable!!

A water/psychic type that lives in sea caverns hidden from humankind. To find one is considered incredibly lucky. Catching one is almost impossible though…

Meet Victygre (Vic-ty-grey)/Primal Victygre! 

(I love Kyogre’s design so I had to include Primal Kyogre as well!)

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Shelly and Excalibur for the crackship kid((assuming Shelly is old enough of course, no Pedo ship from toge-mun)

@occasionally-togepi (Aged up of course because no babies making babies uvu)

@occasionallymew named this cutie pie and helped with her some, to quote “a snek who didn’t want to leave it’s egg”

tiger emoji review

looks too much like a fusion between winnie the pooh and a zebra. 2/5.

a wonderful girl!! very minimalist, with a big happy smile. looks like she could be on a children’s show or perhaps a boba tea cup! 5/5!

the lines are too thick and he reminds me of a discolored snagglepuss, but overall a kind boy! 3/5

this is a housecat! a nice tabby, but not a tiger. 4/5 for kitty 0/5 for tiger.

his mouth is smiling but his eyes are soulless. what has this man seen? 2/5 because he scares me

what is this??? this looks like a mouse with tiger face paint on. how dare you disgrace them this way. 1/5

the eyes are far too humanoid and there’s something uncomfortable in the wobbliness of the lines. 3/5 for trying

this is like a more minimalist version of apple’s. the colors are pleasing but she’s still lacking character. 2/5.

this girl looks like a blend of facebook and twitter, but i’ll let it slide because she seems like she would tell me about horoscopes. 4/5.

a handsome boy, but why is he so grumpy??? is it because he applied his eyeliner on too thick?? 4/5 we’ve all been there buddy

those stripes! that winged liner! those ears! she looks like the companion to a lesbian action anime protag, 5/5 a beautiful punk girl!

dont yuo ever fucking disrespect me like this again. -10/5