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Any InoSaku head canons ? nwn


Their love really grew once Sakura went under her apprenticeship with Tsunade. They were both in this really awkward phase of not really knowing if it was real or not. You know, like, Sakura still thinking she had feelings for Sasuke and Ino trying to live with the expectations that she’ll have to marry a man and have a child to carry on the whole ino-shika-cho line.

The realization that she likes Sakura really frustrates Ino because ‘how can you have feelings for someone that thinks of you as a friend?!?!’ and this person that she’s crushing on is also someone that she works beside on missions and training in medical ninjutsu. So the only OBVIOUS option was to tease Sakura mercilessly to mask any romantic interest.

Once Naruto returns and Sakura’s back into her Team 7 shenanigans, Ino is kinda like ‘hahaha, so it was just me being weird! i didn’t REALLY like Sakura that way…’ and Shikamaru’s like, ‘God, please stop. It’s too painful to watch you pretend like this for another month or two when she comes back and you start this cycle all over again.’

And he’s so right because when Sakura comes back between missions and whatever, Ino’s always trying to squeeze enough time to be around Sakura. Just enough so she can see her and have a chat, maybe joke around with her or get a bite to eat. Every time she’s with her, it’s like she’s floating. She’s happy. So, so, so happy to be around her.

Sakura’s so behind on this all. She was either focusing too much on her training with Tsunade or stressing out about Team Seven’s bonds to notice how much Ino was reaching out to her.

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