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Captain Treville & Cardinal Richelieu (The Musketeers BBC):

“I’m familiar with the roles we play Captain. I am the grand deceiver and you are the bluff honest man of action…”


“I cannot do this without the council’s support.”

- “You have it.”

The Lord Regent and the First Minister. A litte something from my s3!AU for #team trevilieu


NEXT CLASS MEME: Five Romantic Ships

↳  [1/5] Grace Cardinal & Maya Matlin

unsolicited list of favorite quotes from badass historical women
  • I only need three things to subordinate [a horse]: an iron whip, an iron hammer, and a sharp dagger. I will whip it with the iron whip. If it does not submit, I will hammer its head with the iron hammer. If it still does not submit, I will cut its throat with the dagger. Emperor Taizong praised my bravery. Do you really believe that you are qualified to dirty my dagger? (Wu Zetian)
  • Fool! Don’t you see now that I could have poisoned you a hundred times had I been able to live without you? (Cleopatra)
  • God forgive you, but I never can. (Elizabeth I)
  • Courage? I have shown it for years; think you I shall lose it at the moment when my sufferings are to end? (Marie Antoinette)
  • For my own part, I adhere to the maxim of antiquity, that the throne is a glorious sepulchre. (Theodora)
  • I lose. I win. I defend myself when I am attacked. I take when someone has taken from me. (Mata Hari)
  • In my end is my beginning. (Mary of Scots)
  • If we just fold our arms and yield to them, I would have no face to see our ancestors after death. If we must perish, why not fight to the death? (Cixi)
  • The important thing is not what they think of me, but what I think of them. (Victoria of the United Kingdom)
  • I am not afraid… I was born to do this. (Joan of Arc)
  • I bend my knee to no man. Unless I choose to. (Caterina Sforza)
  • I choose what I believe, and say nothing. For I am not as simple as I may seem. (Catherine of Aragon)
  • If it ever lay in my power, I will work the Cardinal as much displeasure as he has done to me. (Anne Boleyn)
  • I am not fighting for my kingdom and wealth now. I am fighting as an ordinary person for my lost freedom, my bruised body, and my outraged daughters. (Boudicca)

(feel free to add more!! and please let me know if any of these aren’t legit because some might actually be unsourced)


Degrassi Next Class Season 3 Quotes

“I know you want the old Maya back, but I can’t find her. I don’t think she’s there anymore” ~ Maya Matlin

“I’m not  gonna pretend to be someone I’m not. Not for you, not for anyone” ~ Zoe Rivas

“Death is not beautiful, it’s final” ~ Grace Cardinal

“You owe me for not eating you in the womb” ~ Frankie to Hunter Hollingsworth

“I thought you were afraid of dying, but it’s living that scares you” ~ Jonah Haak

Dancing in the dark - Mixed Media
(I strongly suggest a click for full size view)

@suzenka‘s idea again. Jean and Armand dancing in secret to the music of a ball next door. It’s a fucking romance cliché, but we’re in year 1630. We fucking can.

(self reblog because of edits no one will notice, because the artist is mentally compromised)

trevilieu modern au: Richelieu

“In politics, the choice is rarely between the good and the evil. It is between the worse and the worst among evils” — Niccolò Machiavelli

based on this headcanon


Don’t worry, Armand. Milady is wrong.  You couldn’t possibly be in Hell, not with the heavenly perfection of The Greatest Mustache in the World canceling out any teeny-tiny MORTAL SINS you may have committed with your almost constant vow-breaking; naughty evil thoughts, words, and deeds; and, you know, murdering.

‘cause im thirsty for some degrassi i rewatched season 13 and 14 and guess what my favourite part was?

degrassi being shameless with Grace’s screen time during Zoe’s plots.